1. Just another in a long line of Leftist violence against the Right ImageImage
2. Remember this lady from 2016 ImageImage
3 Let's not forget about these people from the Right in 2017 who also have a right to assemble and protest in Berkeley

4 In Huntington Beach in 2017 Image
5 A direct attack on GOP Congressmen in 2017 Image
6 Senator Rand Paul's neighbor in 2017 Image
7 Recall how it's Trump's fault why his supporters are violent

8 Attacking journalists who cover the violent Left...

9 Attacking cops in NYC...

10 Cops getting run over ...

11Straight up assassination of a Trump supporter by an avowed Antifa supporter

12 Another straight up assassination of a Trump supporter by an unlicensed security guard with a history of supporting Leftist activity

13 Say what you want about Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha but, there's plenty of evidence of self defense. We can let the courts decide this one
14 Yes, Trump says a lot of outrageous & stupid stuff. It's often inflammatory and nasty. Yet, the violence keeps coming from the Left, over & over. As the Dems & media ignore & excuse it. This is NOT a real excuse

15 So, when the Left threatens things like radical changes to the structure of our government, rounding up & jailing dissenters and limiting 1A & 2A freedoms we take for granted, I believe they really want to do it.
16 There are of course, many examples of violence from the Right, we have our morons & assholes too. But, as I see it the ongoing assassinations, assaults, violence against people & communities and LEOs, arson and threats to our institutions from the Left are our biggest threat
17. I do not like Trump's overheated rhetoric but, I very much hate the violence and destruction promised from the Left.


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30 Sep
1. I didn't see the whole debate but, from what I did see:
- Biden repeatedly used the flimsy or debunked anonymously sourced rumors as facts without any pushback from Wallace
- Biden's lack of condemnation of Antifa was clear whereas Trump did condemn WS
2. Biden repeatedly avoided taking stances against extreme LW policies (nuke filibuster / pack SCOTUS)

3. Both Trump & Biden used petty insults and took over the top umbrage at the other's comments
4. We all knew the media would spin for Biden but it's been way over the top and just an extension of his campaign

5. People defending Trump's behavior are not helping him. I don't think that the (few) voters who can still be swayed will respond positively to that style
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26 Aug
1. Some thoughts on Kenosha shootings
2. First off, same on the local & state authorities for not taking bolder action to quell the rioting. Between the media pushing the narrative & the gov. doing little to stop it and, after the first night, the Governor's inexcusably weak response opened the door to more violence.
3. The shooter is a 17 year old kid that had no business being there and no business (potentially illegally) open carrying. Being from 20-30 min away is also troubling since, he wasn't defending his own property or life.
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21 Mar
Some thoughts on COVID-19

1. Trump says a lot of stupid shit

2. COVID-19 and it's initial deadly spread are 100% due to the policies & dishonesty of China

3. China's actions & cover-ups expose the risks of economic dependence the US and many countries have with that country
4. The WHO and other corrupt international organizations are run by the same criminals that these organizations were intended to protect us from. Any future appeals to their authority will fall on deaf or highly skeptical ears.
5. No country is or ever was ready to handle a pandemic. Some are better equipped to respond & mitigate due to immigration policies, healthcare infrastructure, demographics and other factors.
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14 Mar
Shameful admission: I’m in the Costco parking lot waiting for the doors to open (in about 2 hours) so I can join in on the TP panic.
There are only about five other cars here now but, we’re all waiting in our cars to stay warm & dry.
Of course, one jackass pulls up, sprints ou of his car, grabs a carriage and proudly stakes out “first in line”
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4 Nov 19
1. Some thoughts on Trump and his treatment by the Left / in the media
2. First some disclaimers:
- I am a partisan / bias conservative
- I don’t like, didn’t support nor vote for Trump
- But, I’m in CA so non-Dem votes are irrelevant. Thus, I never had to really make a voting decision on Trump
3. The Left acts as if history started on 2016. They demand condemnation of Trump on flimsy evidence while some of us remember how Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and Juanita Broaddrick were treated in the era of Clinton.
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