Ashtar..”A lot of you have galactic families that are very close to you now as the realms are coming down to meet almost when you’re on the fifth dimension, you’re going to be so close to all of it but you have so much help, you have so much love coming forth, you just have to..
Ride this wave, you have to ride this wave that you’re on with this third dimensional agenda rolling out, you have to stay above it and you have to know that you’re all ascending.
We see what is ahead of you, we see that it is hard as you’ve lost your jobs, as you you’ve been held down, as money is tight, as there is sadness and pain on the planet and as so many of you don’t know what to make of what’s going on roll through this. You’ve got this, we’ve got
your backs, we’re here with you, we’re sending you so much love and so much light. Just know the dark is leaving your planet and plane, you are ascending, you are beautiful children of the light. You came here to experience this ascension, you came here to help Mother Earth,
you came here to be a bigger part of the collective of humanity, to help those that needed it to ascend as well and you came here to make sure that humanity is moving forward. A lot of you came from other planets, galaxies, star nations to be part of this journey.
it’s a journey back to your hearts, it’s a journey to one of peace in the end and fairness and unity for all. Please keep that in mind.
Full post…

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20 Nov
The Hathors-“You are experiencing the collapse of what is and has been familiar. You are experiencing the shift of the ages. You are experiencing the dark night of the collective soul. You are experiencing a major dimensional shift. You are experiencing the great awakening. Image
It is on every level of your reality that these shifts and these collapses are taking place. The impact of this evolution of consciousness and its effects will be felt, honored and recognized in all the coming years.
All that has taken place in the conflicts and the polarities in
your personal, political, social, physical and environmental arenas has stretched you in every possible manner. Everyone is holding on to what gives them comfort and imagined security. We are inviting you to ride these waves with as much conscious awareness as possible.
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20 Nov
We are all being called to step forward and lead, to fulfill our original spiritual blueprint. The drama, noise and challenges we find ourselves in today are not economic or social or even political. These are spiritual tests. They test our private, personal commitment.. Image
to do whatever it takes to be the Healer, Teacher and Leader we came here to be. What an incredible time to be alive. These are important times, times that can be joyous and uplifting or rife with struggle and suffering. The choice is yours. Many are indeed choosing to struggle..
and believe they are victims. Many more of us are consciously choosing to hold our connection to the greater, wiser, older part of ourselves, no matter what occurs around us. We are choosing to create a way of life filled with Certainty, Personal Power, Respect, Amusement,
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19 Nov
“I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and other names as well, and I always answer. It is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing—or morning, as it may be—once more to abide with you in the mind and in the heart..
as the Light that we are. One of the questions that the holy Child always asks in every incarnation: “How can I be at peace and yet know myself to be vibrantly alive?” There are what you would see as realities where you are vibrantly alive, as in this one from time to time.
I watch your energy as you would watch the thermometer, perhaps. It goes up and it comes back down and it comes up and then sometimes it stays, and sometimes it crashes. I have seen you when there has been a crash, and you have called out to me.
Always I answer.
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19 Nov
Very helpful😉 “Your emotional ups and downs are not terrible or unexpected. The difference is you do not have the indicators so common in your 3D world. How can you explain to your loved ones that you feel like crying or laughing at seemingly inappropriate times? Your loved ones
do not feel what you feel for they are on a different path.
Because there are fewer commonalities in your new world than in 3D, you cannot explain your sensations to others – or likely even to yourself. Some of you might even fear you are “losing your mind.”
We are neither suggesting or not suggesting medical intervention, but instead affirming that what you are likely sensing is a huge internal shift. You are a forerunner. So as is true for every aspect of your being to date, you are experiencing something no one of the earth has..
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19 Nov
Adama of Telos-“KNOW in your Heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your Family and Friends in Telos - and Always Will BE. We walk w/you on this journey and you are Loved beyond measure-ALWAYS.”
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17 Nov
9D Arcturian Council~”The best thing that you can do to be of service to anyone is to show up and be present with them. Listen. Tune in to them, and express your feelings. That is how you evolve and transform, and there has never been a better time there on Earth for showing up..
for your fellow humans. This is not an easy time to be there on Earth, and yet, those of you who are there are there because you knew you would be up to the challenges this lifetime would put in front of you.
You have already awakened so much of the truth of who you are as Source
energy Beings in the flesh, and yet, there is so much more for you to discover about who you are, for you to awaken in others. Helping others realize that they are powerful creator beings, that they are Source Energy in the flesh, these are the ultimate goals of the lightworker.
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