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22 Oct, 50 tweets, 11 min read
What’s that? You realized Brittney Spear’s Blackout álbum SMACKED and would like a song by song review?

Sure. Just keep in mind Danjahandz is the TRUTH and he made a bunch of these tracks and he’s my hero.
First off
It’s Britney Bitch
Danjahandz is amazing.


Second, I Love her harmonies and her “oo-ooh”’s in the background. Vocal layers are absolute fire. And over the beat by DANJAHANDS OMGness
O wow he used a synth as percussion. Them bells? Is that a xylophone? No bro it’s trickling notes
I actually hate this song lmfao it’s more concept than execution. Next.
Ok I Love the drums but that’s it. NEXT.
Ok the best moment of the song is around 2:30 but it has more to do w the instrumental than the song. NEXT!!
3:15 is 🔥 🔥 🔥 too lmao. NEXT.
I actually didn’t realize this was somewhat of a concept album.

Synths are in the right key. I wish the drums received as much attention here as they did on Radar.

Bassline also tells me Piece of Me is there only for its sound, cuz it fit but it’s meh
I Love how she sounds w distorted melodyne. Who is arranging her harmonies on this? Vocal production is great. She punches in a lot, but it drives the rhythms. Only T.I. punches in artfully.
Also synths from 2:20 and on are tearing and beautiful.

Didn’t realize this song was in the same key as whole world by OutKast.

I fuxx w the use of synth as echolocation
Danja is unmatched. I knew it was his ass as soon as drums dropped.

This makes me think about Radar again ... there’s no reason to have had a simple rhythm freaked w/ texture like here.

This ain’t syncopated madness, but it’s textured.
If I end up doing cocaine just know it’s because of this album

Dood what Danja does w/ just 3 minutes is absolutely unbelievable.

Harmonies have an operatic feel, BUT, the song moves in phases lmao. That’s just great.
Heaven on Earth is really bout to make me wobble thru the house like Wolf of Wallstreet.

It’s funny cuz heavy use of synths from Danja in no way shape or form makes me think of the 80’s. But whoever else is producing IS making me think of the 80’s

Incredible. I wouldn’t have known this wasn’t Kylie Minogue if I didn’t see this myself. This is great. Rhythm is driving and coked out and me like. But the change ups are just as driving and actually unexpected. Like being coked out and walking out of a humid club to a crisp
Autumn night lmao. And you look up at a full moon and you notice palm trees and ur like “lmfao wtf? That’s beautiful. I need to drink water.”
And the fires in Irvine are carrying ash all the way to the balcony you’re on and you think to yourself man ... “I Love this moment ... and honor all of creation and pray for the plight of my brothers and sisters. I’m blessed. This is snow. I want Dr. Pepper”
This song is a meditation. I think it might be the best on the album@even though it’s not.
Great most I’ve ever heard from Danja on a track. This beat flocnfkslfodjf. KNOCKS. Dood. This guy packs so much texture into nothing. His layering and construction of a song as it unwinds is next to none
The whole sound on this is ... I don’t even know ... dancing in a circle of tiki torches that aren’t racist?
I’m also a fan of how she talk-harmonizes.

Yo the drums and that drone bassline are ANCIENT tings @lilchiva
Britney Spears should only make music with Danja tbh
I’m going to say layers & harmonies on every song and it does no justice to the textures and movements on these songs. This one is the flow of the aurora borealis
I don’t understand how Danja uses arpeggiators w/ personality lmfao @HunterBergsma @CassidyMentus
Ok here is a concept w execution I don’t think Danja produced this but it sounds close to something he’d do? This is amazing.

