phil ochs had a song about this:

"Spaceman, look down:
Tell me what you see.
Can you see the hunger there
Strikes without a sound?
Can you see the food you burn
As you circle round?"
also gil scott-heron's "whitey on the moon", which is like it was written specifically about bezos' delusions of extraterrestrial grandeur (h/t @slimegirlmarx2)
see also this thread on bezos and other billionaires being lying scummy tax cheats

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20 Nov
alt-right magaites: "omg stop calling us nazis we are actually just normal conservatives!"

also alt-right magaites: "everyone an inch to the left of hitler is a stalinist maoist communist"
here's why they're still terrified of chavez, from his famous "devil speech" at the UN in 2006. remember, this was at the height of the bush regime's power, and chavez just went in there and humiliated him. listen to the delegates laughing
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20 Nov
ah yes bill buckley, the guy who got utterly annihilated by chomsky and then never had him back on his show again
here's the full hour of buckley showing himself to be an incompetent hack pathetically flailing about to defend the genocidal slaughter in vietnam. and as ever chomsky stayed as cool as a cucumber as he meticulously took him apart

here's chomsky reflecting on his appearance on the show and on buckley, noting that he was angry at the end and said he would invite him back, which he of course never did
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19 Nov
if you haven't seen the movie "Dark Waters" you definitely should: it's about how Dupont knowingly poisoned the world with carcinogens in products like teflon and regulatory agencies let them do it. 99% of all living creatures now have it in their blood. Biden just rewarded them: Image
there is no doubt that Biden (or rather, those controlling him) is going to put Dupont people in the EPA and other parts of his administration, as is already done with the transition team. That's also exactly what Obama did after explicitly pledging he wouldn't: ImageImage
see this thread for more on how Dupont poisoned the world, and links to studies showing that the carcinogen they knowingly unleashed is virtually everywhere now, literally inescapable. Obama and Biden put these people in agencies supposed to regulate them

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10 Nov
malcolm x: "you bleed for white people, but when it comes to seeing your own children murdered you haven't got no are you going to be non-violent in mississippi, as violent as you are in korea?" in case anyone is wondering why malcolm had to go
malcolm's point about revolutionary violence being *a defensive measure against the constant violence inflicted against the marginalized and exploited* is essential to remember bc they always try to turn it around. he goes into it in more detail here:

I also highly recommend checking out malcolm's full "message to the grassroots". here's the text:…

and the audio:
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10 Nov
to celebrate evo morales returning to his homeland to adoring crowds, and the fascist puppet anez being indicted, I'm going to listen to big for the rest of the night and sip some cheap wine. feel free to join me!

me rn
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9 Nov
first listened to this about a week or so ago and it's now one of my favorite albums. every song on it is a classic

goddamn it really is every single song that's a banger. the only other albums I've come across that have this level of quality consistently throughout are dylan's streak in the 1960s
the best flow in rap history is on this album, particularly on this song, with these lines:

"Packed up my tools for my raw power move
Glock 19 for casket and flower moves"

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