1. Black consciousness/awareness day - The fight goes on

Black consciousness day is not the day slavery ended in Brazil. The end of slavery happened by imperial decree on May the 13th, 1888.

2. Since the 1980s, the Brazilian Black Movement adopted the day of Zumbi's death (and the end of the Palmares Quilombo) as their day of awareness and consciousness.
3. Zumbi died in the last of many military incursions of the Portuguese colonial forces against the Palmares Quilombo,

4. a nation of free (escaped slaves) Afro-descendants that endured for almost a century thanks to the military excellence of its warrior leaders. Zumbi was their last chief military leader.

5. November the 20th is the symbol of Brazilian Afro-descendants' resistance against colonialism, which never died and lives strong and deadly in Brazilian institutional racism.

6. Palmares' history is a part of European colonial savagery in Central Africa. Zumbi was born free in Palmares.

7. His uncle, Ganga Zumba, great military strategist of Afro-descendant escaped slaves in Brazil, was probably forcibly taken to Brazil with thousands of other warriors from what was then the Kingdom of Kongo (Congo), after they were defeated in the Battle of Mbwila.
8. Enslaving and subjugating the leadership of a people is more efficient than killing them, and the Portuguese have done both: they killed thousands and subjugated millions.

The fight goes on.

9. Today, of all days, a black man was beaten to death at the chain store @CarrefourGroup in Porto Alegre. Carrefour fired the security firm responsible for hiring the murderers.

10. Black men, particularly young black men, are targets of police brutality and violent crime in general in Brazil. Quilombola communities are under attack from the Bolsonaro-supported rural caucus militias.

11. Brazilian racism is different from American racism (or French, or Swedish). But please, do not believe in the "tolerant nature" of Brazilian society publicized by the Right.

It is alive, murderous and, now, government sponsored.

• • •

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9 Nov
1. How about reinstating the Glass Steagall act?

Think: in the 2008 crisis, banks appropriated thousands of single family properties and established the biggest real estate speculation scheme in US history.
2. It's happening again. The Dust Bowl social tragedy was caused by banks and speculation...

3. There is one common issue in all the social tragedies provoked by economic recession: bank acquisitions and subsequent speculation.

Maybe time to stop it?
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25 Oct
2. @WashArchbishop has been one of the compassionate and inclusive voices among religious leaders about transgender people, reassuring them that they belong in the Church and there is nothing wrong with them.

3. He is also critical of Trump's mishandling of public affairs in general and of his contribution to hate speech and action.

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23 Oct
1. I'm originally from Brazil. Brazil is one of the countries with the highest unsafe abortion mortality rates. It has always been. When I was 16, a girl from our anti-fascist organization died from sepsis 2 days after her abortion. After that there were several.
2. Higher middle-class and rich women had safe and humane abortions. According to my mother (94 yrs old), in her days, middle-class women still had a chance of safer abortions but they were punished by not being given anesthesia.
3. That's the most perverse aspect of the authoritarian anti-abortion policy: deaths and long-term effects of complications.

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22 Oct
1. The democratic/anti-fascist coalition depends on accepting allies we can march with only up to page three. The Left was bashed for being intolerant. This "#resister" blocked me just for sharing resources on the Left. He's unimportant but his actions are a symptom.
2. At this point in history, everybody is lumped into two groups: one very heterogeneous (ours) and one much more homogeneous (the trump side). I support the Biden-Harris ticket, I support other center or center-right candidates and projects. Up to page three,
3. ... but we are very far from page three. Until then, the whole point of a coalition is the march with circumstantial allies with a common objective: to defeat trump and stop the growth of fascism. I never confront centrist "resisters" for this reason.
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22 Oct
1. MY DREAM/WISH LIST, not necessarily in this order. Add yours if you want.

* See Barrett excommunicated from the Catholic Church for her role in the infliction of torture or some other of the many horrendous and immoral acts she engaged in;
* See Barrett disbarred;
* See Kavanaugh disbarred;
* See Kavanaugh and Barrett impeached and removed from the SCOTUS;
* See Trump arrested and delivered to the International Court at the Hague to answer for Crimes against Humanity;
* See McConnell arrested, indicted and arraigned without bail;
* See all his horrendous crimes come out and rub them on his fascist supporters' face for the rest of their miserable existence;
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21 Oct
1. @duty2warn , a frequently asked question is how to make sense of the predominance of psychopathic behavior among so many members of authoritarian governments.

At this point we have no doubt that trump and bolsonaro are classic psychopaths, both malignant narcissists and...
2. ... both manifesting sexual sadism, bolsonaro having a proven record of participation in torture sessions during the dictatorship "for fun".

Trump has exhibited sadistic pleasure innumerable times as well.
3. It is also agreed that both are somewhat "accidental" to their office. They are both borderline functional and they were the right psychopaths for this specific fascist script. Otherwise, they would be unremarkable.
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