In 2018, the #49ers unveiled all-white throwbacks into the team's uniform rotation. It is a tribute to the 1994 #SuperBowl championship team.

Since then, fans have lauded this and called for the red version to return.

Here is the history of these uniforms.

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These throwback uniforms originally date back to the 1955 #49ers team. That team went 4-8.

The helmet was red (with no logo) and silver pants were sometimes worn. The original white uniforms featured black stripes.

This uniform was only worn this season.

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In 1994, the #NFL celebrated its 75th year. Teams were to participate in league-wide throwback uniform celebration beginning in Week 3. A commemorative 75th anniversary patch was worn by all teams.

For the first two weeks, the #49ers wore the standard set.

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In Week 3, all teams wore throwbacks.

The #49ers were in SoCal to take on the #LARams. This would be the debut of the 1955 throwbacks. Since the Rams wore 1951 yellow uniforms, the Niners countered with red jerseys marking a rare color-on-color game.

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The #49ers did not change their helmets to match the 1955 throwbacks.

And for the first time since 1990, the Niners wore striped socks. These socks matched the style originally worn w/ the throwbacks.

This was also Deion Sanders' first game with the Niners.

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The following week, the #49ers hosted the #Saints in which both teams wore their throwbacks.

The Niners wear the exact uniforms that they wore the previous week and win again.

San Francisco is undefeated in both throwback games.

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The #NFL throwback initiative doesn't continue into Week 5 and the #49ers wear their standard uniform in a home game against the #Eagles.

Steve Young is benched midway through the game as the Niners lose 40-8. It was an embarrassing low point to the season.

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With a 3-2 record, the #49ers travel to Detroit to face the #Lions in a throwback game.

The Niners debut the white version of their throwbacks. Unlike the '55 version, these sleeves and socks don't feature black.

SF falls behind early but comes back to win.

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The #49ers are now 3-0 in throwback uniforms and they are scheduled to wear throwbacks again for the following two games.

In their next game, wearing white throwbacks, the Niners easily handle the #Falcons in Deion Sanders' return to Atlanta.

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The #49ers are now 4-0 in throwbacks and have a home game vs the #Buccaneers.

Once again, the Niners wear their red throwbacks and win easily over Tampa Bay. (This was Trent Dilfer's first #NFL start.)

The Niners enter the bye week 6-2 (5-0 in throwbacks).

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The players prefer the throwbacks. A notoriously superstitious George Seifert sees no more throwback games are scheduled.

The #49ers petition to the #NFL to allow them to wear throwbacks for all games. The NFL says OK.

SF decides to ditch the striped socks.

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After the bye week, the #49ers travel to Washington where the host team likes to wear white. This forces the Niners to wear the home red throwbacks for the second time on the road. SF wins again.

Solid-colored red socks debut with the throwbacks.

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The following game sees the #49ers return home to host the rival #Cowboys. SF had been eliminated by Dallas the last two seasons and everyone sees this as another playoff preview.

The Niners beat their rivals wearing their home throwbacks.

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In their first prime time game in the throwbacks, the #49ers host the #LARams. The Niners had a 21-6 lead going into halftime but LA comes back to take the lead. A late 4th quarter Jerry Rice touchdown gives SF the win and the throwbacks remain undefeated.

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After the #SNF home win against the #LARams, the #49ers go to New Orleans to face the #Saints on #MNF the following week.

Wearing their all-white throwbacks for the first time in 5 weeks, the Niners handle the Saints easily and clinch the division title.

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After back-to-back prime time games, the #49ers return home to host the #Falcons. The Niners beat their rivals in another blowout game. (SF outscored ATL by a combined score of 92-17 in both games).

SF moves to 11-2 and 10-0 in the throwbacks.

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Did you know the #49ers faced the #Chargers 3 times in the 1994 season? Once in the preseason and once in the playoffs. The other one was the team's next game in Southern California.

SF's win was sealed with a Deion Sanders pick-six.

