A tender heart is one of the basic signs you see in a believer who has met the Lord
A heart that cannot bear a bruised reed
A heart that is soft & compassionate towards all men
A heart that does not want any to perish but desires that all come to the reality of the Father’s love
Jesus had such a heart, so did John and Peter and James and Philip and Steven...
A heart that forgives the most grievous injury and counts the wickedness of men as a product of their ignorance. Jesus said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” just as he was being
led to the cross to die for my sin. He knew I didn’t deserve it or even appreciate it and yet He did it because he wanted me to have that option.
Before Jesus came, mankind couldn’t have everlasting life. The Pharisees had an idea that there was a way to get it and they searched
the scriptures diligently for that way without any result!
Jesus, while addressing them in John 5:29 told them they pored the scriptures thinking in them you will find eternal life: and the same scriptures testify of me and yet you refuse to come to me so that you may be saved!
He was eternal life
He was what they had been searching diligently for
They rejected him and yet he still gave them that option by dying for them on the cross
He knew they would be hopeless without that option
That option was what led me to the reality I walk in by the power
Of the Holy Spirit today.
Many who claim to be believers still don’t know this reality and you can tell by the things they seem to put their energy and passion into.
You can tell by their inability to see others as deserving of the eternal life and salvation which was their own
Living hope.
A man once came to my office
The man said “I think evangelism is a waste of time because God knows the number of people he wanted to save and he has the power to save them so I think we are just wasting our time as believers when we evangelize)
He said it so casually
So I asked him if anybody talked to him about Jesus before he gave his life to Christ
He said yes
I said and you didn’t regard that as important?
He said “So many people had spoken to me before then, God just said that would be my day and that is what will happen to others too”
He felt nothing for the unsaved
His heart was unperturbed by the teeming number of unsaved people all around
He had been saved and as far as he was concerned, that was enough.
Christians like that are what apostle Paul called babes
They have not been transformed by the renewing
of their minds through the washing of the word.
They are still carnal
Their opinion is still anchored on logic and ideologies other than Christ
They are the type that will cheer when a supposedly bad man was gruesomely killed in a movie or real life
Eternity has not dawned on
Every human life is precious
God does not consider any life too bad or too good to be saved
Remember the thief by the right hand? He didn’t have to pray and beg for forgiveness
The moment he acknowledged the divinity of Jesus, he was given an express entry into paradise!
A heart of stone is of no use to God because he desires to write upon the tablets of our hearts through the Holy Spirit.
Please learn to forgive those who had treated you unjustly, learn to heal from emotional trauma, learn to be free of the dross that has kept many in one spot
As regards their walk with the Holy Spirit
Religious people usually have very hard hearts
Crucify him, stone him and thrust him through is their stock in trade
They believe they must tear you to pieces because your cup of sin is full
They would rather condemn and cast away than
Forgive and gather
Jesus had several run ins with them and at the end of the day their religious mindset led to the death of Jesus
If you are a believer and you’re still angry, bitter, venomous and frustrated over the recent happenings in Nigeria, I will like to ask you to please
Consider the state of your heart
Feeding your heart with too much falsehood will only weaken you as a believer
Feeding your heart with so much negativity does you no good
Remember that the Holy Spirit is in you and must be nurtured
He thrives only on the word of God and the
Atmosphere of Heaven which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

PS: I urge you to let go of the hurt and forgive those who have offended you so that you may heal
I urge you to keep your heart tender
The reason many do not hear from God is the state of their hearts.

• • •

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20 Nov
Yesterday, I read the thread of a young man who was robbed at Ojota. He said the robbers beating him blue-black and took everything from him
He said he was so sure they were going to kill him that he was already praying that God should take his soul. He also said the officers of
the Nigerian Police were about 20 meters away from the incident
They were seated in their patrol vans and watched as he was beaten within an inch of his life
I read through over 2000 comments that the thread generated
Everybody blamed the police officers and wished the young man
When I was a journalist, there was a young man who was employed as a reporter whom i love very well
He would go out and do vox pops on topical issues
He was quite good at getting the people to say their minds and soon became quite known even beyond Lagos
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18 Nov
There are some men a lady had to dim her light before they can be comfortable around her
They expect her to shut up and listen
They expect her to be less intelligent, less vocal, less obvious, and less of herself
Dont be one of those men
Don't ever kill the buzz of the woman you
love because you want to create the impression that you are in charge
I love wisdom
I don't like the appearance of wisdom under a layer of silence
I love obvious wisdom, vocalized and loud
It is very easy to identify foolishness
it is often loud and abrasive and cannot tolerate
anything that will expose it
The worst kind of foolishness is the quiet kind
A pastor friend once married a very quiet lady who gave birth to a baby boy, fetched water in a bucket just beside the bed and locked the baby in the room (baby was asleep) to go and watch a fight
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18 Nov
Earlier today, inside the RCCG camp I saw Christ Embassy shuttles taking people to the IPPC conference at the Loveworld grounds just beside the camp. I saw a lot of cars parked all over the camp and I was told most of the chalets had been fully booked by Christ Embassy ministers
And members for the duration of the conference. I saw restaurants inside the camp all working at full capacity. When I got home I laid prostrate before my Father and cried with joy. You see, what I saw taught me a very vital lesson about the kingdom of God and it’s inner workings
When I was going to be ordained as a deacon in RCCG in 2018, I went to the camp for one week and shut myself in a chalet listening to Pastor Chris messages and praying in tongues
I was literally on fire on the day of the ordination, and GSWMI was birthed just one month after that
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18 Nov
I saw The Queens Gambit on Netflix yesterday and fell in love with the show immediately
It is about a female chess prodigy and her rise (struggles too)
The show reminds me of MR Anthony Olumeko, our neighbor when we were living at Alagbayun (Ashi) area, Ibadan. When we moved into
That flat in 1988, I had never heard of Chess before. My parents were consumate Scrabble players and I practically grew up learning my alphabets on the scrabble board. Mr Anthony had travelled the world (sponsored by the Catholic Church) He had planned to be a priest but changed
His mind for a reason he never told me.
Two weeks after we moved into the new apartment, he saw me in the compound and invited me into his flat. I went in and he showed me a lot of gadgets and pictures of his sojourn. Then I saw a chess board and asked him what that was and he
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16 Nov
Out of all the stories I was told many years ago, the story of a young man struck me
This young man was very gifted spiritualy
Whenever and wherever he ministered, word of wisdom word of knowledge and prophecy would flow like a river
Another minister of the gospel met this young
man and invited him to a series of tent meeting crusades all over America
The young man saw it as an opportunity to minister to more people & accepted the deal
They got to a city
The other minister set up the tents and the crusade started
The young man ministered, many cases were
called, the supernatural began to manifest
Healings (Both physical and emotional) took place
When the young man was done, the spirit of repentance fell upon the people
Many started crying and wailing
The other minister saw an opportunity to cash in
He began to announce that God
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16 Nov
She had a crazy crush on him
He had no idea for two years
When they were in 100 level, she would come around him seeking certain explanations and clarifications about their studies from him
He was sure she knew those subjects, but he felt she only came to him to be double sure
Then she started sending him messages
Warm, loving messages
She would call and ask him to help her read them and vet them as she was honing her writing skills
She was very creative and easy to be with
He liked her spirit and yes, he was happy to oblige her and make suggestions
Where necessary
He was six years older than her
He was expelled when he was in 400 level in a private university for having pornography on his laptop
His parents sued the school and another year of “let him graduate” plea went by
Eventually he had to start over in another private
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