💫A Rising Star and The Odd One Out 🌑

CW: bullying, harrassment, eventual smut, O/B/A (omegaverse) (ill add more as needed as I go) Quirkless AU, College student, Rich Katsuki, Poor Struggling Izuku.

A!izuku X O!Katsuki

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Katsuki is a high class rich omega attending college for his modeling and business degree, he is the son of a very high class fashion company and the heir to its entire franchise! He is already famous on Instagram he has over 48 million followers and it grows by the thousands
each day. Even with his explosive nature and being a male omega, everyone can’t help but agree his looks are worth the downsides, and even more so because he’s an omega and he is so beautiful. It’s the first day attending class and he is swamped by the students and he honestly
likes the attention, so he settles into the class as usual for business and pulls out his forms and binders as usual.

As class is getting started the professor goes to lock the door, because if you are late you don’t get to be in class, right as the professor was about to
unhook the door from the wall to close it a tall Green haired messy looking man came barging into the room. “Sorry I’m late! It won’t happen again sir!” he chirped quickly and quietly as he rushed to the back of the room.
“This is the business course! Make sure you’re on time in the future!” The professor commented sternly.

“Sorry professor! It won’t happen again!” The voice boomed from the back.

“See to it! Next time I’ll close the door on you.” The professor said as he started up his computer.
The classroom filled with snickers from one another and backhanded comments. You see this wasn’t just any school. This was U.A. The most prestigious school in the nation. Not just anyone got in here and from the rumors being said that kid got in on scholarship. One of the very
few to receive one.

Katsuki scoffed and tuned them out. Shitty extras he didn’t need to worry about them. He was here to get a degree in something he already knew well. Business, screw all this drama and shit.

Soon the next class came around and katsuki arrived early as per
usual and the rest of his classmates showed up, and then about a minute before class started the same guy from yesterday came rushing into the classroom and up to the back, he was out of breath and disheveled like he ran all the way to class. Katsuki frowned and rolled his eyes.
/‘This guy is never gonna make it’/ is what he thought as he scribbled down some notes he had on his phone for what shoot he could do next or even video ideas because he wanted to expand his current venture.

The next month everyday was the same, he saw this guy rush into class
right before the class would start making it in time, but barely. The real shocker came when midterms came out, he thought he’d have the top score but no. He was second to some guy named Midoriya Izuku. It pissed him off. “Who the hell is this deku?!” Katsuki growled.
He grew up around business; he knew the ins and outs, how did some extra best him at something he knows best.

No one responded to his growl mainly because no one knew who it was exactly, they could narrow it down because of the few loners in the class but they couldn’t pinpoint

After a few moments of just glaring at the results Katsuki backed off and walked away from the board, he then passed the green haired guy and was slammed with a faint scent of ginger and honey. Oh that smelled so good.

Izuku was tired and barely able to maintain his
schedule and life, he worked three jobs, a clerk at a local convenience store at night, a barista/bakers assistant in the morning at a local coffee shop and tutor between his classes on campus. All while juggling five college classes. He was on his way to his tutoring session but
it was canceled last minute, meaning for the first time in months the green haired alpha didn’t need to stress, and he’d have a whole two hours to himself.

The poor soul dragged himself to the lecture hall and went to check the results of their midterms, he started at the very
bottom of the list and started mumbling his name over and over again. He had no idea a certain someone in his class was watching. Of course it wouldn’t matter to Izuku, as he didn’t even own a current cellphone so being up to date with influencers and social media was not in his

Izuku’s fingers trembled as he got closer to the top of the list and when he saw his name at the very top of the list his gasped in surprise and gripped his head. “Ahah! What! Oh my gods!” Izuku cried out in glee and jumped up and down from excitement. He then
covered his mouth and rested his head against the board and started crying. He’d been working so hard these past months to be able to stay in this school and it was all paying off. “I can’t believe it!” He cried. At moments like this he wished he had a phone with a camera so he
could take a picture and send it to his mother. One day he’ll own a better phone.. and then he can text and call his mom all the time, then maybe it wouldn’t be so lonely.

Katsuki watched this whole scene and scoffed as he turned away and went to his class that was next. It
honestly pissed him off that the extra who was always late beat him. Next time Katsuki will make sure that extra knows he isn’t better than him. As Katsuki sat their alone for a few moments he let his mind travel back to the scent he smelled off the guy. It was strong and sweet
but he couldn’t quite put what gender he was. Was he an Alpha? An Omega? Beta? He had no clue. The damn extra apparently named Deku always wore baggy clothes in layers and hunched over so no way he was an alpha right? He had to be a beta or something and that’s ultimately what
Katsuki chalked him up to be. It had been about ten minutes since Katsuki entered the room when he started to wonder if ‘Deku’ would be late again, but sure enough a few minutes later for the first time this semester Izuku was actually early. Like Katsuki early, thirty minutes
before class started Izuku sat down at his seat in the back and ate an off brand granola bar and sipped his water. Although his scent was no longer detectable he could feel the happiness radiating off him.

Soon the professor showed up and started unpacking his things.
“Bakugou” the professors acknowledged.

Katsuki nodded back.

The professor looked up and blinked a few times. “Wow.. pretty early aren’t we Midoriya” the professor called out.

“Uh- yeah! My schedule worked out that way today!” Izuku chirped from the back.
“Well I hope your schedule stays like this! It’s always good to be early!” He said as he pulled out his papers. “And congrats, it was quite the shock to see you have the top score with your record of tardiness.” He said, sharp tongued.
“Ah- thank you professor, I hope my schedule stays like this too, and I’m just as shocked as you are” he chuckled nervously.

“Well talk to your advisor, maybe they can work your classes around.” The professor said as he waved him off.
Izuku nodded. “Yeah… I’ll try.” He said softer. Talking to his advisor won’t do anything. His schedule was packed tight and if anything fell out of order he’d be in trouble.

Katsuki listening in on the whole discussion quickly grew irritated with the guy in back, but the last
sentence cut through his anger as he could hear the tone he knew too well. A tone of agreeing but not willing to change, but it wasn’t filled with attitude like his usual was, it was more filled with despair than anything and that confused him.
He glanced over his shoulder and looked up at the guy, he was off in his own world zoning out as he ate a granola bar and drank some water, Katsuki nearly gaged when he saw the brand, that brand tasted like nothing and was always stale, the worst granola bar in the stores but it
was the cheapest. Katsuki didn’t stare for long as other class members started showing up and talking to him.

Izuku just busied himself with his notes and homework until class started he never really bothered to make friends or talk with people because he never had free time,
he barely had enough time to sleep only getting in about 5 hours of absolute free time but probably only about 3 hours of that he used to sleep since he had to travel home eat something sleep, and then also get ready for the rest of the day. It would only be inevitable that one
day his perfectly balanced system would have a failure.

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💫A Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

As the weeks went by Izuku showed up right before the class started rushing in, it was about a month after the results posted when the inevitable happened. The professor got up, closed and locked the door, moments after a knock came and the professor shook his head and walked
back to the teacher’s stand to begin his lecture. A growl of frustration could be heard from the doors as class started. Katsuki stared at the door and furrowed his brows. Then small whispers and snickers began to flow through.

“Serves him right, always late like that”
“He tutors my friend so I had her ask him a few extra questions, looks like it worked”

“He should know when he’s beat and just drop out, I heard he works 3 jobs on top of taking classes here… talk about an overachiever.”

“If he’s that poor he should just call it quits.”
Katsuki felt the same on most of these words, if he can’t afford this lifestyle then leave, but it wasn’t right for him to miss class if he was tutoring someone. A job off campus different scenario but if he was a school tutor then he should be able to attend class even if he
were late. He was helping another student. Katsuki grumbled in frustration which made the surrounding students shut up. The omega then quickly went on to make detailed notes of the lecture. If he saw the guy again he’d help him out this one time. He thought back to the midterm
results and the fucking guy cried at the outcome. This course clearly meant a lot to him.

So after the class finished up 2 hours later, the doors were unlocked and the guy came rushing into the room.

“Ah- professor! I’m sorry I was tardy today, I was th-“
“The reason for your tardiness does not matter, this is the business course. Maintain your schedule more if you want to succeed. The notes for this class will be up on my online classroom. You can catch up there, or find someone who was in class today to help you.” The professor
said as he packed up his things.

Izuku sighed and nodded. “Yes professor. I’ll try harder..” Izuku said semi-deflated.

The professor left and Izuku stood there for a moment unknowingly being watched, he let himself fall into his frustrations and stress.
“Ughhh!!” He growled and covered his face. He doesn’t have a computer at home, meaning he’ll need to stay later on campus and go to the library and that means he won’t make it home to sleep, so he’ll only get maybe an hour of sleep today…
Katsuki watching this scene cleared his throat. “Ahem-“

Izuku jumped from his place and paled at seeing the man in front of him. “Oh- s sorry, I didn’t see you there-“ Izuku laughed nervously.
“Come with me to the library, I took notes, you can have mine to look over.” Katsuki offered as he threw his bag over his shoulder.

Izuku’s eyes sparkled and his jaw went slack. “Seriously?” His entire arua relaxed and he looked so relieved almost to the point of tears.
“Thank you so much!” He’d be able to sleep tonight!

Izuku quickly followed the blonde to the library to copy the notes. It was a long walk and it was full of silence, a few people snapping photos of them which confused Izuku.
“Um… why are people taking pictures of you and I?” Izuku asked. “I don’t understand.” Izuku said as he pulled up his scarf.

Katsuki stopped and looked up at him. “Huh?! You don’t know why?” Katsuki snapped. He was honestly offended that this guy didn’t know who he was.
“Huh? S-should I know why? I’m sorry I don’t get out much- well I do but I’m busy all the time.” Izuku said nervously.

Katsuki glared at this alpha and rolled his eyes, if this guy didn’t know who he was he’ll leave it that way, then maybe this guy won’t leach off him.
“It doesn’t matter… let’s just get these notes copied and we can go from-“ Katsuki said as he stepped forward and slipped on some ice. “!!!”

Izuku jolted forward and caught him before he fell. “Gotcha!” Izuku said as he then pulled the blonde up with ease and set him on his
feet. “Are you okay?” He asked.

Katsuki stood there dumbfounded for a second. This guy wore baggy clothes and layers of clothes yet when he caught Katsuki he could feel the sheer amount of muscle mass in his arms, and the faint scent of ginger. What the fuck?
“S’fine!” Katsuki said as he turned away abruptly and started walking with a blush plastered on his cheeks.

“O-okay!” Izuku chirped behind him as they walked.

Soon they reached the library and made copies of the notes. Katsuki took extensive notes so he had about 12-13 pages
of solid notes on both sides of the paper. As he copied them one by one Katsuki found himself looking toward the guy in front of him who just leaned against the table twiddling his thumbs.

“So..” Katsuki started out.

Izuku immediately looked to Katsuki with his full attention.
“What made you late today?” The omega asked as he glanced up at Izuku as he stretched.

/‘holy shit he’s tall when he stretches out’/ Katsuki thought as he watched the man slump back down.

“Oh- I was tutoring. I’m a tutor on campus.” Izuku said sheepishly.
“The person I usually meet had a bunch of extra questions today.. I wanted to make sure they understood the material well..” he sighed. “But that made me late and I missed class.” Izuku said as he ruffled his hat off his head with another sigh.
“Ah I see… well you should tell them you have places to be that you can’t be late for.” Katsuki said as he flipped the paper in the machine.

“Yeah… I should but then they’d be left confused on their schooling.” Izuku said with a small smile.
Katsuki pouted as he watched Izuku speak. “Damn you really are a Deku.”

“Huh?!” Izuku gasped as he looked over to Katsuki, “w-what did you call me?”

Katsuki looked at Izuku and furrowed his brows. “Deku. That’s your name isn’t it?” Katsuki huffed.
“I-Izuku, it’s Izuku not Deku” Izuku stuttered out.

“Oh…” Katsuki thought for a moment. “Eh.. Deku suits you more.” Katsuki concluded and replaced the paper with another in the machine.

Izuku gulped and sat in silence. He hadn’t been called Deku since grade school when he
was bullied, before he presented. After he presented no one dared to bully him, his scent alone drove people off when he got upset it burned their nose as people said.
The silence hung for a minute or two as Katsuki kept copying his notes in the machine. “So what else do you do? Study a lot?” Katsuki asked as he kept doing the task.

“Uh.. I study whenever I can but don’t really.. do much else besides school and work.” Izuku chuckled dryly.
“Oh? You tutor that much?” Katsuki questioned.

“N-no. I have two other jobs I work-“

“Two? So you have three?” Katsuki asked as he looked Izuku up and down.

“Yep!” Izuku chuckled with stress laced in.

“How many classes are you taking?” Katsuki asked out of pure shock.
He was basically confirming rumors here.

“Five.” Izuku said as he looked to Katsuki.

The omega’s jaw slacked in shock, how is this guy still alive, and that’s when he noticed the baggy eyes and dark circles. Then it dawned on him. This guy never slept.
“Shit you’re fucking crazy!” Katsuki spitted.

Izuku laughed and crossed his arms. “I guess so.. but if crazy gets me to a better life then call me crazy.” Izuku laughed as he looked at Katsuki.

“A better life-“
A sound of an old phone alarm when off and Izuku’s face paled as he then shuffled through his pockets. He looked at his phone and relaxed a moment but quickly answered the phone.

“I’ll be back! I have to take this-“ Izuku said quietly to Katsuki. “Hello?”

Izuku walked off to
the back of the copy center and talked on the phone.

Katsuki simply watched and continued his task while eavesdropping.

“Are you sure no one else can cover-“ Izuku groaned in frustration. “N-no sir!” Izuku quickly corrected himself.
“Yes sir.. I’ll be there. Yep. You to.. goodbye.” Izuku hung up the phone and sighed. Guess he wasn’t getting sleep tonight after all.

He looked up at the clock it was currently 5pm.. he had to be in to cover a shift in 2 hours. So now his overnight was a double, great.
Izuku walked back over to Katsuki and rested against the table and pinched his nose, the small amount of peace this guy had moments ago was now replaced with stress and tension, and it was visible in every fiber of his being.

“What was that about?” Katsuki asked.
“Oh.. called in to work.” Izuku said in a somber tone as he then yawned. /‘I’ll need to stop to get coffee to stay awake..’/ Izuku thought to himself.

“Oh.. is it stressful work?” Katsuki asked, honestly concerned.
“Ah no not really.. I just can’t sleep during my shift.” Izuku chuckled bitterly to himself.

/‘oh… oh.’/ Katsuki though. “Overnight job?” Katsuki asked.

Izuku nodded. “Yep.”

The notes were finally all copied and Katsuki handed over the notes to Izuku.
“Well there you go.” Katsuki said.

“Thank you, I mean it. This helps me out a ton!” Izuku said with glee as he looked over the notes. “Wow you are really organized!” He beamed.

“I try to be.” Katsuki said with a smirk.
“If there is any way I can repay you please let me know.” Izuku said as he put the papers in his bag. He’ll be able to study them in the early hours of the morning when the store was dead or right before his shift at the bakery.
“I’ll let ya know when I think of something.” Katsuki huffed.

Izuku smiled at him. “Please do.”

The two stared at each other for a few moments before it got awkward. “Uh.. well I should be going I gotta find something to eat before my shift” Izuku chuckled as he scratched the
back of his head.

“Ah alright.” Katsuki said as he then packed up his things.

“We’ll see you around!” Izuku said with a smile and waved as he turned to leave.

“Uh- wait a sec!” Katsuki called out. “Uh.. numbers?”
/‘what are you doing?!’/ he thought taken back by his own actions.

“Oh- Uh.. sure!” Izuku chirped happily. He pulled out his phone and flipped it open. Yes flipped it open.

Katsuki shuffled the latest version of a smartphone out of his pocket and held it up to.. to..

The shock was evident in Katsuki’s face as he looked up at Izuku. He then blinked himself out of it and they exchanged numbers.

“There now I can text you when I think of something.” Katsuki said as he put his phone in his pocket.
Izuku nodded and smiled. “Yeah please do!” Izuku said as he put his phone away as well. “Well thank you again.. Uh..”

“Katsuki Bakugou.” Katsuki said with a smirk.

“Katsuki” Izuku said with a blinding smile.

Katsuki squinted becasue damn this fucking nerd had a smile
brighter then the sun.

“See you around.” Izuku said as he turned to leave.

Katsuki watched him leave and sighed then looked down at his phone at the new number he added to his contacts. Nothing would probably come of this. Plus this guy is a beta so not gonna work for him.
He was pretty cute though. Then his mind raced back to the realization that under all those clothes were muscle. He covered his mouth as the ghost sensation of muscular arms picking him up. He shivered and quickly put his items into his bag and stomped off. He was done for the
day anyway he could get off campus and get home.

Izuku however would not be heading home to sleep, he quickly made it to the campus dining hall and bought the cheapest bowl of noodles and sat down and ate them with a bottle of water. After he was finished he got up and walked
to the vending machine and purchased a coffee energy drink from the machine. It was a whole 3 dollars but he needed it to stay awake.

Izuku quickly cracked the can open and began to sip it. After a few minutes he already felt more awake. He then quickly made his way to the bus
station so he could get a ride into town to get to his apartment, change and then head to work for the rest of the evening.


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💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑
The next day was Friday and the last day of classes for the week before a long weekend, Katsuki arrived early on Campus to take his morning classes but decided to start the day out with something from the dining hall. He was just about to leave when he saw a familiar coat and mop
of green hair enter the building. He watched him from afar and pursed his lips.

Izuku was so tired, he didn’t know how he was going to make it through the day. Not a wink of sleep in the last 36 hours, thank goodness his boss said he didn’t need to work overnight tonight since
he covered a shift yesterday, but that didn’t change the fact he’d still need to make it through the day. He made his way over to the vending machine and sighed. He’d have to spend another 3 dollars and probably more throughout the day to stay awake. Izuku knew it was bad to run
on caffeine but it was the only way to stay alive, he’d already drank three cups of coffee in the last three hours, huge grande cups with shots of espresso and he was still dead tired.

Katsuki watched as Izuku fumbled through his pockets and paid the machine in dollars and then
in coins to buy a Canned Energy Coffee Drink and a processed breakfast fruit bun. Izuku flipped his phone open and groaned. He wouldn’t even have time to sit and eat, he needed to get to class. The tired guy cracked open his can and sipped his drink and then tore open the sealed
bag with his teeth before taking a bite before he then started his way to class.

Katsuki watched him leave and he huffed in silence. /‘he looks so dead…’/ Katsuki thought. He then took a deep breath and got up from his chair. Today he’ll try and see what the nerd did all day
between his classes. Maybe he could get a look into his life more and why he was always late, and see if he really worked hard.

On his way to class however Katsuki found himself following the guy, he was shocked at first but then realized he had another class with him?!
Izuku stepped into the classroom and the professor chirped in excitement and then worried. “Oh! Midoriya! Early again I see! Oh- you look almost dead!” She gasped.

“Aha.. yeah I feel like it but I’m here!” He chuckled with some enthusiasm as he went and sat at the back of the

Katsuki stood outside the door completely confused. What the hell…? Was he always in this class?

“Hey! Katsuki! Morning bro!” A loud voice boomed from behind.

“Hmm?” Katsuki looked over his shoulder and saw one of his friends. “Oh.. morning shitty hair..”
“Hey- my hair isn’t that much different from yours.” He huffed.

“Yeah yeah..” Katsuki grumbled and then walked into class with Kirishima in tow.

When he walked in he looked up and saw the half dead guy in the back, his head resting against the table and his hand gripping the
canned coffee tightly. If he didn’t see him walk into class he wouldn’t have recognized him.

“Damn.. that guy is getting worse.” Kirishima sighed with concern as he sat down next to Katsuki. “Maybe I’ll cancel my tutoring today…”
“Huh?” Katsuki huffed with furrowed brows. “What do you mean?”

“Huh? Oh.. Midoriya up there… he works so hard and he’s a really great guy.” Kirishima said as he turned back around.
“Just because he didn’t come from money doesn’t mean he’s not worthy of being here like a lot of people say.” The redhead said with a sigh.

Katsuki nodded. “Yeah I’ve heard the rumors..”
Kirishima nodded. “It’s a shame, if people just got to know him they’d know he’s not that bad of a guy, heck! He helped me so much last month leading up to midterms! His notes are amazing!” Kirishima boasted.

The blonde nodded again.
“If he wasn’t so busy I’d invite him to hang out with everyone but he doesn’t get a lot of free time..” Kirishima sighed.

“Yeah he’s in my business course.. he got locked out yesterday cuz someone held him up in tutoring.” Katsuki sighed as he rested his head on his hand.
“Seriously? Man I wish he’d put himself first sometimes..” Kirishima sighed.

“I gave him my notes.” Katsuki said as he flipped open his binder.

“You what? You being nice?” Kirishima asked dumbfounded.

“What? I can be nice!” Katsuki huffed.
“Wow…. didn’t think I’d see the day!” Kirishima said with a laugh.

“Oh shut up!” Katsuki spitted as he turned to ignore the idiot next to him.

Kirishima simply laughed and nudged his friend. “I can’t wait to see where this goes~” he laughed.

“Huh? What do you-“
But before Katsuki could even ask the question a bunch of extras came waltzing in and talking to him like they usually did, just trying to be his friend because of his status, his popularity online. His family name. It was all incredibly annoying.
Soon class got underway and Katsuki glanced over his shoulder to see the guy now awake, barely but awake and taking notes. He turned back to his notes and made sure to make them clear and consise. After an hour class was over and he got up to stand. He turned to Kirishima but he
was already at the door stopping a rushing Deku.

“Hey- Izuku, about today don’t worry about it! Really! You should rest!” Kirishima said with a nod.

Izuku tightened up and shook his head.
“Nah don’t worry about me! You need to be ready for finals, I’ll see after my next class okay.” Izuku said as he patted Kirishima’s shoulder. “I gotta go don’t wanna be late.” He said as he then rushed out of the classroom.

Kirishima sighed and dropped his shoulders.
“You should give up on getting him to give up on you even for a day..” The professor laughed. “He may need rest but the poor boy also needs to maintain a job.” She said as she looked at Kirishima.

“I know but he looks like he’s gonna drop dead.” Kirishima sighed.
“I know but he gets paid hourly meaning the hour or two he spends with you helps him.” The professor said as she packed up her things. “He may have gotten a scholarship but that doesn’t mean he has a free ride. Housing is still very expensive in this district and the surrounding

Katsuki sighed and gathered his stuff and began to walk to his next class, he was tired of hearing about this Deku guy.. and how sad and stressful his life was. It sounded like the guy was barely making it, living to work.
The omega all but forgot about his question he was going to ask Kirishima and went on about his day, between his classes he saw that Izuku did indeed work the whole day, he only had the time he runs to class as free time. He didn’t even stop for lunch, luckily he saw that
Kirishima brought some food for him and katsuki decided to call it quits for stalking him all day. He went to his next class and when it ended he headed to his business class and sure enough Izuku arrived right before the doors closed.
“Ah you made it today… you have to work on your time management!” The professor called out to Izuku.

“Yes! I know…” Izuku called from the back.

The class snickered and laughed at the student’s humiliation. Katsuki clicked his tongue in irritation and the immediate group
around him stopped which then rippled to the rest. If only these extras actually saw how hard he worked.

Katsuki continued on as per usual and when the professor went to hand out papers one of the students around him leaned over to him.
“So what’s up with you and the weirdo? I saw a picture of you guys walking together?” The extra asked.

Katsuki crinkled his nose at the scent this alpha was giving off. “Nothing.. I just gave him my notes for the class since he missed it.” Katsuki huffed.
“What? I asked for some help and you didn’t give it-“

“That’s cuz you don’t need it.” Katsuki growled.

“Heh, that’s cute.” The alpha snickered at Katsuki’s growl.

“Shut the fuck up.” Katsuki said with more venom laced in. “You stink go somewhere else.” He huffed.
“Tch.. whatever.. don’t need you get your panties in a twist over it.. I was just curious.” The extra said as he turned away.

Katsuki clicked his tongue and looked down at his paper. Gods he was pissed off now. Everyone was so up in his business. He hated it, all he did was
walk with the beta to the library and then gave him some notes, that’s it, and now everyone was sticking their nose where it didn’t belong! Katsuki sighed with frustration and continued on with class. He just wanted to go home and relax.. and maybe hang out with his friends,
people who actually hang out with him, for him, not his money or fame.

Izuku watched the entire interaction from his seat below, and sighed. He knew what people thought of him but it was really irritating that no matter how hard he worked, he’d always be that poor kid.
He wanted to change that. You see, Izuku loved photography and he was going to U.A. For business so he could start up his own photography company. He wanted to work with people in fashion and also go on expeditions and take pictures of wildlife and also capture moments in history
of change! He wanted to shed light on the injustice with photos and broadcast them to the world. He wanted to create art. This school was his opportunity, if he graduated from here with a business degree and a degree in photography and the arts, he’d for sure be able to make a
name for himself. This dream was the only thing keeping him from giving up, so a few rumors weren’t going to get in his way. However he’d be lying if he said that they didn’t hurt every time he heard them.

Soon class was over and Izuku sighed in relief, he could go straight
home and actually get a good night's sleep. He packed up his things and threw his bag over his shoulder. He then started walking down the stairs to leave the hall when he was stopped by the alpha that was talking with Katsuki.
“Midoriya isn’t it?” The alpha asked as he slung an arm around Izuku.

Izuku tenses up and looks at the man with furrowed brows, his posture still slumped over and curled in on itself. “Y-yes? Can I help you?” Izuku asked, his voice laced with his tiredness.
“Yeah! I wanna talk with you for a second.” He said as he then pulled Izuku out of the room.

Katsuki just got his bag together and turned to leave when he saw the other alpha pull Izuku out of the room with his arm around the guys shoulders and neck.
“Ah I don’t really have time to talk-“

“Nonsense it’ll be quick… that blonde omega..” the alpha started as he got Izuku to a secluded area. Once alone the alpha slung Izuku out from his grasp into the wall.
“Don’t think you have a chance, cuz you don’t. Someone like you won’t ever be in his league, a poor street rat barely making it.” The alpha snarled bitterly.

Izuku looked down and sighed as he relaxed his shoulders.
“I don’t care about that stuff right now I don’t have time for it..” the guy said as he avoided eye contact.

“Huh? You think you’re too good for him? What are you a fucking beta? AND you’re struggling! Get a better grip on yourself and know your place.” The alpha scoffed as he
pushed Izuku into the wall further and walked off. “Just drop out already.”

