Dem Congresswoman Says Party Will Be 'Torn Apart' if It Pushes Progressive Platforms: 'Don't Say Socialism Ever Again'. Please say that to our @GovMLG. She is turning NM int a petri dish for socialism. We are about to be redistricted into a permanent…
fight between which side of the Democrat party owns conservative districts. We have had all checks on election Integrity removed so that there cannot be faith in election results. The NM Supreme Court has sided with the socialist in NM. Our access to redress of grievances
through the Canvass Boards are closed meetings, as is the same for our Legislature. There is no way to record our grievances with our government. Our right to go to court was denied in a suit in the Primary. The government decided we did not need to be represented in that case
The state party has already made it's case with the court. That decision now is precedent. Every case on issues presented in lower courts are now subject to the Supreme Court case on October 27, 2020. The statements about super majority redistricting are out there.
Our Legislature will not correct the removal of challengers from the decision points in our election process. We cannot see how the results are created. This is the heart of free and fair elections. So now we have no faith in the process. This means we have no reason to
believe those who claim power under this process. We have no faith in these leaders. Why should we? We do have evidence of cheating. We just cannot say how wide or how far it has gone. Because we cannot see the whole process, it means there is trust in the results. Three
People are to blame for this failure. @NMSOSMaggie Senator Daniel Ivey Soto, and @BrianEgolf . There are complicit parties. But that is for another day. @DanBoydNM @dbongino @SteveDeaceShow Unroll thread @threadreaderapp
No faith in the results.

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5 Nov
There's a saying in finance "Take care of the pennies and dollars will take care of themselves." That should be applied here. The group that should do the investigation is the local board of elections & the challengers on that board. But, as you know, challengers are excluded.
#nmpol @NMSOSMaggie Excluding challengers is a breach in electoral process. You failed us. You kept us from seeing where the real decisions were being made. The NM Supreme Court is equally guilty in their decision to support this intensely weak position. There is no redress of
of grievances. The CANVASS BOARDS need to be the place where we go to handle these problems. Sandoval County has a canvass board meeting Friday. Who's in? #nmpol @MMarcie2012 @ElectJayCBlock @abq_united @republibrarian @p_anaya75 @andstillkool @ABDforNM @JohnforNM @Rbaker4NM36
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5 Nov
Election 2020 protests: Donald Trump supporters gather in Phoenix, Las Vegas; National Guard activated in Portland; 4 arrested in Denver. Watch where the challengers show up in this story. Same conditions of keeping challengers out by Maggie…
here in NM. We did not riot. Not really sure how to end this tweet because we do not seek a civil war. Our Supreme Court in NM sided with Maggie. Keeping the electorate out of the decision making is a SERIOUS breach in transparency. The Judicial System in NM failed to allow
for redress of grievances against the government. The RNC failed by not allowing these separate case to be properly developed in Sandoval County and Dona Ana County. State Party failed by restricting access to the press by county leaders. The government in NM is failing. #nmpol
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8 Oct
Albuquerque | Democrats dominate 1st day of voting in Albuquerque area. Pretend for the moment the story is accurate. Is it possible that Maggie @NMSOSMaggie would want to discourage Republicans?…
She used to take my calls so that we could get accurate information. Those days are gone. We know she never shut down recruiting "volunteers". The last communication she and I had, she refused to answer the question of what these newly recruited "volunteers" would actually do.
So Maggie, tell us all: what are you asking these people to do? Can you prove these "volunteers” are not doing official duties of your office? Are you using tax payer resources to recruit, train or deploy these "volunteers"? You could have avoided the questions if
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2 Oct
Chris Wallace says President Trump ruined his plans for a 'substantive' debate. I have not turned on #FNS since 2016 after @FoxNewsSunday's Chris Wallace's sloppy interview with Ted Cruz. There is so little value when the reporter/interviewer IS the story.…
#TurnOffFoxNews I did not like the debate, but I do understand President Trump's anger. I wish he had taken the opportunity to turn Joe Biden's childish jabs into true presses for equality. Trump was right about Biden's "super predator" comments.…
To be fair, Biden called young blacks predators. It was Hillary who used the phrase "super predators". Trump has done more for blacks than most.…
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11 Sep
Voter Fraud Cases Emerge in Battleground States of North Carolina, Georgia Mr. Geoff Snider of Bernalillo County continues to delete comments on Republican Party FB page about election integrity. Recent efforts at a county meeting to engage on the issue
were met with derisive comments by Mr. Snider. I went to do the honorable thing to shake an opponent's hand and engage only to met with foul language and dishonorable responses. Even if you disagree that election fraud happens, it is no excuse to censor the discussion
on a public venue designed to deal with the issues and message of the County Republican Party. I have had multiple calls about how Bernalillo County Republican Party is ill prepared to monitor the integrity of this election. These concerns are not being addressed
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5 Sep


Statistics show that Operation Legend, the federal initiative aimed at cracking down on violent crime in a handful of cities, is working. Authorities say since July federal agents have made more than 2,000 arrests in the program. Albuquerque is among eight targeted
crime-infested cities.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr has called Operation Legend “a sustained, systematic and coordinated law enforcement initiative in which federal law enforcement agencies work in conjunction with state and local law enforcement officials to fight
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