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La vidéo du meurtre d'un homme Noir par un officier de Police Blanc scandalise

Le policier écrase son cou pendant de longues minutes alors qu'il
gémit "Je ne peux pas respirer"

#BlackLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality #MoiAussiJAiPeurDeLaPolice
Minneapolis Police
Le FBI et le Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension enquêtent sur l'incident.

Darnella Frazier qui a tourné la vidéo :
"Une dame (pompier) leur a demandé de vérifier son pouls et ils l'ont complètement ignorée et ont été très désagréables avec elle"…
"Finalement, il a cessé de parler et est devenu silencieux. A ce moment, il avait l'air mort. Il semblait qu'il manquait d'énergie et de temps et était en train de mourir lentement. J'ai déjà vu la police être agressive mais jamais tuer quelqu'un devant moi»
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Assisti o documentário intitulado "E:60: Alex Smith – Project 11", contando sobre todo o processo de recuperação do quarterback, ALEX SMITH e resolvi trazer pra vocês (a pedidos), uma thread explicando mais um pouco.

*Alerta: possui imagens fortes.

Tudo começou no dia 18 de novembro de 2018, então com a camisa dos Redskins, o quarterback sofreu uma fratura exposta na perna direita durante uma partida contra o Texans, na semana 11. Tudo após um sack corriqueiro em um jogo, que tanto vemos na NFL, corriqueiro. +
Foi uma fratura bem grave. Uma fratura exposta de tíbia e fíbula. Exposta é quando ocorre comunicação do seu foco com o meio externo, com concomitante lesão das partes moles (como músculos), o que favorece a infecção , além de dificultar sua consolidação. +
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🔥Daily #KroenickFilm Breakdown🔥

Keith Ismael #60 C San Diego State
@Redskins 5th Round #NFLDraft Pick

5.34 40yd
32” Vert
108” Broad
8.14 3cone
4.65 20yd

All conference in 18’ & 19’
Played LG, RG, and Center at SDSU
#KroenickFilm #NFL #HTTR #RedskinsTweetTeam
Ismael shows his form blocking in this rep, firing low out his stance, getting his hands in the chest, and driving the defender. #KroenickFilm
Wanted to show this rep because Ismael does a fantastic job penetrating the defensive line on QB sneaks. The offense nearly gets 5 yards here following Ismael! #KroenickFilm
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🚨Video clip THREAD of @AntonioGibson14 vs SMU🚨

@Redskins fans can get an in-depth look at the teams newest 3rd round pick Antonio Gibson here.

6’2 220lbs
•Played WR/RB/Special Teams
•Veteran vision as a ball carrier
•Matchup Nightmare

#NFLDraft #KroenickFilm #HTTR koi
🔥The Redskins just got themselves a matchup nightmare in Antonio Gibson. On this rep he runs an Out n Go, his elite quickness separates him self from the DB. Leaving an easy catch and TD for Memphis. This is what Ron meant defenses have to account for Gibson. #KroenickFilm
On this Rep @Redskins fans can see the “Christian McCaffrey Usage” of Gibson that the Front Office had alluded to. Shows his veteran vision and patience following his blocks and getting as many yards as possible. He really is a Swiss Army knife. #KroenickFilm #NFLDraft
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@Redskins FANS 🚨

#KroenickFilm breakdown of @gandygolden11! The latest WR addition to the Skins, learn about him him here! #HTTR

Antonio Gandy-Golden #11 6’4
•Caught 79 passes for over 1,300 yds in 2019
•Big Play ability
•Solid Frame and soft Hands
AGG is a big play WR not only because of his frame, he can extend the play with his long strong arms. 😎😝😂🔥🔥🚨 #HTTR @Redskins
I don’t think y’all are ready for what the future holds!
Antonio has a great first step off the LOS, even though he’s 6’4 it’s impressive to see his feet to be as quick as they are. He finishes the play by catching a high ball, showcasing those soft hands. #HTTR #NFLDraft #NFL
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The Contested Catch "If It Were Me" Mock #NFLDraft!