Katsuki listened for the whole thing just around the corner his blood was boiling and when the alpha turned the corner he was met with a kick to his gut which toppled him over.
“You know your place you shitty alpha!” Katsuki snarled ferociously.

The alpha taken by surprise yelped in shock.

“Get out of my sight, and don’t talk to me ever again!” Katsuki huffed and then turned toward where Izuku was.
The guy was standing there in shock at the scene but then straightened himself up and awkwardly nodded looking down. He then turned on his heels and left.

Katsuki lunged and stepped back at alpha on the floor and he scurried off, before going after Izuku. “Oi!” Katsuki yelled.
Izuku stopped just as he opened the door and looked back, his brows furrowed. He was so tired and with a very bruised self esteem he just wanted to go home and sleep for 16 hours. That’s all.

“You look like shit.” Katsuki said as he caught up.
Izuku laughed and shook his head. “Haven’t gone to sleep yet.” He said as he walked through the doors.

“You haven’t slept since I saw you last?” Katsuki asked as he walked beside him.

“Yeah..?” He laughed nervously as he covered his face with his scarf as the cool winter air
hit his face.

“Shit you’re life really is a mess.” He huffed as he rubbed his hands together.

Izuku genuinely laughed at that comment. “Yeah it is.. but it’ll all be worth it..” The greenette said with a small smile and a happy tone.
“One day this struggle will be what built me.”

Katsuki looked over at Izuku and scoffed. “Well don’t work yourself to death and get some goddamn sleep.”

“That’s my plan.. take the bus to my apartment and pass out.” Izuku laughed dryly.
“How long is the bus ride?” Katsuki asked.

“Oh… could take up to an hour with all the stops.” Izuku sighed. “Speaking of which I should probably get a meat bun for the ride…” Izuku said mumbling.

“Those disgusting things from the vending machine?” Katsuki said with disgust.
“Huh? Y-yeah… I can’t really afford anything else so..” Izuku mumbled off. “Plus they aren’t all that bad.” Izuku said as he gave Katsuki a half smile.

“They are disgusting..” Katsuki said as he scrunched his face. The omega thought for a moment, he didn’t really have anywhere
to be so he could have his driver drop Izuku off, then the beta could maybe relax-

Wait… why was he even thinking about taking care of this guy?? This complete stranger. Something internal called to him to keep this guy close but what for? He smelt faintly of honey and ginger
and his scent was so weak it had to be a beta. Why was he drawn to him? It made no sense, he shoved his hands in his pockets as he waited for Deku to return with his meat bun and water bottle. As he saw him come out of the building he got a call from his driver.
“Hello?” Katsuki answered.

“Oh- yeah.. I’ll be right there.” Katsuki said as he nodded. “Yep. Bye” he hung up.

Izuku tilted his head to the side. “Need to go?”

Katsuki gulped why did this fucking beta look like a lost puppy. Katsuki simply nodded as he lifted his own scarf
to hide the blush on his cheeks. “Yeah.”

“Alright… I’ll see ya around then! I got a bus to catch.” Izuku said as he then waved goodbye and started walking away.

Katsuki did a small wave back and watched Izuku walk off until he was out of sight. The omega then stomped off to
his pick up location where a car was waiting for him. His mind flipping with turmoil wondering why this guy made him want to take care of him. He couldn’t pinpoint it and it was really frustrating. The car drove off and as they drove around the campus to leave Katsuki saw the
familiar mop of green hair sitting at the bus stop eating a meat bun happily off in his own world, but now alone he let his tiredness show and damn did he look near dead. Soon he was gone from sight again and Katsuki leaned back in his seat. He rolled his eyes and pulled out his
phone scrolling mindlessly through his social media notifications as he was driven home to his estate.

After a long bus ride and a good 30 minute walk Izuku finally made it home, he pulled himself into his apartment and into the shower, and after that he threw on some boxers
and laid down on his bed. In mere seconds the tired alpha was out like a light and that’s where he stayed for the next 10 hours until his morning shift at the bakery.


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💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

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The weekend flew by pretty quickly but as Sunday night rolled around everyone on campus got an alert. Over the weekend an omega was attacked badly on campus and hospitalized by an alpha, so as a mandatory precaution until the alpha was caught, all alphas had to wear a muzzle on
campus when in class and walking around. The only exception to taking it off was when they were eating or drinking.

Katsuki being an omega was a little unsettled by this information, he could take down anyone if he wanted to but the fact that someone in his school was
hospitalized from an attack from an alpha put him on edge. He also was a pretty well known omega being an internet icon and all.

The day flew by for Katsuki and when he finally got the business course he then really saw that muzzles were mandatory as the alphas that hung around
him had the hard plastic strapped to their faces and around their head.

“It’s fucking stupid just cuz one alpha fucked up we all have to wear these annoying things!” The alpha growled to his left.

Other alphas joined in on the protest and were equally irritated. Katsuki
rolled his eyes and looked to the door when he heard shuffling. Rushing into class was the same messy mop of green hair and when he stepped into the classroom actually being 5 minutes early he let his head fall back happy and stood up straight and that’s when Katsuki saw it.
Clear as day Izuku was wearing a muzzle, but not just any muzzle it was made of metal and leather, instead of the plastic and fabric ones most of the other alphas had.

“Midoriya you’re early! Good job!” The professor said with a thumbs up.
Izuku gave him the thumbs up back. “Yeah thanks!” He chirped as he then turned to walk up the stairs, he glanced at Katsuki who was still staring at him dumbfounded.

/‘guess he didn’t pin me as an alpha..’/ Izuku sighed internally as he then walked up the stairs and sat down
at his seat. /‘and from the looks of everyone, no one thought I was an alpha.’/ he thought to himself. He couldn’t really blame them, he never really acted as such and he was always told to control his scent so that is what he did.
“The fuck…” the alpha from yesterday snickered.. “metal muzzle… the school only gives those to primes.” He turned to his buddy and laughed. “There is no way that fucking weirdo is a prime.”

“We could test it out?” The other alpha said with a sly smirk.
Katsuki listening in to this grew more angry. Why couldn’t they just leave him alone? The omega was also even more angry that he didn’t see it sooner that the guy was an alpha.. just because he couldn’t smell him? Now the muscle made sense.

Class went on as per usual and when
Katsuki got up the extras walked closely behind him. He stopped at the door off to the side and glanced up at Deku who was packing his things. He’d wait for him and tal-

“Hey Katsuki~” One of the extras called. “Can I talk to you for a second?” They asked with a smile through
their muzzle.

Katsuki looked them up and down. “Don’t have time-“

Another alpha hooked Katsuki around the shoulders and pulled him out of the classroom. “Ah don’t be crude! We just wanna talk is all!” The alpha from yesterday said as he pulled Katsuki along.
“I thought I told you never to talk to me again-“ Katsuki tried to break free from the alphas grip but since he wasn’t caught off guard like yesterday he had Katsuki and was easily pulling him along.

“Ahh come on it was all just a big misunderstanding!” The sly alpha said with
venom on his tongue.

Izuku putting away his things noticed the altercation and saw that Katsuki clearly didn’t want to be pulled along. He watched with concern and then quickly packed his things and threw on his coat. He walked after them at a distance, he saw Katsuki clearly
struggling to get out of their grasp. He slipped his phone out and texted Kirishima to find him by lecture hall B as soon as he could possibly make it there, Katsuki was in trouble. He knew Kirishima knew Katsuki since he saw them in their first class together so he’d need him to
help possibly save Katsuki. He then dialed for campus police.

One of the alphas looked over his shoulder and spotted Izuku and smirked. He then leaned down and wrapped his arm around Katsuki waist to which the omega hissed. “OI! Don’t fucking touch me!” Katsuki growled but was
quickly pulled down the side of the building. Fear quickly rose in his gut.

“Hey! Don’t you fucking hear me-“ he was pushed against the wall with the two alphas crowding him.

“You’re messing with the wrong omega!! What the fuck do you want?!” Katsuki growled as he clenched
his fists getting ready for a fight.

The alphas laughed and looked down the alley way to where they were sure Izuku would come down. “You…” one said with pursed lips.

“And to put that other guy in his pl—“ the alpha started but quickly choked on the air and covered his nose.
An incredibly pungent strong scent of ginger and cinnamon filled the air burning the alpha’s noses. Both alpha’s turned to look down the side of the building and there was Izuku dropping his book bag and loosening his scarf.
“Get away from him.” Izuku growled deeply, sending vibrations through the air.

Katsuki gulped and looked down to where Izuku was. The scent didn’t burn his lungs, no, it made his knees weak and filled his lungs with a thick warmth, so much so that he tasted honey on his tongue.
Both alphas cowered and stepped away from Katsuki covering their muzzled faces. “Hah- w who do you think you are?” One spitted.

“You really are fucking stupid… do you realize why we have to wear these fucking muzzles?! It’s because of alphas like you.” Izuku said as he stepped
toward them, dominating the air with his scent.

Both alpha took steps backward away from Katsuki and Izuku as he stepped closer. “Tch! You need to get off your high horse-“

“No, I think you need to learn your place and get some respect.” Izuku said as he then walked past
Katsuki and ushered him behind him.

Katsuki simply compiled and stood behind him. He felt someone touch his arm and he twirled around only to see his friend Kirishima out of breath and clearly worried for his friend. “Eijiro-“
“Come on.. campus police have been called.” He said as he grabbed Katsuki’s hand.

Katsuki nodded and looked at Izuku. “Deku.”

Izuku looked over his shoulder then back to the other alphas.

Katsuki looked to the other alphas and then to Kirishima and frowned as he was pulled
away by the beta.

Izuku stood his ground as the alphas froze where they stood. “You alphas really need to learn that just because you are stronger doesn’t mean you can act like this.” He said with a growl.
“So what are we supposed to do? Act weak like you?! Heh! I can take you on!” The alpha from the other day pushed on.

“No you can’t.” Izuku said firmly. “And I won’t fight you.” Izuku said as he then turned to leave.

The alpha from before lunged at Izuku.
“You cocky son of a bitch! Get back here and fight me!” He said as he landed a solid hit to the side of Izuku’s head.

Katsuki yelped from the end of the alleyway but Kirishima held him back. They saw the campus police running to the scene and pointed them down the alleyway.
Izuku stumbled to the side of the wall and he clenched his fists. He snarled lowly which caused the other alpha to flinch. Izuku stood up and for the first time actually stood correctly in front of people and he towered over the alphas and his shoulders were broader.
“You’re not worth my time.” Izuku said calmly.

Pure dread filled the other alpha’s features and he took a step back.

The campus police quickly rushed down the alleyway and as soon as Izuku heard them he raised his hands up and calmed his scent and backed up.
The officers quickly apprehended the two alphas and Izuku, cuffing them against the wall.

Katsuki and Kirishima quickly ran down the alleyway as they saw Izuku be cuffed and handled roughly.

“Hey! Wait!” Katsuki called.
“Don’t cuff him! He’s the one who called and protected this Omega!” Kirishima called out.

The officer looked at Izuku. “Is this true?”

Izuku nodded and didn’t resist at all.

The officer looked to Katsuki. “Is he telling the truth?”
“Y-yes..” Katsuki said as he looked at Izuku. “He came to my aid against those two.” Katsuki said as he pointed at the two cuffed alphas struggling in the grip of the other officers.

The officer currently holding Izuku nodded.
“Very well then..” he said as he uncuffed Izuku’s wrists. “Thank you for calling us and stepping I- woah you got a welt on the side of your head there..” the officer said as he noticed a small bump in Izuku’s temple.
Izuku raised his hand to his head and touched it lightly and winced. “Ah- shit..” he cursed under his breath. “Must’ve been when he hit me.” Izuku said as he pointed at the alpha from before.
“You should go to the campus infirmary. We will double check surveillance and be in contact.” The officer said as he then looked to his other officers. “Wrap them up, gotta write them up down at the office.” He ordered.

The other officers pulled the two alphas along who were
snarling and growling at this point. They had a plan but they let their instincts come into play and now they were paying the price.

Izuku rubbed his wrists and then sighed. The alpha then looked to where Katsuki was. “You okay?” He asked.
“Damn bro… seriously you’re asked if he’s okay when you got a huge ass welt on the side of your head?!” Kirishima said with a laugh.

“What?!” Izuku said, raising his shoulders in confusion. “It’s an honest question!” He huffed.

Katsuki rolled his eyes.
“I’m fine. Thanks.” Katsuki huffed.

“Well that’s good.” Izuku smiled although you couldn’t see his smile because of the metal muzzle around his face but it could be seen in his eyes and smelt in his scent.

“So you’re an alpha?” Katsuki asked, looking up at Izuku who was still
standing up straight.

Izuku looked down at Katsuki and sighed. “Yeah.. a prime to be exact.” Izuku admitted as he folded down on himself like he usually did.

Katsuki nodded and looked down slightly while rubbing his arm.

Kirishima looked between the two and started laughing.
Katsuki looked to Kirishima and hit the beta’s shoulder. “SHUT IT SHITTY HAIR!” The explosive blond yelled.

Kirishima just continued to laugh harder.

Izuku watching this, started to laugh as well.

“Oi you fucking losers! Dont laugh at me!” Katsuki snarled and then stomped off.
“Katsuki wait! Man! Come back!” Kirishima laughed as he held his stomach.

Izuku covered his face even though he had a muzzle on as he watched Katsuki stomp off.

“No! You fucking weirdos are laughing at me! Fuck off!” He yelled.

Kirishima turned to Izuku and smirked.
“By the way that’s the omega I was telling you about.”

Izuku stopped and tensed up. “Oh- Ahah… small world then.” He said with a nervous chuckle as he watched Katsuki stomp away.

What Katsuki didn’t know was that Kirishima being the wingman he was during his tutoring
sessions he always told Deku he needed to find an omega to let off steam, and Deku would always sigh and just say he’d never find someone cuz he’s so busy, and then Kirishima mentioned his friend and that next time he was free they should all meet up so they exchanged numbers.
Of course today Izuku used the numbers and called for Kirishima to come help him, he knew Kirishima knew Katsuki cuz of his first class but he didn’t connect the dots.

“You two coming or what?” Katsuki snarled from the end of the building.
“Coming!” Kirishima said with a toothy grin and gave a thumbs up to Izuku.

Izuku took a deep breath and stepped forward walking with Kirishima. “Yeah be right there..”

Izuku gathered his items from the ground and slung his bag back over his shoulder. He then pulled his phone
out of his pocket and sighed as he head throbbed. It was 5:30pm and the night shift started in 6 hours.. he needed to get home so he could sleep. While Izuku was off in his own world Kirishima was talking with Katsuki about getting food.
“What about you Izuku? You wanna have dinner with us?” Kirishima asked. Katsuki looked to Izuku with a scowl but a hopeful look in his eyes.

Izuku froze and then sighed. “Sorry… I can’t. I have an overnight shift.. I need to get home and sleep some before my shift.”
Izuku said as he rubbed his neck.

“Oh.. I see, well take care of yourself then bro! Get some ice on that thing!” Kirishima said as he pointed to Izuku’s welt on the side of his head.

“Yeah I will.” The alpha said with a chuckle. “You two stay safe.” Izuku said as he raised a
brow, his entire posture radiating a protective aura.

Katsuki gulped and nodded. “Yeah...Yeah.. you make sure or i'll beat you up!” Katsuki growled.

Izuku looked to the side and rolled his shoulders back. “Okay okay!” He said as he then adjusted his bag.
“I’ll see you guys around.. enjoy your dinner.” Izuku said as he turned to walk away.

“See ya around..” katsuki trailed off as he watched those broad shoulders walk away.

“See ya bro!” Kirishima called out with a big wave.
Kirishima smirked and looked to Katsuki. He then snickered to himself and pushed Katsuki to the side with his elbow. The omega turned to the beta with a scowl and was met with an expecting look from Kirishima.

“What the fuck do you want now?” Katsuki spitted.
“Nothing, just excited for you!” Kirishima said as he then walked off. “Let’s go get food! I’m starving!” Kirishima howled.

“Oi! What the hell does that mean!!” Katsuki yelled after Kirishima.

Kirishima simply laughed and kept walking as Katsuki tried to pry him open for
information. The two continued down to the car that was waiting for them all while Katsuki simmered on the words Kirishima said. So what if he’s an alpha.. doesn’t matter..

Oh Katsuki… yes it does matter because he wouldn’t admit it but his inner omega was at full attention,
but upon digging through his head, he became stuck in one thing. He was a high class omega… the poor alpha would have his name dragged through the mud if Katsuki continued to breathe in his direction let alone act friendly. It was unfair but maybe a little distance could help
Izuku get less stress. Since he actually talked to the alpha only a few days ago it seemed his life had gotten more stressful with more people coming at him and spreading rumors. Katsuki didn’t know what to do next, but he did know that Izuku was at least a decent person.
After separating from Kirishima and Katsuki, Izuku made his way home like he usually did and treated his welt with some ice, he made himself some instant noodles and laid down in bed. He replayed over the incident and he wondered if he went overboard. Maybe he stepped out of
line.. he just hopes that he doesn’t lose the small friendship he thought was starting. Usually people run away from him upon finding out he is a prime. See prime alphas had a stigma of being violent and people who abuse their power and pheromones over the other genders.
Hence why people stopped bullying him when he was younger but that still didn’t stop Izuku from being overly conscious about the stigma. He learned to control his scent and make it almost nonexistent, no matter his emotions unless he wanted people to smell him. So actually having
a few people be nice to him felt nice, he had his co-workers but they were all work friends. So it was nice to have some nice people outside of work to talk to as well. Eventually Izuku fell asleep and 4 hours later his alarm woke him up and off he went again.

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💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

The school semester was winding down and that meant finals were coming up, but it also meant holidays were a thing as well with Christmas sales and the like. Katsuki saw Izuku less and less, and the alpha barely stopped to say hello and was constantly tutoring someone or off to
his next class or leaving campus for his jobs, calling back goodbyes and empty promises of catching up. He didn’t mean to stop talking to them but he couldn’t help it with his schedule getting even tighter.

Finally Katsuki sighed and pulled out his phone sitting on a bench
outside of the campus waiting for his ride to pick him up. He then remembered he had Deku’s number!

[Katsuki]: Hey

Katsuki sent and stared at his phone. It was the end of the day so maybe Izuku was still free, and to his delight he saw the bubble pop up that he was texting.
[Deku]: Hey, I can't talk right now, I'm about to go into work, is something wrong?

Katsuki let his jaw fall. Did he pick up a fourth job?! Usually this is his time to sleep?!

[Katsuki]: No. You've just been rushing off, wondering what how you’re doing..
[Deku]: I’m busy lol but still alive!

Katsuki laughed at the text.

[Katsuki]: Don’t die on me!

[Deku]: Don’t plan on it. Ttyl gotta go in now

[Katsuki]: alright ttyl

Katsuki sighed and put his phone down. He felt oddly weightless, maybe tomorrow he could snag Izuku in his
walk to the bus. Katsuki nodded, yeah he’ll do that.

The next day Katsuki acted on his plan and pushed through all the extras to walk with Izuku.

“Hey!” Katsuki called out to Izuku who was rushing out the door.

“Oh- Katsuki-“ Izuku yelped in surprise.
“You’re in a hurry?” Katsuki asked as he walked alongside him, hiding a very small smile on his lips.

“Uh. Yeah I’ve got to get to work.” Izuku said as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Oh.. a fourth one?” Katsuki questioned as his smile dropped.
“Oh uh- yeah? It’s the holidays I get paid double for working the hours at this place.” Izuku excused.

“Are you really that strapped for cash?” Katsuki asked as he shoved his hands in his pockets.

Izuku sighed.
“Yeah.. I don’t want to be so that’s why I’m taking this job! Then I can maybe breathe a little.” Izuku said with a chuckle. “For a few months..” he sighed.

Katsuki grumbled and rolled his eyes. “Just make sure you don’t kill yourself in the process.” he huffed as he looked up
at Deku the light gleaming off of his metal muzzle.

“You can take that thing off ya know… we are leaving campus and you won’t do anything.” Katsuki huffed sincerely.

Izuku laughed and shook his head “Nah I think it’s best if it stays on.” He said, glancing at Katsuki.
“Why?” Katsuki asked directly.

“Cuz you smell really good right now.” Izuku responded honestly and then his cheeks lit up red and he covered his face. “Ahh— forget I said that!” He said flustered.

Katsuki parted his lips in shock.
“Well you’re straightforward today Deku.” He huffed still in disbelief.

“Please forget I said anything!” The alpha whined and submitted before the omega. “Stupid rut brain talking!” Izuku said in frustration, but that only made things worse.
“Rut? Are you in rut right now?” Katsuki asked, finding this situation amusing.

Izuku covered his face and grew more flustered. “Ahhh stop! I keep digging myself a hole! Forget I said anything!” The greenette said as he started walking faster.
“Ahhh come on Deku!” Katsuki said with a smirk enjoying the teasing he was doing. “Tell me more-“

“Stop it!” Izuku huffed firmly but barely able to hold his flustered self together as his rut scent bloomed in the air.

The omega gasped as the scent invaded the air.
Izuku sighed and groaned to himself. “You are too much kaachan!” He huffed as he undid his scarf and tied it around Katsuki’s neck and head.

Well that shut Katsuki up, the thick scent of honey and ginger with a spicy note of cinnamon made Katsuki’s mouth water and his brain
short circuit.

Katsuki’s hands moved up on their own and gripped the scarf absolutely drenched in Izuku’s alpha scent. “...” his brain was rebooting, he looked absolutely star struck breathing in that scent.

Izuku looked at Katsuki and raised his brows, he even waved his hand
in front of his face and there was no response. Izuku giggled and tapped on the omega’s nose. “Ya there- AH-“

Katsuki smacked Izuku’s hand away and pulled the scarf up to his nose, gripping it tightly. “You ain’t getting this back!” He huffed as he turned away from Izuku.
Izuku gasped. “Hey wait! Not ever?!”

“Nope. This is mine now.” Katsuki huffed as looked over his shoulder. Heat pooled in Katsuki’s stomach the more he breathed in Izuku’s scent and by the look in Izuku’s eyes he was unlocking a more playful side he’d never seen before.
“Not unless you can take it from me!” Katsuki said in a mocking playful tone.

Izuku’s eyebrow shot up and it was evident in his eyes he was smirking. “Oh is that a challenge?”

“I don’t know, is it Deku?” Katsuki said back playfully swaying from side to side.
“Heh- come her-“ Izuku started as he lunged toward Katsuki playfully but was interrupted by a sound that snapped him back to reality.


He quickly stopped and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He looked at the caller ID and then sighed and looked up to
Katsuki as he answered the phone. He raised his brows apologetically and then started talking.

“Hello? This is Izuku Midoriya.” He said as he put his free hand on his hip.

“Oh- sorry-“ Izuku moved his hand up and then unlocked his muzzle and turned away
from Katsuki as continued. “This better?”

Izuku’s shoulders relaxed and he began to nod.

Katsuki stopped his playful nature and held tightly into the scarf. His eyes scanned over the broad shoulders and tall figure, his curly green hair perfectly disheveled. He looked down
and buried his face into the scarf. This alpha was by far the best smelling alpha he’d ever come across, and he was cute. He didn’t know when exactly he started to feel this way but this Alpha was someone he wanted to keep around. Call him selfish but if rumors popped around him
fine. Katsuki didn’t want to lose this alpha, especially when he was engulfing lungfuls of this divine scent into his body.

“Alright.. thank you! I’ll make sure I’m there!” Izuku cheered enthusiastically.
Izuku hung up his phone and turned around to Katsuki with a blinding smile. “I got another gig! I’m gonna be able to breathe so much easier next semester!” Izuku said as relief filled his features.
“That’s awesome.. but doesn’t that make it 5 jobs?” Katsuki said less enthusiastic.

Izuku looked to the side and sighed as he put his phone away and slipped his muzzle back on. “Yeah but soon classes will be over and I’ll have more time to work!” Izuku said as his smile returned
in his eyes. He then looked to Katsuki and rolled his eyes. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of myself.” Izuku said with a knowing tone.

Katsuki frowned and loosened his grip on the scarf. “Do you have work tonight?”

Izuku chuckled.
“I told you earlier I’ve got to catch the bus to get to work- OH MY GODS… I’m going to be late!” Izuku said in a panic.

Katsuki lifted his head in shock, he was disappointed that Izuku was working but then he felt guilty for holding him up.
“I gotta- I gotta go-“ he said as he started to kinda speed walk/hop away.

“Oh- uh your scarf.”

“Keep it-“ Izuku said as he turned fully away. “I’ll see you tomorrow!” Izuku said as he ran off.

Katsuki stood there dumbfounded one hand holding tightly onto the scarf.
He watched Izuku until he disappeared and then realized. “Wait… there isn’t school tomorrow.” Katsuki mumbled. He then ran off after Izuku. “Oi! There ain’t no school-“

He turned the corner and saw Izuku just barely make the bus. The doors closed behind the alpha and Katsuki
walked leisurely to where he could see Izuku walk back into the bus and sit down. Izuku looked out the window and when he saw Katsuki he waved.

Katsuki held Izuku’s scarf in one of his hands near his face and waved back.

The bus then pulled away and Katsuki looked down at the
scarf he had around his shoulders. He then chuckled to himself and he called his driver. “He’s never getting this back.” Katsuki snickered as he nuzzled it against his cheek.

Soon Katsuki was being picked up and off to his estate he went. The next week of school he barely saw
Izuku except during class, and the look on Izuku’s face when he saw Katsuki wearing his scarf everyday made Katsuki feel all warm inside.

The poor alpha not expecting Katsuki to be wearing his scarf all the time almost died on the spot. Izuku had to hold his tongue when he saw
Katsuki wearing his scarf. He wanted to grow closer to the omega and for the first time he actually felt a bit of attraction to an omega. Maybe Kirishima wasn’t so wrong, but his life was so hectic and busy that he didn’t have time to nurture his attraction.

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💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

Soon finals came around and after they were all said and done Izuku rushed off to work. He didn’t stick around much to Katsuki’s dismay. The semester ended and the campus closed down for a month. Katsuki was left with a scarf that now started to smell more like him than the alpha
that gave it to him with no promise to at least see him, until next semester.

