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Studying some provisions of Indian Evidence Act in the light of #BabriVerdict

"A is tried for a riot and is proved to have marched at the head of a mob. The cries of the mob are relevant as explanatory to the nature of the transaction" - illustration (f) of Section 9.
For example, if Advani & Co were heading the mob at Babri site, the cries of mob calling for demolition ("mandir waheen banaeenge" etc) are relevant facts to prove incitement.
Criminal Conspiracy - Sec 10 says acts done by different members of conspiracy at different stages are relevant against each other in proving conspiracy, though the members may be strangers.
(In #BabriDemolitionCase, court said accused & kar sewaks are strangers to each other)
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From #BabriVerdict :
Court says :
1. No evidence that accused incited the mob on the day of demolition.
2. As to speeches, slogans etc., made earlier by accused, court refused to accept press reports, video tapes, photos as authentic. Newspaper reports hearsay evidence.
3. Court adopts a conspiracy theory in the form of an unverified intelligence report that anti social/anti-national elements could have assembled in the area under the garb of kar sewaks and surmises that they might have created trouble. (Quite astonishing!)
4. No material to show accused raised provocative slogans.

5. Incident occurred suddenly and without provocation and accused did not themselves expect that it would happen, court says.
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THREAD Re #BabriDemolitionCase you need to ask 4 critical questions:

1) as the Indian judiciary ever accepted the principle of command responsibility?

𝗡𝗢 - if it did, every neta, babu & officer would be in jail. That means nothing would ever function here
2) Has Indian jurisprudence ever accepted “fruits of a poisonous tree”?

𝗡𝗢 because given arcane policing & obsolete investigative methods in this country no prosecution would ever take place
3) Were any of the 32 acquitted seen engaged in the actual demolition?

𝗡𝗢 in which case there is no direct case against them. Only a case of command responsibility- which as we’ve seen in tweet 1 isn’t accepted. Instead we have incitement laws
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#BabriDemolitionCase verdict: All acquitted
Cbi failed to prove the case.
Leaders including Advani & Joshi tried to stop the mob: Spl Judge Yadav
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Organizations tried to stop those trying to damage the structure.
12 बजे विवादित ढांचा के पीछे से पथराव शुरू हुआ। अशोक सिंघल ढांचे को सुरक्षित रखना चाहते थे क्योंकि ढांचे में मूर्तियां थीं

कारसेवकों के दोनों हाथ व्यस्त रखने के लिए जल और फूल लाने को कहा गया ठस
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जजमेंट प्रोनाऊंस होना शुरू l पूर्व नियोजित नहीं था विध्वंस l आकस्मिक थी घटना #BabriDemolitionCase #BabriVerdict
incident was not pre planned
अशोक जी का उल्लेख कई बार किया
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Name of the accused who have arrived in court #BabriDemolitionCase #BabriVerdict ImageImageImage
Santosh duby, kamlesh tripathi arrived
Brij Bhushan MP Gonda arrived
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[LIVE UPDATES] Babri Masjid Demolition: Special Judge SK Yadav to pronounce the verdict in the Babri Masjid Demolition case.

#BabriDemolitionCase #BabriVerdict #Advani #UmaBharti #Ayodhya
Lucknow Special Court had directed presence of all 32 accused.

The case refers to the demolition of Babri mosque in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992.…
Special Judge had sought security and Supreme Court in 2019 had said:

"the concern of security is a valid one in light of the fact that the responsibility on the judge is a big one".

#BabriDemolitionCase #BabriVerdict #Babri #YogiAdityanath #UPPolice…
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Accused Vinay Katiyar reaches Lucknow court for verdict in Babri Masjid demolition case with heavy security, escort vehicles. @ThePrintIndia #BabriMasjid Image
Former Shiv Sena leader Pawan Pandey (now BJP), accused in the #BabriMasjid case reaches court, waves at the media says "ready for the verdict"
After the demolition Pandey had come before the media along with the stone plaque of Mir Baqui from the Babri mosque. @ThePrintIndia ImageImage
Sadhvi Raithambra, one of the key accused in the #BabriDemolitionCase reaches court. Waves at the media. She is accused of criminal conspiracy in the case. @ThePrintIndia ImageImageImage
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Stay tune for regular update on today's special CBI court verdict on #BabriDemolitionCase
Area cordon off and heavy security deployed outside the premises of HC Lucknow bench #BabriDemolitionCase ImageImageImage
Head on collision between two wheeler rider and bicycle in front of Lucknow HC court bend. Fortunately none injured. ImageImageImage
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