//Short Thread//

A few mobility exercises to keep your shoulders fluid and pain-free. Image
1. Wall circles:

Stand with your side against the wall.

Keep palm against the wall.

Slide in a full circle from the front of the body to the back as far as you can go.

Repeat x 20 on each side. Image
2. Wall angels:

Stand against a wall with both hands also against the wall.

With hands maintaining contact with the wall slide up as far as you can go.

Hold 3 seconds.

Back down.

Repeat x 20. Image
3. Thoracic wall extension:

Bend over keeping back straight with hands against the wall.

Without moving hands, bring the trunk down as far as you can go.

Hold for 5 seconds.

Repeat x 20. Image
4. Prone shoulder & chest stretch:

This one will target the shoulders and chest.

Lay as shown in the pic and lean into it until you feel a proper stretch.

Hold for 30 seconds.

Repeat on other side. Image
5. Towel IR/ER pulls:

Holding the towel as shown.

Pull with the top hand and hold for 30 seconds.

Pull with the bottom hand and hold for 30 seconds.

Switch arms and repeat both. Image

With a towel, light band, or even a broomstick.

Bring it up overhead and around behind you.

Repeat x 20. Image
Thanks for reading.

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None of these should cause pain, and if you do have pain with anything it's a good idea to stop.


This is not medical advice.

Just some mobility exercises I've been doing and wanted to share.

• • •

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23 Oct


A short and simple mobility flow to unlock your hips, move better, and feel better. Image
1. Worlds Greatest Stretch:

One of my favorites.

Do a few reps of around 10-30 seconds on each side. Image
2. Hip Flexor/Quad Stretch

Put a pillow on the floor and your knee right on top.

You can put your back ankle on a couch instead of holding it to make it easier.

Hold it for around 30 seconds for 2-3 reps.

Especially important if you sit a lot. Image
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20 Oct

//Short Thread//

You are a reflection of your thoughts.

How to use this to your advantage and manifest your dreams into reality.
Everything in your outer world comes from your inner state of being.

Your subconscious mind is what forms the perception of your reality.
Speak to your subconscious mind daily and tell it what you want.

By affirming positive thoughts you have the ability to boost your confidence, mood, productivity, health, strength, and every other aspect of your life.

To manifest your very own perception of the world.
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7 Oct
You were born a lion, but society wants you a sheep.


The Lion and the Sheep.

A classic red pill story.

Read at your own discretion.
~~ This is a copy I found online of an ancient story I stumbled upon some time ago ~~

I'm not sure of the author it originated from but since then it's been taken by many different cultures and told in different versions.

If you know the original source, please let me know. 👇
Having lost its way, a baby lion wandered for days, alone, forlorn, anxious at finding itself in a strange and dangerous environment. Weakened from hunger, it came upon some sheep.
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1 Oct
~Fix Your Text Neck~

//A Thread//

Painful, doesn't look great, and it's horrible for your spine.

Get to it before it gets to you.
With our phones becoming more and more ingrained in our day to day lives.

"Text Neck" has become a more common issue.

So much so that we even have a name for it.
Once this is more advanced, it becomes more difficult to reverse.

Luckily with just a few tweaks to your posture and implementing a couple of exercises, you can avoid this altogether.
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28 Sep


A simple guide to avoiding wrist pain/problems in the future.

Especially important if you use a computer/phone a lot.

Read Below 👇 Image
For starters, why is this important?

Because as humans we aren't designed to maintain our wrists in the position below for 8 hours per day.

So it only makes sense that doing this would lead to dysfunction and pain. Image
There's a phrase that says "If you don't use it, you lose it."

That applies here in the sense that if you aren't moving your wrist joint.

You lose that motion and it gets harder to do.
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24 Sep

//A Thread//

10 of my favorite quotes from one of the greatest boxers of all time.

The one and only Manny Pacquiao. Image
1. “No notes. You speak from deep in your heart. It’s easy.”

The one that is going to change your twitter game.

Forget what you think you need to write.

Write from the heart.

Watch your account explode.
2. “You train hard and I’ll train hard, and may the best man win, and good luck to both of us.”

Respecting your opponent is respecting yourself.

You need to go up against the best in order to be the best version of yourself.
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