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19 Nov, 5 tweets, 1 min read
The goal of outreach is NOT to close the sale

It's to get them curious & on the phone

The goal of the first DM is NOT to get a date

It's to spark curiosity & get a reply
The goal of social media & ads is NOT great content

It's to get attention/engagement

Get their commitment to invest a few additional moments of attention

Which then can be directed to longer form articles, videos, lead magnets, offers
Asking for the sale before the phone call is too big of an investment upfront

Asking for a date on the first DM is too big of an investment upfront

Asking to pay attention for extended period on social media is too big of an investment upfront
Attention, time, energy is an investment

We unconsciously engage in a valuation process and consciously get that data feed to us as feelings

Trust/Familiarity is built gradually
Value in itself is NOT enough to invest

People need to scope out is your value a good fit for them
Your value being rejected or denied

Is so often not actually the value being rejected

It's the marketing, the behavior

Which led to a false perception of the value being offered

Because the behavior demonstrated was congruent to low value vibes

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18 Nov
Can make a fair argument that passion makes someone worse not better in business

Person who is interested but not passionate will naturally seek the most efficient ways to deliver results

Passion person is susceptible to supplying unnecessary additional content/info/etc
If a persons good emotions only comes from their work/business

- They can end up posting too much content instead only delivering the essentials

Leading to distraction, confusion, complexity

- Over analyzing things due to constant thinking of the subject
Passion - things like our hobbies, socializing, fascinating things we watch/study for fun

There is no orientation for efficiency
You do it for the sake of doing it

There is no efficiency when joking with friends lol
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18 Nov
In some cases overlapping making a living

With your passion/hobbies/creative outlet makes sense

In a lot of cases the quality of both suffers
Business is a logical operation to supply a demand at a profit

Hobbies, passions & creative outlets is what we do for good emotions

Tying the 2 together creates 2 separate directions

2 different desired outcomes

You can’t drive East & West at the same time
From observations & experience

It works in the following scenarios

1) Ludicrous Scale - when you have a big enough audience

anything you put out will sell multiple 6-7 figures

Which = 1 direction of

creating your best work & letting the profits figure themselves out
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20 Oct
*Thread* - Doing The Work

Strategy to Dissolve Procrastination
Henry Ford believed any man can do any job
If it was broken down into steps

Making Content, Ads, Your Schedule

Break it down into simplest form

Create a step by step checklist

It'll improve results & makes the work less intimidating, increasing motivation

Steal my example ⬇️
Here's an example of what I mean

Let's use YouTube

1) Go to the top channels in niche and find what keywords their best 5 videos use

2) Use KW tool to see which KW is easiest to rank for
(Finding the video to make first, then making it)
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25 Sep
- 34 year old man looking to get married

Will invest more dollars, time, & energy into a dating offer

vs the 21 year old looking to get laid

- 32 year old stay at home mom

Will invest more to learn how to build a online income

vs the 23 year old too lazy to get a job
You can be selling the exact same offer

Who you put it in front of matters more

🔑 Motivation level of your demographic determines how much ‘convincing’ is needed

No convincing is needed for the highly motivated

They will chase you once they discover you exist
🔑 HUGE KEY for my fellow young men

You view the world through your shoes

As a 22 year old male I had little to spend & little motivation to spend

🔑 So I unconsciously ASSUMED the world was the same

Put yourself in other peoples shoes...
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24 Sep
*Thread* Making your first $10k/month in 21 days

The 'Direct Approach'
Most people's FIRST goal is $10K+/month

Building a business from scratch requires multiple skills, money, effort, time

Lot's of moving parts

Learn a high income skill
Go all in for 21 days to learn it

This is the most direct approach to hit that first goal

Skills List 👇🏼
Skills that will get you paid ASAP

(only including online ones,

things like construction, welding, plumbing, or just getting a temporary job also work

What matters is getting in a position where you have money before starting a cash flow business)

Skills List 👇🏼
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21 Sep
Humans desire to solve & make the unfamiliar familiar

Start of a webinar, video, article

Show a random image: 'x'
& hook why it's important

Then say: "but before we quickly need to understand...."

They will stick around unconsciously wanting to resolve what 'x' was
Example of this 'hook & cliffhanger'

"Selling or convincing people to do things, I could never imagine. It feels weird to me...

I would struggle until I found this ONE THING

That had people already 'sold' before they even saw any sort of sales pitch....
"...imagine how easy it would be if there was no friction or awkward hard selling

Rather, they're already sold and your role becomes more so a payment collector....."

Notice I hooked the 'ONE THING' & begin to hype it
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