1n Remember Ghoris had a running feud with the Khwarezmi Shah, with the latter capturing large parts of the ghurid empire & all of western Afghanistan. Despite fighting a 2 front war, the Ghurids simply snuffed away Indian opposition (except the Gujarat Solankis) why?
2. We’ve seen how inept & clumsy Prithviraj Chauhan was (courage isn’t a substitute for aptitude) - no intelligence gathering, no early warning, lackadaisical preparations, no interest in course correction. But what about other Indian rulers? Are we to assume India was infected
3. By a plague that turned all our kings of the time into zombies? Not really. These pathologies debilitate us even today - First: Zero ability to introspect & adapt leading to excessive pride driven reliance on foreign imports (today Rafale in 1192 it was horses) - the DRDO &
4. & Tejas are the continuing symptoms of this obsession despite the fact they can’t be domesticated. Second was this shocking approach to intelligence gathering. No Indian ruler invested in foreign intelligence. Prithviraj had no idea that Ghori was planning a second invasion &
5. even less Intel on how he had adapted his tactics & cavalry manoeuvres (today: clear post balakot.. battle damage imagery & constant undermining of human assets in pakistan over 3 prime ministers). The third is sociologically the most problematic.
6. Identity = Substance (what unites us) + Salience (what makes us different from others). Indian rulers clearly had an idea of what United us: a common geography, religions traditions & ethos... but not what divided us from the Turks. For example bitterly divided Greek city
7. states would take help from Persia against each other (Peloponnesian war), but unite if Persia invaded. Yet when Ghazni was destroying The Jyotirlinga at Somnath, noted Shiva-Bhakta Rajendra Chozha was blissfully unconcerned & was mounting his own expedition against the Hindu
8. SriVijaya empire in Malaysia-Indonesia. That the Ghaznavids conquered and colonised Punjab & their persecution of hindus never seemed To bother a single hindu ruler. We see many manifestations of this complex... the Deccan sultanates uniting against Vijayanagar but not
9. examples of counter-consolidation. You can of course see this same pathology today (Rahul Gandhi’s “hindu terror”)

To sum up: the same 3 pathologies that infected us in 1192 remain valid today 1) obsessing over undomesticatable tools of war 2) zero introspection & course
10. correction (Intel etc) 3) lack of salience. I’ll add to this thread if some of you give me other causal factors, though, I suspect, in typical Indian fashion you’ll be outraged & instead of introspecting, probably masturbate to some glorious fantasy past which never existed
“Indic” not Hindu.

• • •

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30 Sep
THREAD Re #BabriDemolitionCase you need to ask 4 critical questions:

1) as the Indian judiciary ever accepted the principle of command responsibility?

𝗡𝗢 - if it did, every neta, babu & officer would be in jail. That means nothing would ever function here
2) Has Indian jurisprudence ever accepted “fruits of a poisonous tree”?

𝗡𝗢 because given arcane policing & obsolete investigative methods in this country no prosecution would ever take place
3) Were any of the 32 acquitted seen engaged in the actual demolition?

𝗡𝗢 in which case there is no direct case against them. Only a case of command responsibility- which as we’ve seen in tweet 1 isn’t accepted. Instead we have incitement laws
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25 Sep
1n A gentle reminder for jokers who claim “China has solved all its border issues except with India & Bhutan”. 🇨🇳 has 17 ongoing border disputes - some “official” some “unofficial”. Of these 7 are on the landmass. The “unofficial” disputes don’t prevent 🇨🇳 from sending in troops
2n like with Nepal. “Official disputes” are with 1) India on Ladakh & Arunachal 2) Bhutan. But there’s more in the unofficial ones. 3) Officials in Myanmar keep telling me of loose borders & constant encroachments in Kachin province, despite the border being “officially solved”
3n Mind you 🇨🇳 has continued supplying Kachin terrorists for a long time & frequently does so even now 4) the same is the case with Tajikistan, despite a border settlement, because according to the Chinese, half of Tajikistan was part of Qing Empire. 5) Mongolia is particularly
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21 Sep
1n A simple 6 course #frugalindian lunch: Queso Fresco made from hand extruded alpine cattle milk, in a delicate butter-cream sauce flavoured delicately with “epice-de-loodiana” & bell peppers of the first spring flowering. Image
2n exotic high Andean tubers, hand picked by Inca virgins on a moonlit night, roasted in a “Cadaiee” and tossed in a tangy pickling sauce of “achaard” spices, a speciality of the “putty-aala” region Image
3n black lentils served in the “maucanee” style, simmered overnight over a rare sandalwood flame & bathed in a luscious tomato concasse enriched with secret aromats comprising the “pawn-jaw-bee” Pentateuch & enriched with butter separated from the whey by yodelling Swiss maidens Image
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27 Aug
1n One of the quality issues plaguing journalism today is, that in a technology enabled world, most editors are obsolete fossils, who have neither the mental or financial resources to verify stories. We had a broadsheet running concocted stories of a major Chinese occupation
2n in central ladakh basic due diligence from the editors would’ve ensured the correspondent would’ve been asked to provide proof of, or commit to a definition of the LAC. Second, stuff should have spent the basic 50-100 USD to get satellite confirmation of the story. They failed
3n on both counts the journalist then spent all his time, claiming the Galwan tragedy retrospectively validated his claims of an occupation & proceeded to shift the LAC at least 3 times. Then we had a story by a known terror sympathiser, claiming terrorists had come deep into
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22 Aug
1n On #GaneshaChaturthi I want you to ponder on why we celebrate & worship the elephant. On one hand they’re the cutest, smartest & most affable animals you’ll meet. OTOH they are fearsome when angry & quick to attack. No natural predator dares mess with them
2n This shows you that calmness & affability are great qualities when you’re strong & requires frequent demonstrations of strength. This is something India has forgotten & we use our passivity to hide our weakness. Nobody respects the weak. Now look at the elephant’s trunk
3n it is an exquisite tool - blunt enough to uproot a tree & yet delicate enough to pick & tear a single blade of grass. It has power, yet it has the wisdom to use this wisely and appropriately. In that sense the elephant is the distillate of Shankaracharya’s VivekaChudamani
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1 Aug
1n #NEP2020 is a cut-and-paste NGO type document with huge gaps

1) Reorienting a quantity system to quality requires money. where’s the money? The education budget has a 500+ billion USD deficit PER ANNUM just to get us factory floor worker skills, let alone engineers

2) that deficit is simply student training. It doesn’t include the costs of teacher training & infrastructure

3) Where are the accompanying college admission & board unification/synchronisation reforms?
3n This is going to be another “Make in India” style still-born. 100% delusion, no attention to ways & means, no systemic thinking & no 2nd & 3rd order effect modelling. But heck lots of new, post reticent jobs for incompetent babus ... you may even be made chairman of @NITIAayog
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