Izuku on the other hand busied himself into his work, every waking moment he was working. He had a few hours each day where he could sleep, but besides that he was on the move. He was thankful he was
able to save up to buy rut suppressors so he could work through his rut, but that wouldn’t come without consequences as it was his first time ever taking such a drug. It had been about a day after his rut passed and it was a few days before Christmas, he was working his day job
in a small holiday fashion Boutique as an assistant store helper/cashier. What Izuku didn’t know was that this fashion boutique was one of the many stores the Bakugou Family owned. Well not until the Christmas New Year collection was launched in the store.
The alpha walked into work all dressed up in his festive stylish uniform and upon entering the store he saw everyone rushing around, the entire front entrance was fully surrounded by people. Izuku already having a splitting headache, was utterly confused about what the hell was
going on today?

The manager of the store caught Izuku’s confusion and rushed over to him. “Ah- I’m so sorry I must’ve forgotten to tell you today is the launch of a new fashion line from the Bakugou family’s son, there’s going to be this huge meet and greet and everything.”
She rambled off. “I should have told you that you weren’t needed today, but we could really use you if you stayed!” She said as she held Izuku’s hand.

Izuku looked around and raised his shoulders. “If you have some aspirin I’ll stay.” Izuku said with a small chuckle.
The manager smiled and then pulled a bottle of aspirin out of her fanny pack and gave the alpha a few pills. “There you go! Now let’s get-“

“Laila! I just got word the photographer had a medical emergency on the way here, we need a replacement ASAP! Who do I call?”
Izuku popped the pills back and then looked between the two women who now became heavily stressed.

“What?! Are you serious! First people call out and now no camera man!” She pinched her nose and growled to herself the poor omega was trying her best to stay calm.
Izuku fumbled to the side and took a deep breath. Maybe he could get a foot in.. he thought. “um.. is there a camera already here?” He asked.

The omega woman looked to Izuku so quickly that the alpha jumped backwards.
“No but we can get one.. do you do photography.. like can you take good photos?” She pressed.

“I want to be a professional photographer, I have some pictures on my phone I can show you—“

“Let me see them!” She said as she quickly glued herself to Izuku’s side.
Izuku fumbled open his flip phone and he could immediately feel the distaste of the omega next to him. But despite the horrible quality of the phone the pictures Izuku took with his shitty phone of his co-worker at the bakery made the manager's mouth drop. The angles accentuated
the girls body perfectly and made all her good features pop.

“Woah.. those angles are amazing..” she then looked over to her assistant. “Can I borrow this for a second?” She asked as she pointed to Izuku’s phone.

Izuku nodded and let the woman take his phone.
The two women talked it over and then nodded. The Manager then pulled out a card. He’d be good enough.

“The code is 9579 and I want you to run down to Best Buy and purchase the best camera they have and then two of the biggest memory cards they have, be back here in 40 minutes.
We’ll handle the lighting situations and displays.” She said as she handed Izuku the card.

Izuku gasped and looked down at the card. “P-price range-“

“This is the Bakugou family kid… they settle for nothing but the best.” She snickered.
“Don’t worry about the price, buy the best camera they got. Now go! Your time starts now!” She said as she pushed Izuku down the employee hallway.

Izuku nodded. “A-alright! I’ll be right back!” Izuku said as he rushed off.
/‘OH MY GODS THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!’/ Izuku was so excited.

He could be taking photos for one of the most famous families in the fashion business. Of course the excited alpha didn’t put two and two together, that he already knew and had the number of Katsuki Bakugou.
His brain was hardwired on how he was given a chance, even if it was a meet and greet photo session, and some photo opts after, it was still something!

Not even 5 minutes after Izuku left the store, came the main star of the event. Alongside the blonde were his friends and some

“Man look at this place! So many people are here for your fashion line!” Kirishima hollered in excitement upon catching a glimpse of the crowd.

“Tch.. duh of course there are so many people! I don’t have 60 million followers on Instagram for nothing.” Katsuki said
as he rolled his eyes and stuffed his pockets into his nicely fitted suit. “I need a water!” Katsuki called out and in moments someone was giving him a bottle of water.

“There you go!” The woman said cheerfully,

Katsuki smirked and grabbed the bottle.
“Thanks.” He said as he cracked it open and took a sip.

The omega and his group of friends walked into the lounge area of the store, there was still another hour and half before the doors opened for people to come into the store. As they walked his friends chatted amongst
themselves and when the crowd got little sneaks of the different people involved they screamed as each of his friends were someone celebrity status online. The yellow haired Alpha named Denki had a vlogging and gaming channel alongside his purple haired omega girlfriend Jiruo who
had a music channel, then there was Kirishima who had a workout channel and posted daily workouts and such, followed by Mina (beta) who had a beauty channel, she was the closest in numbers to Katsuki, and finally Sero (Alpha) who didn’t really have a channel theme but was pretty
popular in everything he did.

Katsuki trailed behind his group as he caught a very faint familiar scent, it was strange to say the least because in a moment it was gone. That’s when he was reminded he hadn’t seen nor talked to Deku in a little over two weeks.
With his launch coming so close he couldn’t text him and he knew Izuku had 5 jobs to work.. so there was no time. Katsuki sighed as he walked into his backroom and when he sat down he noticed the ginger candle on the table. He rolled his eyes and chalked it up to being the candle
that the scent came from.

Kirishima chuckled. “You’re thinking about him aren’t you?” He teased.

Katsuki whipped his head over to Kirishima and a small blush bloomed in his cheeks. “PFF- as if!” Katsuki shouted.

Denki leaned forward and smirked.
“What’s this? Is this that Alpha from your school you’ve been telling us about Eijiro?”

“Oh! You found an Alpha Katsuki!” Mina said with glee.

“Well never thought I’d see the day…” Sero said with a small chuckle.
“Shut it you fucking losers!” Katsuki said as he crossed his arms and leaned back. “It’s nothing!” He said as he sipped his water.

They all snickered to themselves and Kirishima pulled out his phone and filled the others in over text. Resounding gasps filled the small lounge
and Denki immediately brought out his video camera almost with Sero.

“HEY GUYS! Welcome back to my channel! Today we are at my good friend’s fashion launch thing!”

“Oi dunce face-“

“Yeah baku~” Denki said with a winky face.
“Shut your fucking face.” Katsuki spitted bitterly.

“Ahhh guys…” Denki looked back into the camera. “I think he loves me!”

Then came sero. “HEY so as you guys know from earlier we're now at the store, look at this place..”
And they went on, both Alphas secretly wanted to capture and film a reaction out of Katsuki when Mina would start asking questions.

Both cameras stayed focused on the room and its surroundings as Mina and Jirou started poking Katsuki for information on this alpha, and of course
Katsuki remained completely unhelpful and avoided every question and even growled at them to shut up, but he couldn’t avoid the small dust of pink on his cheeks.
He had to deal with these idiots all day today.. he was just hoping the meet and greet would start soon so he wouldn’t have to deal with the constant questions. Questions about that damn alpha. However Katsuki couldn’t help but wonder, what exactly that alpha was up to.
Panicking. That’s what the Alpha was doing. Poor Izuku had made it to the store and went up to the Cameras, all of them were so expensive and gods, were they dreamy. He turned the corner around the display tables as he saw it.. the top of the line photo mastery kit with the
professional camera and all its accessories and lenses, and in a holiday bundle it came with professional tripods and a case. It was the best camera on the market. The alpha basically drooled over the camera, this was his dream right there. One day he’d own this glorious piece of
equipment. He’d have one of his own. One he bought, with his own money.

Izuku looked around to try and find just the camera but just the camera was sold out. He stumbled his way back over to the camera and sighed. He glanced down at the price tag and nearly choked.
{SALE: $1,895.99 } save $499.99!!

The alpha sucked in a deep breath and sweated. “Holy shet…” he said laced with anxiety. He pulled out his phone and then dialed the store.

It rang and rang and rang.
“Hello? This is the Diamond Fashion boutique, we are currently closed for today-“

“Ah- this is Izuku Midoriya the replacement photographer, can I speak with Laila?” Izuku said nervously.

“Oh- yes one moment.” The person said on the other side of the phone and put him on hold.
Izuku stood there tapping his foot looking at the camera. This was the best camera in the market.

“Yes? How things did you get the camera?”

“Ah! Um not yet I’m just asking if getting the camera kit is okay? They don’t just sell the camera it’s-“

“Hun- I already told you.
The Bakugou’s settle for nothing but the best. If you need to get a kit for the camera go for it, whatever you think you need to do the job.. get it. I gotta go, he's here and I wanna make sure it’s all perfect! You hurry up too! Wanna do some test shots!” She then hung up the

Izuku stood there and slowly pulled the phone away from his face. /‘oh my gods…’/ he then looked at the camera in the case and smiled.

“Hello! Is there anything I can help you with today?” An associate asked as they walked up.
Izuku looked up at the associate and nodded. “Uh- y-yes. I’ll take one of those camera kits please, I also need two of the biggest data memory cards for it.” Izuku said as he slipped his phone away into his pocket.
“Oh course!” The man smiled and went to unlock the case. “Is there anything else you need?” He asked.

Izuku thought for a moment. “Uh… possible adaptors for display screens and transfers?” Izuku mumbled out.

“This kit comes with all the cords you’d need for that!” The man
said as he pulled out a big bundle.

“Alright would you like a black, tan, or white leather- oh we have one of the burnt orange ones left if you-“

“I’ll take the burnt orange one!” Izuku chirped.

The associate chuckled and grabbed the bag from below and then gave him the box
for the camera, the box for the accessories and then the professional tripod ring light set up. “Alright please come this way, and we’ll get you checked out!” The associate said as he then pulled two of the containers of the rack of the biggest memory cards they had.
Izuku looked down at the items in his hands and was practically vibrating with excitement. He was so excited to be able to have this opportunity, to be able to work with his dream camera. Soon he was all checked out and Izuku was walking away with everything neatly tucked into a
big bag. The Alpha then checked the time and he had ten minutes to get back to the shop. He quickly disappeared down the employee hallways of the mall and made his way back to the store carrying the precious cargo.

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💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

As soon as Izuku entered the back of the store he was met with the manager greeting a few other people who had just returned with light set ups and digital displays. “Ah! Great! You’re back! Let’s go set all this up!” She said as she pulled Izuku right to the front of the store
and they all got to work.

Izuku pulled out the camera from the bag and began assembling and organizing it in the case. Then he remembered the receipt. “Oh! Laila!”

“Yes?” She asked as she looked down to the kneeling alpha.

“The receipt and card!” He said as he handed her
the two items.

She smirked and grabbed the card and looked over the receipt. “Thanks! This was quite the deal for that bundle huh?” She asked as she squatted down next to Izuku.

Izuku nodded. “Yeah… it’s so amazing, the specs on this camera and all the equipment
with it is to DIE for!” The alpha gushed. He then started pulling it apart and showing his manager all the cool features and all the amazing things about it. After about 5 minutes of setting the camera up and gushing about it to his boss he looked at her just smiled.
“It’s a dream to be able to work with equipment like this..” he sighed. “One day I’ll own one of my own.” He said as he then clipped the strap on the camera and looked down.

The manager watched Izuku and loved his enthusiasm. She then had an idea..
“Work hard enough and one day you’ll achieve what you want.” She said as she rested her hand in his shoulder.

Izuku looked to his manager and chuckled with a smile. “Thank you.” He said overjoyed, and that was when his scent slipped slightly.

The manager’s eyes blew wide for
a second and then she chuckled. “Your scent is very..”

Izuku gasped. “Ah- I’m sorry-“

“Holiday season~”. She said with a chuckle. Laila stood up and pulled Izuku with him. “Can you maintain your happy scent in this store? You smell so much better than all those air fresheners!”
She said as she put her hands in her hips.

“Uh.. I can try?” Izuku said, a bit taken by surprise.

“Good!” The woman said as she then looked around. Everyone was wearing a uniform and so was Izuku, the black button up with red pants and a green sweater for Christmas. “Hmm…”
Izuku raised an eyebrow. “Is something wrong?”

“Yes. You need to stand out, you're the photographer!” She huffed. “Come with me! You want to be a professional, you gotta look the part!” She said as she pulled Izuku into the back office.
“Ah- o-okay!” The alpha yelped in surprise as the door closed behind him.

The woman stripped Izuku of his green sweater and slicked back his unruly curls. She took a step back and pursed her lips and squinted her eyes. “Hmmm….”

Izuku stood there nervously and kinda in shock
as his boss looked him over. A knock came to the door and the other woman from before came in. “Laila, ka- oh.. what’s going on here?” She asked confused.

“I’m trying to make him look professional! Like a photographer!” She huffed as rested her head in the plan of her hand.
The other woman crossed her arms and looked at Izuku. “Hmm… you’re an alpha right?” She asked.

Izuku gasped and nodded. “Y-yes.” He stammered out. //‘what does that have anything to do with this?!’// he thought nervously.

The woman then moved her hands and pressed against
his abdomen. “Ah! You’re built! Open that shirt up a few buttons!” She exclaimed.


The manager then gasped in excitement. “Ah! You’re right! Just a little sexy flare!” The woman said as she threw her hands up in the air.
She then pulled the blushing alpha toward her and undid the top three buttons to expose his chest, and then ruffled the collar of the shirt to accentuate the curve of his collarbone and his muscular form.

“Ah! It’s coming together! Tuck your shirt in!” The manager said as she
stood back and admired the creation.

Izuku did as he was told and then looked back at the two women, his cheeks dusted pink with embarrassment. He’d never been in this situation before, he liked the sweaters and hiding his body but his manager was peeling those layers away and
Izuku wasn’t going to stop her. He needed the money from this job, and he wanted this opportunity.

“This good?” Izuku asked as he raised his arms.

The manager looked to her assistant “rolled sleeves?” They both nodded and then they both looked to Izuku.
“Rolled sleeves.” They said in unison and moved to roll Izuku’s sleeves up.

(CW: mentions of past self harm)

Izuku opened his mouth to say something but it died shortly after as he moved without a flinch. His forearms now exposed there were scars that criss crossed his arms
and even some self made ones on his inner wrists he always kept hidden. He gulped and looked at the two women in front of him.

“Oh wow! What an alpha you are!” The manager said with a smirk and playfully batted at Izuku.

Izuku chuckled nervously and rubbed his forearm.
“Ahah yeah..” he trailed off.

“Ah stop the shy act!” the manager said as she pulled Izuku out of the room. “Time to shine! You look stunning!” She said as she hooked arms with Izuku.

“Let’s do some test shots with the gear and then
I’ll bring you back so you can meet the star~” she said with a laugh as she waved her hands in front of her. “Aka you’re boss’s boss!” She said in a whisper as she pulled the fumbling alpha along.
“Also! Stand up straight! Expand your chest and push your shoulders back!” She huffed.

Once they got to the open photo opt area he did just that, Izuku stood up straight and let his shoulders drop back normally instead of holding them tight together. He could feel the eyes on
him from his co-workers and even some whistles. Izuku blushed and scratched the side of his face.

“Much better! Alright test shots! You own this set tell me what you want me to do!” The manager said as she looked at Izuku and stood in the photo opt area.

Izuku gulped and then
looked to his side where the camera was sitting on the tripod. He then picked up the equipment and placed it in the right place and looked through the lense. “Uh- alright um… chin up.” Izuku said as he raised his hand up. “Ah- right there-“ he made a fist.
“Turn your body slightly to the left…”

The manager did exactly what she was told and Izuku peaked behind the camera and smirked. “Good. Hold that for me.”

Click click!

Izuku looked down at the camera and frowned. Meanwhile the manager hopped over to the digital display
that was set up to the camera and gasped. “Woah! That camera and angle is so great!”

“Hmmm.. it could be better let’s try that again.” Izuku said as he looked to his manger.

She looked to Izuku confused and then nodded. “Alright.” She chuckled. “Same position?”
Izuku nodded. “Yes please.” He said as he picked the camera off the tripod.

He then leaned back and angled the frame slightly and snapped a few pictures. “Stay right there.” Izuku said as he squatted slightly and then tilted his head. He then got up and stepped a few paced to
his right and his face lit up snapping a few more photos.

The manager laughed and walked over to the beaning alpha. “You are too cute.” She laughed.

Izuku puffed his cheeks. “Sorry this is just so exciting.” He said sheepishly as the photos popped up on the display.
The manger inhaled sharply and covered her mouth. “Oh my.. you really have a gift for angles!” She said as she looked through the photos. “Definitely take the camera off the tripod for the photo opts.” She said as she tapped Izuku’s chest.

Izuku nodded. “O-okay.”
“For the meet and greet though just have it in one place then all the photos will come out the same.” She said as she clasped her hands together.

“Oh and don’t forget keep pumping out that holiday scent you got!” She said as she wiggled her shoulders.
“Ah! I love the holiday spirit!”

Izuku chuckled and shook his head. “A-alright.”

Unknowingly to Izuku, his whole time from before his makeover to after was being filmed and narrated.

Denki was filming his vlog and walking around the store and saw Izuku’s transformation and
was even blown away, and the guy had talent.

Denki came bounding back into the room. “We are lucky today~~”

Katsuki looked to Denki with a scowl. “What is it now…?” He growled.

“Why are we lucky babe~?” Jirou hummed from
The corner of the room.
“The photographer is H. O. T. HOT!!” Denki said as he shimmed in place.

Kirishima laughed along with Sero. “What makes him so hot?” Sero asked as he opened and aimed his camera at Denki.

“Oh dude he’s massive and has muscle! Like a walking wet dream!” Denki said as he leaned

“Don’t you have a girlfriend?” Kirishima called playfully.

“I don’t mind sharing if the guy is a hottie.” Jirou said playfully.

“What’s he look like?” Sero pushed on.

Katsuki rolled his eyes from his seat in the far corner and he opened his phone. He was in a good
mood until he smelt that ginger, now his mind was plagued with one face.. one person in particular. He wanted to see him.. actually smell him. He was growing more and more irritated by the second.

“Oh dude he’s wicked cute! He’s got freckles-“

The door then opened causing everyone to turn their attention to the door. Sero kept filming cuz he could always cut this part out he didn’t want to miss anything.

“Hey everyone! So as you have heard your usual photographer Yagi couldn’t make it, so we have a replacement today.
I wanted you all to meet him before we get underway!” Laila said as she stepped in.

Katsuki rolled his eyes and stayed looking down. Some replacement photographer didn’t deserve his time of day.. they probably weren’t even that good so, the photos were gonna suck…
that’s great.. Katsuki sighed grumpily to himself as his friends all sat in anticipation.

“Come on in, this is Katsuki the only son of the Bakugou family and his friends.” Laila said as she stepped aside into the room.

Izuku nodded to his manager and stepped into the room but
then did a double take at his manager. “K-Katsuki-“ he whispered.

“No way…” Kirishima laughed out in disbelief.

Izuku looked over and saw Kirishima and his mouth slacked.

Kirishima then looked to Katsuki and elbows him. “Bro!”
Katsuki snarled at his friend but then the scent hit his nose and he followed it up, eyes blowing wide upon seeing Izuku there, hair slicked back and his dark shirt unbuttoned down his chest and in tight red jeans and his sleeves rolled up his forearms.
Not to mention Izuku’s raw scent being pumped out as well. //‘holy fuck…’// Katsuki thought.

This was all caught on camera thanks to Sero.

“Everyone, this is one of our associates, Izuku Midoriya, he will be your photographer today!” She said as she clasped her hands
together with a nervous smile.

Izuku stood there still as a board as he looked from Kirishima to Katsuki who was just staring at Izuku, mouth parted and eyes wide. He blinked a few times and then sat forward. “Deku..”

Denki gasped and Sero zoomed in on Denki.
“The plot thickens!!” Sero then aimed the camera back at Izuku.

“Uh- h-hey Katsuki-“ Izuku laughed nervously as he kinda hunched his shoulders down.

“Ah! None of that!” The manager said as she pushed his shoulders back. She then crossed her arms as Izuku silently complied.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” Katsuki said as he stood up.

“M-my job?” Izuku said nervously.

“Do you know each other?” Laila asked, concerned. Is she going to have to fire this young man because of the omega’s tantrum. She really didn’t want to do that. He was so happy
and excited.

“Yeah..” Katsuki said as he stepped forward and walked into Izuku’s space. “Excuse us for a bit.” Katsuki said as he grabbed Izuku’s wrist and pulled him out of the back lounge room.

Everyone stood there dumbfounded as Katsuki dragged the compliant Alpha behind

Laila looked at the group with a nervous expression. “Should I be worried?”

Kirishima laughed wholeheartedly. “Nope. It’s all good.” He beamed.
Part of her didn’t believe a word the redhead said but on the other hand she hoped he was right and that there was nothing to worry about.


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💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

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Katsuki pulled Izuku’s out into the back hallways behind the store before he whipped around and crossed his arms. “Deku what the fuck?”

“I- Uh- Hhnnggg…” Izuku whined as he looked down. What was he supposed to say? Sorry? He didn’t do anything wrong. He just came into work and
was able to take an opportunity.

“Hello?” Katsuki snapped his fingers in front of Izuku’s face.

Izuku looked up at Katsuki and then the realization hit him. Katsuki Bakugou. Bakugou. As in the biggest fashion company in the world, not to mention hundreds of other ventures
this family has that are successful. How did he not connect the dots?!

“I’m here!” Izuku stuttered out. “I-I didn’t know you were gonna be here today!” Izuku huffed out.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “What job is this? Why didn’t you tell me you work at one of my stores?” Katsuki
said frustrated.

If he knew Izuku worked at one of his family’s stores he could have gotten him a high paying position and helped him out, why didn’t Izuku ask him for help?!

“I’m a cashier normally!” Izuku started. “And… I didn’t connect the dots..” he mumbled.
“Huh?” Katsuki growled.

“I didn’t know you were //THAT// Katsuki Bakugou…” Izuku said flustered.

“What the fuck? How many do you think there are?” Katsuki flared up.

“I don’t know I told you I don’t check social media often! I DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY!” Izuku said as
he raised his arms.

Katsuki rolled his eyes and sighed. “So was this that 5th job you got...” Katsuki huffed.

“Yeah..” Izuku said as he crossed his arms. “And Katsuki for the record..” he started, causing the blond to look up at him with a raised brow.
“Even if I did know, I wouldn’t ask you for a handout.” Izuku said as he looked down and to the side. “You probably already have people who do that.. and I don’t want to be one of them.” Izuku said as he then gained his composure and looked back at Katsuki.
Katsuki looked at Izuku, taken back by his words.

“I didn’t know you were famous basically..” Izuku said as he motioned back to the store. “And even if I did.. it’s not right to befriend someone for your own gain.” The Alpha said as he crossed his arms.
“So.. sorry I didn’t tell you… I guess but I didn’t-“

“Shut up.” Katsuki huffed and pouted his lips. “S’fine Deku.” The omega said as he now crossed his arms.

Izuku dropped his arms and looked at Katsuki in a bit of shock.

“Just don’t want you to die..”
The blonde said curtly. Katsuki then looked Izuku up and down and clicked his tongue. He wanted to compliment Izuku, how handsome he looked, how amazing he smelled, but he held back. He wasn’t gonna show his desperate side. Not here, not in front of his friends.
Not in front of Izuku. They barely knew each other to be that casual. Great now Katsuki was getting self conscious.

“Let’s go back in..” Katsuki huffed as he began walking. “You better take good photos!” Katsuki said as he poked Izuku’s chest as he walked by.
Izuku was confused as he watched Katsuki. He wondered why Katsuki looked like he wanted to say something but instead pushed it aside. When the omega poked Izuku’s chest Izuku nodded. “Y-yeah..” he stuttered out and turned to walk in behind Katsuki, but as he did he felt his world
spin and a throb in between his eyes. He stopped briefly and then looked up and shook his head. He can get through this.. Katsuki is here.. he’s the replacement photographer.. they need him. He must just need some water. Yeah.. water.

Izuku regained his composure and walked
into the store again, he said Katsuki looked over his shoulder before entering the back lounge room. Izuku grabbed a bottle of water and cracked it open, chugging half the bottle in one go.

“Woah… thirsty? Did he make ya sweat that much?” Laila laughed as she walked up to him.
“Oh- ah no Katsuki is fine-“ Izuku said with a smile. “We had a few classes this semester.” Izuku said as he put the cap back on his water bottle.

“Oh? Well what a small world!” She laughed.
“Today should be fun then! Let’s get the last of things set up and then things will get underway!” She hummed as she pulled Izuku's arm.

Even though she was an omega at least ten years Izuku’s senior, she still didn’t miss a single chance to hook onto Izuku’s muscular frame and
drag the alpha around. He was probably the only alpha that would let people drag him around.

Katsuki was expecting Izuku to follow him in the room but upon hearing the manager start talking he turned around a few steps into the room and saw her drag him along by the arm.
Jealousy settled deep in his gut and subconsciously he bared his fangs as he clicked his tongue.

“Woah… baku seems someone has caught your attention!” Denki said as he safely hid behind his girlfriend, video camera in hand.

Katsuki drops his lips into a frown and furrowed
his brows. “Shut it- lets just get this shoot over with!” Katsuki growled and then stomped out of the room, immediately he was hit with Izuku’s thick, calming scent it made his mouth water.

“That’s it Izuku!” He heard the woman cheer.
“Just keep pumping that scent out! Everyone will be so relaxed!” She said as she twirled holding her clip board. She then looked up and noticed one of the people settling up the displays where doing things wrong and she huffed. “Hey! That doesn’t go there!” She looked back to
Izuku. “You keep being you dear, I’ll be back!” She said as she touched Izuku’s bare forearm and darted off.

Izuku watched her leave and took a deep breath. Gods this was embarrassing and he still had to take pictures and be around Katsuki all day.. that wasn’t a bad thing, no,
it was far from it. The omega calmed Izuku and his scent was something Izuku wanted to just curl up in, warm Caramel with hints of apple and warm spices like nutmeg and a dash of smoke. It wasn’t overly sweet but it wasn’t bitter. He was also not looking forward to the fact he’d
have to rush to work right after his shift here, not even being able to stick around for a few minutes to talk.

Katsuki watched from the side of the store and crossed his arms. Damn was he in trouble.. this alpha he met a few months ago was hiding a body like that under his
sweats and sweaters. Katsuki sighed and snuck his phone out a snapped a photo of Izuku.

The alpha was fiddling with the camera settling on the tripod looking down. The picture captures Izuku’s looks perfectly. Katsuki stared down at the picture and smiled.
“Heh~~ I’m so glad this ball got rolling~” Kirishima said with a chuckle as he elbows Katsuki.

Katsuki gasped and quickly put his phone away. “What the fuck shitty hair!!”

Mina thew an arm around Katsuki and smirked ear to ear. “He’s cute~ I can totally see him being your
type~ like the one you want but don’t tell anyone~” Mina cooed as she took her phone out.

“Hey izu~” she called.

