We are all being called to step forward and lead, to fulfill our original spiritual blueprint. The drama, noise and challenges we find ourselves in today are not economic or social or even political. These are spiritual tests. They test our private, personal commitment..
to do whatever it takes to be the Healer, Teacher and Leader we came here to be. What an incredible time to be alive. These are important times, times that can be joyous and uplifting or rife with struggle and suffering. The choice is yours. Many are indeed choosing to struggle..
and believe they are victims. Many more of us are consciously choosing to hold our connection to the greater, wiser, older part of ourselves, no matter what occurs around us. We are choosing to create a way of life filled with Certainty, Personal Power, Respect, Amusement,
Command and Graciousness. When you choose to use your Spiritual Tools, you will be able to respond and thrive, rather than react and doubt. You will be living a way of life, full of your Self. And as you make that choice, you will return Home. Full post eraoflight.com/2020/11/20/pra…

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22 Nov
“When we Volunteered to leave our HOME, whatever lofty place that was for each of us then,&incarnate on physical Earth to help with the Ascension Process, we had to drop a lot of the Light we had in us to be able to incarnate into physical human bodies on very dark physical Earth Image
I repeat, we needed to drop a lot of our personal Light and all that naturally went with it at those higher HOME levels, dimensions and states of being just to be able to cram our huge Light selves into little dense physical human bodies and incarnate on what was a negative Earth
World. Throughout the Ascension Process we Volunteers have been incrementally embodying more and more of our own Light that we deliberately left behind at our HOMES because we couldn’t carry all of it within us into such profound density, negativity and darkness that was Earth.
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21 Nov
“Those of you on the spiritual path, who have been working on healing your inner wounds, releasing you limited ideas of who you are and what you are capable of, have a far greater capacity to experience a more refined, less distorted, vibration of love.  It is for this reason.. Image
that your friend is more comfortable when the Schumann Resonance increases. In response to her question about raising the frequency on and after December 21st, let us clarify that the resonance is constantly being raised, otherwise it would not be capable of peaking in the way..
it currently is, from time to time.  Those moments of emotional cohesion are created by group meditations, pure intent and a predisposition within Gaia’s space time particularities that lends more to quantum physics (which in itself is truly only an exponentially..
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21 Nov
Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self~”The GREAT INTERRUPTION will take place. You may feel that this is the END OF THE WORLD, and in some sense, you will be right. It will be the realization of your worst fears –that something really terrible has been going on for thousands of years, Image
and that you have failed to perceive it in all its perfidy. Simultaneously, there will be huge relief. While this may seem to be an end, it is also a beginning, for not only revelations about a heinous past will flow, but also new thoughts and new directions. Lofty ideals..
will come to the forefront. It will take your breath away, and it must be obvious by now that there will be many people who cannot deal with this and who will depart. This many call “death”. Full post
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20 Nov
“You are each of you facing inner forms of growth—the requirement for healing those fractured parts of your spirit and psyche, as well as new insight into those aspects of your spirit that do not require more spiritual “training” and left-brain learning, so much as more quiet, Image
more calm, more acceptance of that which modern life drives you to ignore or neglect.

NESARA’s enactment, though powerful and inevitable now, cannot do the real work of Ascending humanity or the Earth Herself. It is a sign of Ascension, not the completion of it.
Each day, each..
of you sees to the requirements of your particular paths, answering to different aspects of your Earth mission, while your soul family and Spirit team actively support you.
Though it may feel that they are quite distant, in fact you are powerfully connected to them in such a way
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20 Nov
The Hathors-“You are experiencing the collapse of what is and has been familiar. You are experiencing the shift of the ages. You are experiencing the dark night of the collective soul. You are experiencing a major dimensional shift. You are experiencing the great awakening.
It is on every level of your reality that these shifts and these collapses are taking place. The impact of this evolution of consciousness and its effects will be felt, honored and recognized in all the coming years.
All that has taken place in the conflicts and the polarities in
your personal, political, social, physical and environmental arenas has stretched you in every possible manner. Everyone is holding on to what gives them comfort and imagined security. We are inviting you to ride these waves with as much conscious awareness as possible.
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19 Nov
Ashtar..”A lot of you have galactic families that are very close to you now as the realms are coming down to meet almost when you’re on the fifth dimension, you’re going to be so close to all of it but you have so much help, you have so much love coming forth, you just have to..
Ride this wave, you have to ride this wave that you’re on with this third dimensional agenda rolling out, you have to stay above it and you have to know that you’re all ascending.
We see what is ahead of you, we see that it is hard as you’ve lost your jobs, as you you’ve been held down, as money is tight, as there is sadness and pain on the planet and as so many of you don’t know what to make of what’s going on roll through this. You’ve got this, we’ve got
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