There’s a theme.

Boris Johnson appoints people who he knows has form for bullying and overbearing conduct. Indeed his own for for casual insults & incompetence is well documented.

We, the taxpayer, end up paying the compensation for the consequences of their conduct.
Does the Prime Minister resign? No.

Did Jenrick resign? No. Was he sacked? No

Did Cummings resign over the lockdown conduct? No. Was he sacked over that? No. Only for insulting Johnson’s girlfriend.
Did Williamson resign over the multiple Education screw ups? No. Was he sacked? No. They continue.

Did Patel resign over Windrush failures and numerous other failures? No. And not over this. Has she been sacked by Johnson? No.
I think she covered up for his involvement in her Israel sortée and this is her reward. At least May required her resignation then.

Never has the bar for conduct or competence been set so low and just at a time when both competence and conduct need to be at their highest.
And who pays for their failures? We do. Financially and in the consequence of woefully poor governance.

And every single Tory MP that goes along as they are - yes @TomTugendhat we are looking at you amongst many others - are responsible for the mess we are in.
So the person who HAS done their job, Sir Alex Allan, delivering with competence and honour resigns - as now with numerous civil servants - leaving the incompetents, the dishonourable, the badly behaved in place.
Beginning to think that the only way people like Johnson & Patel & Jenrick will learn is if they are sued successfully personally and NOT reimbursed by the taxpayer. They would change their conduct pretty smartish then.
I’m attaching a thread from @PandaScottish that lays out a quite unsavoury history of bullying and low standards in the party stretching back years.
And a thread from @redhistorian on the effect bullying has on people, destroying lives.
Even Patel thinks it should not be condoned H/T @henrymance

(Unless it is “accidental” - repeatedly)
I predict something.

At the employment Tribunal the fact that MPs respond as they regularly do like a bot army in the face of unacceptable conduct will be evidence to demonstrate that not just the Pm but the Party enable appalling conduct to people in employment under them.
And they do so under order from the Tory Whips

Because they have not a shred of personal independent thought.

Cowed. Obedient.


And we all keep paying for it. Literally.
Another obedient MP.

Let’s keep adding them
Let’s remember who have paid for her conduct that all these MPs and the PM and whips office are facilitating.
And Johnson’s very own words in the Foreward to the Ministerial Code.
And just to show what a brass neck they have

The Gov video condemning bullying was released just hours before backing Patel. Released by a Minister who himself has previously been forced to resign his Ministerial position,
Not forced by “anything goes” Johnson, of course
And another for Rutnam’s lawyers. With photo.
As for the notion she was not informed of her conduct (quite apart from the bullying allegation settlement in 2015 in a different Department, Rutnam has made a statement.

She was advised repeatedly by him.

This Tory MP tweets still keep coming in, this one from @FelicityBuchan

Can’t believe they are this dim.

And this is a doozy it is so thorough.

Yes. I really do think the Conservative Party should be sued for facilitating bullying. They should pay the legal fees and the damages. Or Patel herself.

It certainty shows a common attitude.
This is a coordinated campaign by the Tory Party who are all holding Priti Patel’s coat whilst she bullies people who cannot speak up for themselves in public.
This should be a case for exemplary damages and they should also be sued personally because it is the only language they understand

I see @trussliz has just added her voice.

Have they no idea how bad this looks. The powerful lining up behind a proven bully?
It continues.

1/ Access to Sir Phillip Rutnam for Sir Alex Allan denied by the government.

2/. more Tory MPs hold Patel’s coat.

3/. This conduct has been going on for 20 hrs and outside the Civil service too

• • •

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21 Nov
Very information packed thread from @rupert_pearse on the status quo in hospitals approaching Winter.

Essential reading.

I suspect we will be looking at a slower paced more Mexican Wave than the Spring sharp peaks and troughs. So as things slow in the NW they are rising in SW
The reference to 15000 in hospital. In fact was 1644 on Wednesday, the last complete day and looks likely to be similar now.

That is just about 3k off the peak of Spring surge when it was under 20k. ImageImage
Sorry 16,440!
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21 Nov
The shipment of protective PPE overalls linked to N Korean labour was part of a contract awarded by the DHSC to Unispace Global Ltd, a commercial design company registered in the UK, which set up a PPE procurement operation called Unispace Health Ltd this year
In fact I think this is the Plymouth Brethren network of companies that cornered over a £billion of contracts and it seems keen to rebadge itself from UniSpace to Sante Trading.


How very “Praise the Lord” to use Slave Labour.
The women working up to 18 hours a day in N Korea, with 70% of their earnings seized from them by the Gov. Constantly surveilled.

No days off. Not allowed out.

So we maybe funnelling money to Kim Jong-Un @NAOorguk Image
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21 Nov
The Hospital Best-Prepared for CV-19 Is Nearly Overwhelmed - The Atlantic

“In the past 2 weeks, the hospital had to convert an entire building into a COVID-19 tower, from the top down. It now has 10 COVID-19 units, each taking up an entire hospital floor”…
“Three of the units provide intensive care to the very sickest people, several of whom die every day. One unit solely provides “comfort care” to COVID-19 patients who are certain to die.”
“We’ve never had to do anything like this,” Angela Hewlett, the infectious-disease specialist who directs the hospital’s COVID-19 team, told me. “We are on an absolutely catastrophic path.”
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21 Nov
Why would she do that? Very curious. From a quick look the two directors : Michael Quinn (now dead) & Brendan Cahill - both Irish. Company BVI. What interest would Patel and Shanker have in them?
Here Shanker Singham is expressing an opinion about the case but what is his interest in it? Competere Group. Looks as if it is linked to the Legatum Institute & the Chandlers who profited off the Russian oil/gas energy market collapse and sales… ImageImage
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20 Nov
US passes 2,000 coronavirus deaths in a day for first time since May | TheHill

Thursday 2,015 new coronavirus deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, marking the first time the country has hit more than 2,000 deaths since May.…
Thursday :2,015 new coronavirus deaths, Johns Hopkins University data, marking the first time the country has hit more than 2,000 deaths since May.

Experts have warned that the death toll will keep climbing in the coming months as cold weather drives more people indoors
According to the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, more than 2,300 people could end up losing their lives per day due to the virus. 

The group also predicts that 471,000 Americans could die from the virus by March 1.
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20 Nov
🦠 20,252 new cases. Processing back up but looks as if catch up is still taking place

⚰️⚰️⚰️. 5111 (28 day cut off) new deaths

63,873 ONS certified deaths up to 6th November. C 67k by now.

🏥 Admissions still high at 1737 on Tuesday
Similar on Thursday. Every. Single. Day ImageImage
🛌 16,444 patients IN hospital on Wednesday.

The rate of increase has definitely slowed. Increased deaths is emptying some beds. Discharges no doubt others to compensate for the c 1740 coming in every day.

Some marked regional variations. Rising markedly in some areas. ImageImage
Worth keeping an eye on the changing data over 7 days and also per country. See @LawrenceGilder ‘s summary.
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