Izuku looked up confused eyes wide and expecting.


“Yes- ah.. did you just-“

“Thank you!! Katsuki wanted a picture of your handsome face!” She said
with a wink.

Izuku’s lips closed into a tight line and his cheeks erupted in red and he quickly looked down and away. “O-okay-“

“YOU DIPSHIT! Don’t say shit for me I didn’t say!” Katsuki said as he pushed the girl off him as she cackled.

Izuku glanced to Katsuki directly
and sighed before chuckling to himself a little bit. //‘so these are the kinds of people he hangs out with…’// Izuku thought.

Soon his manager came back and Izuku lost track of where Katsuki had gone and frankly, he had other things to focus on. This camera in front of him.
Looking through all it’s features and enjoying the feeling of holding his dream camera. It was divine.

Izuku was then tasked with his tasks. Taking photos of the display and the crowd, he became too busy for Katsuki to grab him. So Katsuki just watched until he was dragged away
by Mina to touch up his makeup.

Soon the event was starting and Katsuki was now on set with his items and friends taking photos with the displays and each other. Every time Izuku asked him to move slightly or smile for him or just ANYTHING it made his inner omega purr with glee.
Izuku wasn’t commanding by any means, not even close, but Katsuki wanted him to. Once the pre-photo opt was done he walked to the display to go over the photos and when he saw them his jaw slacked a bit.

//Holy shet… he’s as good as yagi….// Katsuki thought as he flipped
through the photos.

“So? These good?” Laila asked as she stood next to Katsuki.

“These look good enough.” He huffed as he stepped away from her overly sweet vanilla smell. He glanced at Izuku who was changing setups and looked him up and down before smirking to himself and
found his friends at the front of the store.

Once at the front of the store, the omega directed his staff into place, he saw a glimpse of the greenette duck out in front of his group of friends and into the mall in front of the crowd. He was the main photographer so he had to
be on the move.

Watching Izuku actually work with the camera was something Katsuki wasn’t ready for. Sure he got a taste of it a few moments ago but in the thick of it, seeing the pure drive and passion the Alpha has as he was taking photos and smirking to himself at the
outcome of said photos was utterly heart stopping. It makes Izuku ten times hotter. The way his hair slicked back on his head, his cute but handsome freckled face morphing more and more into the face of the sexiest man Katsuki had ever seen.

Hope you guys enjoy this!! I’m so glad I wrote a lot of this thread out! Thank you so much for your support!

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💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

The welcoming went by in a blur but soon Katsuki was back in the store waiting for the fans to come in and get their photos taken with him by Izuku with his merchandise and fashion line.

Katsuki stood in the same spot mostly while Izuku stood there in all his glory snapping
photos and then giving a thumbs up and directing the fans off to the people waiting on the sidelines. Between every person Izuku would shoot Katsuki with a smile as he went back behind his camera waiting for the signal to take photos. Katsuki felt heat pool in his gut every time
crimson met emerald. It was a strange, but welcome feeling. It also didn’t help that the entire store smelt like nothing but the alpha in front of him.

Izuku was lost in a rhythm, taking photos asking people to move to be in frame, adjusting the lighting and directing people
off. It was a dream, by far the most fun he’s had on a job and it was clearly showing. As soon as anyone entered the store and even as the scent traveled from the store people became relaxed and calm at the presence of such a strong calming alpha.
The holiday spirit filled the store and the calming pheromones even made it easier for Katsuki to relax and let out some genuine laughs and smiles as he stood with fans for their photos. Which never happened, usually he was scowling and looking like he didn’t want to be there but
this time. He wanted to be here. He wasn’t smiling for the fans. No, it was for the sexy photographer sending him smirks from behind the lens.

All of Katsuki’s friends quickly fell in suit and made it their mission. This alpha was going to be dragged into their friend group
whether he wanted it or not. The two idiots were smirking at each other all day. They all planned to try and persuade Izuku to come out to dinner with them, Kirishima being the one to spearhead the idea. They all were pretty well off, so whatever Izuku would have made over night
they’ll give him and pay for his food. No need to worry! It was nothing for them if it meant they could see their usual still faced friend smiling like an idiot.

Four hours later and the meet and greet was over. The merchandise in the store was sold out. Katsuki and his friends
were all relaxing in the back room filming videos and eating food before they would leave.

Izuku was packing up the camera in its case slowly. He wondered what would happen to this glorious camera as he delicately wrapped it and closed the bag.
Once it was all packed up Izuku sighed as he knelt on the ground with it. As he stared at the bag he felt a wave of uneasiness, he felt extremely light, but also very heavy. He shook his head and rested it in his palm.
“Izuku! I’ll tell you!! You really saved me today!” The older omega said as she walked in and stood in front of Izuku. “Those photos came out ama-“ she then stopped and looked down at Izuku who didn’t move from his spot.
“Hey-“ she bent down. “Are you okay? Did your headache come back?” She asked as she then pulled her fanny pack forward and went looking for the bottle of aspirin.

Izuku glanced up to his boss and shook his head. “Uh.. n-no.. just some… some water?” Izuku muttered out faintly.
When was the last time he ate? Last time he drank? 4 hours ago for water… 5-6 no 8 hours since he had anything to eat and what he ate wasn’t enough to sustain him. Of course this usually didn’t affect Izuku much, but all of this on top of the rut suppressor he took for the first
time during his rut last week caused major side effects. He also for the past 5 hours was pumping out his alpha pheromones which he usually never did. Overworking his body even further.

“Water- yes-“ she snapped her fingers. “I need a water! Hey let’s just sit down okay, get off
your feet.” The omega said as she rubbed Izuku’s back.

Izuku shook his head as a cloud seemed to form around him. “N-no I’m good. I just.. I just need a water.” Izuku said as he pushed off his knees to stand.

“Izuku I don’t think that’s a good idea-“
But before she could stop him Izuku stood up straight and rubbed his face.

“Here’s the water.” A beta said as he came over with the water.

Laila cracked open the bottle and handed it to Izuku. “Here! My goodness..” she paled as she got a glimpse at Izuku’s face.
“Someone get me a chair!” She called.

“I need you to sit down.” She said as she held Izuku steady.

Izuku shook his head once more and went to grab the water bottle. His hand was completely off and his body swayed to the side and he stumbled.
“Ah! Shit!” The woman called as she tried to catch Izuku. “Someone catch him! I can’t—”

The world spun around him and then his sight went black.

Katsuki and everyone were all eating and talking about what they were going to do later, filming videos and just wrapping up lunch. The blond was texting his mother about the day, she wanted to know about the cameraman replacement and how it all went.
Katsuki told her it was a great day, he also brought up that the store bought a camera. He found that from the manager during the day and asked his mom what she wanted to do with it. She told him he could handle it and it was only $2,000. It was child’s play to her.
So Katsuki then concocted a plan to let Izuku keep the camera. He was also planning on paying him the funds that they were going to pay the real photographer. It’d be Izuku’s Christmas miracle. All from Katsuki.

“Yeah- we should totally go to that go car-“
“Someone Catch him!!”

“I can’t!”

Everyone lifted their heads in shock. A few people ran by their door into the front of the store as a resounding thud and gasped filled the rooms.

Kirishima and Sero were the first to get up and out of the room.
Katsuki got up shortly after and followed his friends out to the front of the store, upon stepping out of the room his could smell the distinct change in the scent that calmed him, it was now bitter and dull.

“Someone call an ambulance!”
Kirishima was the first to break through and upon seeing Izuku completely passed out on the floor he bolted to his side. “Did you just let him fall?!” Kirishima gasped as he slid down knees and picked Izuku’s head up from the ground, it had a small bump on his temple with a
scratch from the fall.

“N-no! I tried to catch him!” The omega woman called in a panic.

Sero quickly pulled out his phone and called for an ambulance. “Hello.. yes I need an ambulance at Diamond Boutique in the mall downtown. An alpha male is unconscious-“
Katsuki burst through next and when he saw Izuku completely passed on on the floor his heart dropped and immediately everyone had to cover their noses at the pure power of Katsuki’s scent. Even Kirishima wrinkled his nose. “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO HIM?!” He yelled.
“He fainted- I don’t kno-“

“BULLSHIT!” Katsuki snarled as he rushed over to where Izuku was opposite to where Kirishima was. He pulled Izuku onto his lap and cupped his face. “OI!” Katsuki yelled down at Izuku.
Everyone stared and watched the scene, a usual cold and uncaring bossy omega was trembling before their eyes as he gripped this.. this nobody alpha.

Katsuki then looked up to everyone just starting.
“What the fuck are you staring at!? Someone go greet the damn ambulance!” Katsuki said as he motioned for them all to do something.

Katsuki returned his gaze down to Izuku’s face and brushed the sweat off his temple and when his hand came back he saw the small bit of
blood on his fingers. “Tch- stupid alpha!” Katsuki snarled.

Kirishima leaned back and grabbed a piece of gauze from Mina who had grabbed a first aid kid and then leaned forward and pressed it against the small cut on his temple.
Katsuki looked up to his friend and then looked back down to Izuku.

“Katsuki you need to calm down. Your scent-“

“Calm?! HES FUCKING PASSED OUT?!” Katsuki said as he gripped onto Izuku tighter.

He looked down at Izuku’s face and his brow was crinkled up like he was in pain
and his skin was ashened and pale. His breathing was labored too. He also noticed the small tremors in his arms and fingers. Katsuki cursed to himself. Of course he worked himself to overwork! Stupid alpha can’t take care of himself! Fainting on the job! Getting hurt!!
Soon the EMTs made their way into the store and to Izuku’s side. Sero, Denki along with Kirishima managed to pull Katsuki to stand away from the scene below as he watched Izuku get an oxygen mask strapped to his face and an iv put in his arm. The EMTs put Izuku on a backboard and
then on the stretcher.

“Patient is unconscious rapid pulse labored breathing. ETA is 5 minutes.” The EMTs spoke into his radio. “Alpha male early twenties”

“Alright let’s get him on the bus!” The head paramedic said as he strapped Izuku onto the stretcher.
Katsuki took a few steps forward but was gripped by Kirishima. He looked back and growled.

“You can’t ride in ambulance kats! We can meet them at the hospital.” Kirishima said as he held onto Katsuki.

Katsuki looked to Izuku being pulled away on the stretcher and then back
to Kirishima. It was hard to believe their ears but for the first time Katsuki actualy whimpered in public and then pushed Kirishima off him and darted to the back room to grab his things. He then came back out and motioned for his friends.
“Get your ass’s moving.” He growled and then went to step away.

He then turned back around and pointed at the manger. “You!”

She frozen. “Y-yes-“
“Have that camera and all the equipment bought today packaged up and delivered to my estate.” He ordered. “I have receipts so don’t leave anything out.” He growled as he then turned on his heels and stormed off his friends and bodyguards in tow.

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💫A Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

Upon arrival at the hospital Izuku was still unconscious. The hospital staff quickly became aware of the fact Izuku was a prime alpha and had to put him into a trauma bay to keep him secluded to not disrupt the rest of the patients. Blood tests were run and they did a CAT Scan of
his head to make sure he didn't cause any damage in his skull or brain from the fall. When the blood tests came back they had their answer.

Izuku was low in potassium, and vitamins, his body was also low in sodium and he was dehydrated. His tests also showed the drug he used to
suppress his rut, and the doctors quickly jumped into action to give him the right medicine to treat the side effects of the symptoms from the drug. The head doctor wanted to also call this overwork too, but he had no record on the day to day life of this man and he was still
passed out and still in the thick of his side effect symptoms. The poor alpha was sweating so much and was overheating so much they had to constantly rotate new bags of ice to keep him cool. Upon further research by the doctor the drug was only meant for regular alphas, with
primes it can cause severe side effects due to the amount of pure pheromones that are being suppressed. Prime Alphas only have 4 long ruts a year that last a week and then they have periods of ruts that last a day sporadically throughout the year but they are manageable.
Katsuki and his friends arrived over an hour ago and they still wouldn’t let Katsuki back to see him. His friends all sat in the waiting room as Katsuki paced. Gods he was so worried. He didn’t know what he was going to do.. he just wanted Izuku to be okay.
“GUUHHH!!” Katsuki growled as he sat down next to Sero.

Sero sighed and then looked over at Katsuki. “Do ya like him that much? I mean we are all worried for him but..”

“Huh- course I’m worried dumbass!” Katsuki yelled.

“That wasn’t my question kats..” Sero said as he
rested back against the chair.

“Are you near your heat or something?” Jirou asked as she looked up from her phone.

“Huh? No! It shouldn’t be for another few weeks! And besides! I’m just worried for him!” Katsuki said as he pushed himself back up again, and then the pacing
started back up.

“You should tell him how you feel when he comes back to us.” Kirishima said as he watched his best friend.

“Huh? There ain’t nothing to tell him, except how much of a dumbass he is for not taking care of himself!” Katsuki snarled.
“Stupid alpha! Can’t even take care of himself! Working himself to death.” Katsuki huffed as he crossed his arms.

“Suurreee..” Kirishima said with a knowing smirk.

Katsuki grumbled in frustration. These motherfuckers!! Why couldn’t he just be allowed to see him? He needed to
be by his side! His omega was going rabid inside, panic and fear coursing through its veins. Their alpha needs them. He’s in pain. Must take care of him! All these thoughts filling Katsuki’s brain. Unknowingly to Katsuki he wasn’t that far from his heat, about 2 weeks out but the
presence of Izuku’s prime alpha scent was pulling Katsuki closer and closer to pre-heat symptoms. The urge to take care of his alpha-

The blonde omega stopped in his tracks as he just admitted to owning the alpha. When did he claim him?? Who the fuck knows… and honestly
who the fuck cares!?! The omega fumed on his own as he walked toward the nurses station.

“Oi! Can I go back and see him now or what?!” Katsuki snarled as he slammed his hand down on the desk.

The receptionist looked up at Katsuki clearly annoyed.
“Sir, Please calm down I’m sure your friend is doing just fine. If you give me a few moments I’ll go back and check-“

The doors to the ER opened and a tall beta donned in scrubs walked through the doors with a clipboard in hand. “Uh.. party here for Mr. Midoriya?”
Katsuki whipped his head to the doctor and immediately went over as he friends all stood up. “That’s me! Is he okay?” Katsuki asked as he stood before the doctor. “I’ve been trying to get back there since he fucking got here!”

The doctor cleared his throat and nodded.
“He’s somewhat stable right now.. I have a few questions for you about his condition, if you could follow me?” The doctor said as he motioned for Katsuki to follow him.

Kirishima quickly walked up behind Katsuki and motioned for the other friends to sit down.
“Alright.” Katsuki huffed as he marched into the back hallways.

The beta doctor walked ahead of the two with his clipboard in hand. He cleared his throat and looked over his shoulder back to the two following him.
“So how are you acquainted with Mr. Midoriya? Are you aware he is a Prime Alpha?” He started.

“We are classmates of his, and yes.” Katsuki answered.

“Classmates?” The doctor stopped. “How long have you known him?” He asked as he stayed in place.
Katsuki furrowed his brows and grit his teeth. “A few months.” He answered.

The doctor nodded. “Alright, what has his day to day life been like? Do you know him that well?” He asked still not walking any further.

“He has 5 jobs and barely sleeps.” Katsuki started.
“He also juggled 5 classes until the semester ended.” The blonde omega said as he furrowed his brows.

“Ahh.. now it all makes sense…” the doctor nodded as he wrote a few things down. “Alright thank you.. he’ll probably be released in the morning,
you can all go home or wait in the-“

“Excuse me?!!” Katsuki growled.

The beta doctor jumped a bit at Katsuki’s hostility. “We cannot allow non-family members in due to patient-“

“BULL! I need to see him! Where is he?!” Katsuki huffed as he stepped forward.

“Dude calm down-“
“No!! I’ve been worried about him since I met him and now he’s in the hospital because the stupid alpha can’t take care of himself!” Katsuki raised voice.

“Sir I’m going to need you to calm down.” The doctor said as he put a hand up.
“Calm down?! He fainted! Just tell me what’s wrong with him! Is he okay?!” Katsuki fumed.

The doctor sighed. “It appears to be overwork and side effects to something he took. Due to patient privacy I cannot give you anymore information without his clearance.
Please wait in the waiting room. I’ll come out and give you updates as soon as he wakes up.” The doctor said as he walked off.

Soon following after him security guards walked up behind them and cleared their throats. “This way please.”

Katsuki gritted his teeth. “Oi! I’m not-“
“Katsuki… let’s just go back to the waiting room. Do you wanna get thrown out of the emergency room?” Kirishima said as he put a hand on Katsuki’s shoulder.

The blonde omega groaned in frustration. He didn’t want to be kicked out but he didn’t want to be separated from him.
Katsuki reluctantly turned on his heels and stomped off.

When the pair made their way back to the waiting room all their friends stood up.

“Yo is he okay?” Denki asked.

“Did you see him?” Mina asked.
While Jirou and Sero looked at Katsuki and Kirishima expectantly waiting for an answer.

“They wouldn’t let us back there to see him.” Kirishima sighed. “Non-family doesn’t have clearance.”

“Fucking bull!” Katsuki huffed.
“Well we can always stick around?” Mina said as she tilted her head. “Do you know when he’s gonna be released?”

“They said morning.” Katsuki grumbled.

“Morning!? Maybe we should come back later then.” Denki exclaimed as he crossed his arms.
“Yeah.. if he’s gonna be here for awhile maybe we should all go get something to eat and come back.” Jirou said as she got up and threw her bag over her shoulder.

“Tch- you losers can leave.” Katsuki spitted as he then slumped down into the waiting room chair.
“I’m staying.” He said as he crossed his arms.

“You’re really gonna stay here?!” Mina huffed.

“Yeah… I need to tell that dumbass how stupid he was.” Katsuki said as he looked up to Mina. “You can all do your thing and piss off.”
“Woah dude… we just don’t wanna leave you here alone.” Sero said as he sat back down.

“I’ll be fine.” Katsuki said as he scowled.

All his friends looked at each other and sighed. Kirishima rubbed his head and then took a deep breath.
“You guys go ahead. I’ll stick around with Kats.” Kirishima said as he sat down In a chair across from Katsuki.

Katsuki looked up at Kirishima a bit shocked but also relieved. “You don’t have to shitty hair.” He barked.

Kirishima chuckled.
“I wanna. Plus you could use some company!” He beamed.

“Well we will all be at the estate.” Mina said as she picked up her bag.

“Yeah.” Sero nodded in agreement followed by nods from Denki and Jirou.

After saying goodbyes Sero, Mina, Denki and Jirou left the hospital
leaving Katsuki and Kirishima to wait in the waiting room. The blonde sighed and slumped forward shortly after the group left.

“The fuck is wrong with me…” Katsuki groaned.

“Don’t know man.” Kirishima hummed as he leaned back and stretched.

“Thanks..” The omega growled.
“You’re Welcome!” Kirishima said with a blinding smile as he looked at Katsuki.

For the next three hours the two sat in the waiting room. It was now way beyond dinner time, getting close to 9pm now…

Katsuki was growing more and more frustrated. No word from the doctor, and
now he was hungry. His mind hadn’t stopped thinking about Izuku. How amazing he looked all day long, how amazing he smelt. How the fabric of his clothes stuck to him like a second skin and gods…. he had it bad.

Katsuki groaned and looked up to Kirishima who was idly playing on
his phone. Katsuki sighed and looked down, then his mind clicked to Izuku once again… how he always spoke about needed money. How his jobs were essential. He couldn’t miss work at all.

“Izuku’s jobs-“ Katsuki gasped out.

Kirishima looked up to Katsuki. “Hm?”
“Izuku’s jobs. He can’t make it to them.” Katsuki quickly pulled his phone out.

“So-“ Kirishima stops mid thought and catches what Katsuki was saying. “He needs to call in! We need to find his jobs!”

Katsuki dialed for Sero and put him on the job.
After some digging and searching Sero found all of Izuku’s jobs and called in that he was hospitalized for overwork and he couldn’t make it in today or for the next few days at the very least. Although they were upset they couldn’t argue with the fact Izuku was in the hospital.
Now climbing toward 10pm Katsuk got word that Sero managed to call Izuku out of all his jobs. He was free of work for the next few days. Katsuki sighed a breath of relief and leaned back in his chair.
“You want me to go get us something to eat before the hospital cafeteria closes?” Kirishima asked as he sat up.

Katsuki thought for a moment and nodded. “Just a granola bar is fine.” Katsuki said as he leaned forward.
“You got it bro!” Kirishima hummed as he got up and walked toward the cafeteria.

Not even a few minutes after Kirishima left Katsuki heard the doors open, he glanced up immediately from his phone expecting to see the doctor.
Instead an extreme feeling of absolute rage followed as he saw who staggered into the waiting room toward the exit.


Hope you enjoyed this one!

💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

Everything was heavy, he didn’t know where he was or what happened as he came to. The greenette slowly fluttered his eyes open and he instantly smelled the sterile environment that could not be mistaken as anything but a hospital. Upon that realization the alpha shot up from bed
and confirmed it. Machines and IVs bags attached to him, the constant white and blue of the surrounding environment, people in scrubs and masks.

“No no no no….” Izuku panicked. “I can’t afford this-“ Izuku freaked out. “I don’t have insurance-“ he covered his face.
“I need to- I need to lea-“

“Ah Midoriya! Please calm down. I'm glad to see you up and awake.” The doctor said while walking in as he pulled up a rolling stool.

“How are you feeling? You were unconscious for-“

“I need to leave.” Izuku said bluntly.
The doctor froze and chucked. “I’m sorry Mr. Midoriya, do you realize the nature of your visit?” The doctor spoke as he rested his clipboard on his lap and looked at Izuku.

“I can’t stay I need to leave-“ Izuku said as he looked down at his arms and went to pull out his IVs.
The doctor leaned forward and put a hand on Izuku’s. “Mr. Midoriya, I would advise against your leaving. You came here by ambulance due to passing out. You are extremely overworked and your body is still has side effects from that rut suppressor you took,
you need to stay for observation.” The doctor explained. “You aren’t stable enough to go home.”

Izuku looked at the doctor. “I can’t afford this. I won’t take that rut suppressor again-“ Izuku said as he leaned back. “I’m leaving.” Izuku said as he then looked up to the clock.
He gasped. “I’m so late! My job!” Izuku let out in panic.

He completely missed his afternoon job and was now 1 hour late for his overnight job. “Ahh my jobs! I’m going to get fired!” He whined as he clutched his chest.
“Sir please, calm down, I can give you a note for your jobs about your hospital stay. I wouldn’t suggest you have so many. You really overworked your body today… it could have had more severe consequences.” The doctor explained.
“Thank you doctor but I can’t. I need all my jobs. I would like that note.. and discharge papers.” Izuku said firmly.

“Mr. Midoriya there are programs in place to help you with finances, we can also help you get insurance.” The doctor explained.

“No- no. need to leave-“
“I wouldn’t recommend that you aren’t stabl-“

“I’d like to be discharged, you can’t keep me here if I want to leave.” Izuku pushed as he sat up straight.

The doctor sighed and let his head fall.
“I’ll go get your discharge papers. You’ll need to sign a form that you are leaving against medical advice.” He said as he got up.

“That’s fine. I need to get to work.” Izuku said as he laid back in the hospital bed.
The doctor sighed. “I’ll give you a packet to help you with aftercare.” He said as he left the room.

Izuku took a ragged breath as he came to terms with the likely bill to come his way for his hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So much for going to college next semester,
he’d be out of an apartment in days because of this medical bill.

Not even five minutes later the doctor came back in. “Alright Mr. Midoriya, we have a few things to go over with you and then you’ll need to sign these papers.” He said as he sat down on the stool and rolled to
the side of the bed. “Once we are all done I’ll remove your IV and you’ll be all set to go.” The doctor said as he handed Izuku the clip board.

Izuku nodded and went to pick up the pen, as he did he noticed how badly it was trembling. He sucked in a deep breath.
“That is from overwork and the side effects of that rut suppressor drug you took.” The doctor said to Izuku.

The alpha looked up to the doctor and sighed. “I see..”

“I really recommend you stay.. but if you must go you need proper rest and nutrition.
Your body can’t sustain itself with the way you are living. I recommend a week's rest at the very least, and I wrote you a note for work..”

Izuku looked down at the papers. “There are 5 notes.”

“For your five jobs. A friend of yours gave us some information.
You really need adequate rest.” The doctor pushed.

Izuku licked his lips and nodded. “Thank you doctor.” Izuku huffed as he then signed the documents.

The doctor sighed and uncliped the leave against medical advice release while he handed the other papers to Izuku.
“If you have any severe symptoms such as chest pain, severe headaches, high fever and if the tremors don’t go away please come back to the emergency room.” The doctor said as he grabbed a piece of gauze and pressed it down on Izuku iv.
After he removed the tape surrounding the IV, he pulled it free of Izuku’s arms. “You're free to go as soon as you feel ready Mr. Midoriya.” The doctor said as he stood up.

Izuku nodded and turned to sit on the edge of the bed.
“Your clothes had to be cut off but we were able to get you a pair of scrubs to wear that you can change into.” The doctor said as he motioned to the bag of Izuku’s belongings and folded neatly on top were a pair of scrubs.

“Thank you doctor.” Izuku hummed, not making eye

The doctor hummed in response and then left.

Izuku went to stand up and immediately felt unsteady. “Shit…” he cursed as he leaned against the bed unsteady in his feet. “I gotta get to work..” Izuku groaned as he willed himself to stand. It took a few minutes but
Izuku was able to change into the scrubs and grab his phone. He flipped his phone open and was met with a cracked display. He sighed in anguish and knitted his brows tightly together. “How did such an amazing day turn to absolute shit…?” Izuku groaned.
The alpha now in a whole pity party of his own, started his way out of the emergency room. The nurses watched on in concern. They knew Izuku was nowhere near stable enough to go, but they couldn’t stop him. He signed the document and wanted to leave. They just hoped he’d be okay.
Izuku stumbled down the halls and followed the signs. His mind plagued with all the expenses he’d have to come up with. How he’d probably be out of a job, out of a place. He pushed open the doors to the waiting room and stumbled in. His stomach growled and he slumped against the
door with his hand over his eyes. “Fuck…” he whimpered.

He was tired and all he wanted to do was sleep, he couldn’t stay steady. Izuku opened his eyes and went to look up but then all of a sudden his senses were slapped wide awake with the abrupt sharp smell of
cinnamon and burnt sugar that hit his nose. As soon as his eyes blinked open they were met with crimson.

“Oi you big fucker! What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Katsuki yelled.

