imagine if microsoft offered professional services to anyone who could pay. i would pay $300, one time, to have someone at MS who actually knows something log into my PC and figure out why explorer can't render thumbnails
no sfc /scannow bullshit, i mean they raymond chen that shit, they get in and coredump explorer and go "okay you have a png library that installed, that's the problem"
honestly, i'd pay any company for that if they were trustworthy, but "repair windows pc" is basically a stopword. there are hundreds of millions of people who think they have complicated and interesting problems, but don't, and millions of amoral vultures preying on them
"repair windows pc" is the 21st century equivalent of scamming octogenarians over the phone
there's this howling mass of people trying to fix worthless celeron pcs that are totally fucked and just need a windows reinstall, and a bunch of people in impoverished countries telling them that if sfc /scannow doesn't work they should give them money to do nothing
the screaming, raging static makes it impossible to talk about any problem whatsoever with the most popular OS in existence, you just get overwhelmed with sfc /scannow
i think a lot about how, because we refuse to do anything about global poverty, i can't fix my computer
a man is surviving on a cup of rice a day in india, and because of that, he has a massive incentive to use the only tool he has available (eeepc covered in duct tape + public wifi) to try to steal $20 from me 8000 miles away
except there's 100,000,000 men living like that, and all of them have realized that it might be possible to survive by trying to steal my $20. so there's one hundred million people between me and getting an answer to why anything on windows is broken
this situation can't be fixed because there is such an unbelievable, overwhelming number of people with unsolved problems on both sides - baffled 70 year olds with celerons in the US, and people starving for no reason
neither party cares that i am not part of their scam (i know this won't be fixed by sfc /scannow, and i'm not going to pay the $20 for fake service) because if they did, the scam wouldn't exist at all
so all possible nuanced conversation about windows is completely drowned out by the bellowing bazaar atmosphere of the unending scam and there's no possible way i could get out a detailed question without being screamed over by fifty guys hawking fake baseball tickets
so i periodically want to get mad about this but then i remember that windows pcs are so commonplace that they have simply become a public conceptual space, and all public spaces will be occupied by panhandlers until you stop ignoring poverty and do something about it
this is the equivalent of being upset that you can't comfortably go get a sandwich because the part of town with all the good delis has a bunch of homeless people who keep yelling at you whenever you're there
their problems are way bigger than yours and you have to recognize that even though you do wish you could get a sandwich. the problem is that convenient sandwiches are a luxury of a healthy society; we don't meet the prerequisites yet.
we'll be able to fix our computers once we do something about global capitalism making every single country in the world a hellhole nightmare with either massive incentives not to get a normal job, or no jobs available
so i say "i wish i could pay someone a lot of money to fix my computer properly" but what that really means is "i wish i could use my money to elevate myself above the turmoil of the lower classes as they thrash uselessly to try to stay above the water"
some of the clueless celeron owners being preyed upon are wealthy, but most aren't, i'd say. the scam demographic is people who only have $20 to waste. i think it's easier to scam the poor than the rich because the amount you're stealing is so much less impressive
so yes, if there was a $300 service i could use, i probably would be able to get quality work, because the scammers wouldn't operate up in that range. it's hot enough that people might bother with e.g. chargebacks and make things difficult for them
but of course the $300 service doesn't exist (or if it does, it's just a dressed up $20 service) because there's *so much* scamming going on, so much malware, that they'd just be swamped by people who have the money and want impossible repairs
computers are a clusterfuck. they often can't actually be fixed without as much effort as actual surgery, but nobody is going to get paid doctor money to fix them, and if they did, it would be like a brain surgeon doing the same hopeless aneurysm repair 20 times a day

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18 Oct
i'm watching the first episode of house m.d. out of curiosity but almost the entire episode is in monochrome other than flesh tones and i swear to god the house m.d. i watched on hulu in 2007 didn't look like this. i love the revisionist history of rereleases
this is absolutely not how it looked when i watched it 15 years ago. what the fuck is this war crime color grading it looks like i died in a 1950s hospital and my ghost still haunts that place @Emoji_Nakamoto ImageImageImageImage
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occasionally i try to play a diablolike - i apparently bought grim dawn ages ago? i have no memory of this. but like. do you like this game? i have a question: when you look at this, do you... see something? not just a blur?
i don't understand how a human brain can contain this many numbers simultaneously unless you're a math savant. this is what every single diablo game (including current-patch diablo ii) looks like now and I just don't get it.
i don't understand what's fun about having 9 things side by side that have literally 20+ attributes i need to compare, all of which differ by a percent or two, and no shorthand whatsoever for deciding which i should use
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power outage selfie
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26 Sep
we're in such a weird place as far as PC "retrogaming" goes. anything made before 1998 or so can be pretty easily played, occasionally straight up but usually with a variety of emulation options, but from like 99 to 2007? a tremendous number of games just won't run right
unlike the older games, which won't run at all on modern windows, the middle-era games often run but have weird problems
the most irritating ones for me are scaling and display modes. neverwinter nights 2 will run on windows 10 just fine (the gog edition anyway) but it's so hard to play it the way I play modern games.
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24 Sep
In re my tweets a while back about the X-Wing series: not only were all star wars flight combat sims made by one company in the space of a few years, space combat sims in general were never a popular game genre at all, even beyond Star Wars
i think about this sort of thing a lot. there's genres like the first person shooter or 2d platformer where if I asked you to start listing games, even as a fairly casual player you'd probably keep going until I asked you to stop - you'd even have to summarize franchises
But then there's a couple where you'd *think* there were a lot of entries (or, at least, a lot in a particular period) but if you try to name them you come up with four or five, tops, and research doesn't really expose much more.
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psygnosis combat air patrol has some of the weirdest goddamn visuals. first and foremost the 3d projection is calculated wrong in a way no other flight sim I've ever seen has done.
the attempt at the illusion of looking around the cockpit utterly fails due to the bizarre decision to freeze one of the bitmap elements in place
i've seen maybe one other flight sim that attempted to use 2d elements to simulate fluidly looking around a cockpit and it did much better than this
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