When @BarackObama talks about identity, it isn't JUST about race, @AriMelber.

It's about who you identify AS - and that includes individuals' identities based on flawed understandings of patriotism and conservatism as influenced by hostile actors.
It's about inherited, inclusive AND exclusive identities (I am this, but I am also that VS I am this, therefore I am not that).

incl: "I am a New Yorker; I am an American"
inherited: "I am a New Yorker, so I am an American"
excl: "I am American, so I am not British"
The danger we face is with identity when political ideology shifts towards an exclusively exclusive model - and that's what hostile actors (both foreign and domestic) have been pushing for my entire lifetime:

the otherization of those who value this nation's original ideals.
This is an operation that's been in the works for decades:

Gingrich's rhetoric in the early '90s,
the war on science starting with climate change denial (a joint venture between the far right and the Russians)
Bush's "You're either with me or against me." (intentional? 🤷‍♀️)
And so, with Trump's & the GOP's derision of "globalists," we finally have arrived at

"I am an American, so I am a Republican; anyone who is not a Republican is not really American."

A full adoption of an exclusively exclusive model.
So I don't think you can solely cast "identity politics" as being about race/gender in this context.

Or, at least you shouldn't: internally-perceived identity is mutable & can be manipulated by all sorts of hostile actors to foment civic discord too.
It's just a longer game.
So please make sure to address internally-perceived identity, not just stochastically-defined & externally-perceived identity when you discuss the subject of "identity politics."

Ignoring it only helps the radicalization and otherization proceed undetected.

Case in point: Image

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17 Nov
I agree that @JoeBiden shouldn't spend his entire presidency focusing on Trump.

I do, however, think it would be worth one day a week to focus on measures that will prevent ANOTHER Trump* from ever holding a position of public trust.

* predatory con men
Investigations fall under the umbrella of an independent justice department and - more importantly - @HouseDemocrats.

Not just into Trump and his administration - but into the forces that subjugated the GOP to Trump's will.
And... throw that now-convicted serial pedophile who was speaker of the house and Jeffrey Epstein into the mix too.

Because it's all part of the same story.
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17 Nov
if the 2020 Presidential election alone cost $14bn, that establishes the value of an individual's vote in the range $58 (for all potential voters) & $90 (if only counting actual votes).

Wouldn't disenfranchising voters by excluding > 12 legit ballots be felony larceny?
Similarly, wouldn't suppression of >20 eligible voters by means of closing down polls or other acts that don't quite fit the definition of fraud also be considered felony larceny?
Just taking a rough stab at this before bedtime -

while state officials aren't USG employees, one could theorize that excluding legitimately cast ballots in a Presidential election could be considered unlawful conversion of 'property' - Image
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10 Nov
Oh boy.

It seems the ENTIRE GA state infrastructure for remote work for COVID is managed through Airnet Group.

And they just happened to get it set up by December 2019. Before COVID was a problem?


This is BAD. @staceyabrams @sfpelosi
EVERY bit of data for the State of Georgia can be accessed through the same corporate entity that was hacked by Russia in 2015 - but most of THOSE emails + data wasn't released.

Used for blackmail and election tampering, yes. But not publicly released

Oops - forgot the link from up top:

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3 Nov

what proportion of living Americans have inherited more than $100,000, or $500,000 that originated with wealth derived from slavery?

How does that transfer of wealth map to political identity and geographic location?

Does anyone have a reference or primary source data?
It's a shame that Adam Goodheart at @washcoll doesn't have a twitter account. We could really use some more learned historians around here - to proviede truthful answers to questions about slavery and political dynamics around the civil war...

Note: above is untitled, for some reason - it's the proportion of households per state that owned slaves.

This is the overall proportion in all slave-owning states. Image
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26 Oct
Did you know that the murder of a federal officer in Oakland, CA and the burning down of the 3rd precinct in MN were a coordinated operation?

And that Facebook was used to facilitate nationwide coordination of a terrorist action?
And the Boi who helped burn down the 3rd precinct in Minneapolis was working with partners who were providing arms to Hamas?
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17 Oct
I’d been holding this back publicly, but since Chanel ‘broke the seal,’

This whole Russian disinfo op isn’t just about emails - it’s about pushing Qanon.
That computer was undoubtedly seeded with child sexual abuse material to support the Q narrative... 1/
I fear it was more than just emails that the Russians put on the fake Hunter Biden computer, and that info about images will be released over the next two weeks to prop up the Qanon narrative - in part, b/c it's RU’s standard operating procedure (can someone else outline this?)
And in part because of the apparent involvement of Joshua Wilson in the analysis of the hard drive, an FBI special agent involved in the Innocent Images initiative since 2007 - Signature on court docs matches this: justice.gov/archive/usao/n…
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