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Hmmm #dekubaku w/ fem!baku fantasy AU??

Princess Katsuki is known throughout the land as being unruly, feral, and brash. No one has /ever/ seen her smile, outside of a battle or a hunt that is. She most commonly has a sneer of disgust on her face, considering-
-every person who has tried for her hand nothing more that an insignificant extra. A rumor began to circulate around the kingdom that the one who could make her laugh would be the one to marry her. The Queen, Katsuki’s mother, thought this was hilarious, and began to-
-challenge her daughter’s suitors to make Katsuki laugh. It usually ended up with them making a fool of themselves, but the princess didn’t even smile. If anything, her frown only deepened at their attempts to humor her.
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#bakudeku #bkdk #MHA #mha #dekubaku #bnha #BNHA
Fallen angel Izuku x Human Katsuki 

Description: Fallen angel Izuku recounts falling in love with the human he was assigned to guard. 

Cw // burning , religious imagery
It hurt to chase after you. The soles of my feet became scorched by hellfire. The smell of burning flesh and smoke filled the air with every step. My legs burned the longer I ran after you.  I was walking on holy land after you, even though I was damned.
A monster of my own making, I’m sure. You were a beautiful angel, the most perfect of all god’s creations, in human form.

So I ran after you. I believed in you, unlike anything else. You were chasing your dream.
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💫A Rising Star and The Odd One Out 🌑

CW: bullying, harrassment, eventual smut, O/B/A (omegaverse) (ill add more as needed as I go) Quirkless AU, College student, Rich Katsuki, Poor Struggling Izuku.

A!izuku X O!Katsuki

#dekubaku #dkbk
Katsuki is a high class rich omega attending college for his modeling and business degree, he is the son of a very high class fashion company and the heir to its entire franchise! He is already famous on Instagram he has over 48 million followers and it grows by the thousands
each day. Even with his explosive nature and being a male omega, everyone can’t help but agree his looks are worth the downsides, and even more so because he’s an omega and he is so beautiful. It’s the first day attending class and he is swamped by the students and he honestly
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