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20 Nov, 6 tweets, 1 min read
Recognition & Significance is a deeply rooted human need

- Saying peoples names after they buy live on webinar increases sales

- Saying names is the business model for live stream donations

- Posting customers in brand clothing on brands Instagram story
We see it here on Twitter

Guys known to retweet praise

Gets people praising him to their followers hoping for that retweet

Viral effects & increases in conversions

Can be created through understanding people’s deep rooted need

For significance & recognition
It’s a form of social proof

If a big brand posts you they must think you’re cool

If the famous influencer retweets you he likes/agrees with you

If the famous guy says your name on a livestream you feel good

If Jay-Z or Elon Musk retweeted you, you’d feel cool
People are baffled by the rise of onlyfans

It’s entire business model is this formula

Chatting & saying peoples names

Attention & Significance

It gets even crazier...

Guys recognize each other in the chat & start becoming friends
Creating a habit loop

Showing up to that chat = Recognition & Significance

From the girl AND other guys in the chat

That is what people are REALLY paying for

The content itself they can easily get for free online

The Recognition & Significance they can only get there
Being interested is one of the easiest ways to become interesting

People would rather be impressive than be impressed

• • •

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22 Nov
You follow the niche until the niche follows you

Deliver niche content to grow a following

Widen the niche, covering correlated topics to expand following

You then hit a point when you become the niche

It's at this point you can talk about almost anything you want

A VERY niche topic

1) Facebook Ads for Real Estate

- Longtail keywords MUCH easier to rank for. Sometimes nobody is delivering the demand

2) Can expand to FB ads for all businesses or stay on Real Estate but incorporate Google Ads, Listing sites etc
After you do 1) you'll have a few thousands followers

When you go after the bigger keywords in the broader niche for step 2

Those followers help give that video instant retention & engagement which gets the algorithm to promote it

Next is step 3...
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20 Nov
The young entrepreneur is not far removed from adolescence

In adolescence looking cool & being liked is the only thing that matters

40 year old with wife, 3 kids & 18 employees

Will do the most efficient, highest ROI things for the business

Looking cool ain’t the priority
Younger people are still ‘on the market’

- May have not yet established core friendships

- Still dating

- Building reputation

Looking cool & how they’re perceived still has logical application
In adolescence approval is the only currency

- Parents approval
- Grades
- Team mates
- Dates
- Classmates

Kids don’t earn approval through career or creative works

It’s all through others
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20 Nov
Pair clients with a contractor you train in viral organic content creation

$2000/month. You keep $400/month

Why is this not good?

It would take closing 10 clients & managing a team of 3-10 contractors just to make $4000/month

SUBTLE TWEAKS to 10x Returns (mini thread) ⬇️
Closing 1 client on a different offer can be $4000/month

Or even better...

Doing a ONE TIME training for their current team for $4000 would be better

Same 10 closes as before

But $40,000 instead of $4,000, and...

No team to manage
No on-going service delivery
Efficiency, Optimization, Leverage

When bouncing between multiple ideas or strategies

Try to identify subtle tweaks like the one in the previous example

Slight change in position can make all the difference

Doing the same thing, just slightly different positioning
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19 Nov
The goal of outreach is NOT to close the sale

It's to get them curious & on the phone

The goal of the first DM is NOT to get a date

It's to spark curiosity & get a reply
The goal of social media & ads is NOT great content

It's to get attention/engagement

Get their commitment to invest a few additional moments of attention

Which then can be directed to longer form articles, videos, lead magnets, offers
Asking for the sale before the phone call is too big of an investment upfront

Asking for a date on the first DM is too big of an investment upfront

Asking to pay attention for extended period on social media is too big of an investment upfront
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18 Nov
Can make a fair argument that passion makes someone worse not better in business

Person who is interested but not passionate will naturally seek the most efficient ways to deliver results

Passion person is susceptible to supplying unnecessary additional content/info/etc
If a persons good emotions only comes from their work/business

- They can end up posting too much content instead only delivering the essentials

Leading to distraction, confusion, complexity

- Over analyzing things due to constant thinking of the subject
Passion - things like our hobbies, socializing, fascinating things we watch/study for fun

There is no orientation for efficiency
You do it for the sake of doing it

There is no efficiency when joking with friends lol
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18 Nov
In some cases overlapping making a living

With your passion/hobbies/creative outlet makes sense

In a lot of cases the quality of both suffers
Business is a logical operation to supply a demand at a profit

Hobbies, passions & creative outlets is what we do for good emotions

Tying the 2 together creates 2 separate directions

2 different desired outcomes

You can’t drive East & West at the same time
From observations & experience

It works in the following scenarios

1) Ludicrous Scale - when you have a big enough audience

anything you put out will sell multiple 6-7 figures

Which = 1 direction of

creating your best work & letting the profits figure themselves out
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