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एक निकिता ने एक मासूम तौफीक को खुनी बना दीया।

क्या हो जाता अगर तुम मान जाती निकिता?
कमसे कम एक गरीब, बेबस, सहमे, डरे हुए मजबूर परिवार का बेटा खूनी न बनता 😭😭

क्या होता निकिता अगर तुम चुप चाप गाडी में बैठ जाति?
तुम आज ज़िन्दा होति। तुम्हारी गोदभराई की रस्म होती और

..तुम #tanishq के गहने पहन रही होती।😭😭

क्या होता निकिता अगर तुम सिर्फ अपनी मुसल्मानी करवा लेती है?
एक बिचारे बूढ़े,नमाज़ी बाप को अपने जवान बेटे की गुफ्तारी का दर्द झेलना नहीं पड़ता।😭😭
क्या होता निकिता अगर तुम अपना नाम निकिता से नफीसा करवा लेती है?
तौफीक भी रफीक,शफीक..Contd
तारिक, सादिक इत्यादि इत्यादि पैदा कर लेता...
लेकिन उसके हाथ तो आज खून से नहीं रंगे होते।😭😭

निकिता आज तम्हारी वजाह से एक शांतीप्रिय इंसान जो कल डॉक्टर, इंजीनियर, आईएएस, आईपीएस बन सकता था..
जो ISIS का हिसा बन आपनी कौम की सेवा कर सकता था,..contd
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Weekly Financial Recap (Part 1)

~@PaytmBank launches Credit Card 💳
~🔬 @intel sells Nand to SK Hynix
~@PayPal launches Trading in @Bitcoin 💹
~Jio launches web browser (@JioBrowser)🌐
~Adidas to sell @Reebok 👟

@dmuthuk @FinKrypt @FI_InvestIndia #StockMarket #scamdemic2020
~Jio & Qualcomm start trials for 5G.📱
~@altbalaji acquires 17.5% stake in Tring📺
~GoodGamer Raises $2.5 million 💰
~Micromax Launches new mobiles📱
~Signzy raises $ 5.4 million 💰

@VidyaG88 @trdessai @FinMedium @ipo_mantra @latha_venkatesh #Scam1992 #market #Investment #jio
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#Tanishq ad: In January 2006, a prequel to the violence that unfolded next year in Nandigram in 2007 and developments in Singur, 14 tribal persons and a policeman were killed in a firing to protest the takeover of tribal land by Rotten #Tata's company >>…
This Amnesty report from a year after the firing notes that the fine, upstanding Tatas in collusion with the Odisha govt
a) grabbed land with poor compensation
b) provided no information
c) didn't invite them for consultation >>…
The Times of India story written ten years after the massacre mentions that local residents had not really got jobs with the good, decent Tata plant despite assurances. >>…
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The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal
What ya ! All that effort & we got caught out.
*bhaago bhaago*

*Next ?*
The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal in LaLa Land
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#Tanishq च्या जाहिरातीवरील माझ्या चार ओळींची पोस्ट बारकाईने न वाचता घाईत अर्थ लावून मित्र यादीतील एक गृहस्थ माझ्यावर नाराज झाले. तेव्हा त्यांच्या आकलनासाठी जो विस्तार करावा लागला तोच इथे सर्वांसाठी देत आहे.
#म #रिम #धागा #उचललेला #आवडलेला👇+
स्वत: विणलेल्या जाळीत न अडकणारा कोळी..

जात धर्म भाषा व देश या अस्मिता असतात व त्याच्या अभिमानाच्या ज्या बाळबोध जाणीवा असतात त्या पोसणारा उच्चभ्रू वर्ग स्वत: त्या बाळबोध अभिमानात अडकलेला नसतो. भिंतीवर जी कोळीष्टके असतात. ते जाळे विणणारा एक किटक असतो. त्याला कोळीच म्हणतात.
त्या जाळ्यात तो स्वत: कधीही अडकत नाही. हे कसे शक्य होते ? ती जाळी ज्या तंतूंपासून बनते तो तंतू हा कोळी त्याच्या शरीरातून सोडत असतो. त्यातील एक धागा चिकट असतो. दुसरे आवर्तन घेताना तो धागा कोरडा असतो. अशा दोन कोरड्या धाग्यांना जोडणारा एक चिकट धागा असे त्याचे काम चालते.
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Had an opportunity to express my views on the controversial #TanishqAd on a

Popular Israeli News Channel's program Global Eye hosted by Natasha Kirtchuk


#GlobalEye #i24news

Here is what I have to say -

Part 1
#BoycottTanishq made the International media curious about the issue.

So here I answer @i24NEWS_EN -

Part 2

#Tanishq #i24news #GlobalEye
The complete interview can be seen on Instagram -…
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Absolutely nonsensical comparison.

Bajaj has stated an intent to not advertise alongside hateful content. It is to uphold basic human values/decency. Plus Bajaj DID NOT troll/abuse the channels or editors, land up at their studios to threaten them. He didn't even NAME ANYONE.
Bajaj wants to stay away from content that is beyond reasonable doubt 'toxic'.

