Think of another religion being the target.

Then imagine the media response.

As compared to this being the first time you’ve seen or heard of it.
That isn’t to say that people in positions of influence in the media or the justice system or politics actually approve of this. They absolutely don’t, of course. They just care less.
I’ve been asked why I said this. Let me give some examples, lest it seems an unwarranted statement.

If it were another faith, it would be breaking news everywhere. As it’s a church, it won’t be.
If it were another faith, commentators would be booked to say how bad this is and how the institution concerned was a beacon in the community that didn’t deserve this. Solidarity would be expressed by all and sundry. As it’s a church, they won’t be.
If it were another faith, breathless updates would be provided blow by blow. The culprit’s background and associates would be probed. Questions of what it means for relations between people of different beliefs would be asked. As it’s a church, they won’t be.
If it were another faith, condemnation would be swift and unequivocal from all influential quarters. Reassurances to “communities” would be offered. There would be much “reaching out.” As it’s a church, it won’t be.
If it were another faith, demands for harsh punishment would be made. Sentences available would be debated. One considers the point that a man received a year in prison for defiling an institution by putting bacon on a door handle. As it’s a church...
A caveat because of some replies I’m getting.

I absolutely do NOT criticise the person who took the video, or anyone else, for not intervening physically.

One has no idea of what those in such a scenario will do, or has on them.

I’m grateful to to recorder for the footage

• • •

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10 Jun
The talibanesque destruction of all which is not “appropriate” will not stop. Don’t care about statues? Old films? Don’t feel left out. They’ll keep going until it’s something you do care about. You can warm yourself by the bonfire of the vanities in the meantime.
In the meantime, if your parents enjoyed Gone with the Wind, turn yourself in for a re-education top-up. Can’t be too careful.
Several responding defend specific examples, as is their right.

Even if correct... why think that what starts with statues will end with statues?
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27 May
I make no friends saying this (such a change) & no doubt harm my own paddling-in-media prospects as a commentator saying it, but the sight of many journalists seemingly untroubled by any examination of the issues expressing “solidarity” with Emily Maitlis here is troubling.

In truth, it’s merely the latest example of a growing, and peculiar, clubbish, circle the wagons, we are special mindset - one that presently seems even worse than it usually is, given recent events so thoroughly & insistently examined by the media itself.

Because the media’s near-manic desire to focus ad nauseam on the questions raised in a story & demand grovelling public apologies is bulletproof - until applied to one of their own, when it vanishes.

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23 May
I was booked to discuss the current #DominicCummings issue with @JuliaHB1 this afternoon but schedules have changed. As I won’t be on air any longer, I thought I’d share what I intended to say.

I like Julia. I respect the fact that she’s sincere and understand that she’s angry. I just think that she’s wrong on this. BTW I haven’t seen my parents since January either. My father is in his 80s and unwell. But none of that’s the point.

It seems to me that it comes down to whether Cummings broke the guidelines; on this they were vague at the time - they certainly made provision for transport for children who were categorised as vulnerable people.

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19 Apr
A great deal of time has now passed since Sir Keir was elected leader of the Labour Party and after all the vote was quite close.

Is it not therefore time for a confirmatory People’s Vote?

After all, if he believes in democracy, how can he be against more voting?
After all, if he’s convinced that he’s the right leader, why would he fear the electorate? Why’s he so scared of a vote?
Many people have joined the Labour Party since the vote. Some have left. People are entitled to change their minds. After all, we know a lot more about his leadership now than we did then.
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15 Apr
That a channel can claim to be surprised or even outraged in these circumstances shows a total absence of understanding of both their own actions and their standing.
If their position has changed, say so. “We said at the highest profile media event of the year that the PM is a liar and that saying so is our position. We no longer mean that. Firm and fair, no bias either way now.” It might be hard to believe them but at least try.
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17 Sep 19
As there is a suggestion doing the rounds that people shouldn’t RT or draw attention to the abuse they get, here are some of my recent favourites.
This one is a true classic. I’ll never understand it but I think I love it.
Mr Potato
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