Izuku yelped and cowered backwards, falling on his ass.
He looked back up to Katsuki wide eyed. “Ka- kat- kaachan-“

“Tch- why the fuck are you out here!?” Katsuki yelled as he stared down at Izuku.

“Ka- I- what are you doing here!?” Izuku asked flabbergasted and in shock Katsuki was here-

Then it dawned on him, he fainted in
the job, a job in which Katsuki was present. Katsuki’s family owned the store.

“What am I doing here?! You fucking fainited! I brought your dumb ass to the hospital!” He yelled. Katsuki then bent down to Izuku’s level.
“And I’ve been waiting here for the past 6 hours for you to wake up!” Katsuki said as he poked Izuku’s chest. “Now why the hell are you out here?! They said you’d be kept til morning!” Katsuki asked.

Izuku took a deep breath. “I need to go to work.”
Katsuki shut his mouth and just stared at Izuku wide eyed and angry. “You… what?”


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💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

Back to the top?
All that filled Katsuki’s core was anger. This fucking idiot wanted to go back to work?! Does he not realize how seriously this situation is?! How critical he was!? How overworked his body was! Well IS!! This fucking idiot dumbass!!

“I need to go to work.” Izuku spoke clearly.
“I can’t afford to-“

Katsuki’s hand moved before he could stop it and suddenly Izuku was facing the other direction. The alpha exhaled and shakily brought his hand up to his face looking at Katsuki. “Did you jus-“
“Yeah I fucking did and I’ll do it again if you say something so stupid.” Katsuki spitted. “You fainted. You wouldn’t wake up!” Katsuki yelled as his emotions showed through on his face. “You overworked yourself and you got yourself put in the hospital! And now you want to go to
fucking work?! Are you really that stupid?! Do you have any idea how critical your condition is?!”

“I can’t afford missing work Katsuki! This medical bill I’m going to get is gonna take out all my savings. All my bonuses from work!”

“For get about that medical bill!—“
I can’t miss work Katsuki! I don’t have money like you do!” Izuku yelled over Katsuki which promptly shut Katsuki up. “I’ve never had money! I was finally on top and now I’m rock bottom!” Izuku yelled as tears slipped from his eyes.
Katsuki looked at Izuku and sucked in a breath as he smelt the raw distress coming from Izuku in waves. “Izuku…”

“My whole life is down the drain right now! I won’t be able to afford my apartment for next semester! I’ll have to drop out because of this!” Izuku said loudly.
“I need to keep working so I don’t lose my shot to a better life!” Izuku cried out.

“Izuku… don’t worry about-“

“Don’t worry?! Katsuki I can’t afford-“

“You’re being paid as the photographer you dumbass! Do you know how much that is?!” Katsuki yelled frustrated.
So much for surprising him in a few days.

Izuku froze and looked at Katsuki wide eyed. He took a ragged breath and shook his head. He licked his lips and then shook his head as he looked back up to Katsuki. “N-no..” he mumbled.
“You get paid 7,000 dollars… plus your hourly wage as your cashier bit.” Katsuki said quietly as he looked at Izuku. “Plus you fainted in my shop… We will pay for your medical bills!” Katsuki said as he gripped Izuku’s arms.

Izuku’s eyes went wide and his mouth dropped.
/‘7,000 dollars?! That’s- that’s too much-‘/ Izuku’s mind raced. He dropped his head when Katsuki said he’d pay for his medical bills as well. Izuku slumped down into his hand and his shoulders shook.

This was too much! Today was too much!
From the greatest to the worst to now somehow there being a miracle- why- why him?!

“Why?” Izuku sobbed out into his hand.

“Because you did a hell of a job and you fainted at my business… laws and shit… you know this..” Katsuki said as he pulled Izuku’s hand away
and held it in his own. “We took the same class.”

Izuku looked up at Katsuki with shaky eyes and took a deep breath. “I still need to get to work-“

“Already called in for you.” Katsuki said, giving him a knowing look. “Now you have two options.” Katsuki said as he stood up.
“You can march your sorry ass back in that ER and continue getting the treatment you need or..” Katsuki paused with his hand pointing back toward the doors and smirked down at Izuku. “You’re coming with me, going to work is not an option.” Katsuki said with a simple smile and

Izuku’s lips parted and he took a deep breath. He then shook his head and pushed off the wall to try and stand. Katsuki bent forward and helped pull the prime to his feet. “Katsuki- I do-“

“What’ll it be..?” Katsuki asked as he kept his hands firm on Izuku’s side.
Izuku gulped and looked down again. He was so very tired and now Katsuki was letting out calming pheromones making his alpha turn belly up. He swayed and nodded. “Y-you.. I’ll go..” Izuku whispered as he remained looking down. He then closed his eyes and looked up to Katsuki.
“I don’t like hospitals all that much.”

Katsuki clicked his tongue and smirked as he wrapped his arm around Izuku’s torso and grabbed Izuku’s arm with his other hand placing it over his shoulders. “Come on then.” He huffed as he started walking.
Katsuki was filled with a sense of pride. Alpha is safe.. he wants to be with me- god he needed to calm down. Even though internally he was ecstatic and so relieved to have Izuku with him right now, he remained still faced and angry looking as he started to walk for the
seats in the waiting room.

“Wer-were you really here the whole time?” Izuku asked as he sat down with the help of Katsuki.

“Yeah…” Katsuki huffed as he stood up and pulled his phone out of his pocket. “What was I supposed to do?” Katsuki said nonchalantly as he searched for
his driver's number.

“Well aren’t you busy?” Izuku asked with upturned brows. “Ya know.. cuz you’re..”

Katsuki put his phone up to his ear. “I am busy.” Katsuki agreed. “Everything else can wait.” He huffed.
“Yeah… this is Katsuki. Mhm pick us up at the front of the hospital.” Katsuki spoke clearly.

“Huh? But.. I’m just-“

“Just what?” Katsuki said as he looked down at Izuku’s sitting in the chair.

“I’m not important.” Izuku said as he looked to the side.
“I’m not worth your time.” Izuku said as he looked down. The poor alpha was never really good at making friends and usually he’d push them away if they tried to help him. He didn’t want to owe anyone. Sure the help was needed but then he couldn’t view the relationship the same…
and now he was actually acquainted with someone who had money. Who could probably solve all his problems in a blink of an eye. A person who was also incredibly handsome and someone who actually started their whole relationship of small talk. Izuku didn’t want to ruin this
friendship, he really enjoyed Katsuki’s company but now with the fact of who he was and what he has he became self conscious. Was he even worthy of being around such a spectacular person? Did he have the right to? Was he secretly using Katsuki? Fuck- he didn’t think so-

Katsuki just watched Izuku’s expression as he stayed looking down. He saw the inner turmoil in his eyes and could see it laced through his body. “I think that’s pretty selfish of you.” Katsuki spoke.

Izuku looked up to Katsuki as soon as those words left his lips. “Huh- wha-“
“Don’t you think that’s for me to decide if you're worth my time? If you’re important or not? Not you.” Katsuki said plainly.

Izuku took a deep breath and looked down. He had nothing to say to that. Of course it was Katsuki’s choice. Of course. Overthinking like always.
Izuku groaned and put a hand up to his head and let himself crumble slightly. “Y-yeah… sorry.”

“Tch- Stupid Alpha.” Katsuki scoffed as he shoved his phone in his pocket as a blush erupted in his cheeks.

Izuku simply chuckled in response and remained in his bent over position.
Katsuki took a deep breath and looked to where Kirishima disappeared. He then glanced back at Izuku with his eyes and rolled them to look out the glass wall of the hospital. This Alpha was doing things to him.
/‘How dare he say he’s not important and not worth my time! Doesn’t he see it yet?!’/ he thought as he looked at Izuku. /‘If the fucking losers can see it… does he?’/ Katsuki thought as he examined the prime alpha crumbled over himself.

The Omega shoved his hands in his
pockets and sighed which prompted Izuku to lift his gaze to meet Katsuki’s confusion.

“Hey-“ Katsuki chuffed.

“I’m back! The cafeteria was clos- oh? Izuku!! Dude you’re out!” Kirishima called as he came bounding over.
Izuku lifted his head up to look at Kirishima. “O-oh.. yeah.”

The blond clicked his younger in frustration and rolled his eyes. He wanted to ask the damn alpha but now it had to wait… could he gain that confidence to ask again? He felt like the moment had passed.
“This dumbass discharged himself and was gonna go to work.”

Kirishima’s smile dropped as he heard Katsuki. “Bro… you gotta chill out… you aren’t going to work.. you gotta take care of yourself.” Kirishima huffed as he put his hands on his hips.
“That’s what Katsuki said.. I shouldn’t go to work.” Izuku sighed.

“And I’m right.” Katsuki huffed as he crossed his arms.

“Well, what are you thinking about doing? Going home? Since work is out of the table.” Kirishima asked.

“Uh…” Izuku started as he glanced at
Katsuki who shot him a look. “I’m actually gonna be going somewhere with Katsuki..?” Izuku said with a questioning tone.

“Oh?” Kirishima’s eyebrows raised.

“I only gave him two options.” Katsuki huffed. “Me or the hospital bed.” He huffed.
“You? Or the hospital bed?” Kirishima said suggestively as he wiggles his brows.

Izuku stared at Kirishima confused while Katsuki's mouth dropped and his cheeks erupted in red.

“Yeah..?” Izuku said, confused.

Katsuki shut his trap and lunged forward slapping Kirishima’s arm
as the redhead erupted in laughter. “Woah man I was just joking?!” Kirishima laughed out.

“You better fucking be!” Katsuki snarled as he crossed his arms and exhaled violently.

“Or am I?” Kirishima said softly leaning toward Katsuki, smirking like an idiot.
Katsuki bared his teeth and growled. “You fucking bastard..” he said in a threatening tone but it was all bark no bite. The internet icon was clearly flustered to his core and he certainly wasn’t gonna lie to himself and say that he didn’t immediately picture
Izuku cuddled up next to him asleep as soon as Kirishima insinuated that. How embarrassing-


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💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

In the midst of their bickering and laughter, they didn’t notice the prime stand to his feet. Izuku was so confused. He was so overwhelmed. He was so tired.. he was so… hungry.. he hadn’t eaten anything since morning.

“Are we gonna get going?” Izuku asked as he walked up behind
Katsuki causing the omega to yelp slightly in surprise as he looked back and up to Izuku his cheeks still dusted red.

Izuku’s eyes widened at Katsuki noise and the blush in his cheeks. “Ah- s-sorry-“

“Yeah- we are.” Katsuki huffed as he turned to walk toward the door.
As he did he saw the slick black SUV limo pull up to the front of the hospital entrance.

Kirishima looked to Izuku’s and smirked. “Yeah dude I’m just teasing Katsuki~” he giggled.

Izuku upturned his brows. “Tease? What for?” Izuku asked, confused.

Kirishima raised his brows
and then looked to Katsuki who was looking over his shoulder at the both of them. The beta gave a hearty laugh and decided to walk away toward the front entrance. “You two are so similar.”

Izuku was even more confused by that statement.
“I can’t handle this right now.” Izuku said as he brought his trembling hand up to his face. Now he felt lightheaded, the longer he stood up the more he felt weak.

Katsuki inhaled sharply and immediately turned back to Izuku and helped him stay steady.
“Let’s get something to eat.” Katsuki suggested as he looked up to Izuku as he placed his free hand on Izuku’s chest while the other was wrapped around his back.

Izuku looked down to Katsuki and nodded. “I’m starving.” Izuku mumbled.
“Alright.. let's get to the car and then we can go get anything you want.” Katsuki said with no room for discussion as he pulled Izuku along with him.

Kirishima came up on the other side of Izuku and helped as well as the three left the ER to walk outside toward the SUV Limo
waiting for them.

Kirishima quickly detached himself from Izuku’s side and opened the door. Both Kirishima and Katsuki helped Izuku get into the Limo. The Prime Alpha scooted into the center seat and glanced over to see Kirishima and then Katsuki get into the limo. Katsuki shut
the door and remained sitting next to Izuku while Kirishima moved to the opposite side of the back cabin.

Looking around this was class. Red and black leather seats with dark brown accents. All the seats had a fancy letter ‘B’ embroidered into the fabric.
There was a mini refrigerator as well with glasses all labeled with the same lettering as the seat. There was a sun roof in the center and then the entire car had this expensive looking suede carpet. He felt so out of place. The seat he was sitting on probably cost more than he
made in a month. Internaly he was beating himself up for letting himself get involved with Katsuki without doing his research, without realizing when he first introduced himself that Katsuki was rich. He felt so small and so self conscious. Even a little bit like a leech.
He didn’t belong here…

“So what do you wanna eat?” Katsuki asked as he looked to Izuku.

Izuku snapped out of his daze and looked to Katsuki. “Uh… I’m fine with just a granol-“

“Uh.. no… hot foot. A meal. Not some snack shit.” Katsuki huffed.
“Yeah man you gotta have a proper meal!” Kirishima said as he leaned forward.

“Oh… uh… I guess we can stop by a convenience store and I can get some instant noodles-“

“The fuck Deku! Hot meal.. like actual food.” Katsuki clarified.
/‘Deku? When did he start calling me that?’/ he thought.

“Uh- but that is my hot meal.” Izuku said as he upturned his brows.

Kirishima and Katsuki looked to each other in shock and then both looked back to Izuku. “What is one food you want?” Kirishima asked.
“Like a craving?” Katsuki asked.

“Uh..” Izuku thought for a moment as he thought back to when he had a choice to eat food he wanted, not just what he could afford. It was hard but eventually he just sighed. “I haven’t had katsudon in a long time..” Izuku sighed.
“It’s my favorite food.” Izuku said as he looked to Katsuki and then to Kirishima.

“Done.” Katsuki huffed as he flipped his phone out of his pocket.

“Oi! Yato, driving us to The Sun Dragon.” Katsuki called out as he pressed a contact to call.

“S-s-sun dragon?! That’s like a-“
“A 5 star restaurant.. yeah I know.” Katsuki said like it was nothing.

“Yeah this is Katsuki.” Katsuki said as he answered the phone. “Yeah yeah yeah… fucking halfie why are you taking the phone.” Katsuki spitted bitterly as he turned away from the sputtering Alpha next to him.
“Don’t worry about it dude! They’ve got the best food in town!” Kirishima hummed. “Good choice! I can’t wait to pig out!”

“But it will be so expensive!” Izuku whined. “I don’t want-“

“Hold on.” Katsuki huffed.
“Deku.. I’m buying you food cuz you can’t take care of yourself. You don’t want me to spend money on you? Fine then take better care of yourself so you don’t end up in the fucking hospital.” Katsuki growled as he started directly at the alpha next to him.
Izuku opened his mouth and then closed them and looked down sulking. He couldn’t argue with that.

Kirishima snickered. “He is only mean to people he cares about Zuku, don’t take his rash words and growls as they seem~” the beta said with a smile.

Izuku looked up to Kirishima
with his brows raised.

“Shitty hair I swear to god you are wanting to die today.” Katsuki growled. He then rolled his eyes. “Not both of you shut up I gotta order!” Katsuki barked.

“Oh shut it half&half! I need to order something to pick up.” Katsuki huffed.
“Oh fuck you.. can you just put it together so I can take it home I’m coming from the hospital!” Katsuki explained.

“Yeah..” Katsuki huffed.

Izuku looked over to Katsuki as the blonde talked on the phone. He sighed and then let his head rest on his hands and he bent forward.
Kirishima looking at Izuku sighed and then looked to the mini refrigerator. He then leaned forward and grabbed a bottle of water from inside, cracking it up before nudging Izuku’s cheek with the water. “Drink up dude.” Kirishima said as he offered Izuku the water bottle.
Izuku jolted at the cold sensation on his cheek and looked up to Kirishima. He then nodded and grabbed the water bottle. “Thanks.” He hummed as he took a big swig of the water.

“Izuku do you want-“ Katsuki turned from his seat just in time to see Izuku swig the water bottle and
see how his Adams Apple bobbled as he gulped down the water. Immediately his mouth went dry and he just stared as Izuku lips parted.

“Hmm?” Izuku hummed.

Katsuki shook his head. “Do you want anything extra on your katsudon?” He choked out.

“Oh.. uh..” he hummed.
“Just tell me what you want don’t worry about it.” Katsuki huffed.

“A few extra eggs would be nice and some more green onions?” Izuku asked as he kinda let his shoulders fall towards his chest.

“Sure.. anything else?” Katsuki asked.

Izuku shook his head. “No that’s fine.”
“Alright.. add extra eggs and onions to that katsudon. Make it a big order too… and I guess I’ll have Mapu tofu.. make it extra spicy.” Katsuki hummed.

“You know me bro! Sushi platter!” Kirishima hummed. “Ooo!! And there miso ramen! All the fixings!” Kirishima said excitedly.
Katsuki looked to Kirishima with a scowl and then sighed. “I’ll have the sushi platter as well- yeah the big one. And your Miso Pork chu ramen with all the toppings.” Katsuki said as he turned to the window.

Izuku took a deep breath. Hundreds of dollars was probably the price
tag for that order. He shook his head and then looked out the window on the opposite of the limo. He was so nervous, especially seeing this new more explosive side of the blonde, but Kirishima said that Katsuki actually cares for him if he’s mean? That didn't make sense.
“Dude you should stop thinking about the money.” Kirishima huffed as he moved to one of the side seats and put a hand on Izuku’s knee. “We got you bro! That’s what friends are for!” He smiled.

Izuku's eyes went wide and his lips parted. “F-friends?” Izuku asked.
“Yeah dude! We’re bros!” Kirishima laughed. “Did you not think we were?” He asked as his smile dropped.

“Uh-n-no- I- I wanted to- but I was so busy- I never-“ Izuku started stuttering. God why was he such a mess- he hadn’t had many friends in his life and he really wanted to be
friends with both Kirishima and Katsuki. They were always so nice to him in the brief passing moments of free time he had.

Kirishima chuckled. “Dude.” He chuckled softly.

Katsuki had just ended the phone call and looked over in time to see the conversation Kirishima and Izuku
were having. How Izuku didn’t have friends. He bit his lip and then took a deep breath. “I help you out because I want to.” Katsuki huffed. “Not for anything else.” Katsuki huffed. “So.. just… just accept what I give you okay.” Katsuki huffed as he crossed his arms and leaned
back against the seat to look out the window watching the city go by.

Izuku looked down and smiled. “O-okay..” Izuku said softly. He then brought the water bottle up to his lips and looked at Kirishima as he sat back with a happy smile on his lips as he pulled his phone out of
his pocket. He then glanced at Katsuki who he caught glancing at him from the corner of his eyes and looked down sipping his water.

“Thank you.”


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💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

It wasn’t long before they arrived at the huge restaurant. Katsuki looked to Izuku and then to Kirishima. There were no patrons as the restaurant was supposed to be closed. Luckily for them with a Katsuki’s family being a big investor in the restaurant chain little favors like
this were allowed. After all it was almost 11pm.

“You watch the big idiot.. I’ll be right back with the food.” Katsuki huffed as he then opened the door and walked out of the car waiting in front of the building.

The blonde strided up to the front of the building and he
opened the door. Immediately he was met with the monotoned bastard.

“Ah.. Bakugou.”

“Tch.. Hey peppermint.” Katsuki huffed as he rubbed his hands together walking up to the stand Shouto was standing at. “Is it ready?”

“Uh.. yes I believe so.” He said as he turned around.
“I’ll go check.” He hummed as he left the post to see.

Katsuki sat there and rocked on his heels. He had Izuku in his car. Izuku was going to go home with him. They were gonna hang out. Well.. he was going to make sure Izuku took care of himself. Maybe he could even grow a bit
closer.. cuz he knows for a fact no one has ever raised his interests as much as this alpha before. It was scary but Katsuki was determined and when this omega put his mind to something. It happened.

“It is ready.. Natsuo and I can help bring it to your limo.” Shouto said as he
raised his hand for Katsuki’s card.

Katsuki pulled out his wallet and then proceeded to hand Shouto his platinum card. “Good.. I’ll be waiting by the car. We are parked in front.” Katsuki said as he held his hand waiting for his card.
Shouto rang him out and then placed the card in his hand. “So you got a new friend or is someone from your group in the hospital?” Shouto asked.

Katsuki put his card away and looked IcyHot up and down. He was a fellow omega that he’d know for a long time.
At one point his mother even wanted the two to be together but Katsuki wanted nothing to do with it. Then they both presented and it was snuffed out. “New.” Katsuki huffed. “I’ll be outside.”

Shouto raised his brows and smirked slightly. “Alright.”
Katsuki marched his way back to the car and opened the door. “Foods’ coming so make room for it.” Katsuki huffed.

Izuku and Kirishima looked at Katsuki and nodded. “Alright bro!”

“Oh.. okay can I help?” Izuku asked.
“No. You do nothing. Just sit there.” Katsuki huffed as he put his hands on his hips as he turned to look over his shoulder.

The way Katsuki held himself accentuated his slim waist and form. Even in a jacket Katsuki’s figure could be seen. The Prime gulped down and sighed.
“A-alright.” He huffed. He wanted to help but he knew better than to snap back at Katsuki, especially right now with all the help Katsuki is giving him.

Katsuki looked at Izuku and then heard Natsuo call to him from the door.
“The great Bakugou here to ravish our kitchen again!” He yelled as he walked over with the sushi platter, it was huge! “And after hours!!”

“Tch… shut it.. it’s only cuz you serve good food shitface.” Katsuki growled as he stepped aside.
“Just set it in the car, Kirishima will grab it.”

Kirishima poked his head out of the door. “Sup!”

Shouto came out next and then walked up with the katsudon and Mapo Tofu and the ramen and extras.

After Natsuo put the food in the car and Kirishima grabbed the platter
Shouto stepped up next and set his load on the seat and looked up to meet Izuku’s gaze. “Oh- Midoriya?” Shouto spoke in surprise.

“!!! Todoroki?” Izuku said in the same surprise. “What are you- Do you work here?” Izuku asked, surprised.

“Oh- Uh… yeah?” Todoroki blushed.
“W what about you?”

“The fuck? You two know each other?” Katsuki spitter bitterly and sharp.

“Oh- Uh.. he’s a regular at one of my jobs.. he comes and gets coffee and pastry at the bakery.” Izuku explained with a small smile.

Katsuki looked to Shouto and furrowed his brows.
“I see him everyday.” Shouto spoke as he looked to Katsuki. “Well except on Wednesdays you don’t work on Wednesday.” Shouto said as he looked back to Izuku. “I don’t go in on Wednesday.”

Izuku blushed a little bit and nodded.

Katsuki furrowed his brows even more.
Oh hell no.. Izuku was his.. he ain’t giving him to no one else. “You know he’s an alpha?” Katsuki huffed.

“Uh.. yeah.” Shouto said as he stood up straighter.

Natsuo looked at Izuku and raised his eyebrows suggestively. Izuku looked to Natsuo and furrowed his brows as
he looked confused. Natsuo immediately read what the fellow alpha was feeling. He had no idea. The damn alpha had no idea he had got the attention of two omegas. Two omegas that wanted him. One of which was an absolute nightmare with his temper. He knew Katsuki since he was a
pup and that guy once he locks on to something he doesn’t let go. This poor alpha had no idea the kind of omegas he’d gotten messed up with, and then there was his brother. He was more reserved but he definitely was a tad possessive.
Natsuo snorted as he broke into a fit of laughter. “Come on sho.. let's go back and clean up.”

“Oh- r-right… Uh.. see you tomorrow Midoriya?” Shouto said as he looked to Izuku with a hopeful expression, completely ignoring the omega glaring holes into the side of his head.
“Oh- actualy-“ Izuku started but then Katsuki shut the door.

Izuku sat there dumbfounded. Why did Katsuki just shut the door? He watched Katsuki and saw the omega get in Todoroki’s face.

Kirishima had to hold back a laugh. This was too much.

Shouto looked to the dark window
and then back to Katsuki. The dual colored omega spoke softly but firmly and then leaned past Katsuki and opened the door. “Feel better soon Midoriya.” Is all the omega said as he then turned and walked toward the restaurant.

Katsuki chuffed in Shouto’s direction and then
looked to Izuku. He jumped up into the car and then closed the door behind him. “To my estate.” Katsuki called.

“Yes sir.” The driver called back and put the car into drive.

“Uh… Katsuki? What was that about?” Izuku asked, confused.

“You know Shouto?” Katsuki huffed.
“Uh.. kinda?” Izuku stuttered out. “He just comes by my work.. I don’t see him anywhere else.” Izuku said as he sat back.

“I see.” Katsuki nodded. He then glanced toward Kirishima who was biting his lips snickering to himself. Instantly Katsuki frowned and gave
Kirishima a death glare.

“Is something wrong?” Izuku asked.

“Nope.” He grumbled. “Just a family friend I didn’t know you knew him.” Katsuki huffed.

“Oh- Aha small world I guess.” Izuku chuckled.

Katsuki hummed and then looked at the food nestled safely next to Kirishima.
“Don’t let the food fall shitty hair.” Katsuki warned.

“On my life bro! I won’t! I’m so hungry and excited for this!” Kirishima hummed as he licked his lips.

Izuku sat uncomfortably as he side-eyed the blonde next to him. He felt the tension in the air but he couldn’t place
it exactly it he felt like it was something he did. He never had the attention of omegas before, so he never really picked up on cues unless they were laid out for him. Heck he didn’t even realize some of the things he did would be considered coming on to someone.
He just did it because it felt right. Like giving Katsuki his scarf, it felt right. Protecting Katsuki, he had to protect him so no alpha would touch him. Not if Katsuki didn’t want it.

The car ride was mostly silent as they traveled to Katsuki’s estate. The smell of the food
filling the car had Izuku twiddling his thumbs and his mouth watering. It smelt so delicious. He took a deep breath as his stomach growled obscenely loud. The prime alpha simply puffed his cheeks as a blush rested on them as he looked out the window.
He could feel Katsuki’s and Kirishima’s eyes on him.

“We are almost back as soon as we get inside we can dive in.” Katsuki huffed as he opened his window. “You must be starving…”

The limo pulled up to a gate and stopped for Katsuki to identify himself.
“It’s me. Katsuki.” The omega huffed as he leaned out the window.

The scanner beeped and turned green. Then the gates, covered in festive garland and wreaths opened.

Izuku scooted to the otherside of the car and watched as the intricate walls of stone came into view.
The gardens were seamlessly integrated into the structures, hedges and bushes carved into various animals. It was overwhelming, his house was like a world class resort. Not even mentioning the Christmas displays, they were breathtaking as they extravagantly decorated the
landscape and trees up to the main estate.

