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My latest @locusmag column is "The Swivel-Eyed Loons Have A Point," about all the ways that I agree with the Right's paranoid fringe, whom I mostly *disagree* with:…

1/ A row of silhouetted protes...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

The impetus for the article was a widely reported, bizarre protest against the plan to create a #15MinuteCity in Oxford, England.

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🔴 NEW Today in the High Court @allthecitizens, with the support of @foxglovelegal, is challenging the government's use of disappearing WhatsApp & text messages to conduct official business

Here's why it's 'the modern equivalent of shredding evidence' 👇👇
This ground-breaking legal action is the culmination of a 2 and a half year battle to get answers from the government about how it uses encrypted software apps such as Whatsapp & Signal. Read the full story here 👇…
We are there in full force to stop the unlawful practice of 'government by disappearing messages".

But we need your help to support the fight!
Can you donate here?👇👇🙏🙏…
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Very disappointed that @teamdb haven’t been down to the Tesco Express at Westminster to appraise the booze line-up and predict which bottles attendees would have brought to the BYO #No10Party.
My suggestions in the thread below…
@BorisJohnson 17% ABV Napa Cabernet. Overblown crowd-pleaser that was fun in the past but not something you want to entrust centre-stage; now something of a joke, falls apart quickly on close inspection and fails to deliver on the promises or claims of the back label.
@carrielbjohnson Tequila. She may have to hold her nose but, consum(at)ed quickly, it has a transformational effect when it comes to instilling instant unwarranted influence.
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🔴The shocking findings of the Parliamentary #COVIDReport make it clear: scrutiny of the government could not be more important.

This is why TODAY @allthecitizens and @Foxglovelegal are in court to stop the use of disappearing messages apps in government.
In June 2021, a source at @DHSC told @BylineTimes that conversations between Public Health England and DHSC officials about whether or not patients should be
discharged from hospital into care homes without a negative test were taking place over WhatsApp.
🔥🔥The source added: “The entire COVID-19 response was being conducted over WhatsApp messages.”🔥🔥

@NafeezAhmed via @BylineTimes
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Yesterday, during a mammoth BBC TV interview, #DominicCummings said that anyone who was sure that #Brexit was a good idea had a screw loose. And then he went on to say that he thought Brexit was a good idea and was pleased that it had happened. Watch and share 1-minute video.
This time last year, #DominicCummings told an unbelieving nation that during the #Covid #lockdown he went for a drive just so he could test his #eyesight. Many of us then thought something was missing. Now we can be sure.
#DominicCummings had a lot to say for himself. But one question #LauraKuenssberg didn’t ask him is if he supports #democracy. Obviously, he doesn’t. He thinks it’s in his gift and power, not ours, not Parliament’s, to make or break, appoint or unappoint, a Prime Minister.
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1/ @AndrewBowie_MP on #PoliticsLive, repeating ad nauseam, the predictable #Tory lines that EVERYTHING #DominicCummings said yesterday was only HIS OPINION, that we must focus our minds on the #VaccinationRollout & that “PEOPLE” just don’t care.
2/ Like the many thousands of HCW & SCW colleagues who have worked right through the pandemic caring for ppl with #COVID19 & putting our lives (& the lives of our families) at risk on a daily basis w/ inadequate #PPE, I CARE VERY MUCH!
3/ The success of the #NHS #VaccineRollout CANNOT wipe away the trauma of all the lives lost & irrevocably damaged in the last year, much of it PREDICTED, AVOIDABLE & UNNECESSARY.

And I will not stand by letting this merry band of sycophantic @Conservatives MPs try to do so.
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Oh look! @MattHancock is denying it all!
Now will @Dominic2306 share the evidence he claims having?
Or has it disappeared with the explosion of texts and Whatsapps this government is run on?

No trail, no accountability.
Dont'you get the chills every single time a politician deflects a legitimate question by saying "this is not what the British people care about"?

RT if you care about it 📢

@MattHancock #DominicCummings
.@Dominic2306 realising he could substantiate his accusations to @MattHancock had they not used disappearing texts.
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While all media attention continues to focus on #DominicCummings' explosive claims about Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, Cabinet Sec et al, there is one issue that has had less attention: whether the govt STILL believe in #herdimmunity through natural infection? @IndependentSage
Even until a few weeks ago, following Stage 2 of the Roadmap (with a Third wave on our doorstep in Europe), Boris Johnson talked about learning to "live with the virus" and accepting more hospitalisations and [inevitable] deaths with reopening more places.…
And it's clear that UK govt are neither "following the science" nor adhering to "data not dates" when we're told that there's "nothing in the data" to suggest the govt need to "deviate" from its Roadmap. Covid cases, linked to so-called #IndianVariant are rising across many areas
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1/ Where is @GavinWilliamson?

Whatever your opinion of #DominicCummings his testimony FITS with what’s happened on the ground in our #COVID19UK experience.

