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The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal
What ya ! All that effort & we got caught out.
*bhaago bhaago*

*Next ?*
The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal in LaLa Land
Class ~ Privileged

First language ~ English

Religious Denomination ~108 Surya Namaskars for a washboard stomach, decolonised yoga, not having any of that Brahmanical patriarchy, whatever it is.

Definitely nothing to do with that Hindutva thingy.
Motto ~ #BLM
Please note B stands for Black. Not Brown.

Personal Statement ~ To miss the woods for the trees.

Opinion ~ Bloody plebs don't understand that their sentiments don’t matter & their opinion is worthless if we believe you cannot afford Tanishq jewellery.
*Hindutva bigots ! What would you know about a beautiful product & the artistry of a advert to match*

*So you didn’t burn the city. You didn’t destroy the store - though our channel tried to make you do it*

*You didn’t behead the .. I don’t know ... someone*
*We could ‘feel’ your toxicity rip through social media. And that, mind you, is just, just bar- baric !!

*Go drink your Gaumutra*!
Lexicon ~ Intersectionality of Interfaith

*Our idea of India is to call it an interfaith marriage but with a little name change here & there & the kids brought up in the interfaith, erm...Faith*
*So we in turn wrote mushy articles & tweets on our wonderful, all embracing in-laws which were dutifully forwarded by ‘atheists’...*

*Who cares about your ugly experiences? We don’t want to know.*

*Give us pretty, pretty.... always*
The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal in LaLa Land
Class ~ Privileged

First language ~ English

Religious Denomination ~ Confused.

Mission Statement ~ We stand for the marginalised & the oppressed.

Personal Statement ~ My Daddy Matters.
Merit is discriminatory.
Opinion ~ Islam is in danger.
Those who don’t think so are Islamophobes.

Argument ~ Come on! Cartoons of the Prophet is UNacceptable ! He means more to them than their parents & their children.

*Ram is a myth*
Argument ~ This beheading has nothing to do with their Faith.

*But...every little pickpocket who turns out to be Hindu is because of Manusmriti, caste, RSS, Modi ...*

Argument ~Everyone has their own way of venting anger !

*IMO outraging on SM is the worst possible crime !*
Argument ~ They escaped all kinds of horror in their own countries but now this European plenty fullness & freedom all around is too much to handle.

*By the way, India is no place for Muslims*

*erm... where exactly is the right place ?*
*Hello ?!
Why no mushy stories or tweets on the subject ?

No unborn babies writing long winded articles on how such families are embracing, warm, harmonious, god fearing with erm... a sense of humour ?
No pretty pretty, why?*

*Think about it. Shubh Ratri 🙏🏼*
The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal
Class ~ Privileged

First language ~ English

Religious Denomination ~ Will tell you tomorrow

Personal Statement ~ I support anything, anyone connected to the Mothership.

Opinion ~Dukaan Hamaari Hai.
So all is good.

Death of Democracy ?
*Naah !*

Fascism ?
*Where ?*
Rape of the constitution ?
*Lie back & enjoy it.*

Mission Statement ~ Chup.
The Anatomy of a Protest
Denomination ~ We are all Punjabis !
a yahun yahun*
(last winter we were all ...erm... we forget )
Situation ~ Since Narendra Modi is going to be around for sometime ...
Emergency Mission Plan ~ A
portfolio of participants & props to get the show going.
1. Daadis of all sizes.
2. Beardy, cuddly grandfathers who want to thoko.…
3. Vicious, young pregnant women baying for blood.
4. Scrawny, spectacled young men with only violence on their mind.
5. YoYa of coordinated gamcha fame.
6. Patekar of bespoke faded saree fame.
7. Teesta of sly, kohl lined eyes (yet to make an appearance - but bets are on)
8. Two bit actors & actresses who don’t know who, what, where, why but for a price will be there.
9. At least one foreign bakra President, PM or Opposition Leader who makes a few noises for
constituents at home.
10. Endless supply of Biryani...
11. Razais (please keep your thoughts noble ...)
12. Woke People, who don’t want to change the world but are happy to sing & dance for the return of the privileged & comfortable old one.
Do feel free to add to the list. Plebeian Sentiment ~ Might as well make money out of it.