Katsuki watched Izuku with a smirk on his lips. He was slightly worried but the feeling of pride filled his core as he showed off his house without saying a word. Izuku was gonna be in his home.
He was gonna spend more time with him and it’d be more than just a passing glance and conversation.
It would be actual time spent, and the omega couldn’t wait.


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💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

The car pulled up to the front of a multi-level mansion decked out in holiday cheer and parked in front of the building. Katsuki smirked as Izuku looked at him. The alpha sucked in a deep breath realizing Katsuki was looking at him and looked down.
“Come on Deku~” Katsuki hummed a bit huskily as he opened the door and stepped out.

Kirishima picked up the food and tried to balance it but Izuku took notice. “Here let me-“

“Ah I got it br-“ but Kirishima was too late. The alpha had grabbed the takeout bag full of his,
Katsuki's and Kirishima’s food, leaving the sushi platter for Kirishima.

The Prime stepped out of the car bags in hand and was met with Katsuki crossing his arms. “I said not to lift anything.”

Izuku chuckled nervously and shook his head. “I can do this..” he said as he walked
past Katsuki for Kirishima to get out of the car easier.

Izuku looked up at the Intricate modern building full of class. It was beyond intimidating and Izuku could only ever dream of living in something like this. As Izuku gawked at his surroundings, Katsuki and Kirishima
walked by him and up to the front doors. As soon as they opened them they were met with the crew.

“HEY YOU GUYS ARE BACK!!” Mina cheered as she stood in the doorway.

“Yoo they brought food!” Denki called as he grabbed the platter from Kirishima and scurried inside.
Izuku looked forward at the interaction and took a deep breath. He was nervous but he was also incredibly hungry. He gulped and took a step toward the group. As soon as he was in range, Mina gasped.

“Ahhhh!! You brought him!” She squealed. “Katsuki you dog!” She giggled as she
teased Katsuki.

Izuku watched as Katsuki seemed to clam up and blush.

“Shut up!-“

Izuku snorted at the interaction and began chuckling to himself. “Thanks for having me..” he chuckled as he walked up to the group.

He glanced at Katsuki and saw his uneasy and flustered gaze,
his eyes trailed to his friends and all of them were humming with excitement. Something was up, they were teasing Katsuki. Was it because of him? To hell if he knew but right now an overwhelming feeling of cheer filled him as his alpha was basically belly up at this point.
Izuku shook his head as he walked into the house. He kicked his shoes off and then looked up and gasped. Inside was even more extravagant, lights and garland decorating the stairs and walls. Countless Christmas figurines and statues expertly placed. “Oh my…” Izuku mumbled.
It reminded him of Christmas time back home with his mom.

The group quickly followed Izuku in snickering and nudging Katsuki until Katsuki finally blew a gasket. “You fuckers leave me the fuck alone!” He hollered as he threw his jacket at one of them.
He then marched over to Izuku grabbing his arm. “This way Deku.” Katsuki huffed as he pulled Izuku out of his daze.

“Ah-okay Katsuki-“ Izuku stuttered as he walked along with Katsuki. He didn’t know where to look, everything was so fancy and high class.
This is where Katsuki lived.

“Stupid idiots don’t know when to shut up!” Katsuki huffed as he gripped Izuku’s arm tighter. “Just ignore them, they’ll shut up eventually.” He huffed as he brought Izuku into a kitchen that had an island bar.
“Woah…” Izuku mumbled as he took in the extravagant kitchen with top of the line appliances and features. This kitchen was bigger than his apartment.

Katsuki looked up to Izuku and furrowed his brows. “Earth to Deku?” Katsuki called.

Izuku looked down to Katsuki.
“Oh- Uh okay.” Izuku nodded.

Katsuki pursed his lips and then unhooked his arm from Izuku’s. “Let’s eat..” the omega suggested as he grabbed the takeout containers.

Izuku hummed in agreement. “Y-yeah I’m starving..” Izuku said as he followed Katsuki to the table.
Quickly Katsuki removes each container from the bag. “Go ahead and check for yours..” Katsuki mumbled as he licked his lips pulling out the last container. He was starving as well and The Sun Dragon always hit the spot. He was excited for Izuku to try it.
He was sure that it would rock the alpha’s tastebuds.

The greenie nodded and carefully looked over the containers.

/extra eggs/ /side:Green onions/ Izuku cracked open the containers and saw the extras. He then looked to the others and licked his lips and the smell of food
surrounded him.

Katsuki opened a container and smiled. “I got yours right here~” Katsuki hummed. “Let me plate it up real quick…” Katsuki spoked as he walked over to the cabinet with the container in hand. His inner omega practically nipping at the bud to provide and take care
of his alpha.

Izuku looked at Katsuki and bit his lip. Gods he was so hungry. “Okay.” Izuku nodded as he pulled a chair out to sit in.

Once he slid into the chair Katsuki came over and placed a big bowl and a selection of small plates in front of him on the counter..
Izuku watched as Katsuki plated his food, the fluffy rice and pork cutlet- two pork cutlets? The drizzle of broth and then the extra eggs and green onions.

Izuku took in a deep breath as he watched. “Mhmm” he hummed as Katsuki lifted the plates and set them in front of Izuku.
Izuku licked his lips and looked for a pair of chopsticks like a giddy child. Too distracted by the delicious looking and smelling food to care about his actions. He hadn’t had a cooked meal that didn’t involve a microwave or convenience store in months.
Katsuki chuckled. “Here you go..” he said as he handed Izuku a pair of chopsticks. He watched the giddy alpha with pride as he became overfilled with joy.

Izuku looked up at Katsuki and upturned his brows with a small smile before he grabbed them. “Thanks..” he mumbled and then
placed them in his fingers.

The katsudon looked so delicious. He licked his lips and took a piece of the pork cutlet and brought it to his lips, taking it into his mouth. It bursted with flavor and the sound that erupted from Izuku’s chest had everyone feeling soft.
Izuku cooed and as he savored the salty flavor of the katsudon and he didn’t stop there he licked his lips and dug in. Humming and every letting out soft trills as he ate his good happily. “This isffh decliois- mmmm” Izuku spoke as he ate happily.
Katsuki watched Izuku and his heart beated faster. He was so happy and that made Katsuki happy. He then caught a glimpse of their friends wiggling their eyebrows at him and even drawing air hearts. Katsuki scoffed and quickly plated his food sitting next to the happy alpha he
brought home. Stupid idiots ruining the moment..

Kirishima came bounding over and grabbed his food. “Hey Kats you wanna plate mine too ~” he teased.

“Plate your own! You’ve got working hands!” Katsuki spitted.

Izuku glanced to Katsuki his cheeks full of his food and then to
Kirishima who simply chuckled. He then looked down at his food. /‘I could have plated my own…’/ Izuku thought to himself as he swallows down his food. His eyes traveled to Katsuki as he took a bite of his own food.

/so proud. Such a good omega~/ his alpha purred causing Izuku
to drop his chopsticks. He quickly covered his mouth.

Katuki looked to Izuku and furrowed his brows. “ You okay?” Katsuki asked.

Thankfully it was just something Izuku thought, he didn’t mumble it out. “Y-yes-“ Izuku said as he quickly grabbed the chopsticks and side eyed
Katsuki. “It's great!” He said stiffly as he stuffed more rice in his mouth, a blush on his cheeks.

Katsuki furrowed his brows. “Don’t get sick from overeating. We can always get more.” Katsuki huffed as he picked up some of his food and plopped it in his mouth.
Izuku nodded and glanced over to the rest of the group who were all just watching. The Prime quickly looked down, eyes wide and blushing as he slowly munched on his food.

Izuku finished up first and as he stretched and got up before Katsuki could even ask if Izuku liked the food
he saw a flash of pink and heard a yelp as Izuku disappeared around the corner and out of the kitchen.

“Oi!!” Katsuki hollered from the kitchen island.

“Calm down Katsuki! Mina just needs to give him the talk down!” Denki hummed as he threw a piece of sushi into his mouth.
Katsuki looked at Denki and growled. “He just got out of the fucking hospital! You fucktards!” The omega fumed as he stomped off in the general direction that Mina went.

“Oh…” Denki realized as he stopped the sushi train mid way. “But he got released-“ he said nonchalantly as
he tossed it back.

“Actually.. he left against medical advice..” Kirishima said as he slurped up his ramen.

Denki slowly stopped chewing and awkwardly looked down at the food. “Welp- can’t be helped!” He said as he raised his shoulders.

Katsuki groaned and marched off.
Useless all of them! Can’t they just leave Izuku alone… his alpha… just leave him alone. Katsuki pouted as he went searching.

Meanwhile running through the halls Mina dragged the tall alpha into a back room. It had a huge couch and bags and blankets everywhere. The room was
classy but it was definitely lived in. This was the ‘hangout’ room and it definitely showed.

Mina quickly pushed Izuku into the couch and then stood back with her hands on her hips. “Izuku right?”

Izuku looked around the room still trying to get his bearings.
He put his hand to his head and nodded. “Y-yeah..”

“What the deal with you and Katsuki?” Mina asked as she leaned forward. “He’s never had interest in Alphas and then you come along..” she huffed as she caged Izuku into the couch.

Izuku looked at Mina up and down.
He was nervous and unsure of what to say. “I - I don’t know what you’re talking about- I Uh-“

Mina pursed her lips and furrowed her brows as she wasn’t buying Izuku’s story. She then raised her brows, squinting her eyes as she leaned forward. He had to know something…
and she just had to get to the bottom of this alpha. “Do you like him? Hmm? You playin him?” She asked.

Izuku blushed. “I- Uh-ye-Er I don’t-“ he stuttered. “H-he’s nice- I wouldn’t-“

“Aww you’re funny. You wanna fuck him?”

Izuku gasped and then covered his face.
“Oh my god!” Izuku gasped out as his face turned red.

Mina smirked. Checkmate~ the pink haired beta then laughed. “You’re so cute Izu~” she hummed as she plopped down in his lap and sprawled out.

Izuku gasped and looked at Mina wide-eyed as he raised his hands up
above his head. “Uh- I- please get off me-“ he stuttered.

“Ahh come on~” Mina hummed. “If you’re friends with Katsuki you’re friends with me~” she hummed as she snuggled in, pushing her breasts up and into Izuku’s chest. “And friends share~”

Izuku looked up and gulped.
How did this all happen?! He didn’t like this- these people were nice yes… but he couldn’t do this. His alpha side was fuming. It wanted nothing to do with this beta in his lap. In fact it was furious she even tried. Izuku closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
He then got up quite quickly with Mina in a princess hold.

“o-oh my! Izu!” She gasped blushing. Playing a part Izuku wasn’t aware of.

“I’m sorry but..” Izuku tossed Mina into the couch without much care. “I don’t appreciate your advances. Friendship or not.” Izuku huffed as he
brushed his hands off together. “ I’m sure you are nice.. but I can’t deal with….” Izuku motioned to Mina as she laid on the couch staring at Izuku on her side. “This-“

“ mmhhhh… i see.” She smiled. “I’m glad you aren’t an alpha that thinks below the belt~” Mina hummed as
she pushed herself up.


“You pass! I’ll still watch you but I think you and Kats are gr-“

“Oi! Leave him the hell alone!” Katsuki barked from the doorway.

Izuku jumped from his spot and looked over to Katsuki. “Ka-“
“She didn’t do anything weird did she?” Katsuki huffed as he walked right up to Izuku taking a good whiff of him. He then whipped his head toward Mina. “ Oi.. I told you not to do stupid shit!”

“I was just testing him Kats~ and he tossed me away..” Mina said as she put her hand
over her forehead. “And~” Mina smirked as she locked eyes with Izuku and leaned toward Katsuki. “I asked him if he wanted to-“

Izuku immediately interjected. “Watch a movie-“ he yelled.

Both of them looked at Izuku. Mina was barely able to contain a laugh while Katsuki looked
absolutely confused. “What the fuck…” Katsuki spitted.

Mina chuckled and raised her brows. “Yep.” She laughed as she stared at Izuku. “And you said…” she prompted.

Katsuki looked to Mina beyond confused and pissed off, he looked to Izuku who was bright fucking red.
He looked like a strawberry. Why was he so fucking red?!

Suddenly a lot of emotions flooded into Izuku. His feelings bubbled to the surface and he slapped with the realization of said feelings. He liked this omega. The omega known as Katsuki Bakugou. He just felt like home..
and yes.. he did want to fuck him, shit! Izuku was barely able to hold it together. Katsuki had been a constant in his life for a few months and he was always the highlight. Always made his load just a bit lighter, even when the omega did nothing but talk with him.
Izuku licked his lips and then looked to Katsuki from Mina. He was waiting for a response. His beautiful face scrunched up and confused while he waited for Izuku to respond.

“I said yeah.” Izuku tried to say straight faced.

Mina giggled and then nudged Katsuki toward Izuku.
The omega brushed Mina off and then stomped over to Izuku. “Ok.. we can watch a fucking movie then!” Katsuki grabbed Izuku’s arm and pushed him toward the couch.

Mina plopped down on the couch next and simply laughed as Katsuk grabbed the remote and sat down next to Izuku.
He threw on a Christmas movie and tossed the remote on the table leaning back against the couch and on its arm rest. “This good?” He asked.

Izuku nodded. “Mhm.”

Katsuki’s gaze lingered on Izuku for a moment before he looked at the tv as well. Surprisingly Katsuki wasn’t sleepy.
He actually got into the movie to calm himself down. Slowly his friends all gathered into the room and joined in on watching. Occasionally Katsuki would glance toward Izuku and the poor alpha looked so tired. Katsuki maneuvered himself around a little bit to get comfortable and
looked back to Izuku to see he actually passed out while sitting up straight. The omega smiled warmly as he looked at Izuku.

He snapped out of his gaze hearing a chuckle from one of his friends and Katsuki growled in response and crossed his arms sitting back into the couch
pouting. They all snickered to themselves and went back to the movie. Katsuki did the same, trying to calm his anger at his friends. He just wanted to be alone with Izuku. He didn’t want to be made fun of or teased for actually caring for someone. He just wanted to be himself.
As the omega was lost in thought he didn’t realize the swaying alpha, until it quite literally was unmissable. Izuku’s body fell to the side and slumped against Katsuki’s side with Izuku’s head resting on top of Katsuki’s.

Katuki snapped a death glare at his friends who all
were covering their mouths surprised. Katsuki took a deep breath, relaxed, okay maybe he just needed to calm himself. Having Izuku in his living space was setting Katsuki ablaze, especially now with him resting on him sound asleep.

“Tch… stupid alpha.” Katsuki scoffed as he
stretched and adjusted himself and Izuku. The alpha was so asleep that he didn’t even wake up when Katsuki maneuvered his head to his lap and Kirishima lifted his legs from the ground so he was laying on the couch.

Once settled Katsuki rested his hand on Izuku’s head and turned
his attention back to the movie. As the minutes ticked by he idly played with Izuku’s curls and looked down occasionally, unbeknownst to him his scent was turning sweeter and was extremely powerful with the calming pheromones. Katsuki was so relaxed with this alpha in his lap.
He felt a stir in his lap and he looked down to see Izuku scrunch his face up and then turn his face toward Katsuki’s abdomen, he then hummed out in delight as he moved his face closer into Katsuki’s abdomen and soft hands.

A blush dusted the omega’s cheeks as he brought his
eyes back up to the movie. He tried to steady his breathing when he felt Izuku’s hand brush against his side, holding onto him slightly. That is how they stayed until the movie was over. Sero got up from his place and went to turn the light on, once he did however he set off the
sleeping alpha.

“Alright~ lets-“

A snarl vibrated through the air that made everyone freeze, Katsuki gasped as he felt Izuku’s arms wrap tightly around his torso and Izuku’s face bury into his stomach. Chills flew up his spine as he looked down to the alpha.

Sero let out a
chuckle and everyone simply watched with amusement.

“Looks like he’s comfy~” Mina cooed.

“Katsuki is quite comfy when he’s in the snugly mood~” Denki hummed from the opposite side of the couch cuddled up close to Jirou.
“Shut it will you!” Katsuki huffed softly as he tensed up.

“It’s alright man it’s cute~” Sero hummed as he leaned over the couch to look at Katsuki. However that was a mistake. As soon as Sero’s alpha scent got to Izuku’s nose the sleepy alpha abruptly pushed himself off of
Katsuki’s lap making everyone jump.

Izuku was still suffering from the side effects of his rut suppressor, one of which was reverting to his primal urges in rut. He wouldn’t fall into rut but the possessive nature and grouchy attitude from being tired would show its ugly head.
“All these fucking voices.” Izuku snarled as he kept
His head looking down, taking a deep breath. “All of you shut the fuck up and you..” Izuku turned his head to look directly at Sero. Katsuki looked at Izuku eyes wide as his ginger scent hit his nose.
“You stay away, stinky excuse of an alpha.” Izuku growled as he abruptly pulled Katsuki to lay down on the couch.

Everyone gasped and held their breaths.

“Shit… is he gonna fu-oof-“ Denki started as Jirou gut punched him.

“Shut up.” Jirou barked quietly but firmly at her

Katsuki tensed up as he was pulled underneath Izuku. His heart was beating through his chest. Fuck was this hot.

Izuku huffed and groaned as he groggily tried to get Katsuki to lay underneath him how he wanted, but the omega was too tense.
Finally Izuku growled toward Katsuki but not in a threatening way. “Omega…”

Katsuki immediately relaxed and looked at Izuku. This fucking shit just used a command on him. As soon as the omega was still Izuku nestled himself between Katsuki’s legs and rested his head on his
chest wrapping his arms around Katsuki’s body, laying all his weight on Katsuki. The alpha then purred and then snuggled into his chest. “Hmmm kaachan.. “ the alpha mumbled as he relaxed.

Katsuki laid there red in the face, extremely flustered but also very turned on.
The weight of Izuku’s body curled up on his chest, pressing him into the couch; laying between his legs.

Katsuki's face palmed and groaned in embarrassment. He heard snickers from his friends and when he looked up they all had the phones out snapping photos.
Katsuki scrunched his face off and went to speak but Izuku wasn’t having it, he pulled Katsuki closer and unintentional in his groggy slumber scented Kats neck glands with his wrists, making Katsuki immediately putty in his hands, but Izuku wasn’t done yet.
His scent bursted into the air causing Katsuki to whimper and squirm under the alpha.

Everyone slowly got up trying to hold their laughter. The scent from Izuku told them all to back off and leave. The message became clear to both Sero and Denki that Izuku wasn’t just an alpha,
he was a prime and the two quickly backed off. Mina and Kirishima were the last to get up as with them both being beta’s the scent didn’t affect them too much.

“Good luck bro..” Kirishima chuckled.

“Yeah~have fun Kats~looks like Izu isn’t gonna let you go” Mina chuckled
as she got up as well.

“Whatever! Just get lost loser-“ Katsuki huffed loudly but was quickly subdued when Izuku snuggled him closer. “ kaachan….” Izuku whined.

His friends chuckled at their friends' predicament and quickly made themselves scarce, heading up to their guest
rooms where they usually stayed when they came over. Leaving Katsuki all alone with the alpha he brought home.

Now all alone Katsuki closed his eyes and tried to calm his wild heart but it was of no use. The calming scent of honey and ginger surrounding him, his inner omega was
preening and already submitting. Katsuki was almost sure that it seeped into his scent despite his best efforts as every sound Katsuki made Izuku would coo or grumble in return in the midst of his slumber. Eventually Katsuki brought his hands up to Izuku’s curls and played with
his hair yet again. Idly he started humming and twirling Izuku’s hair in between his fingers. As he did so the scent of an utterly happy alpha bursted from the alpha, overwhelming Katsuki senses making his eyes flutter, he felt so heavy all of a sudden, a rumble from Izuku’s
chest was what pushed the omega over the edge as he cradled Izuku’s head to his chest. He couldn’t remember when but laying safely and comfortably underneath Izuku, Katsuki fell asleep.
This was the calmest and most at peace he’s ever been. Somehow, although strange, it felt all too familiar.


Hope you all enjoyed this update!


💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

Back to the top?
The next day came with a sense of peace. Everything was so nice and comfortable. Nothing like his apartment. Here he felt at peace, he felt so rested and relaxed. It was so warm and soft, his futon mat could never. Breathing in shallow but full breaths of Caramel and notes of
apple, even a little cinnamon were wrapping him up and leaving him utterly useless. He was belly up at the mercy of his slumber, his body had never experienced something this relaxing in such a long time that he forgot where he felt this last. Delicate fingers gently brushed
across his hair and traced his ears. Small vibrations of a purr and hum started to fill his ears as he slowly was brought up from his deep sleep.

Slowly heavy eyelids peeled themselves back and fluttered open groggily as was met with the mess of an unfamiliar living room.
Izuku blinked in confusion but then felt a delicate hand cup his cheek. His eyes followed the arm up and was met with an equally groggy blonde.

“Morning’ nerd.” Katsuki huffed in a growl still laced with sleep.

The alpha in him hummed and smiled warmly in return before
closing his eyes and resting his head back against Katsuki’s chest. Katsuki chuckled softly from the action and hummed in content as he let the alpha snuggle back in. A few minutes passed before Katsuki sensed a shift in the alpha on top of him. His body stiffened all of a sudden
and then Izuku quickly pushed himself up and off of Katsuki hovering above him looking down at Katsuki eyes wide and face flushed red.

“Oh my god- I’m-“ Izuku quickly sat back on his knees in between Katsuki legs in the could causing the blanket to slip off them both.
Katsuki whimpered softly at the loss of warmth and weight on him as he watched Izuku launch off him. The look on his face sent a shot right through his heart. It was a mix of pain and flattery. Sad Izuku jumped off him but also happy he at least had the courtesy to have some

“I’m sorry- I overstepped- I did-“ Izuku stuttered out as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Shut up.” Katsuki huffed from his position, still laying down.

The alpha froze.

“You didn’t do shit.” Katsuki growled as he looked up at Izuku.
He didn’t bother to move or adjust himself as his body was still too comfortable to move despite Izuku’s departure. His legs on either side of Izuku’s lap slightly raised over the alphas thighs and knees, his arms resting near his head. Katsuki was completely open to the alpha
above him and he didn’t care a bit. His shirt pulled up and his pants slightly lower than they should be, he was the definition of a tease. “All you did was sleep. You needed that.” Katsuki said as he rolled his eyes and blushed slightly as he looked to the side.
Izuku hesitantly watched as Katsuki spoke. His heart was racing. It also didn’t help that this new side of Katsuki was being burned into his memory. How absolutely delectable he looked. It should be illegal. Porcelain skin, perfectly sculpted with a thin waist and plump thighs
and a soft plush chest, a face chilled but soft at the same time. Beautiful crimson eyes and golden locks, not to even mention the enticing scent around them both. The marriage of scents. His ginger with notes of honey and cinnamon blending into the Carmel and sugar turning into
a sweet bourbon apple scent that was entirely nothing but a siren call to each other.

“You forget how to speak or something?” Katsuki spitted out as he watched Izuku. The alpha had gone silent as he started at him. It was definitely intimidating but also really flustering being
under the gaze of the alpha he’s interested in.

Izuku blinked at the question and realized he must’ve zoned out. “I- I didn’t overstep?” Izuku stuttered out.

“Tch.” Katsuki huffed as he propped himself up. “No, I would’ve kicked you out if you did.” Katsuki said as he looked
up at Izuku.

Izuku gulped and then sniffed the air. “B-but I.. I scented you.” Izuku mumbled.

“So..?” Katsuki said as he looked at Izuku with an unfazed expression.

Izuku lips drew into a tight line. “Th-that doesn’t bother you?” Izuku muttered out.

Katsuki scoffed.
“I can’t believe you’re the same alpha as last night.” Katsuki said under his breath.

“Huh- what do you mea-“

“You didn’t seem to care when you pulled me under you and scented me in front of everyone.” Katsuki smirked with a teasing tone.

Izuku flushed red and his mouth

“You even told my alpha friends to back off and stay away.” Katsuki snickered as he flicked his eyes away. “Then you fell asleep on me.” Katsuki said his voice growing softer as he replayed it in his head.

//‘mmmmm… kaachan..’//

Katsuki hummed softly remembering
that nickname. He kinda liked it.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry.” Izuku huffed out as he covered his face. “I don’t know what got into me-“

“Oi- what the fuck? Do I look mad about it?!” Katsuki growled as he looked at Izuku with an angry expression. Clearly misrepresenting his
current feelings.

“Yes.” Izuku said flatly. “Right now.”

Katsuki halted and looked directly at Izuku. “I’m not fucking mad at you.” He huffed. “Stupid alpha.” Katsuki scoffed as he then swung his legs off Izuku’s lap and over the edge of the couch to sit up.
Izuku cowered a little bit and pouted at the insult.

Actually, that was a lie. Katsuki was angry with Izuku. Angry that the damn alpha overworked himself to the bone and put himself in the hospital. “You should be worried about your actions.” The omega warned as he stood up.
Izuku raised his brows and looked at Katsuki confused. “My actions?”

Katsuki flicked his eyes toward the alpha in a burning glare which made the alpha whimper like a scolded puppy. “Yeah… the ones that landed you in the goddamn hospital.” Katsuki huffed as he stood in front of
Izuku and crossed his arms.

“O-oh..” he stuttered out as he folded in his shoulders and looked down. “Sorry bout yesterday..” Izuku mumbled.

“Tch. You need to take care of yourself.” He huffed. “And you-“

All of a sudden the sound of a door opening and slamming shut echoed
through the halls. Katsuki stiffened as a chill ran up his spine right before…

“KATSUKI!! YOU DAMN BRAT! WHERE ARE YOU!?” A voice echoed through the hallways and walls of the mansion.

Izuku stiffened and looked behind him toward the entrance of the living room.
He then looked back to Katsuki who just continued to stare holes into the alpha.

Izuku gulped and looked down.

“Damn hag..” Katsuki snarled and then took a deep breath.

Izuku had no idea what was going on and honestly it put him on edge.
The hostility coming from that voice and now Katsuki’s whole outward appearance changing? Izuku just kept his head down and prayed he’d not be too much of a problem.

“BACK ROOM, HAG!” Katsuki yelled back.

And then as a response pounding collisions of pointed spiked heels made
their way down the bare floors. The scent beginning to fill the air around was turning sour and even had Izuku’s choke a little bit. It reminded him of when his mother got mad at him. Just duck, hide, apologize, and do as she says.