I pretend to be all 32 #NFL GMs for 2 Rounds using my Big Board (🔗👇) & rough team needs.

LOTS of trades factored in. Summary of them in the thread below.

(again this is what I'd do- *not predictive*)

Summary of all trades in the Contested Catch "If It Were Me" Mock Draft!
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Daily #KroenickFilm Breakdown

Finishing it with you guessed it!!! @youngchase907 (in White)

Vs Indiana

#KroenickFilm #NFL #NFLDraft
CY has a plethora of pass rush moves to choose from but sometimes containment is more important. Here CY goes too far inside leaving the QB to escape the pocket untouched. Hard to find flaws. #KroenickFilm
Here is 2 different angles of @youngchase907 getting a sack against Indiana.
On a stunt play CY is the delayed stunt to the inside. The DT does a great drive block to take the G and T out of the play, opening up a path for CY to get the QB.

@coachdelrio is 😁#KroenickFilm
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🚨The Contested Catch 2020 Big Board is LIVE🚨

My Top-100 #NFL prospects are below! Write-ups for each prospect are in the thread.

>13,000 words on this #NFLDraft Class & I'm sure everyone will agree with me completely...

Position Ranks will be posted too.

-Combine/College data via - fantastic for analyzing athletic profiles
-Multiple references to @PFF who remain critical to good evals🙏
-Adjusted SPARQ metric courtesy of @HaydenWinks from @Rotoworld_FB much obliged!
-@BufBillsStats for feedback!
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2 days till the #NFLDraft so I’m going to do 2 Days of Chase Young’s film for my daily #KroenickFilm Breakdown. Yesterday, I did his game vs Michigan State.

Chase Young (Ohio State 12-0) vs #8 Wisconsin(10-2)

#NFLDraft #ChaseYoung #Film #CY2DC #HTTR Image
Love this rep from @youngchase907, he successfully anchors the LOS by using his length to stand up the blocker THEN fights through another block to help stop the reverse. He’s the complete package folks. That doesn’t mean he’s perfect but he’s EXCELLENT. #KroenickFilm
Nothing really happens here but I wanted to show this video to prove a point. For weeks I’ve been saying Chase Young disrupts GAMEPLANS, not just plays. It’s 3rd and 21 so Wisconsin throws a quick slant? Doing a long step back allows #2 time to get home. #KroenickFilm
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PFF put out an article stating that the metrics below were the most important when projecting RBs going from college to the NFL:

Rushing grade
Missed tackles/att
Yards after contact/att
Rec grade
Yds/Route Run

I went back a few RB classes to see how accurate this is. WOW!
I gathered the metrics above for 53 Total RBs - every RB drafted in Rounds 1-4 from 2017-2019 & the majority of RBs expected to be drafted in 2020. (All top RB prospects included).

*All metrics from COLLEGE (NOT FROM THE NFL)*
Then, I ranked them out 1-53 for each metric based on their college stats. (1= best in that metric, 53 = worst in that metric)

I totaled the rankings for each metric, for each player, and calculated the AVERAGE ranking for all of these metrics combined.
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Daily #KroenickFilm breakdown of a upcoming #NFLDraft prospect.

Mekhi Becton 6’7 369lbs
Junior/ Louisville #73

2017- Started 10 games RT
18- 12 games, 10 at LT, and 2 at RT
19- Started all 11 games at LT

#NFL #NFLDraft2020 #NFLTwitter
Becton uses his body to his advantage, matches his step back with the speed and the rusher. Gets his hands inside of the chest of the defender and keeps his balance to finish the play. Great play to start off with. #KroenickFilm
Becton comes high out of his stance but I wanted to show this rep for multiple reasons. Standing at 6’7” you’d think Becton would struggle athletically. That isn’t the case, he’s got his hand in the dirt and gets out of his stance quickly on a zone run. Athletic. #KroenickFilm
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(1) The communist-style Social Credit System has been operational in the US since before 9/11. This Stasi-styled protocol is coordinated through #FusionCenters with collusion of #FBI #DOJ #InfraGard #LEIUs #DHS #NSA.
(2) #SocialDistancing is actually an #FBI #DHS #FusionCenter tactic used on people targeted by rogue personnel in the Intel Community (#IC) as part of their "#Disruption protocol (government-funded Domestic #Terrorism).

