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This Week In Trump 1/

Let's do a little Threadie... Did you notice that our Toddler-In-Chief is having one of the worst weeks of any person in history? It almost seems like the gods of justice have decided to play Karma on little Trumpo? Trump so sad! So sad, Trumpo!
This Week In Trump 2/

Superficially the Alex Jones '#IntimateMessages' shocker seems not to hit Trump. Alex was such a two-bit carnival barker, he was not even photographed in presense of any of the Jan 6th 'big boys' while Alex was THERE... (with a megaphone no less)
This Week In Trump 3/

Alex Jones was sending 'Intimate Messages' to his lover, The Girl With The Nixon Tattoo. Roger Stone tried to proclaim for the religlious bigly crowd, that they were praying together


We now found out that Jones sent nude pics of his wife to Roger
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We need to do more for people that believe in telling the truth.…
Trump doesn't like smart women with good memories.…
Women have have taken lie detector tests to prove that a pathological liar is lying. They realized that the efforts Trump took to deceive them them ran deeper than even they imagined. Congress is being rope-a-doped by the same tactic. Go figure.
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As anyone that has planned a military operation will point out, the "1776 Returns" Plan is terrible. No maps, no contact info, no teaming, no exile. Kinda seems like the MAGAts were designed to fail. Part 5 is pure comedy.…
The ASOG-created Powerpoint "Election Fraud, & Foreign Interference" on how to return Trump to power had a number of mostly Texas-based authors. It was distributed and briefed to many including Trump. It was...Looney Tunes and deliberately so.…
The Abraham Accords… is also a clunker. Described by U.S. intel as a plan designed to extend authoritarian control in the Middle East, incite violence and bite us in the ass.…
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Trump showed antisocial a-holes how to turn their odious ideas into social media driven grifts. Stupid terrified people responded by donating money they will never see again. Kinda what you expect from the casino/reality show guy. I am not sure if that is a "political creation".
Like his many branded products, Trump will be a curious historical anachronism.
People mistakenly attach a higher calling to Trump's random rhetoric. He is in it for the grift. Being President simply gives him a larger audience and accordingly larger income stream. But this too shall pass.…
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Thread: The fortunate sons of America🇺🇸 and Ukraine🇺🇦

Rethinking 1969's "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival in light of Ukraine's instant, wide-ranging ban on 18-65 year old men leaving the country.

Examining "women and children first."

This song is 53 years old now but it will resonate with us forever. Draft-dodging in all its forms was scorned in WWI and WWII, but less so in Vietnam.

In 1993 Bill Clinton became the first POTUS in 50 years who was not a war veteran (or served as president during WWII.)
GWB had served in the Texas Air National Guard. Obama had only turned 18 in 1979, after Vietnam and it's draft.

Cadet Heel Spurs was exactly the kind of "millionaire's son" referenced by CCR. Note the tax fraud irony too:
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More GOP voter fraud

Matt Mowers, a Trump aide running for Congress in New Hampshire, voted twice from 2 different states.

Following the “if you ain’t cheatin, you ain’t tryin”, GOP/Trump model.
The Associated Press is reporting that former Trump campaign and administration official Matt Mowers voted twice in the 2016 election.

Hypocrite Mowers, a former Trump official who was previously endorsed by Trump, has been running on “election integrity”.

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🤔Trump accused ⁦@HillaryClinton⁩ of using a private email server that may have accidentally put some information at risk. Trump, STOLE 15 boxes of docs from the White House that included Govt secrets and hid them at Mar A Lago… #LockHimUp…
🔥🚨🔥AG Merrick Garland confirmed two months ago that CLASSIFIED NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION had been found among Trump's papers and that the National Archives had referred the issue for DOJ investigation.…
🤔What was Trump hiding⁉️Some records that were transferred to the National Archives after Trump left office included docs that Trump tore up, some which had been taped back together that he didn’t want revealed.…
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When you are done listening to the talking heads today. Read this manual. You will enjoy it. And you will get it. 1/6 was well planned, poorly executed, still viable with some change ups as most manufactured insurgencies are.…
The coordinated elements: the TOC at Willard, social media outreach, march, speeches, break-in were all designed to create the impression of a coup and a gov in distress, thereby energizing the next level of disbelievers. About 25% of the U.S. population…
Intellectuals think that "fact checking" or "examining the truth" will reverse this. Nope. Stupid is as Stupid does. Once the narrative is set. You won't change opinions of those who "believe". Much like cults where logic or facts contrast fanciful tales.
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We'll never know how many would've benefited if the TFG’s administration hadn't undermined the U.S. pandemic response, putting politics over policy. #Maddow #TheReidOut #inners #thebeat #LastWord #DeadlineWH @maddow @NicolleDWallace @JoyAnnReid @Lawrence…
2/TFG’s administration engaged in "deliberate efforts" to undermine the US response to the coronavirus pandemic for political purposes. Report, prepared by the House select subcommittee investigating the nation's Covid response, says the WH repeatedly overruled public health…
3/& testing guidance by the nation's top infectious disease experts & silenced officials in order to promote TFG's political agenda.