Meanwhile Katsuki crossed his arms and braced
himself for a normal morning with his mother. Well, not normal, he knew last night was caught in camera, he knew social media took it and ran. He just didn’t want to address it at all. He was solely focused on Izuku. The internet could go fuck itself with their rumors and lies.
“Do you have any idea of the PR nightmare you’ve created?” She yelled as she walked down the hallway. “You are all the entire internet is talking about!” The blonde woman dressed from head to toe in high holiday class.

“I don’t care about that shit-“
“Oh stop being a damn child Katsuki you ar-“ she started but abruptly stopped as she noticed Katsuki wasn’t alone.

Broad shoulders and a messing mob of green hair donned in scrubs, was sitting on her couch. Strangely familiar to the man Katsuki had been captured with in a panic.
Her lips fell into a straight line and then she fixed her bag on her shoulder as she looked to Katsuki. “Oh… you gonna introduce me?” She huffed as she crossed her arms.

“That’s none of your damn business hag-“

“Kaachan.” Izuku mumbled in a low tone looking up at Katsuki.
His eyes reading pure confusion, but also bewildered anger as to why he isn’t listening to the maternal pheromones bursting in the air right now.

“Tch.” Katsuki scoffed down at Izuku.

Silence filled the room before mitsuki finally sighed and rolled her eyes.
“Gotta do everything myself.” She groaned as she walked her way around the couch. Her eyes fell onto Izuku and she raised her brows.

“You gonna introduce yourself?” She asked brashly.

Izuku quickly looked up to Mitsuki and took a deep breath nodding slightly. “I- I can-“
Izuku gasped as he quickly got up to stand.

He easily towered over both of the Bakugou’s in height. He took a deep breath and slightly stretched showing his broad shoulders and defined collar bone. “I’m Izuku, Izuku Midoriya. It’s a pleasure ma’am.” Izuku said as he then bowed
his head slightly to Mitsuki.

The blonde woman raised her brows at the manners the man in front of her showed. “Oh wow such a gentleman… where in god's creation did he find someone like you?” She cooed as she reached up and ruffled his hair.
“So Izuku. Are you an alpha? Beta?” She asked as she smiled.

“He doesn’t need to answer that shi-“

“I’m a Prime Alpha ma’am.” Izuku answered right as Katsuki started speaking to cut his mother off.

“A prime? With no scent? ” Mitsuki said raising her brows.
“Don’t pull my leg boy...” she warned. “I think I’d know a prime when I see one since I a-“ she then choked on her own words when Izuku let his prime honey ginger scent burst through. “Oh.” Mitsuki said with eyebrows.
Katsuki bit his lip and gulped as he cheeks dusted pink at the invasion of scents and his hostile demeanor completely faded away.

“I control my scent so- o-others aren’t uncomfortable.” Izuku huffed out now slightly more aware of his surroundings and his predicament. He was
also kinda nervous just speaking to this woman. She reeked of confidence and the perfect image of a prime.

“You can control your scent?” She asked as she leaned forward. “Even completely erase it?”

Izuku nodded. “Yeah.”

“Hmm…” she hummed as she glanced to Katsuki with a s
mirk. “What are you doing with him brat?” She asked.

Katsuki looked up at his mother being brought back to reality as he noticed Izuku’s stare on him as well. He flushed pink and then grumbled.
“Make sure he doesn’t work himself until hospitalized again. He’s going to rest and I’m gonna…” Katsuki huffed and suddenly felt small under his mother’s knowing gaze, to which he hated. “Tch- He’s gonna stay here for a bit!” Katsuki huffed as he then hooked Izuku’s arm.
“We are gonna go eat breakfast.” Katsuki barked as he dragged the compliant alpha behind him.

“Uh- okay- um- nice to meet you Mrs. Bakugou-“

“Shut it Deku! The hag doesn’t need your hospitality!” Katsuki growled over Izuku as they marched away.
Mitsuki chuckled to herself as she watched Izuku get dragged off. She knew that look on her son's face. Heck she could smell it off it. He has a little crush on this alpha~ and not just any alpha, a prime one to boot. Being a Prime herself she could easily since her pup’s shift
in interest. As the pair disappeared around the corner she rested her hand on her cheek as her mind started clicking.

There was something she felt like she was forgetting. It was just out of reach of her memory, it bugged her. “Gosh darn that boy just.. looks so-“ she mumbled
but then got a phone call.

She groaned at the ID. It was Katsuki’s PR agent. They still had the whole scandal of the Katsuki outbreak after the event. She had a huge fucking mess to clean.
She swore to herself as she answered the call that Katsuki better make the most of the headache he is causing her.

And she better get her fucking grandbabies.


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💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

Back to the top?
Once alone Katsuki loosened his grip on Izuku’s arm. “Fucking hag can’t just leave me alone!” He huffed as he brought Izuku into the kitchen.

Izuku pouted as he walked with Katsuki. “Do you not get along with your mom?” Izuku asked as he trailed behind Katsuki.
Katsuki stopped and looked at Izuku a frown plastered on his face. “She’s just always up in my business! She needs to just fuck off sometimes.” He huffed as he walked toward the refrigerator.

“Hmm… well maybe she does that cuz she loves you.” Izuku hummed as he looked back
toward where they came from.

“Huh?” Katsuki growled as he looked at Izuku. Was Izuku about to fucking lecture him?!

“Your mom, she probably cares for you a lot you should be more understanding.” Izuku suggested. “She only wants to best-“
“Don't speak on shit you don’t know.” Katsuki huffed. “I’m the problem poster child.” Katsuki spitted as he turned back to the refrigerator.

Izuku took a deep breath. “Sorry I said anything then.” He huffed as he crossed his arm.

Silence filled the space between the two and
it got under Katsuki’s skin badly. He didn’t want to snap at Izuku, he just wanted to have a good time with him. Just hang out. Be himself and now it was icy. This wasn’t how he wanted things to go.

“Hey I-“

“Hey where’s the bathroom?” Izuku asked over Katsuki not even
realize he began to speak as well. “Oh- sorry what did you say?”

“Oh- Uh.. it’s nothing. Bathroom is down the hall up the stairs and it’s the first door on your left.” Katsuki directed.

Izuku nodded. “Thanks, I’ll be right back.” Izuku smiled as he then walked off in the
baggy blue scrubs.

Katsuki watched Izuku until he was out of sight and then facepalmed. //‘it’s gonna be fine just relax, today we can just relax!’// Katsuki thought as he then turned back to the refrigerator.
//‘breakfast, I need to make breakfast.’// Katsuki thought as he pulled out eggs and vegetables. He hoped omelets were okay.

Walking alone now Izuku found his way up to the bathroom. He exhaled pretty loudly as he saw the huge expanse of the home he was currently in.
It was insane compared to his small humble abode. Where his entire life consisted around two rooms, all of which were less space then the entryway of the house. Izuku opened the bathroom door and walked in, closing it behind him, locking the door.
He then walked into the bathroom by the mirror not giving it a second glance as he made his way to the toilet.

He sighed with relief as he relieved himself and then cleaned up. After flushing the toilet Izuku made his way to the sink and began to wash his hands.
That was when he got a good look at himself. Man did he look rough.

The alpha gasped as he brought his dripping hands up to his face. He had a small bandage over his brow and a slight bruise around it. His dark circles were crazy dark and his entire face and body just looked
tired. The scrubs only added to his sad tale. He could see the overwork in his eyes and in his body as he looked himself up and down. Izuku sighed as he steadied himself on the marble counter and looked down. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, his mind remembering the
phantom warmth of snuggling up on Katsuki. That was probably the best sleep he’s gotten in months. Maybe the best sleep of his life. The alpha chuckled to himself as he brought the fabric up to his face sniffing it. Although faint he could still smell the sweet Caramel and
cinnamon on his clothes and he hummed.

What a crazy day it’s been… just twenty four hours ago Izuku was getting ready to get to his job only running on 2 hours of sleep and here he is now, having been forced to take leave from work due to fainting on the job from overwork and
having a hospital stay, to now finding out the Katsuki he’s been talking to is from one of the most influential families known to the public and now he’s in there house. He even slept on him!

Izuku rubbed his face. “How embarrassing.” He whined as he curled on himself.
Eventually Izuku willed himself to leave the bathroom after throwing some water in his face and drying off. As he walked down he thought about his plan forward. He couldn’t really stay here, he had his own apartment. Plus he wanted a pair of fresh clothes not these scratchy
scrubs. They were starting to get uncomfortable.

As he entered the hallway leading to the kitchen he heard the familiar bomb of voices.

“So how did your slumber with your prince go~?” Mina hummed as she hung over the kitchen island.
“Yeah come on! Give us the details~ did you scare him off already?” Denki joked as he sat back on the counter.

“I’m sure he didn’t scare Midoriya off.” Kirishima chuckled from his chair.

Katsuki groaned from his spot at the stove as he cooked his and Izuku’s breakfast.
Izuku stumbled back into the kitchen and froze as all eyes but Katsuki’s landed on him.

“Speak of the devil and he shows.” Sero laughed from his spot on the counter. “How are you feeling? You aren’t gonna attack me are ya?” Sero joked as he stood up and walked over to Izuku.
Izuku tensed up. “Uh- w- were you the one I threatened? I’m so sorry!” Izuku said as he bowed his head and clasped his hands in front of himself. “It must’ve been the side effect of the suppressants I took!” Izuku huffed as he stood back up straight.
Sero laughed wholeheartedly. “Don’t worry about it ma-“

“What suppressants?” Katsuki asked as he looked at Izuku.

Izuku looked to Katsuki and gulped.

“Oh~ someone’s in trouble.” Denki cooed with a laugh teasing the two.

“Uh- a rut suppressant?” Izuku chuckled out.
“But it kinda backfired since it’s not meant for primes-“

Katsuki stared at Izuku up and down before clicking his tongue and going back to cooking. “Idiot.” He huffed as he flipped the omelet.

Izuku looked down and sighed as he scratched the back of his head.
“So how did you sleep Midoriya?” Kirishima asked as he pulled out a chair next to him.

Izuku looked up to Kirishima and gave a small smile. He then glanced to Katsuki and then walked over and sat down. “I slept pretty well.” Izuku hummed as he rested his arms in the counter top.
Mina hummed and honed in on Izuku like a shark to blood. “Oh~ you did?” She hummed.

Izuku looked to Mina and chuckled nervously. “Y-yes? Best sleep in awhile.” Izuku huffed out as he smiled.

Katsuki froze and but the inside of his mouth to keep the smile from blooming in his
face but regardless of his efforts the blush and bloom of pride couldn’t be hidden.

“D’awwww” Denki cooed as he looked at Katsuki with his hands clasped. “You hear that Ka—OOH-“ Denki gasped out as he was jabbed in his gut by Katsuki’s elbow.
“Shut the hell up!” Katsuki growled at Denki who only backed away snickering to himself.

Izuku looked at the others in the room and chuckled. “Why are you all teasing kaachan? He’s just being a nice person and good friend to me?” Izuku said nonchalantly projecting onto the
situation so he could tame the alpha currently pacing inside him thinking only about the omega in front of him.

Katsuki looked at Izuku and froze. //this dumbass… doesn’t know…?// Katsuki thought as he started at Izuku.

“You’re kidding right?” Sero laughed out.
“Oh my gosh! I don’t think he is!” Mina squeaked out.

“I don’t know what you guys are talking about.” Izuku laughed as he looked to Kirishima.

“Dude… what did I tell you during tutoring?” Kirishima hinted as he raised his brows, smirking.
Izuku furrowed his brows. “Y-you were serious?” Izuku whispered.

“Yeah!” Kirishima laughed.

Izuku stared at Kirishima wide-eyed before he looked over to Katsuki who was intensely watching him. As soon as they met eyes, Katsuki chuffed and turned on his heels to pull the food
from the hot skillet.

The alpha then looked back to Kirishima and shook his head. “But I am me..” he whispered lowly. “I couldn’t- I’m not-“

“Dude fuck all that-“

“Sssshh!” Izuku hushed Kirishima, like they weren’t just having the convo in the middle of the kitchen right
near everyone.

Kirishima laughed again and sat back in his chair. “Man you two are hopeless.”

Izuku groaned and turned back to look at Katsuki but was met with him being closer than he was before. A steaming plate of food was slid in front of him and he followed the end up to
see Katsuki standing in front of him with his arms crossed. “You are you. I don’t know what the fuck you mean by that.” Katsuki huffed. “I am me? Does it fucking matter?” He asked as he titled his head.


“Eat your fucking food.” Katsuki huffed as he then turn around and
began to make himself some food.

Izuku looked down at the piping hot omelette and then back to Katsuki.

||perfect omega, taking care of me. NO… I need to provide. Alpha provid-|| Izuku’s alpha raged internally in his mind. Izuku watched Katsuki shiver under his gaze before
he finally snapped and turned around.

“What?” Katsuki growled as he looked at Izuku. He then sucked in a breath as he caught a glimpse of the alpha under the surface in his emerald eyes. Heat pooled in his gut.

Izuku then shook his head and looked down at the food.
“Nothing- thank you.” Izuku mumbled out as he then dove into the food.

Everyone in the kitchen was simply watching with interest. It was quite clear from the outside these two were pinning for each other and not just because they were attracted to each other.
It was pretty clear there was something else here at work pulling the two together, but sadly, neither was accepting, or rather neither would let the other come to terms fully; and whenever they got close to breaking they got in their own way.
It was hard to watch at times but it was oh so amusing to tease and poke at them.

Who needed TV or social media when they had this to experience?

Hope you guys like this update! It’s so fluffy I can’t 😂



💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

Although there was the unwanted company of his friends glued to Izuku’s side, Katsuki was happy that Izuku was just taking a beat. He could tell by the way Izuku was acting and even just sitting that the easy morning with some delicious food gave Izuku some peace and solace.
//make alpha happy. We did good.// Katsuki’s omega kept chanting as he idly ate the last of his omelette.

“— you’re serious?!” Mina gasped.

“Aha yeah.. I work 5 jobs.” Izuku hummed as he sipped his glass of water.
“Damn.. you should seriously think about slowing down, you could maybe join our squad or something!” Denki suggested as he hung off Izuku’s shoulder.

“Yeah! You already take amazing photos from what I saw in the shoot.” Sero started.
“You could easily be a camera man for us or even start your own!”

“Uh.. i don’t know.. I don’t even have the software for any of that and I’d much rather put my funds toward getting through school.” Izuku said as he sighed.
“Don’t tell me you’re planning on taking back all five jobs.” Katsuki growled from his seat which put Izuku on edge.

“I have to.” Izuku mumbled as he looked away. “I can’t-“

“You shouldn’t work yourself to death dude.” Kirishima huffed as he placed a hand on Izuku’s shoulder.
“At least bring the number of jobs down and take the high paying ones more seriously.” Kirishima suggested.

“I appreciate everyone’s concern but I can’t just stop working and chase a pipe dream with no money.” Izuku huffed as he pushed his chair out.

“Deku you-“
“Katsuki. Please.” Izuku started. “I grew up on nothing, I can’t just jump on a whim and hope someone will catch me-“

“So jumping and falling on what you thought was a sturdy ledge because you piled things too high is better?” Katsuki huffed back.

Izuku opened his mouth and
then shut it once more.

“No one is saying quit your jobs-“

“I said that. I’m sayin that.” Denki interjected.

“SHIT IT DUNCE FACE!” Katsuki growled. He then turned back to Izuku. “You just can’t work yourself to death.” Katsuki huffed as he put his dishes in the sink.
Izuku watched Katsuki make his way over to him and he looked down at the blonde as he stepped in front of him. “You can do what you want BUT!” Katsuki huffed as he poked Izuku’s chest.
“You’re staying with me until you’ve recovered and you’re not going to work! You’ve got doctors notes!” Katsuki said as he crossed his arms. “And you’re gonna use them.”

“Katsuki I can-“

“No buts Deku!” Katsuki huffed. “Stop being so fucking stubborn-“
“I was gonna say I can’t live in these clothes.” Izuku said as he dropped his shoulders and looked away. He knew fighting was a no win situation and heck he didn’t even know why he got so distressed there for a moment, but he couldn’t fight or wiggle his way out of this one.
He was stuck here, while he could be working and making money, he had to stay still. If he was going to be forced through that, he at least wanted some clothes from his apartment. He had five days worth of notes for days off and it appeared that Katsuki is expecting him to stay
here all those days.

Izuku didn’t mind extra time with the omega, I mean who is he kidding, Katsuki is the most beautiful and handsome person he’s met and he smells so divine. Last night was the first night in YEARS he actually got a good night sleep and woke up feeling better
then he didn’t going to bed. It was nice.

“Oh.. well we can buy-“

“No. We can just get a bag at my place.” Izuku huffed as he crossed his arms. “You don’t need to take care of me Katsuki.” Izuku huffed as he looked down at Katsuki. “I’m an adult.”
“An irrational adult.” Katsuki huffed as a blush formed. “But we can go get stuff at your apartment I guess.” Katsuki huffed as he turned on his heels.

“I’ll call the driver.” Katsuki announced as he walked over to where his phone was and began to dial the driver.
Izuku sighed and looked over to the group who had begun to talk about what their days had planned and Sero was vlogging in the corner.

Izuku sighed again and looked to Katsuki and then down to his feet. He shoved his hands in his pockets and pulled out his phone amongst the
papers shoved in there and clenched his teeth and gulped as he saw the crack across the front of the flip phone. He’d need to get a new phone. The alpha flipped his phone open and tried to start it but it wouldn’t respond. He licked his lips and then shoved it back into his

“Alright, Deku let’s go meet the driver, he’ll be out front.” Katsuki said as he started to walk out.

“Alright! Road trip-“

“No! You idiots stay here!” Katsuki huffed as he pointed to the group. He then looked to Izuku and stomped toward him grabbing his arm.
“Come on.” He huffed as he pulled Izuku out with him. “It’s just me and him! Make yourselves useful here or some shit I dont care!” Katsuki growled as the two disappeared into the hallways.

“He kaachan.” Izuku asked as he walked.

“Yeah..” he answered with a blush on his cheeks.
“Why are you calling me Deku?” Izuku asked. “That’s not my name…”

“Your name can be read that way and you are being stupid!” Katsuki huffed as he let go of Izuku’s arm and went for his shoes. “What about your nickname? Huh? You keep calling me Kaachan.” Katsuki growled as he
slipped his shoes on.

“What about it? It has your name in it.” Izuku said as he walked forward the crap his shoes.

“It’s so childish.” Katsuki huffed. //lies!! What are you doing!!// Katsuki thought. He actually like the nickname but his inner brain just was itching to fight
and Izuku was here. His entire body seemed to be itchy and on fire but it was also calm.

“It’s cute.” Izuku smirked as he tied his shoes.

“HAH-“ Katsuki huffed looking up at Izuku.

“I said it’s cute.” Izuku smiled as he stood up straight.

Katsuki stared at Izuku's lips
drawn in a tight line. //cute. He just said cute.//

Katsuki got up and chuffed to himself. “Heh.. m’not cute Deku.” He grumbled as he walked past Izuku for the door.

Izuku chuckled and followed suit. “And I’m not stupid.” Izuku mumbled under his breath.

Katsuki froze.
//did he just call himself stupid to call me cute?! HE JUST CALLED ME CUTE—// Katsuki turned to Izuku, his brows furrowed, he was met with Izuku just staring at him.

The alpha chuckled and walked past Katsuki to open the door. “Come on kaachan.” Izuku hummed as he walked
through the door.

Katsuki licked his lips and then followed suit but as he was about to leave.

“Oi! Brat you leaving so soon?” A booming female voice called from the entryway hallway.
“What’s it look like!?” Katsuki growled as he went to close the door.

Mitsuki chuckled. “Are you sure you wanna be out alone with that alpha?” She asked.

Katsuki stopped the door and looked back at his mother. Izuku at this point had stopped and looked back. His heart sank a
bit at the fact Katsuki’s mother asked something like that. He thought he made an okay impression.

“TCh! I can handle myself and he won’t do nothing!” Katsuki huffed as he then slammed the door. “Come on Deku!” Katsuki snarled as he stomped toward the limo leaving his mother

However, Mitsuki wasn’t asking that to doubt Izuku, she knew he wouldn’t do anything. She was worried for Izuku in terms of Katsuki. He was only a few days off his heat and that little terror was horrible in his heats. Mood swings, cravings, acting irrational. The whole
gambet. Good luck to Izuku Midoriya.

Izuku looked back to Mitsuki with his brows upturned and was met with a warm smile and a wave. An action that kinda irked him but then he looked to Katsuki who was now glaring at him from the limo.
“You daydreaming or some shit?!” Katsuki yelled. “Come on!”

Izuku shook his head as he walked over to Katsuki. “Why am I seeing this whole new side of you now?” He asked as he stepped into the car.

Katsuki followed suit into the car and shut the door.
“It’s cuz you are be a dumb alpha! Someone’s gotta take care of you if you aren’t gonna.” Katsuki huffed as he crossed his arms.

“I’m an adult.. I don’t nee-“

“Not talking money dumb Deku. Even though I could do that too.” Katsuki mumbled toward the end as he looked out the
window. “Let’s just get your clothes and then we can just relax or something. You still need to rest.” Katsuki said softly.

Izuku watched Katsuki from his seat and took a deep breath and nodded. “I don’t need handouts..-“

“Hey I’m no-“

“But thank you.” Izuku hummed as he
then turned to look out the window on the opposite side of the car.

Katsuki watched Izuku for a moment before he nodded. He then looked up and was met with the driver staring at the two of them. “What?”

“I need an address.” The driver said with a small awkward smile.

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💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

After the driver got the address, the luxury car soon made its way out of the estate and toward Izuku’s apartment. The two college students sat in silence as they watched the world fly by, both didn’t know where to step. They didn’t know how to tackle the wall in the middle of
them, so they remained silent, well silent in terms of voice. Scents however were not so subtle.

Izuku kept staring out the window and thinking about all the topics he could talk about but all of which he deemed not good enough to move forward with. In the midst of his silence
stoic turmoil and sickeningly sweet aroma wafted toward him slowly. It was like a freshly baked apple pie with perfectly decadent Caramel, and then the undertones of burnt sugar and cinnamon, it immediately put him on edge. Not in a fear kind of way but a hyper aware kind of way.
He became hyper aware of every movement Katsuki made, every breath he took in, even down to how many times he blinked. His alpha side wouldn’t let him miss anything. At this point Izuku was blatantly staring at Katsuki instead of out a window. He couldn’t help himself.
This beautiful blonde omega smelled so nice, and he was interested in him. Izuku wasn’t one to be cocky but his alpha already knew Katsuki was a goner, Izuku was the only one to fight it, but why? Why would he fight something smelling so delicious? Who was he to deny the
beautiful omega access?

Katsuki stared at his window pouting. He didn’t know why the old hag had to fucking question Izuku like that.. or himself! Like did she not think they were capable adults! So what if his heat was a few days to a week off, it didn’t mean he was gonna go
belly up! It didn’t mean he was gonna jump Deku! Even if he smelt amazing and took all his anxiety away. Even if the hulking alpha was drop dead gorgeous. Fuck.. he might. Katsuki’s thoughts drifted to the morning waking up, having the alpha pinning up to the couch while he slept
so peacefully being completely encompassed by his ginger honey smell.. it was so relaxing and he was so perfect laying there on him. Last night was probably the best sleep he’d ever gotten too. The air in the car suddenly felt way too heavy, it was thick and heavy but the scent
remained just ginger, but it was sharp and focused. He only got the confirmation as to what Izuku was so focused on when he turned to look at him.

Emerald met Crimson eyes and immediately Izuku turned away toward the window, his cheeks blooming pink, to which Katsuki mimicked.

“S-sorry kaachan!” Izuku squeaked out.

“Why are you lookin at me-!” Katsuki started but then the car came to a stop and the small chauffeur window opened.

“Sir Bakugou we have arrived.” The driver said but then shit his trap staring awkwardly at a fuming Katsuki.
“Sorry sir.. I’ll be waiting here in the car.” He said as he quickly shut the window.

Izuku looked to the driver window and the to Katsuki like a lost puppy with his ears down and tail drooping.

“Tch! Fucking timing..” Katsuki scoffed. “Let’s go get your clothes!” Katsuki
said as he then opened the door and swung himself out.

Izuku gulped and nodded as he followed Katsuki out of the car. Why was he looking at Katsuki? Simple answer, he smelt divine and he looked so amazing. Could he say that. No. That would make it awkward and it would come out
of the blue.

The alpha resigned to sigh to himself and walk up behind Katsuki to get into the apartment complex.

Katsuki glanced up to Izuku as he swiped his card at the scanner to unlock access to the apartment complex. He took a deep breath as he watched Izuku’s body sift
through the scrubs. Everything about Izuku seemed to intensify, he just needed to hold himself off until he got home. They he could take suppressants! He could make it, he didn’t want to force himself on to Izuku. However it was getting harder as his heat symptoms seemed to
bubble up the more he breathed in Izuku’s scent.

“Well uh…” Izuku started as he motioned to a door. “My apartment is right here.” He chuckled, suddenly nervous to show it to Katsuki. His apartment was so small compared to his home, what would he think?

Katsuki looked from
Izuku to his apartment door and saw the nameplate or well… lack thereof. “Okay.” Katsuki huffed as he stood there looking at Izuku. “Are we gonna go in?” He asked.

Izuku gulped and then nodded. “Uh- s-sure!” Izuku said as he opened his door with his key and held it open for

The omega looked up to Izuku with a scowl and stepped in to which Izuku followed closely behind closing his door.

Immediately Katsuki is hit with the size of the apartment. To his left was a small kitchen and then cabinets and a sliding door, he then looked in front
of him and was met with a room full of empty energy drink cans and store bought bentos overflowing the trash car and instant ramen along with stacks of books and paperwork, for school, and a small bed stuck in the corner there was barely any room to walk around, and the kicker
of it all. There was only one window but it view was the side of a building and was half cut off by the porch on the other building.

Izuku shuffled in behind Katsuki and took off his shoes before stepping into his apartment. “Welcome to my place.” Izuku huffed dryly as he then
walked into his apartment. “Sorry for the mess.” He mumbled as he walked into his bedroom area and began looking for some clothes.

Katsuki nodded and then slipped his shoes off and followed close behind. “You really live in this place…” Katsuki huffed out as he opened the door
off the kitchen. It revealed a small shower and tub along with 3in1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash. He almost gagged. At least it was scent free. He then noticed on the sink table next to the toilet there was a toothbrush and toothpaste and a bar of soap. He had a sinking
feeling Izuku’s either used the bar of soap for washing his face or the 3in1 or maybe nothing at all- this was bad…

“Yeah?” Izuku laughed. “It’s all I can afford.” Izuku said as he opened his drawers under his bed. He might as well be straightforward and honest. It was nothing
to be ashamed of, he was making it the best he could with what he had.