The IC refers to "Social Distancing" as "Social Isolation."
(3) What most people do not realize is that anyone who has been black-listed by the rogue personnel in the Intel Community AKA the #NationalSecurityRacketeeringNetwork r set up for assaults, smear campaigns, and asset-rape at the hands of the #FBI #DHS & private contractors.
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Daily #KroenickFilm Breakdown

Neville Gallimore R-Senior
6’2 304lbs #90 Defensive Tackle

#NFL #NFLDraft #KroenickFilm Image
The 1 thing that jumps out at you as soon as the film starts is Gallimores Hand Usage. He doesn’t get deep into the backfield but you can see why hand usage works well. #KroenickFilm
The Sooners defense likes to run these “double stunts.” Both tackles drive to a directional outside and that sides edge rusher shifts inside for a lane to the QB. Nevilles a natural athlete that isn’t uncomfortable running around. #KroenickFilm
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Daily #NFLDraft prospect Film Breakfown

Raequan Williams #99
6’4 304lbs

#KroenickFilm #NFL
There’s not much Williams can do against a triple team but you can see he lacks burst out his stance. His 25.5” vertical and 101.1” broad jump help explain this. #KroenickFilm
Williams comes soft out his stance but retaliates with a vicious swipe of his hands. You can see the 2 very different aspects of Williams game in this rep. #KroenickFilm
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Daily #NFLDraft Prospect Film Breakdown

McTelvin Agim
6’3 309lbs


-Hand usuage/Block Shedding
-Anchoring LOS

#KroenickFilm #NFL Image
Agim can line up in multiple spots along the defensive line. In this case he’s lined up over the RG, does an ok job of anchoring the LOS. The guard wants to move Agim away from the LOS, Agim does of good job of staying put and creating a wall at the LOS. #KroenickFilm
Agim harness’s some crucial power in his base, in this play he explodes out of his stance. Nearly walks the C into the QB but then does a spin move. Good thing the QB threw it away... #KroenickFilm
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Daily #NFLDraft Prospect Film Breakdown

Saahdiq Charles OT LSU
6’4 320lbs

•Bear Hug
•Backside runner cutoff

-Top Heavy
-Consistent balance

#KroenickFilm #NFL Image
Charles balance throughout the block seems to an issue. Illustrated here Charles fires at the inside stunt leaving a wide open path to Burrow. Charles is a good pass off blocker, seems to a lapse of judgement more than anything. #KroenickFilm
The video chops here so I’m sorry it’s frustrating me too. Charles backside seal is one of the best in this class, putting himself between rusher/RB. #KroenickFilm
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Daily #NFLDraft Prospect Film Breakdown

Jared Hilbers RT Washington
6’7 309lbs #70

•Started every game in 19’ at RT
•Started 11 games at LT in 18’
•Versatility RT/JUMBO TE

-Balance on blocks
-Finishing Blocks
-Heavy Hands

#NFLDraft #NFL Image
Hilbers shows his ability to pass off blocks when the Dline runs a stunt. First passing off the edge rusher to the LG then shuffles to his right to stop the trailing stunter. #NFL #NFLDraft
Clutch rep here from Hilbers to block inside then shifting his weight in a hurry to seal the outside shoulder of the RB by getting a chip on the trailing defender. #NFL #NFLDraft
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Daily #KroenickFilm Prospect Breakdown

Marlon Davidson EDGE/IDL
6’3” 297lbs

•Sealing the Edge in the Run game
•Pass rush (Rip,Swim,Bull)

-Comes out of Stance high
-Lacks elite speed
-Hands/fighting off blocks

#NFLDraft #NFL
Sealing the Edge
#3 Vs the Right Tackle

Marlon does a fantastic job against the running game by sealing the edge of LOS. Forcing the RB/ball carrier inside to the trenches and not out in space. #NFL #NFLDraft #KroenickFilm
Goal line situations

Davidson takes a big blow from the FB so easily it’s hard to see but he barely moves and stops the LG in his tracks. Notice the RB run into the LGs back.

