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The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal
What ya ! All that effort & we got caught out.
*bhaago bhaago*

*Next ?*
The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal in LaLa Land
Class ~ Privileged

First language ~ English

Religious Denomination ~108 Surya Namaskars for a washboard stomach, decolonised yoga, not having any of that Brahmanical patriarchy, whatever it is.

Definitely nothing to do with that Hindutva thingy.
Motto ~ #BLM
Please note B stands for Black. Not Brown.

Personal Statement ~ To miss the woods for the trees.

Opinion ~ Bloody plebs don't understand that their sentiments don’t matter & their opinion is worthless if we believe you cannot afford Tanishq jewellery.
*Hindutva bigots ! What would you know about a beautiful product & the artistry of a advert to match*

*So you didn’t burn the city. You didn’t destroy the store - though our channel tried to make you do it*

*You didn’t behead the .. I don’t know ... someone*
*We could ‘feel’ your toxicity rip through social media. And that, mind you, is just, just bar- baric !!

*Go drink your Gaumutra*!
Lexicon ~ Intersectionality of Interfaith

*Our idea of India is to call it an interfaith marriage but with a little name change here & there & the kids brought up in the interfaith, erm...Faith*
*So we in turn wrote mushy articles & tweets on our wonderful, all embracing in-laws which were dutifully forwarded by ‘atheists’...*

*Who cares about your ugly experiences? We don’t want to know.*

*Give us pretty, pretty.... always*
The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal in LaLa Land
Class ~ Privileged

First language ~ English

Religious Denomination ~ Confused.

Mission Statement ~ We stand for the marginalised & the oppressed.

Personal Statement ~ My Daddy Matters.
Merit is discriminatory.
Opinion ~ Islam is in danger.
Those who don’t think so are Islamophobes.

Argument ~ Come on! Cartoons of the Prophet is UNacceptable ! He means more to them than their parents & their children.

*Ram is a myth*
Argument ~ This beheading has nothing to do with their Faith.

*But...every little pickpocket who turns out to be Hindu is because of Manusmriti, caste, RSS, Modi ...*

Argument ~Everyone has their own way of venting anger !

*IMO outraging on SM is the worst possible crime !*
Argument ~ They escaped all kinds of horror in their own countries but now this European plenty fullness & freedom all around is too much to handle.

*By the way, India is no place for Muslims*

*erm... where exactly is the right place ?*
*Hello ?!
Why no mushy stories or tweets on the subject ?

No unborn babies writing long winded articles on how such families are embracing, warm, harmonious, god fearing with erm... a sense of humour ?
No pretty pretty, why?*

*Think about it. Shubh Ratri 🙏🏼*
The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal
Class ~ Privileged

First language ~ English

Religious Denomination ~ Will tell you tomorrow

Personal Statement ~ I support anything, anyone connected to the Mothership.

Opinion ~Dukaan Hamaari Hai.
So all is good.

Death of Democracy ?
*Naah !*

Fascism ?
*Where ?*
Rape of the constitution ?
*Lie back & enjoy it.*

Mission Statement ~ Chup.
The Anatomy of a Protest
Denomination ~ We are all Punjabis !
a yahun yahun*
(last winter we were all ...erm... we forget )
Situation ~ Since Narendra Modi is going to be around for sometime ...
Emergency Mission Plan ~ A
portfolio of participants & props to get the show going.
1. Daadis of all sizes.
2. Beardy, cuddly grandfathers who want to thoko.…
3. Vicious, young pregnant women baying for blood.
4. Scrawny, spectacled young men with only violence on their mind.
5. YoYa of coordinated gamcha fame.
6. Patekar of bespoke faded saree fame.
7. Teesta of sly, kohl lined eyes (yet to make an appearance - but bets are on)
8. Two bit actors & actresses who don’t know who, what, where, why but for a price will be there.
9. At least one foreign bakra President, PM or Opposition Leader who makes a few noises for
constituents at home.
10. Endless supply of Biryani...
11. Razais (please keep your thoughts noble ...)
12. Woke People, who don’t want to change the world but are happy to sing & dance for the return of the privileged & comfortable old one.
Do feel free to add to the list. Plebeian Sentiment ~ Might as well make money out of it.

Then settle down to watch the Theatre of the Absurd unfold with NDTV coverage (miss you Nidhi) & Sardesai’s impending meltdown. 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

• • •

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Mar 24
In a poll or two, citizens might have voted for the most popular public figure of the recent past but I have rarely heard a British politician hark back to the days of Churchill, the French to Charles de Gaulle or Americans to FDR or even Kennedy.
Here the Gandhi Family & their ecosystem seem to be trapped in a time warp. Constantly going back to their chosen few - Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru & Indira.
We don’t have enough literature, films, documentaries, discussions or debates *across the spectrum* on these personalities to understand them better, their circumstances, the rationality of decisions taken then, that affect us to this day.
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Stand up MP from Wayanad.

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Feb 22
It might not be popular opinion in some quarters but I have to say (even though being a life long animal lover) that we have
confused & convoluted municipal policies with regard to stray animals that are neither in the interest of animal or people.
Strays, be it cows, dogs, pigs, donkeys suffer terrible unspeakable cruelty & they live along side people on the streets, slums & rural areas, vying for space & even worse, sometimes foraging for food in the same dumps.

With blurred boundaries there is bound to be
confrontation & agression.

Yes, stray animals must be fed, neutered, vaccinated because they are on the streets & in close contact with us.

However, the question to ask is -
WHY are they are on the streets?
Answer - because our municipalities are not doing their job.
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Feb 21
For Rahul, Mamata, Pawar, Kejriwal, YSR, Nitish, Uddhav, Mayawati & a son each of Mulayam & Lalu to think that they can replace #NarendraModi even as a consensus candidate of the Opposition shows a complete deracination from what India is today.
Not only do they shamefully disrespect the fact that it
is we the people who gave Modi an overwhelming mandate twice over, but they don’t even make an attempt to understand why we did so.
It would then not be wrong to believe that we don’t even figure in their plans at all - their single point program of returning to power by hook or by crook & to get down to business as usual, of milking the country.
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Jan 21
When I expressed dismay about BBC’s blatantly fake news on Kashmir soon after Abrogation of Art 370 to a friend in the UK who writes for a major daily, she remarked that its common knowledge among peers that BBC fronts the British Deep State.
Their reports, briefed & vetted before being delivered in their standard modulated tone & impeccable British accent unfortunately is no longer able to camouflage a deep rooted prejudice & dislike towards former colonial subjects.
And lately there is also a noticeable panic at a diminishing Britain & it’s relevance on the world stage.

Agenda, no doubt has always been supreme but in this #BBCDocumentary content & methodology has also been damned.
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Nov 8, 2022
The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal!
Class - Privileged
First Language - English
Religious Denomination - Spiritual minded. Not that Hindutva thingy.

Personal Statement - I speak English.

Lexicon - India is a fascist country. That poor Khalid boy is still in jail. For what? Tell me for what?!
Lament - Have to confess this is not the India we knew. An India where no one listens to us & worse makes fun of us !

I mean my grandparents, parents, uncles & aunties dished out so many favours & in turn crawled for theirs & this how they repay us …
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