“Hmm…” Katsuki hummed as he then turned to the kitchen and opened the small refrigerator. He was met with coffee energy drinks and a single carton of eggs. Nothing else. He then opened the cabinets to find
only instant noodles. He was in shock. No wonder he thought those meat buns were good.. he was eating this crap all the time! Katsuki grumbled to himself. He couldn’t let his alpha live like this. No, he needed to take care of him.
Izuku sighed to himself as he looked to where Katsuki was snooping through his cabinets. He felt exposed but he didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. It’s just the way he lives. That’s all.

The alpha sighed to himself quietly and scratched his back. These scrubs were
suddenly irritating and itchy. He didn’t even think twice as he pulled his top off and tossed it on his bed while he rummaged for a t-shirt, immediately feeling relieved and more comfortable. He’d be gone for a few days so he decided to grab a few pairs of clothes as he looked
for a shirt to wear, it wasn’t until his apartment spiked in a strong caramel scent did he look up to see a flushed Katsuki staring at him.

Katsuki wasn’t expecting much to happen, get Deku’s clothes, get lunch and then head back. He didn’t think it’d be that much of a hassle
but as he turned and saw Izuku’s shirtless form hunched and looking for clothes his mouth went dry. His body felt hot all over and as he took a deep breath all he could smell was honey and ginger. He didn’t know how long he was staring, all he knew was he wanted the alpha in
front of him, and he wanted him now.

Izuku gulped as he stared at the beautiful omega in his hallway. He went to speak but as he inhaled he was hit with the very clear scent of an omega in heat. The pure lust in Katsuki’s scent had Izuku’s shut his mouth tight and turn a few
shades darker than Katsuki. He broke the staring first and looked down covering his face. His thoughts racing as his heart raised the stakes.

//FUCK FUCK FUCK!! What the hell do I do! Katsuki- he’s- hes- he likes me? No- I - yes? I like him? What do I do- he could get in-// he
thoughts were interrupted however as a delicate warm hand rested on his bare shoulder. Izuku’s shivered and gasped as he straightened out tense as all could be as Katsuki bent down and rubbed his cheeks against Izuku’s arm.

Izuku glanced over slowly to Katsuki, his body in
complete auto pilot, however looking at Katsuki would prove to be a mistake. “Kaachan-“ Izuku croaked out as he met Katsuki’s blown out eyes and then a small trill in response to Izuku’s calling out to him.

Katsuki looked up to Izuku as his arms snaked around the alpha forearms;
he was almost too far gone as he held on to Izuku. It was pretty clear he was falling into his heat and Izuku’s scent and presence would speed it up. As Katsuki stared up at Izuku’s bewildered face he slowly began to click how close he was and in and instant Katsuki gasped and
shot himself up to his feet. He then fell backward on his butt due to loosing his balance and yelped as he hit the ground. “Fuck-“ he growled to himself.

//FUCK FUCK FUCK!! What the hell do I do! Katsuki- he’s- hes- he likes me? No- I - yes? I like him? What do I do-
he could get in-// he thoughts were interrupted however as a delicate warm hand rested on his bare shoulder. Izuku’s shivered and gasped as he straightened out tense as all could be as Katsuki bent down and rubbed his cheeks against Izuku’s arm.

Izuku glanced over slowly to
Katsuki, his body in complete auto pilot, however looking at Katsuki would prove to be a mistake. “Kaachan-“ Izuku croaked out as he met Katsuki’s blown out eyes and then a small trill in response to Izuku’s calling out to him.

Katsuki looked up to Izuku as his arms snaked
around the alpha forearms; he was almost too far gone as he held on to Izuku. It was pretty clear he was falling into his heat and Izuku’s scent and presence would speed it up. As Katsuki stared up at Izuku’s bewildered face he slowly began to click how close he was and in and
instant Katsuki gasped and shot himself up to his feet. He then fell backward on his butt due to loosing his balance and yelped as he hit the ground. “Fuck-“ he growled to himself.

“N- no- kaachan- are you okay?” Izuku asked as he turned to face Katsuki and reached out a hand.
The scent was thick in the air and Izuku was trying to remain strong. He could smell how ripe Katsuki was for /his/ picking and how it was directed at him. His alpha was waiting to pounce, it wanted to devour every inch of Katsuki and make the omega know who he belonged to, it
wanted Katsuki to lose his voice to his name and he wanted to claim and stuff that omega full of his cum and his knot. He was pacing internally as he looked over the omega, like a tiger locked in a cage waiting for its meal sitting there out in the open. His hand trembled as he
waited for Katsuki to respond.

“Shit- Deku… get your shit-“ Katsuki huffed as he hit Deku’s hand away. “I- i need to get home-“ he mumbled out as he struggled to stand, his legs going soft like jelly in the presence of a very strong alpha.
Izuku watched Katsuki like he was prey, his fangs elongating in his mouth as he watched Katsuki struggle to stand and form words. The more Katsuki moved the more scent blossomed from Katsuki. It set a fire off in Izuku’s lungs, he was only recently off his rut.
A rut that was heavily suppressed, his restraint could only hold him for so long. “You’re in heat-“ Izuku mumbled as he slightly licked his lips, his alpha was beginning to break free.

“No shit!” Katsuki growled as he looked up at Izuku who had now leaned forward over Katsuki
slightly. Izuku’s eyes had become so focused on Katsuki his pupils became slits and his scent started to permeate the air that he too was very interested in Katsuki.
“Fuck fuck fuck! I didn’t want it to be like this!” Katsuki snarled weakly as he buried his face into his hands, slowly turning to a small whimper of distress.

That stopped Izuku dead in his tracks.


Maybe Katsuki should have listened to Mitsuki? 👀

💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

As quickly as he lost control Izuku gained it back, he quickly pushed himself up to his feet and away from Katsuki. He then stepped around him and walked over to his refrigerator and opened up the freezer part and stuck his face into the machine. The cool air snapping him back to
reality. //Katsuki is right! He isn’t in the right state of mind! His heat is making him think this way! He didn’t want this!// Izuku thought to himself.

Katsuki was shocked at the sudden movement that Izuku made. At first he thought Izuku was going to just leave him there, and
oh no as soon as that thought crossed his mind his omega broke through in turmoil and tears pricked Katsuki’s eyes as he whipped around to make sure Izuku didn’t leave. He hated being this vulnerable but he’d never felt this way before, vulnerable in a good kind of way. It wasn’t
humiliating or degrading like other times, this time it was of pure desperation of his own desire. His own yearning.

Izuku after shoving his face into the freezer for a solid minute pulled himself back out and closed it. He took a moment to himself steadying his breathing and
then looked down to Katsuki. “Alright… uh let’s get you back-“ Izuku turned to Katsuki and then abruptly stopped his train of thought as Katsuki stared at him tears streaming his face. “WHAA!!! Kaachan!” Izuku squeaked as he quickly bent down to Katsuki.
“Why are you crying?!” Izuku asked as he went to hold Katsuki but then stopped after hearing the echo of what Katsuki said just moments ago.

//‘I didn’t want it to be like this!’//

Izuku retracted his hands and set them in his own thighs as he looked at Katsuki.
“Don’t cry..” Izuku cooed. “Uh…” Izuku looked around and then thought for a moment.

If Katsuki was in heat he shouldn’t be around, Katsuki also said he didn’t want this.. does that mean him? He didn’t want him? Or was he saying he didn’t want it like this? Meaning he does want
him? But not in his heat? They barely talk… Izuku shook his head. Maybe it’d be best to have the driver bring Katsuki back to his estate and Izuku just stay at his own place and recover.. on his own. He internally didn’t want to but that was the best option. So with the iron
like control Izuku has over his prime alpha side he locked his urges away once again. He wasn’t gonna fall into them. He can’t. Not again.

“Why don’t we get you to the car? Hmm? Then the driver can take you back home-“

“Wha what?” Katsuki croaked out completely crushed.
Izuku froze. “You’re in heat! You need to leave.” Izuku said firmly.

“B-but-“ Katsuki whined.

“No buts! Let’s go.” Izuku huffed as he went to pick Katsuki up.

Katsuki’s breathing hitched and hot tears streamed down his face. His emotions going haywire. The alpha of his
desire didn’t want him.

//he doesn’t want me? Am I not good enough? Alpha doesn’t want me. Bad omega! NO! I’m a good omega!// Katsuki’s mind raced. He then swatted Izuku’s hand away and then scrambled away from him find his way into Izuku’s bed under his covers quite quickly
his entire scent changing to burnt sugar.

The fear of abandonment from the only alpha he’s ever had interest in was making it extremely easy for his more soft vulnerable side to show its ugly face. Katsuki whimpered and whined under the covers.
“No! I don’t wanna! You can’t leave me!” Katsuki cried from under the covers.

Izuku held his hand where it was smacked away too and just watched in shock at Katsuki’s actions. Izuku furrowed his brows and looked to the side as he held his breath. The burnt sugar smell was
somehow even more enticing to his alpha side. The primal urge of catching prey filling his instincts and senses. Fuck!

Izuku quickly got up from his seat and shuffled through his kitchen until he found wooden clip to which he put of his nose to block out Katsuki’s scent.
“Kaachan, you need to go home. You said you didn’t want this.” Izuku said as he stomped over to his bed and pulled the comforter off the bed revealing Katsuki who gasped at the pull of the blanket.

“NOOOO!!” He howled as he curled up in a ball toward the head of Izuku’s bed.
Great, now Izuku will only smell Katsuki in his bed for days. Not that it was a bad thing but it would drive him crazy.

“Kaachan you’re being ridiculous!” Izuku huffed.

Katsuki turned over with puffed out cheeks his eyes blown out as he looked to Izuku. The first thing his
eyes saw was Izuku’s plugged up nose. Katsuki’s mouth dropped in shock and then his face twisted into a extremely pained expression before he broke down and covered his face.

//He doesn’t like my smell! He wants me gone! He doesn’t want me! I am a bad omega!
I pushed myself from him! He hates me! Like everyone else! I’m a problem to him!// Katsuki’s brain went on and on, insecurities were a bitch and they came back to bite him.

Izuku stood there absolutely dumbfounded. He didn’t know what to do, Katsuki’s sudden mood shift sent him
spiraling. He wanted to help his omega but he could- wait… his omega??

When did he start referring to Katsuki as his? Izuku face palmed and then he heard the bed shift which prompted him to looked toward Katsuki.

Katsuki sat up on the bed and looked at Izuku his face
extremely flushed and distraught. “Do you hate me? Am I not good enough…?” He asked, his voice broken.

Izuku’s jaw hit the floor as he processed that question.

“Are you gonna just throw me out?” Katsuki sniffled as a sob tore through his chest.

Izuku took a step back.
This was overwhelming.

“Please… please don’t.” Katsuki mumbled as he looked down, gripping the sheets of the bed tightly. Big fat crocodile tears fell from his eyes. “FUCK! I can’t do this!!” Katsuki snarled to himself.
Izuku gulped and looked down trying to process his next steps. It’s not like he didn’t like Katsuki. He did! Oh BOY! Did he like Katsuki. He wanted to completely claim him but Katsuki said not like this. NOT LIKE THIS.

Izuku shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair.
“You really make things difficult..” Izuku huffed with grit in his voice.

Katsuki looked up at Izuku and let out a silent sob. He definitely took those words the wrong way. “Fine! TH-then toss me out!” Katsuki growled. “Toss me to the side like everyone else!”
//what the fuck are you doing?!// Katsuki yelled internally.

Izuku snapped his head up at attention. “N-no- kaachan- I-“

“What?! You have you nose plugged up, you want me gone! Do I smell gross?! Am I a bad omega for you??” Katsuki croaked out.
“Do you like that fucking peppermint more than me?!” Katsuki croaked out his inner thoughts. He felt so insecure about Izuku, the one thing he truly wanted that he had to work for.

“No- that’s not-“

“Stop lying!! STUPID ALPHA!” Katsuki snarled baring his fangs as a challenge
to Izuku.

Izuku stared at Katsuki, eyes focused on him and only him. “What did you just call me?”

//Click click.// Slowly the cage was unhinging.

“STUPID DEFECTIVE ALPHA! LIAR!” Katsuki growled again with more venom as he bared his fangs yet again.
“FUCKING IDIOT!” Katsuki huffed as he crossed his arms and pouted. He was being a brat, and he was completely oblivious to the danger just 5 feet away from him.

//click click//

Izuku pinched his nose and took a deep breath through his mouth.
“Katsuki… please get ahold of yourself.” Izuku warned as he grit his teeth behind his lips, which became difficult as his fangs dropped.

“Me get ahold of myself?! You can’t even a- answer me! Huh? You think you’re too good for me!” Katsuki croaked out his voice cracking.
“News flash! You’re not!” Katsuki huffed, baring his teeth yet again as a sign of challenge, which didn’t go unnoticed by Izuku’s alpha.

It clawed and growled to be let free, it wanted to rip Katsuki limb from limb and completely tear him to shreds. It wanted the omega to be at
his mercy and submit. He wanted to make Katsuki submit, but somehow Izuku was holding on. However, that tether could only hold him for so long.

“Katsuki please get ahold of yourself-“

“FUCK YOU. I could have my pick of alphas if I wanted to!!” Katsuki growled.
“BUT I FUCKING WANT MY ALPHA!” Katsuki huffed and puffed.

“Your-“ Izuku gasped out as he looked at Katsuki, shocked at the outward claim.

No sooner did Izuku’s eyes meet Katsuki did all hell break loose internally for Izuku. Katsuki stared at Izuku with his teeth bared and
his head lowered growling under his breath. Izuku’s eyes raked over Katsuki’s body as he watched him. The more he watched the more his alpha became unhinged and his grip seemed to slip on the tether.

He’s challenging me?! ME?! Disobedient Omega trying to wipe the floor with
him?! That’s not gonna fly. Izuku pulled the clip off his nose and threw it across the room, creating a loud thud, and probably a small dent in the wall.

“Kaachan… quit it..” Izuku warned dangerously as his body tremebled. “I’m warning you-“
“What are you gonna do about it?” Katsuki growled this time however he knew what he was doing. His heat was coiling in his gut and taking in the now fuming alpha scent. Thick with arousal and clear urge to make Katsuki submit.
He wasn’t gonna, not when Izuku planned to abandon him. The omega bared his fangs and outwardly snarled at Izuku, leaning forward slightly. “You don’t want me-“



Ahahah sorry for the cliffhanger 🤣 😅

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💫The Rising Star and The Odd One Out🌑

Before Katsuki could even grasp the situation he was pinned to the bed, his arms pulled above his head and his legs helplessly thrown across the thighs of a now snarling alpha above him who had his prime alphan fangs bared. The omega yelped in surprise and tried to curl in on
himself. Izuku moved so fast and so hard he could even process how he ended up on his back underneath the alpha absolutely immobilized. The grip he had on Katsuki could bruise and it probably would with the force he used.

“I never said that.” The alpha snarled.
The pure overpowering scent of a prime alpha hitting Katsuki full force his legs began to tremble and his eye blew out wide. He gasped for air as if he was drowning all while Izuku snarled above him asserting his dominance. After a few moments Izuku’s growls subsided as he
dropped his lips to change his face into a more firm expression, but as soon as he did so Katsuki took advantage of the that and turned his head to face Izuku, pulling up his lips baring his teeth yet again.

Izuku’s pupils went to slits and he growled again, this time burying
his face against Katsuki’s neck as he tightened his grip on his wrists pinned above. His sharp fangs grazed Katsuki’s neck just barely breaking the skin as Katsuki kept snarling. The omega kicked his legs against Izuku’s body and tried to squirm his hands out of the alpha’s grasp
but all Izuku did was hold on tighter and snarl deeper and louder all while pumping out pure alpha pheromones packed full of all his emotions but the most prevalent was that of Katsuki is his prey, and there was no intention of letting him off scot free. The more Katsuki fought
the more strength Izuku seemed to use, his grip becoming almost unbearable especially with the edition of his blunt nails digging into his wrists slightly. Katsuki let out small yelps as Izuku’s grip and hold grew tighter on him.

Izuku’s alpha was just a few hairs away from
going absolutely feral, the omega below him wasn’t submitting, and Izuku’s alphan nature wouldn’t take no for an answer. With that being said, Katsuki was no match for Izuku when he used all his strength paired with the absolutely overpowering and overwhelming amount of
pheromones being pumped out and directed at Katsuki, not to mention the small scrapes on his neck from Izuku’s fangs. After a few more moments of defiance Katsuki’s heat riddle mind gave in, his body went lax and he dropped his head to the side whimpering completely surrendering

A sense of pride filled Izuku’s chest as he licked a confident stripe up the side of Katsuki’s neck against his exposed scent gland. The taste that exploded on his tongue sent shivers down his spine as he then focused in on the scent gland and moved his hands down to
grip Katsuki’s small waist.

Katsuki whimpered out and squirmed at the sudden attention on his scent gland. “Gah- a - alpha-“ Katsuki huffed out as he hands moved to Izuku’s bare back scratching his skin.
The taste of caramel and apples on his tongue had Izuku’s mouth watering and his entire conscience focused on Katsuki alone. Izuku groaned into Katsuki’s neck and rolled his hips down which brought out a gasp from Katsuki. Fuck Izuku was addicted. The tastes, the scent, the
sensations, was driving his alpha damn near feral.

Katsuki then turned his face into Izuku’s neck and nibbled on his neck as he crooned and softly purred. The taste of honey and ginger filling his mouth as he let the alpha on top of him consume him. Their scents now mix in the
air heavily filled with lust and arousal, unrest and desire.

Again Izuku’s body trembled and shivered at the attention he was getting that he’d never gotten before. The greenette pulled away from Katsuki’s neck and then dove in quickly capturing Katsuki’s lips. Gingerly Izuku
kissed Katsuki as his hands exploded under katsuki’s shirt. The omega gasped when Izuku’s fingertips brushed over his chest and Izuku rumbled in response. The alpha began to deepen the kiss with a subtle brush of his tongue against Katsuki’s lips,
he immediately complied by opening his mouth and meeting Izuku’s passion. However, as soon as the kiss deepened words echoed through Izuku’s head.

//“I didn’t want it to be like this!”//

Izuku gasped and shot up and off Katsuki quicker than the poor omega could blink.
Izuku sat on the edge of his bed and covered his lower face burning bright red and his eyes screwed shut. /FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! I almost fucking lost it!/ he screams internally.

This was NOT how this was supposed to go! They were here for his clothes and then go back for a
relaxing couple days. NOT ALMOST FUCKING IN HIS APARTMENT! SHIT! Get a hold of your goddamn self Izuku!

The alpha groaned and rubbed his face pretty violently and then let out a loud sigh as he dropped his hands. No sooner did he open his eyes he was met the feeling of absolute
dread. He slowly looked over and saw Katsuki now sitting up on his knees scowling at Izuku. The poor alpha was a deer in headlights. This wasn’t good. Katsuki’s fallen into heat, his scent was now Caramel and apple pie with intense undertones of cinnamon, it was creamy and thick
and it was all directed at him.

“Katsuki we need to get you home.” Izuku huffed out as he stared at Katsuki.

Katsuki looked around the room and furrowed his brows. He then growled under his breath and turned his back to Izuku pulling the sheets and blankets up onto the bed
and arranging them. “I am home.” Katsuki mumbled out.

If this wasn’t a bad scenario and they knew each other a bit more, Izuku would be absolutely through the roof and over the moon happy about that statement but the fact of the matter is that they didn’t. Izuku hadn’t even
started courting! They couldn’t do this!! AND Katsuki even said he didn’t want it like this before he fell into his heat! No he needed to remain strong, even if he wanted to give into the gorgeous omega that way out of his league. He couldn’t bend here, not when the omega clearly
stated he didn’t want this before he fell into heat. He wasn’t going to be a deadbeat alpha to fall into his instincts and take advantage of Katsuki. He wouldn’t never.

“No, your home is not here Katsuki.” Izuku said as he pushed himself up. His iron like grip held on yet again
but he couldn’t cage it, just barely hold it back. He needed to get Katsuki to the car outside. He wasn’t safe with him. If that wasn’t obvious by how Izuku almost took Katsuki for his own just moments before, heck he almost snapped the omega in two with how much he was
restraining him.

“Yes it is.” Katsuki huffed as he turned to Izuku.

“No. You don’t live here I do.” Izuku argued back. He then reached out and grabbed Katsuki’s arm. “Come on kaachan. You aren’t safe here with me. Not when you’re like this.” Izuku said sincerely with concern
as he pulled Katsuki away from his nest.

“NO!” Katsuki screamed as he tried to get back to the bed but Izuku had picked him up and began walking. However Katsuki was stronger than he looked. As they passed the threshold of the hallway Katsuki stopped Izuku from going any
further as he put his arms and legs out to stop them. “I AIN'T GOING NOWHERE! MOTHERFUCKER PUT ME DOWN!” Katsuki snarled loudly as he fought back, his body thrashing wildly in Izuku’s hold.

Izuku tried to push them through but it was a struggle.
“I’m doing this for you kaachan!” Izuku croaked out. “Don’t make this more difficult than it needs to be!” Izuku huffed out.

Katsuki somehow managed to find a weak point and squirmed his way free of Izuku’s arms and flipped over him and down his back rolling back toward the bed

The alpha gasped as Katsuki maneuvered and turned quickly in fear Katsuki might’ve hurt himself but lost footing and ended up falling into the wall unable to catch himself properly. “GA-“

Katsuki looked back to Izuku on the floor for a moment as the alpha regained his
composure and then chuffed in response before pulling out clothes and such to make a nest. //Serves the alpha right. Now back to my nest..// Katsuki thought as he went back to arranging their nest.

Izuku looked up from where he had fallen to see Katsuki diligently nesting on his
bed again. It had his alpha snarling at the reins wanting to be let loose and claim what was his, but Katsuki couldn’t handle that. Izuku wasn’t even sure if he himself could handle that. He’s never let his alpha side loose on another person since he presented as a kid and that
did NOT end well.. he had to move and change his entire life because of it. It ruined everything he knew.

“Kaachan!” Izuku huffed out as he got up. “We need to go.”

Katsuki stopped and looked over to Izuku his pupils clearly blown out and too far gone to say he was back to
normal. “We?” Katsuki asked.

“No-“ Izuku corrected. “I mean- you do!” Izuku said as he took a step.

Katsuki’s face twisted in anger yet again. “NO!” He puffed as he began nesting again this time however as he began to arrange pillows and blankets he’d lift his hips up and
away from side to side. His pants now clearly show he’s soaked through. He was taunting Izuku, and subtly trying to show how much of a good omega he is.

Izuku went to speak but his throat went dry as he saw the view. “Fuck.” He croaked and furrowed his brows looking down as he
bit his hand. He then looked up at Katsuki again watching him.

/think Izuku THINK! I need to get him out of my apartment and to his house ASAP! but he’ll be upset and won’t let me take him if I say it’s just him going..// Izuku thought and the gears turned and then an idea
struck him.

“Alright Kaachan.” Izuku as he grabbed an empty duffle bag and walked toward his clothes. He pulled out a few different sets and tossed them in his bag. He then grabbed a shirt off the nest and threw it on.

Katsuki stopped his motions and looked Izuku up and down,
his face darkening. “Why the fuck are you wearing more clothes?” Katsuki said as if the clothes Izuku wore killed his family.

“We can’t do this here Kaachan.” Izuku said firmly as he then zipped up his bag. It was just a faux bag he didn’t need to pack toiletries so he tossed it
over his shoulder. “Come on lets go back to your place.” Izuku said as he outstretched his hand.

Katsuki looked at the alpha peculiarly and brought his arms up to his chest. Katsuki’s heat riddled brain had no idea what Izuku was planning but for him to suddenly change his
attitude gave Katsuki anxiety about the situation. “Y.. you’re really gonna stay..” Katsuki asked weakly.

Izuku gulped. “Y- yeah.”

Katsuki watched Izuku as he slowly squinted his eyes. He wanted to believe him but Izuku was smart and he knew that. The omega didn’t want to be
abandoned by the alpha, he’d do anything to keep the alpha from leaving, but looking around the alpha was right.

This nest is too small for the both of them. His nest at home would be much nicer. He then glanced around and looked at the nest and sniffled. He really liked this
nest though…

The omega’s bottom lip began to quiver as he picked up the various garments and pulled them close to his body. “You aren’t gonna abandon me?” Katsuki asked weakly.
Izuku sucked in a harsh breath. He would never abandon Katsuki, but he couldn’t spend his heat with him. Not this one.

“Kaachan..” Izuku mumbled out as he stared at Katsuki. He thought for a moment, how was he going to handle this, omegas in heat that get distressed can be
dangerous for them, abandonment can hospital Katsuki if he isn’t careful. He looked around his room and then the idea hit him. He can give Katsuki something for his heat riddle brain to hold onto! Yeah!

“I won’t kaachan.” Izuku huffed out with newfound energy.
Katsuki’s facial expression lit up in response to Izuku’s cheery tone. “Okay.” Katsuki hummed as he then got off the bed to follow his alpha but quickly wobbled and fell to the floor. “GAH-“ he huffed out as he shivered on the ground.

“Kaachan!” Izuku gasped out as he bent down
to Katsuki. “Are you okay?”

“Hnnggg… alpha…” Katsuki whimpered as his arms trembled, a rush of full blown heat flashing through the omega. The thick scent grew creamier as Izuku took in breaths. “...n..need you..” Katsuki was getting to an edge, and Izuku needed to get
himself far away from that.

“Uh- it’s okay kaachan. Let’s get going Hmm?” Izuku suggested as he lifted Katsuki up in his arms. As soon as he did so Katsuki latched on his legs wrapping tight around Izuku’s torso and his arms locking around his neck as he buried his face into
the crook of Izuku’s neck right over his scent gland. Izuku shivered and gulped at the sensation of Katsuki’s steady hot breath against his neck and took a deep breath to steady himself. Then a feeling of dread then washed over Izuku. The alpha quickly tried to pull Katsuki off
but was met with an absolute hold. He couldn’t even extend his arms the tiniest bit to move the omega. Katsuki tightened his arms and legs around Izuku and whimpered into his neck. He wasn’t going anywhere now that he had a good hold.
“Fuck…” Izuku swore under his breath. He fucked up.


Finally got this up to you guys! Hope ya liked it!

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