#Maddow #DeadlineWH #TheReidOut #theSundayShow #crossconnection #velshi #inners #LastWord #thebeat @maddow @JoyAnnReid @NicolleDWallace @Lawrence
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Further proof that a little flattery from the actual President makes it easy for Donnie to kick his high school dropout Kult to the Kurb. What's next Candace "Black Lives Matter?"
I guess if you can't lie your way out of trouble, you can try truthing your way out. Is America ready a thoughtful, positive, recalcitrant Trump? Nah #LockHimUp
There is another minor detail. His buddy Putin is now clearly our enemy. Maybe Donald can solve Vlad's new "Cuban missile crisis" for Joe.…
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He said Trump's tax savings in the alleged fraud scheme would amount to "pennies."
"Pennies" - what every rich fraud who cheats on their taxes calls hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years of their fraud, & combined adds up to millions.
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How To End Trump 1/

All this

To have extraordinarily long life with
-Sentence of life plus 1,052 years (eligible for parole in 813)
-Cellmate Pence reading the Bible at him every damned day
-No internet &
-No Twitter
-Only 1 hr of TV daily: MSNBC tuned to Maddow

The Trump End 2/
(in prison)

Prison means

No cheeseburgers
No Diet Cokes
No orange makeup
No tanning booth
No long hair (That Thing that nests on his head will be shaved)
No Adderall
No Dexamethasone
He has a Covid vaccination, so no early release for pandemic reasons
No golf
The Trump end 3/
(in prison)

Prison means healthy food
Vegetables (I'd love to have them feed Goya beans to him every stinking day. The aroma in his prison cell would be epic)
Government provided free healthcare
No fake doctor notes
Regular check-ups
No phone calls to Hannity
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I don't know about anyone else, but I don't really give two shits what the GOP think about ANYTHING because they're no more than a bunch of racist, Putin-loving gun-nuts with no respect for the Constitution.
Why keep attempting to reason with these criminals?
They did this
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YOU don't get to bug people's phone's in America. WHO KNOWS what Mrs. Schiff was saying that was personal on the phone that EVERYONE listened to! Bastards
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Here’s @MichaelAvenatti, through his counsel, begging like a dog for a mere 6-month prison sentence (plus 12 months of home confinement) after a federal jury in New York found him guilty of attempting to extort $20 million from @Nike.


And I took “glee” in this part: Image
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Who am I?
My name's DeJoy.
Soon I'll be
The "Coffee Boy".
#LockHimUp Image
Doing his best work at night. Image
True or False?
I personally drove by the Burbank courthouse and saw these mailboxes locked right before an election
1. 100% Factual
2. I'm just making it up because I'm an ahole
3. Stop bugging us, Susan with these dumb pop quizzes,
(Please don't pick 3🙏 Image
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Flynn is planning a military coup and what are we doing about it?!
Time to #LockHimUp
Court Martial is what the gentleman needs.
You didn't think she was doing ALL this for NOTHING, did you?!
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Former #Gaetz Confidant Pleads Guilty and Agrees to Cooperate

#JoelGreenberg, a former tax collector in #Florida, admitted to sex trafficking a minor and agreed to help in prosecutions of others.

#Greenberg admitted that he and unidentified others had paid a 17-year-old girl for sex and that he had provided her with drugs.

He admitted that he “introduced the minor to other adult men, who engaged in commercial sex acts” with her
Greenberg, has met with prosecutors, and told them that Pedophile #Gaetz had sex with the girl and knew that she was being paid

Mr. Greenberg also admitted that he had stolen money from local taxpayers, committed identity theft and defrauded the federal government.

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The video is good (the cut to black stuff is not needed) But there is no footage from the victim's side: security camera video, police body cams (if they even have them) I thought that was odd. And I would have loved to hear the officers who were insulted, attacked and beaten
By now we know that there were organizers, instigators, tourists and gawkers but just a few interviews from the 5 victims' families would have shamed the GOP. By removing the emotional and human context of the riot we let the previous admin literally get away with murder.
Ultimately this is about a dethroned criminal organization victimizing and defrauding all voters and murdering people who were doing their job. There can be no mercy for someone who was elected, swore to uphold the constitution and then grossly violated it.
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These GOP lawmakers tied to extremist groups that stormed the Capitol

Rep. #AndyBiggs (R-AZ)
Rep. #LaurenBoebert (R-CO)
Rep. #MattGaetz (R-FL)
Rep. #PaulGosar (R-AZ)
Rep. #MarjorieGreene (R-GA)


Rep. #AndyBiggs (R-AZ) had links to the #StopTheSteal campaign aimed at keeping Trump in office despite his election loss, and whose leader, #AliAlexander, claimed helped him organize the Capitol protest that turned violent

#LockHimUpNow @FBI @DOJ

Rep. #LaurenBoebert (R-CO) has close connections to the #ThreePercenter militia group, who had members take part in the Jan. 6 insurrection, and other right-wing extremist groups, and has been accused of leading suspected militants through the Capitol ahead of the assault

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"unprecedented subversion of democracy" Donald must be making those beautiful phone calls again.…
"exhausting the enemy instead of engaging them"

Like I said we have two more months of sedition from inside the white house and then god knows how many more from outside. #LockHimUp
Imagine the FBI investigating Rudy and others around Trump while they are in the process of breaking the law.
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"they". I hope they perp walk Rudy in his tighty whiteys
and I can't wait for Bannon and Prince to join Rudy. It appears they have all been doing bad things for foreign paymasters. #DrainThatSwamp. #LockThemUp
NBC shows how the sausage is made. The pitch, the vetting and what red lines prevented them from being played. We need this on ALL media stories since they lives off "story pitches" and PR. And rarely is the genesis and provenance included.…
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