Those opposed to #tanishq, on the other hand, are opposed to the idea of inter-faith love. It's the sort of mentality that has made life hell for young couples in India. Even so... doesn't stop at distaste for what the ad showcases. In the case of Tanishq there is a real attack online and offline, managers being trolled, people landing up at the store threatening staff, hurling abuses at them.
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This is for @TanishqJewelry and #bigots who called for #BoycottTanishq and have questioned “what if” religions were changed.
So here goes, my maiden name is Zara Farooqui and I am married to Nikhil Parwal @NikZar05 since 2016. And these are our wedding pics. #TanishqAd
We had a big fat Indian wedding with Hindu rituals spanning over 4 days with family, friends and relatives coming from far and near to bless and celebrate us. Barring a handful of my husband’s distant relatives everyone was involved, loving and accepting. #tanishq
So although I do understand that for some bigoted and closed minded people it’s unthinkable but in real India, which looks beyond caste and religion it does happen and families do accept and honour each other’s traditions with open arms and immense love. #TanishqEkatvam
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Since everyone is talking about #LoveJihaad here is my take.
Being a gynaecologist, I see a lot of females from all strata of society and hear there stories. Few years back, we admitted a pregnant female for evaluation. It was her fourth pregnancy. Past 3 deliveries being normal
We had a plan of going ahead with a trial of normal delivery even this time. But she was hell bent on getting a C-section. On asking repeatedly why she wants a surgery, she answered that she can get tubal ligation done along with C section without her family knowing about it.
And I thought why should her family object to it, she told her story. She was born a Marathi hindu, fell in love with a muslim and they married. Few months later realised it was all done by her husband to teach a lesson to her community and to bear his children.
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*Thread on Tatas*

Tatas were BJP's biggest donors via the dubious electoral bonds. Ratan Tata has endorsed Modi, giving him credibility amongst cosmopolitan and middle class Indians.

Tatas are *enablers* not victims or 'silent bystanders' of Hindutva / BJP
Here's the "quiet, respectable" Ratan Tata paying obeisance to RSS founder Hedgewar at Nagpur.

He also looks happy in the company of Pujya Pujari Bhagwat ji, the bigoted Hindutva ideologue.
Ratan Tata actively supporting BJP /Hindutva campaign during 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

The same guys who are today trying to malign Mumbai and topple SS-INC-NCP govt in his home state Maharashtra.
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What we are seeing play out with the #Tanishq ad has long been coming. Since the British, many-a-government has tried 'divide and rule' for its votebank, but it is the genius of the current political machinery that creates news cycles to keep us busy hating each other.

2/ The previous governments did elaborate PR to appease minorities (while not actually caring about them), which pushed the majority towards a severe persecution complex. Our present government has seized the opportunity to capitalise on that by feeding into this irrational fear.
3/ It's the genius of our current political apparatus that keeps us outraging over smaller issues, while there is no one to hold the government accountable on ANYTHING.

Wait, did China say that it doesn't recognise the 'illegal Ladakh UT'? Not sure, but I'm livid about Tanishq.
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So it turns out the girl in #tanishq ad has to convert to Islam otherwise the marriage is considered invalid
Such is the wonderfulness of woke liberals that they nvr protest against this

Hindu women HAS to convert to Islam, no adjustment happen
Also the kids are raised as Muslim
Also women in Muslim household get 1/2 of property as their brothers

No joke, this is what is tolerated in India in the name of appeasement
Comedians speaking truth to power aka @Agrimonious needs to b made aware of the travesty happening in M households

The illiteracy rate among Muslim women is also the highest (almost 50% ) + thier fertility rate is highest among all religious groups

Wonder why ?
Because if you treat your women like kids producing , they will stay backward
The jahiliyat propagated as a virtue by AIMIM like
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OK, since Ratan Tata is under twitter attack by Liberandus for removing Jlh@di #tanishq ad. I wanna add my findings in this case.
1.Tanishq is brand of Tata Group, which is away from all & any sort of controversies. But their love towards Indian Culture is immeasurable.

2. But that doesn’t give them a green pass do whatever they like.
3. Sources say, Brand Manager Mansoor Khan is not the one who pitched the idea.
4. But the idea was from #tanishq’s Marketing and Corporate Communications dept.

5. So head of Marketing Dept Mr. Arun Narayan and Corp. Comm lady could be answerable along with Brand Manager Mansoor.
6. Titan pays around monthly only for handling legal matters. It might not be an issue to cover up. But Damage has been done.

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Qua #tanishq

Corporates, Govt Orgs, PSUs and quasi state agencies ought to be careful on the kind of commentary they offer on society, it's practices and prevailing discourse !

Whether it's secularism, oneness or multiplicity of stakeholders in nationalism.

Whether it TV Commercials, posters, radio jingles, short videos, or tweets.

They must stick to their brief on designated role or product.

Build your own brand, stick to centreline. Do not enter social commentary space without gauzing collateral related issues, it might blow up holes in the theory, don't over-secularise. Do not profess too much of constitutionalism either.

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Backlash is because for our woke media, secularism and 'bhai-chara' means only Hindu girl, Muslim boy. If if time & plot permits, girl's Hindu family will be shown objecting to the marriage. How many ads have been there which show the reverse? Where's the balance?
Any brand which thinks on this line is doomed to become extinct sooner than later. One hopes that people responsible for #tanishq #TanishqJewelry are sensible to not heed such idiotic advise.
This is on a completely different level. Let me see anyone counter this. Good catch!
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जब इंसान का पेट भर जाता है तो वो खुराफाती हो जाता है, कुछ ऐसी ही हालत तनिष्क ज्वैलर्स की हो गई है, त्योहार में वैवाहिक कार्यक्रम में धनतेरस में ये लोग सनातन धर्मीयों के खुन पसीने की कमाई लुटकर घर भरते हैं और सनातन पर ही चोट करने से नहीं चुकते, आपसब तनिष्क ज्वैलर्स का बॉयकाट करो,1
देखते हैं काली टंकी के भरोसे ये दो दिन भी कैसे बिजनेस कर पाते हैं
तनिष्क ज्वैलर्स के मालिक का नाम मनुभाई मेहता है. 2
#tanishq @TanishqJewelry
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