A thread on the Ohol murders in 1992 in Pune.
The murderers were awarded death penalty in 1998.

I remember the next or was it the next evening very well.
Two of the friends of one of the deceased: a boy killed in those horrific murders .... drove up behind me on their Kawasakis because they could not locate him. (The killed friend was Rohan ... one of my close friends)
Remember there were no mobile phones in those days. But we used to be out on motorcycles the entire day. That evening was overcast.
I stopped and I still remember the look on my other two friends faces clearly.
Have you seen Rohan?
I was puzzled. I said, let’s search for him.
In those days, that’s what people did. You searched the roads and went to the hospitals and checked them. I went and checked with CMO Sassoon (who was also a close friend)... no go. Next stop every main road of Pune. Finally a police report was filed by the other friend and +
Rohan and me had a special history. He used to ride in the second Kawasaki and I used to be riding third. We used to race Pune Lonavala every few months.
Anyways... at around 9 pm I stopped searching.
It was the next day I think that the police finally thought of searching their bungalow... it’s near Chaturshringi Road... they found the bodies in the bath tub...
His sis survived.. because she wasn’t at home. Thank Bhairavar for small mercies.
You know the murders were done for a Maruti car, a transistor radio and a few thousand rupees....
imagine that.
Death changes people around the dead in a rather permanent way...

• • •

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21 Nov
Jai Shanidev.
My old post on Tipu Sultan is well known:
Certain objects attract a terrific negative energy. One such jinxed object (in my opinion) is the sword of Tipu Sultan.
Sanjay Khan was shooting the serial drama “Sword Of Tipu Sultan” when a major fire took place on 8 February 1989, in the Premier Studios of Mysore where the drama was being shot.
If I remember correctly, Sanjay Khan had held that sword some time before the event.
The fire was an inferno...
temperatures touched 250 deg F and the entire set went on fire.
27 charred bodies were found on the set eventually... 62 lives lost in one of those once in a lifetime fires on a set.
Sword of Tipu Sultan.
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20 Nov
I disagree. There is a way of doing this ritual to remember and satisfy the ancestors and it’s worked for generations. Adapted to modern life are simple rituals like below link. Why to change something which works for something which is not proven?

( vedicastrologer.org/tarpana )
Since we Hindus are a people who like Pratyaksha Pramana, there are numerous people whose lives have improved after Pitru Shraddha at Gaya and other places. Why should we change it for something else?
And ask me, I will show so many examples of people’s lives which have been (according to their testimony) been horrible prior to Pinda daan not being performed and improved significantly afterwards.
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16 Nov
For those who feel that homam didn’t give them results and prescribe Vishnu Sahasranaam (and japa), here is an interesting conundrum and I hv seen this 100’s of times in last two decades.
Japa = no tangible result.
I see weekly at least a few people who say that japa did not work and they have finished around 10,000 japa or so... now what to do?
Why did this happen?
I will tell you my opinion.
This was my precise observation in the 1990’s. Japa technique if one desires a very tangible result (job/marriage/health) is really difficult to bring about unless one just does graha japa.
Devata japa takes serious time and energy over years. An observation only.
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16 Nov
Chanting of Sahasranaam:
General thread:
Vishnu Sahasranaam:
Excellent choice. Do chant. Verbal and non verbal both produce results.
Nakshatra mapping available
Asked by many about Lalitha Sahasranaam:
I have personally seen many teach it (including @homam108’s wife for free) and mass chant it in numerous places (including Swami Sathashivom) and others.
Works and it’s excellent.
Now what about people who say that don’t chant it because of beeja mantras and Nyasa... this is not a problem in general.
Those who quote that it should not be done because of pronunciation issues...that is everywhere. You have to take care of that, onus on you.
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16 Nov
So, a very few people asking about japa:
The japa of 1.25 lakhs can be completed in around 2 months at 21 malas a day.
It will take around 2 hours for medium length mantras and reasonable umampshu method.
This japa of 1.25 lakhs is repeated 3 times in a course of a year with gaps of 2 months in between each 1.25 lakh krama.
In 3 years, at this rate, 9 lakhs japa is completed.
The main issues which will arise:
1. To eat less and to somehow reduce heat in the body,
2. To avoid disease during the 9 lakh krama.
3. To slow down the effects of the karma you are burning.
That will cause you some problems, for that graha homa may help.
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15 Nov
Some small experiences from my own life for people who venture to do homa. I personally ascribe most of the successes in my life to these practices. I wish I had discovered them earlier.
Here is an episode from my late father’s life.
After my mother’s untimely death decades ago, my father was devastated. He went into severe depression... stopped.
In 2004-2005, after a long period of cajoling, he started MahaGanapati homam. The effect in his words was “electrifying”.
He restarted giving free medicines
My father was an excellent homeopath (in his free time). I saw him cure things like kidney stones, nasal polyps, etc.. all for free.
I rarely if ever talk about these things now, but he had stopped giving out medicines so deep was his depression..
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