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20 Nov, 8 tweets, 2 min read
It's entirely reasonable to say Trump's election lawyers need to produce hard evidence to back up their sweeping allegations, PDQ.

It's absurd to expect them to do it live on a talk show, as if they were carrying Marsellus Wallace's magic glowing briefcase from Pulp Fiction.
Host: You say thousands of votes were switched by corrupt computer software. You need to prove it.

Sidney Powell: Of course. I have the proof right here.

[opens briefcase, golden light spills out]

Host: Is that...?

Powell: Yes.

Host: Wow. OK, you win. I'm sold.
There is no way the "evidence" of the most serious claims is something that can be dangled in front of cameras. There is no way that attempting to do so would convince anyone, nor should it. The evidence will be extensively evaluated by experts and presented to judges.
It's perfectly appropriate to say the clock is ticking and this evidence needs to be correctly presented in the proper venue very quickly. Treating it like prop comedy on a talk-show set or at a press conference isn't exactly going to make it look more serious and credible.
It's possible Trump's team sincerely believes they have ironclad evidence, but it doesn't pass muster with court analysts. In other words, they're not trying to scam anyone, but they're mistaken about the value of what they have. Their reputations would survive in that case.
If they really are putting on a show and they don't have the proof to back up their claims, then it will destroy their reputations and create a great deal of animosity toward them. They must know this. By all accounts, such behavior would seem uncharacteristic of Sidney Powell.
And if they really do have that ironclad evidence and it holds up in court, then we've sailed off the map into Here There Be Dragons territory and God knows what happens next. This is Twenty Goddamn Twenty, so if there was ever a time for one last unthinkable 11th-hour twist...
But in any case, it's all going to happen in the courts and it's all going to happen pretty quickly. We really need to stop expecting everything to be resolved in real-time before cameras, or on Twitter. HEALTHY skepticism is not compatible with short attention spans. /end

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20 Nov
This sinister "Great Reset" stuff suggests we really might be approaching the "end of history" this time - not with the worldwide acceptance of classical liberalism, but with its decisive rejection in favor of "soft" and "limited" authoritarianism.
The new consensus spreading among Western political elites is that some issues must be taken off the table, placed beyond the reach of voters, "settled" - and thus enforced - by power that cannot be subordinated to democracy.
In other words, the list of things "free people" don't get to vote against or refuse to accept grows longer. The size and power of centralized government swells to a scale undreamed-of by the founders of a constitutional republic. Very little of it can be voted out of office.
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18 Nov
None of the restrictions on speech and other freedoms imposed in the name of fighting the coronavirus will go away when the pandemic subsides. They will be repurposed to serve other items on the elite agenda, which we'll be told are every bit as serious as Covid-19 was.
Old and busted: "This left-wing cause is the moral equivalent of war!"

New hotness: "This left-wing cause is the moral equivalent of the coronavirus!"
"Just as Americans came together and made great sacrifices to defeat Covid-19, so we must now come together and save our beloved planet from the pandemic of climate change."
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18 Nov
One of the worst contradictions of our debased republic is that we loudly insist voting is sacred, but we treat the actual ballots like toilet paper: Third World election systems, rampant fraud, clown-show counts and audits, election rules that keep getting looser.
You can't have it both ways. You can't insist voting is such a sacred privilege that it overrides every other consideration, while also treating the votes themselves as worthless junk - protected and counted far less assiduously than every state tracks its weekly lottery tickets.
If voting is a serious business, then it MUST be taken seriously, by both election officials and voters. That means firm rules and real effort for both casting AND counting the votes. Voting must be treated as a solemn duty, not an Internet poll to judge the cutest cat photo.
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17 Nov
The Dem student loan forgiveness scheme would turn higher education into an even worse example of Chumponomics: a system that relies on chumps who pay full freight to subsidize those who don't.

One of my first Chumponomics posts from 2014:…
Chumponomics is essentially stealth socialism, and it's usually a prelude to open socialism. Socialists deliberately create a crisis of unfairness, then insist their ideology is the only way to resolve it. They did it with health insurance, and they'll do it with student loans.
Open borders immigration policy is a great example of Chumponomics. The people who worked hard and followed all the rules to immigrate legally - investing a great deal of their time, which has a hefty monetary value - get screwed as illegals are waved into the country.
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16 Nov
It might seem odd for a totalitarian socialist movement to run with slogans like "Abolish the Police," but it's perfectly consistent with their worldview. They despise the legitimate functions of limited government because they saddle the State with duties to sovereign citizens.
It's no coincidence that people who want to radically expand the size, power, and funding of our already titanic central government usually take a dim view of the things our constitutionally-limited federal system is SUPPOSED to be doing.
A government with sworn duties to all of its citizens is limited in power, especially if those duties take precedence over all the big plans socialists wish to impose through coercive force. Socialism requires unequal treatment by definition. It cannot function otherwise.
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12 Nov
I remember warning at the outset that on a long enough timeline, every crisis becomes a religion. The Church of Covid is fully up and running, complete with heaven-and-hell mythology, devotional practices, and papal indulgences for elites and events with the correct politics.
Beneath all the politics and myth-making lies the simple idea that masks probably help a little, and if they help a little - plus giving people a little psychological comfort in a time of great crisis - they're worth using. If it ended there, we'd be having a rational discussion.
But masks were politicized in the worst possible way, and reason went out the window as a political-religious movement formed around the Wuhan coronavirus. It's easy to see why people fell for it. They desperately wanted to believe they could do SOMETHING to gain control.
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