Little mention of schools but school children, families & staff are STILL NOT BEING PROTECTED ADEQUATELY...NOW...TODAY!
2/ School-age children, many parents & young staff are
UNVACCINATED against an #Airborne 🦠.

HOW MUCH LONGER must we wait for @GavinWilliamson @educationgovuk @NickGibbUK & @halfon4harlowMP UNDERSTAND BASIC SCIENCE?…
3/ IF they CAN’T, or WON’T, understand & accept that #COVIDisAirborne & that #VentilationMatters & #MasksSaveLives
then quite simply they’re unfit to be in positions of such power.

Department for Education had no Covid plan, say MPs…
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Thread #dominiccummings #covid
1. Dominic Cummings highlighted that Faculty did not develop the original "app", which is true, it was primarily VMWare - Pivotal.
2. However, whatever happened behind the scenes, Faculty were engaged to work on the Covid data store and apparently with significant influence. The extracts in thread tweets below from their contract here confirm this:…
Strategy and Oversight
"Specifically ensuring central decision makers have access to the information they need to manage the response to the crisis. The Faculty team will work with Palantir to triage and prioritise these requirements, allocating resources ..."
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I cannot tell you how it felt to receive emails from medics who were carrying out emergency surgery with cling film wrapped around their heads. I cannot tell you how it felt to see eminent consultants trying to make surgical gowns out of disposal hospital curtains. I cannot...
Express the anger and dismay of doctors told to take off their masks in hospital cafes because they’d ’scare the patients’. I cannot convey the terror of doctors who didn’t have masks because there weren’t enough, they’d been locked away.

It’s not good enough to say sorry now...
Gaslit, ignored, placated, ridiculed, thrown under the bus, dismissed in life, dismissed in death.


I will never ever forget what you put NHS staff through. Never.
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Let the Ben Warner drinking game commence. Sip for a name check, shot when DC passes the buck to him, down it when #DominicCummings compares him to Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day (yes that just happened) 🍻
Uh oh… I didn’t expect it to be this lethal. Switching to OJ. And have a biscuit every time Ben’s brother Mark gets a mention.
"A lot of people in government kept thinking that the real damage would be the economical one". Thousands died.
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..The truth is that senior ministers, senior officials, senior advisers like me, failed short of the standards that the public has a right to expect of its government in a crisis like this

..When the pubic needed us most, the government failed

Dominic Cummings
May 26th 2021
..The government itself and Number 10, was not operating on a war footing in February in any way shape or form

..A lot of key people were literally skiing in the middle of February 2020

..It wasn't till the last week of February there was any sense of urgency

..If we had the Prime Minister chairing COBRA meetings and he tells everyone that it's just swine flu, don't worry about it

..I'm going to get Whitty to inject me on TV with coronavirus, it's nothing to be frightened of

..That would not help serious planning

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Today #DominicCummings will give evidence to parliament. This is what you don’t know. The revelation that he was sitting on SAGE had many consequences. This was one of them
Thank you to @CarolineLucas @krishgm @globalhlthtwit @SusanMichie @Zubhaque & the rest of @IndependentSage.

The full film by @sheridanflynn will launch later today
5 MINS TO GO! Stay with us as we live-tweet on #DominicCummings hearing.

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It's a while since I've done one of these threads, so bear with me.
In advance of tomorrow's #DominicCummings extravaganza, I offer you this...

#Cummings #Boris #HerdImmunity
Alas, poor Boris! I knew him Goveio: a fellow of unfunny jest, of most racist fancys: he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rims at it.
Here hung those wibbly lips that I have kissed I know not how oft.
Where be your bigoted gibes now? Your many mistresses? Your gaffes? Your flashes of homophobia, that were wont to set the Tories on a roar?
Not on now, to mock your own downfall? Quite chap-fallen.
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1/. In 2009, I there was a commotion in the small Tuareg compound where I was staying near Aueglhok, northern Mali

3 boys had chased a deadly snake into a nearby rocky outcrop

Men gathered with sticks & takobas (swords) pushing dry grass into holes & crevices around the outcrop ImageImageImageImage
2/. The men positioned themselves around the outcrop, waiting by each hole with their weapons raised

They then lit the grass

Snakes are v sensitive to smoke & before long the horned viper emerged from rocks to be swiftly battered to death

And I learned how to smoke out a snake ImageImageImageImage
3/. I've been smoking out snakes ever since

Like everything in life, the answers we seek are usually in front of our noses all along

But sometimes - if something is being concealed - you have to smoke it out

Which brings me on to #DominicCummings!
#Cummings #CummingsTestimony Image
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They were warned he was an imbecile, liar and cheat.

They ignored the warnings.

They put their fingers in their ears.

They elected him anyway, expecting something different.

They are now amazed to discover the warnings were correct.

