[THREAD] let’s talk a little bit about some causes of mental health. I realized that I often speak about when someone is already struggling but without talking about risk factors that could precipitate it. So let’s dive into it.
Given the number of risk factors, we can’t cover all of them but we will try to cover some of the main ones. Often, it is a combination of these factors that mainly contributes to the mental health issues. For example, neglecting ourselves for too long because we work too much.
We often forget that our brains are not infinite energy machines. Without proper sleep and rest, we can easily get overwhelmed and crash into a depression or anxiety. Also, having neglectful, abusive or authoritarian parents is also a big risk factors for those issues.
Systemic issues such as racism, patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia...can create huge issues in populations that suffer under these systems. Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t make up happy or feeling stuck can also lead to depression.
A big one is also grief that we haven’t dealt with, which tends to come back at a later point. It is important to take the time we need to grieve. Unprocessed emotions in general can pile up like a pressure cooker until we can no longer keep them repressed.
This is why it is important to externalize as issues are happening so we don’t risk further repressing those emotions. Having a social support system is also crucial whether it is family, partners or friends (even those we meet online) as long as we feel safe with them.
Please remember that our mental health is something that is continuous and we always need to take care of it and ourselves because that can end up paying dividends in terms of being healthy psychologically 😊

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19 Nov
[THREAD] let’s talk about when it is time to go to therapy and the threshold needed for that to happen. It is a question I get very often. Let’s divide these into 4 categories: prevention, mitigation, treatment and intensive treatment.
These categories play a different role in terms of what they can achieve. Prevention is when there are no visible symptoms or presence of mental health issues but someone knows that there are many stressors out there and fear that this may lead to symptoms appearing soon.
Prevention forms of treatment are the least that I have encountered in my career. Most of us won’t think about an issue before it appears, but learning some skills and ways to manage our mental health is one of the best things we can do and requires less sessions to do so.
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16 Nov
[THREAD] let’s talk about the inability to cry. It is something that happens a lot, especially when our mental health is not doing well. Let’s discuss why this happens, whether it is permanent or not and the impact of not being able to cry has on our mental health.
Not being able to cry is a common occurrence and can have quite a few causes. There is the environmental or family side, who could have discouraged children from crying or punished them more for crying. The kids learn not to cry for fear of having worse punishment.
This can translate into an adult who fears crying or who got so used to not block it that even when they want to, they are not able to cry. Then there is the emotional exhaustion side. When anxiety and depression have been going on for too long, we get tired.
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13 Nov
[small THREAD] one of the best habits that we can get into is making pros and cons lists. Oftentimes, we may think with our emotions or simply do sometimes even when it is detrimental to our mental health.
Getting into the habit pros and cons lists helps us remove some of that impulsivity from our actions while also weighing in advance what the benefits will be and whether they are worth the costs or consequences that we may have face from engaging in those actions.
We talked about how anxiety/depression affects our perception. Sometimes, an action may be warranted or worth it to help us but our mind will keep resisting. Without laying out all the facts, it becomes hard to take that step back and shift our perspective.
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12 Nov
[THREAD] Let's talk about social media and mental health. There is the good, the bad and the ugly and we are going to break it down and talk about some prevention methods or if there is already mental health issues, talking about mitigating some of the bad impact of social media.
The good is that social media can allow us to stay in touch with friends from all over the world, surround ourselves with people we like/admire and follow accounts that can be educational or supportive. This is something that can help us with our mental health and the good side.
However, social media also presents a lot of issues. One of the main problems is misinformation. When it comes to so many important topics including mental health, social media makes it easy for misinformation to spread causing potential harm to those who seek help.
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11 Nov
[THREAD] let’s talk about parent fighting and the impact it has on children as they grow up. Parent fighting is kind of like the elephant in the room in every family. It happens very often, at times also in very abusive ways. So how does that impact mental health?
While some parents may try to have their arguments when kids are not around, most parents don’t really do that. They often argue or fight in front of their children or even use their kids and put them in the middle of these situations.
In an earlier thread, we talked about the home being the main environment for early socialization and what children learn in those environments shape them all the way into their adulthood. When they see their parents fighting, it creates a lot of anxiety.
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9 Nov
[small THREAD] some people have messaged with frustrations in terms of growing their following when it comes to the work they are doing online and comparing to other people who perhaps have a bigger growth. When I first got into Twitter talking mainly about mental health,
I never thought it might get to 7500 people in less than 2 years. There were times when the growth was so huge, times when it stagnates and times when it even reduces a little bit. Sometimes, it can get a little sad because it takes a lot of work, research and creativity.
However, the most important thing to keep in mind is to use platforms like insta, Twitter and YouTube as ways to share your knowledge, to leave a positive footprint and help people. We can’t control many factors, and there are times when it all fits and others when it doesn’t.
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