Great power, recovery, and strength on goaline. #NFL #NFLDraft #KroenickFilm
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In addition to the "correction" for "double-dipping" which will deduct whatever Social Security award players might receive from their NFL disability checks, there are other provisions equally if not more concerning.
First, to clarify, while some disabled players receive as much as $11,500 per month in disability pay and likely receive about $2,000 from Social Security Disability, this is very much on the high end. Others are only getting around $3,000 per month and about $1,200 in SSD.
This would be devastating to the players on the lower end of the scale, reducing them to about $1,800 per month. Beyond this, the new CBA seeks to begin eliminating SSD determinations as automatic approval.
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#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oregon TE Jacob Breeland

Height: 6-4 7/8
Weight: 252
Hand: 9 7/8
Arm: 32 5/8
Wingspan: 78 1/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

3. #FloridaAtlantic TE Harrison Bryant

Height: 6-4 6/8
Weight: 243
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 30 5/8
Wingspan: 74
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

4. #Washington TE Hunter Bryant

Height: 6-2 2/8
Weight: 248
Hand: 10 right hand (pinky deformation), 10 3/8 left hand
Arm: 32
Wingspan: 76 4/8
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actual thread image of “slave” woman in #nfl #SuperBowl halftime show by @shakira to Arab music

Empowering (Muslim) women = microfinance to female entrepreneurs

not here to defend religion
however, Muslim women have ALWAYS had the right to own wealth/property & run businesses
If you fund women
AND stop funding warlords (increase safety)
AND invest in education and infrastructure

we can actually save our own darn selves, thank you very much…
My dad may not be a Nobel prize laureate like Muhammad Yunus who pioneered microfinance

like @Yunus_Centre my dad grew up in the village

walked 6 miles to school (boat in monsoon season)

Now, I’m a Harvard grad @HarvardChanSPH and @AKUGlobal grad

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A #Browns thread on the Andrew Berry hiring...
1. From what I understand, the #Browns offered the GM position to Berry late last week and the two sides went to work on the contract. The 5-year deal dialing in the same length as HC Kevin Stefanski was of chief importance to Cleveland - making sure the two were tied together.
2. I've been told by a #Browns team source that even before #Vikings exec George Paton pulled out of the process, it was essentially unanimous inside the building that Berry was the right choice for this job and situation. That said, Paton definitely impressed in his interviews.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Citizens of the Universe: This is RosterWatch and these are our Top 10 thoughts from Tuesday at the #SeniorBowl ....
10. Programming note: listen Wednesday at 7p eastern on @SiriusXMFantasy as we’ll be live breaking it all down with houseguest from hell, the podfather @Fantasy_Mansion
9. Get to know the name Adam Trautman, TE Dayton. Best small school TE since Dallas Goedert.
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Also lieber @_Maspo , ich schaue mir wirklich viele Dinge zum Thema American Football an und bin froh das es neben dem GP, DAZN und anderen Networks auch #ranNFL gibt. Wenn mich das schauen von diesem Format zu keinem "echten Football Fan" macht, dann bin ich keiner! 1/x
Sicher hast du recht, das #ranNFL und #rannflsüchtig keine Formate sind, die auf Hardcore Football Fans ausgelegt sind und einigen Content nebenher bieten. Aber der Fokus des Formats ist die Präsentation des American Football in Deutschland. 2/x
Neben dem Sport, der dort Übertragen wird hat es halt einige Nebengeräusche und diese haben einige nette Nebeneffekte. So haben sich über den Hashtag #ranNFL viele Menschen gefunden, die Heute in Fantasy Football Ligen, Podcasts, WA Gruppen oder Fan Clubs gemeinsam.... 3/x
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