America has troops overseas in 160 nations to project power. The U.S. Navy, Air Force, Army and Special Operations can reach into any corner of the world to protect our interests. Trump's desperate and rushed focus on UAE, KSA and Israel strategic interests is extremely unusual.
US has a very disciplined, very large but very risk adverse, military. More U.S. troops die in accidents than combat. We typically train, equip and support local troops who are dying in the hundreds every month in places like Afghanistan.…
The U.S. is normally a stable partner subject to numerous laws and agreements. But Trump is arming and encouraging family businesses and nations with extraordinary self interest.…
Israel has constantly attacked Iranian interests using a variety of bizarre and theatrical methods. The Trump administration via Jared Kushner aided and abetted fraud to trigger a war in a number of regions. With disastrous…
In a narrow window (Jan 2018 - Dec 2019) coup or attacks were planned for Qatar, Libya, Sudan, Venezuela, Mozambique and other regions. Some just recently coming to light. None involved our serving military. All appeased special interest.…
Having been involved in the hunt for "WMD"s and various other ridiculous theories we can only wonder what fatal #fuckery is being foisted on America as Trump pays his bills.

• • •

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20 Nov
"unprecedented subversion of democracy" Donald must be making those beautiful phone calls again.…
"exhausting the enemy instead of engaging them"

Like I said we have two more months of sedition from inside the white house and then god knows how many more from outside. #LockHimUp
Imagine the FBI investigating Rudy and others around Trump while they are in the process of breaking the law.
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19 Nov
America passed the ‘‘Libya Stabilization Act’ a bill against countries who try to overthrow other nations. This might get awkward.…
like awkward, awkward.
like so awkward America would be hiring a dude who works for the UAE to overthrow legitimate nations while we work against the same people trying to overthrow legitimate nations.…
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19 Nov
"pernicious delegitimization" is Big Mike's phrase of the day. Oh wait, he was spoon-fed that by guess who?…
Big Mike has his rapture rap on full send. He is in not in Israel but "Judea & Samaria." aka the Occupied West Bank aka not Israel. Something Pompeo is promoting outside of international laws. But hey, he believes the world will end soon anyways.… hg
The "optics" and "narrative" of this constant attempt to legitimize illegitimate actions based on religion and politics are insidious or are they pernicious? #deleterious #inimical…
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18 Nov
Media is suddenly realizing why Esper got fired. Pentagon is humming. Erik's PowerPoint is number one with a bullet. Mercenaries in Dallas still on digital silence planning the move. All eyes on Africa but get ready to bomb Iran. Let's hustle people shit is about to get real.
TripleDippin' Erik is on cloud nine Imagine fronting for the US back backdooring F3 Africa wide. for UAE, Saudis, China and Israel. But there is a tear in the plan. DON'T LOOK INSIDE THE UGANDAN SUGAR FACTORY! All RYP caps means shit is happening in real time.
Its also important to have out troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan when Iran goes down. Donald remembers what happened last time. Let's hope Milley has this under control.
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18 Nov
Now you know that you can sell Jim Bakker Food Buckets, camo cargo shorts, and a reverse mortgage to "Half of all Republicans"
Half of all…
Half of all…
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18 Nov
Anyone need to keep track of SuperSpreaderScams just go here:
Be advised that these fucktards are operating in plain sight. Known grifters, grifting the low hanging ghost dancing fruit of Trump's fetid loins.…
Now you need merch to wear and wave to channel your faux outrage so head over to Jinafriendly TrumpCrap…
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