"He is bereft of judgment, loyalty and discretion. Only in the star-crazed, frivolous Britain of the 21st century could such a man have risen so high, and he is utterly unfit to go higher still."
– Max Hastings, 2012…
"Values, decency and honesty play a diminished part in modern politics — but the British people may be grateful that it is still a sufficient one to have halted the march on Downing Street of this dangerous charlatan."
- Max Hastings, 2016…
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1/. Let’s not forget, that #DominicCummings - who employed ‘eugenicist’, Andrew Sabisky - was central to the #HerdImmnityScandal which is central to the #PalantirPlan

It puts genomics at the heart of the programme for govt, using the UK as the petri-dish for a ‘brave new world’.
2/. “I feel we’re all paying the price for a girl laughing at his poem in 6th form” @MarinaHyde on Cummings

#DominicCummings imagined the mood of these photos was very James Dean. Instead they reveal his narcissism & complete tone-deafness
3/. Here’s a good #HerdImmunityScandal intro

It’s long, but gripping & it has #Cummings’ grubby fingerprints all over it

#HerdImmunity is an outcome not a strategy. Every scientist will tell you that

This thread starts to unpick WHY the govt knowingly went against the science.
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#DominicCummings & @vote_leave Chief
Technology Officer @TBorwick boasted on
video of posting 3 BILLION Digital Ads onto
@Facebook A/Cs of 7 MILLION British electors
using Canadian company @AggregateIQ whose
Intellectual Property Rights were bought by
@Nigel_Farage & @Arron_banks from
@LeaveEUOfficial gave @CamAnalytica,
the company funded by #RobertMercer,
the @UKIP membership & research database.
@CamAnalytica copied the data & stored it on
the Data Warehouse of the SCL Group
funded by #RobertMercer
@CamAnalytica with @SteveKBannon as VP
purchased 80 Million @Facebook accounts
from Aleksandr Kogan at Cambridge & stored
them on the SCL Data Warehouse operating the
Ripon Project to match the UK @Facebook
accounts with @UKIP data to create a new database
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“You must obey lockdown rules or face a £10,000 fine & I’d call the police on my neighbour, no hesitation!” says @MattHancock who publicly gave full backing to #DominicCummings when he broke lockdown rules.

You don’t see much of this #Cummings interview.

Luckily I recorded it.
Asked why he didn’t tell the truth about his movements until it was exposed by @PippaCrerar & @DailyMirror, #DominicCummings

“I thought that If I start explaining things it will cause more confusion.”

Awkward thing, the truth, isn’t it Dom!
“I did not offer to resign. I did not think about resigning.” #DominicCummings

At the time, when I watched this live, I tweeted: “This question will end #Cummings’ political career”

It should have done

It is beyond comprehension how he was permitted to just carry on as normal.
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Here are the whole series of 6 episodes of a #FriendofDom Episode 1 #DominicCummings making me nick sweets and take the blame...
Episode 2 of a #FriendofDom - he has a really #smallheed #DominicCummings
Episode 3 of a #FriendofDom - getting an invite to his birthday party - and then he cancels it #DominicCummings
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#BREAKING: @IndependentSage issue an emergency 10 point action plan to avoid a second national #COVID lockdown

The document says that "the govt has abdicated its responsibility to provide such a plan. @TheLancet @devisridhar @bmj_latest @HSJnews #COVID19…
Apart from the Harries, Vallance & Whitty govt scientists have disappeared

SAGE > #JointBiosecurityCentre run by Clare Gardiner, GCHQ

PHE > #NIHP run by Dido Hardy

@B_I_Tweet run by Rachel Coyle, ex-MOD (Tom Hurd MI5)

Lord Guthrie, ex-SAS/MOD, Palantir
Despite claiming to be "guided entirely by the science”, it’s now clear that crucial decisions did not follow the science.

Warnings from WHO, @IndependentSage, public health experts & even SAGE members were ignored.

In July SAGE was sidelined altogether.
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“Covid Marshalls” coming to a street near you!

They won’t have any official powers but they’ll be there to keep an eye on anyone they think has broken the rules or maybe planning on breaking the rules.

Imagine the sorts of people who’ll be applying for that job. #COVID19 #COVID
“People who think they can take responsibility for their own health and their own risk are misunderstanding the situation." @BorisJohnson explains the importance of #CovidMarshalls.

Er...try telling that to #DominicCummnings, Prime Minister
“Still boiling”
#BarnardCastle #DominicCummings #cummings #BorisJohnson #CovidUK
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@sarahkendzior “To the future or to the past, to a time when thought is free, when men are different from one another and do not live alone— to a time when truth exists and what is done cannot be undone.”

Future generations will thank you, Sarah.

And you never know, maybe this generation too. Image
@sarahkendzior “If a mafia state has taken hold, wouldn’t someone do something about it? The answer is no, they didn’t, but it’s the lack of that expected response that’s led people to believe things are safer than they are, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.”…
@sarahkendzior "He covers up crime with scandal & covers up malice with incompetence... They want to project an image of being inept, instead of as having a cruel & well-defined plan.”

@sarahkendzior on #Trump’s admin, could have been writing about #BorisJohnson’s govt.
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