Until we meet again...

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The #49ers' next game was back home against the #Broncos. Once again the Niners wore their throwbacks for this game and they easily defeated Denver.

SF goes to 13-2 and 12-0 in throwbacks.

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The season finale saw the #49ers in Minnesota to face the #Vikings on #MNF.

With the #1 seed wrapped up and nothing to play for, SF played their backups for the game.

This would be the Niners' only loss wearing the throwbacks.

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In the divisional round of the playoffs, the #49ers hosted the #DaBears at Candlestick.

Wearing the red throwbacks, the Niners easily beat Chicago to set up a NFC Championship Game rematch with the #Cowboys.

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This was the game everyone wanted to see. This was essentially the people's #SuperBowl.

The #49ers wore their home throwbacks again and Dallas countered with their own throwbacks for this game.

A quick 21-0 leads helps send SF back to the Super Bowl.

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Mission completed.

The #49ers dominate the #Chargers in the #SuperBowl while wearing their home throwbacks.

The team's championship season will forever be linked to these throwbacks that they went 15-1 in. A special season for the Faithful.

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With the team and fans being on a high, the #49ers tried to recapture those feelings by introducing a hybrid version of these throwbacks for the 1996 season.

The new set featured drop shadows and white pants.

These specific uniforms lasted two seasons.

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In an unannounced move before the 1998 season, the white pants are removed from the standard set and gold pants are re-introduced to the team's identity.

The #49ers would not wear anything resembling the 1955/1994 throwbacks for the next two decades.

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In 2018 during the #49ers' "State of the Franchise" event, SF re-introduces the 1955/1994 white throwback uniforms as part of the team's rotation. To coincide with the #NFL's Color Rush initiative, this uniform is paired with white socks.

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This re-introduction of this throwback uniform replaces the team's black Color Rush uniform. Because this throwback is still under the Color Rush label, the socks remain white instead of red like in 1994.

The all-black uniform has not been worn since 2017.

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The #49ers wore these throwbacks only once in 2018, a home game against the #LARams.

The game was originally scheduled for #SNF but because of SF's abysmal record at the time (1-5), the game got flexed to a day game.

The Niners would lose 39-10.

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The #49ers would wear these throwbacks again in 2019 at home against the #Panthers. SF would win easily.

With a showdown against the #Seahawks in Week 17 to determine the West title, SF wore them again but with the current helmet logo. They won the thriller.

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This season, the #49ers have worn the throwback uniforms twice already. They wore them in a #SNF win against the #LARams.

This Sunday they will wear them again at the #Seahawks.

Per NFL rules, the Niners can wear them one more time this season.

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The #Seahawks had announced that in their season finale game in SF, they will wear the navy jerseys.

That means the #49ers will have to wear white jerseys for that game. That most certainly means that the Niners will wear the throwbacks for Week 17.

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Overall with this uniform set, accounting for the 1955, 1994, 2018, 2019 and 2020 seasons up to this point, the #49ers are 22-10 in this throwback uniform set. If you take away 1955, they're 18-2 wearing them. Good fortune.

So will we see the red ones again?

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In 2021, the #NFL is expected to change the one-shell helmet rule to allow more teams to wear throwbacks. This won't necessarily affect the #49ers but a change to throwback protocol could allow for more uniform options.

So red throwback jerseys returning?

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With fans clamoring for the return of the red jerseys and the white ones now having been worn for three seasons, a change should be made.

One thing to note is that the #Dolphins wore an aqua and white versions of the same throwback set in 2019.

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So having both throwback uniforms in rotation at the same time is possible.

But it all might hinge on what the new #NFL uniform rules will be in 2021. Only then will the #49ers have the chance to decide on a change.

We are hoping they'll listen to the fans and revive the red. Image
Oh and one more thing to add: On the #49ers website, they have a page dedicated to these throwback uniforms.

It also includes an updated teaser video.

Somebody in the video is wearing red socks. Image

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