Then settle down to watch the Theatre of the Absurd unfold with NDTV coverage (miss you Nidhi) & Sardesai’s impending meltdown. 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

• • •

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Mar 18
Dear #Dharavi
We havent met but I’m sure you’ve heard of us.
Amethi! Amethi from Uttar Pradesh.

We bore the brunt of being the Gandhi Family’s bastion for 42 years and we forfeited
the future of our children to Sub Saharan standards.
We could have been that model constituency!
We could have been that opportunity for Rahul Gandhi to show case his abilities - to be replicated and held up as his vision for the country. But alas it was not to be.…
Our health center 👇🏼 Image
Jagdishpur Bus Stand 👇🏼 Image
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Nov 27, 2023
The West it seems doesn’t give a hoot for the Uyghurs. Those forsaken, forgotten people of the Muslim faith in some corner of China and neither do the international media, NGOs, or activists.
Does anyone recollect a Western nation having recalled their Ambassador or imposed sanctions on the country which ruthlessly decimates the culture and faith of these people?

The West also chooses to ignore Muslim on Muslim atrocity and violence.
Not a flicker of reaction to the two Palestinians hanged, quartered and thrown into the trash just last night by their own.
Or for that matter the Yemenis bombarded to smithereens by the Saudis or the Baloch systematically butchered by the Pakistanis.
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Sep 5, 2023
The Anatomy of an Indian Liberal. #Bharat

Class - Privileged
First Language - English
Religious Denomination - Iffy about this Sanatan Dharm, Hindutva business.
Thankfully recently discovered my inner spirituality.
Status - We are British (at least we’d like to be…please, please) in summer when we head out to London.
Portuguese .. erm Goan in winter when we soak in the sun in Goa which mind you is looking more and more like GK.
Opinion - Bharat?!?
You can’t do this!!! There will be international repercussions!! You know, don’t you that Mountbatten’s granddaughter is called India? Imagine their trauma!
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Aug 16, 2023
Can say without hesitation that there was very little or non existent talk of ‘brothers separated by the British’ among people, in the 40’s and 50s after the bloodletting of Partition and the raider attack on Kashmir.
In the 60-70s we fought two wars and in my childhood Pakistan was definitely, enemy.

The 80s witnessed Khalistani insurgency in Punjab which we all knew where it emanated from.
In the 90s came Benazir with her chop-chop Jag-Jag, the Kashmiri Pandit exodus, Bombay bomb blasts, Kargil, Hijacking IC814…!

Then in 2000s, Parliament attack, Mumbai train blasts…
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Aug 14, 2023

August 1947

A 14yr old boy had been left with relatives in Lahore to complete his FSc exams while his family had made their way earlier to the hills of Joginder Nagar, as was their norm at that time of the year.
The young boy wrote to his father that his last paper had been postponed indefinitely and the educational institute was shut due to uncertainty and tensions in the city.

He was advised to take the first possible train out, to Jullundur or Kapurthala with their driver Gulab.
By now riots had broken out across the city but even then, neighbours were dissuading each other from leaving. Send the women and children away they said. The able bodied must stay back to protect home and hearth...and before long things would return to normal as they always did
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Jul 12, 2023
Beginning to understand why Pakistan finds favour with the West…
Why they don’t get lectured on their shredded state of democracy even though their Army claims they are one.
Why they don’t get told off on Minority Rights even though they openly, shamelessly decimate theirs.
Why isn’t there even a murmur on Press Freedom when their journalists are bundled into car boots and taken away to undisclosed locations.

Not even get a raised eyebrow when they ethnically cleansed millions of their own compatriots in what was once called East Bengal.
No mention of the Idea of Pakistan as they slice and dice their own, differentiating between Shia, Sunni, Ahmadiyya’s..

There is nothing like the triumphalism of I told You So and Pakistan proves them right everyday, offering comfort when things dont look so good at home.
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