I thought that wah wah bass was 2 close to dub step w/o paying respect but it’s not a dub step off shoot.
Dood did Danja produce this??? The drums just don’t sound full enough. But they still smack ... it’s how I imagine he would do simple drums. And also there’s 3 phases to this song and it’s only 2 minutes lmao. DID DANJA DO THIS?
Gosh darn this progression I’m sorry Britney Spears is what NIN would be if they want pop no disrespect

This whole album is Contemplations on Fucking Like an Animal by Marcus Aurelius
The attention to production on this is on par w/ South Korea. I can’t believe this album is actually SMACKIER than I remember
You laugh But hot as ice is Taoist as one begets the other and vice versa

And shout out to Danja. I know his drums and makes me doubt the last song was him. Layering and choppy punch ins give this song so much space
Also I don’t know what this song is about but it’s the only one w/ emotional vulnerability and I Love it I’m actually playing it again to listen to the lyrics lmao
I feel like they added this song to change the tone or break up the sound of the album. But it was the wrong song. I Love the live bass that drops every so often. And the random tambourine hits are FIRE llllmmmaaooo I Love them
So I do Love the song but I would never put it on a playlist and it shouldn’t have been on this album. I wish they had 1 more month on this album. But again vocal layering is awesome. They punch in and there’s dynamics between long backing vocals “oooooOoooooooo” @ other
Stacatto, rhythmic, stabbing little articulations
the other thing when she’s with Danja is that her rhythms are soooo unique by any ones standards. They write some weird shit.

Yo this mf drums I am going to cuss him out. So much dynamics even in main melody. Different rhythms and punching in
make me feel like I’m in a Jeep Dipping over potholes. The bridge at 1:56 is glory. I would not have expected that change in key like that. It was not minor to major. It was like minor to ... extended diminished? I don’t know. It was major sounding but had gaps
The closing switch up. Dood Danja is actually from a different dimension.
???? I don’t remember this song at all. I want to cry. The stacking of her vocals is soooooo good. I thought this was Danja then realized it’s THE NEPTUNES!!!!!! I was wrong about that other song being the most evocative. This one by astronomical units
It’s like every song on this album goes out of its way to trigger an ecstasy between 1:50-2:10. Unbelievable.

Other thing about her stacking, is that the emotion is on the Lower register track. It’s not the higher notes
Listening to this song again. The stacking is GREAT. The airy high notes are so longing. But the lower ones are guttural and she groans more there. It adds this speaking through gritted death. Why are break up songs so damaging? Lmao. I’m sad rn
Really loving how she sounds so emotional. That whiny wobble or wutever is GREAT.
Yeah man that switch up is pure heroin
THIS SMACKS SO HARD. Danja did an amazing job of starting these percussion heavy tracks, and then tilting into a melody with the addition of just one drone note or one instrument. Then they do an increeedible job @CassidyMentus @HunterBergsma fleshing
Out the harmonies in those spaces. Okay I’m not even finishing this I have to start this over shit smacks so hard
THE DROP OF THESE DRUMS ARE ON SATURN. This is what it means to fly by Saturn. That’s what this means. That is the means. This is Gorillas typing one Comic Sans
Verse opens up w punch ins. A call and response between her and her layered self. Then goes full verse. Love how the harmonies are panned across speakers. Not sure if they did this across all the other songs but that def explains the dimensionality and space she feels w/ so littl
When the second verse starts the switch up is too fire. And she has ad libs reminiscent of Missy. I Love it. That bass synth tho bruh that’s what gravitational waves sound like as we play black holes like djembe drums @GMNat0127
Danja had another song w just 10 sec outro. This one has a 1 min outro to make up for that. Gosh so amazing. And there’s a synth played like an alarm that goes 2 hard. AND THAT MAIN MELODY IS JUST AN ARPEGIATINF SYNTH Idedkwlsksksnd
They’re really gonna ruin my speakers with this distortion

This should’ve been a dub step remix

And someone needs to do a trap remix
Hilarious that the homage to this sound is actually the worst expression of it lmao Danja really captured the spirit of this era. Not in sound but pushing music into a new sound scape.

Love the change ups on this actually
I appreciate it least when it sounds like the original.

Do Love her memories.

And I really like her chant singing. Yeah it’s off key but it has so much energy

• • •

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