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20 Nov, 5 tweets, 1 min read
Mantri-ji didnt read his own wiki-ref: Dia de Muertos is a very bad exmple. Pre-Hispanic remembrance was in summer: current form in winter isnt due to any native "rigidification/petrification", but stamping out native form by violent colonial church imported Europ medieval form.
Pathbreaking "young" scholars can't be so slapstick: it will sound like they are shouldering the task of transcoding away the responsibility for corruption and replacement of native cultural forms by colonial and post-colonial colonial grip on reshaping of culture.
If there have been undesirable replacements in culture, its because the the source ideologies of such replacements have not been allowed to be criticized, their actual history covered up, their role whitewashed - while the "native" has been freely vilified.
These mutations happened not because of any rigidification or "petrification": but a persistent denigration of Hindu traditions& the constant adulation of Christian or Islamic practices seen& shown as "better" alternatives. Not just by vested "others" but seeming "insiders" too.
Even calling these traditions "rigid" and "petrified" is a deeply disturbing and latent hint of disrespect and insulting discomfort with "what was" - how can such a mindset seek to "rediscover" traditions? it can only invent. Deeply disappointing.

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16 Nov
Here is the key underlying disconnect that's fueling this debate: she pushes the argument that there exists something called "core-religious" in Hindu religious practice, that is distinct from "social practice" & the "social" is inauthentic& doesn't represent "true" Hindu belief.
Since she implies she "knows" Sanskrit& she "knows" her Hindu texts, including the Vedas (knowing all 4 wd be a stupendous achievement), "mool" Ramayana/Mahabharata: I hv to assume she also knows that rituals differ slightly or substantially depending on the text, commentaries.
The first serious problem with her is separating out a "core-religious" which is authentic for all times, and the remnant being "social practice" which is inauthentic is that the criteria to separate will vary from one classical school to another - from one era to another.
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15 Nov
I dont think Trump's political and biz enemies realized how much he drew his strength directly from his common supporters and therefore establishment alone, even with support from both Rep& Dem parts of establishment, wd not be enough to finish off his politics.
Republican politics itself has been changed to a great extent, even if for the medium term. Trump will now be impossible to shake off unless ;literally bumped off. But taking the second option will ensure that a Trump-2 will rise with greater support.
For his party, it will be dangerous and definitely politically suicidal to try and push him out, if he wants to run in 2024. He can ensure Reps take a hit if they diss him without even having to call for the hit. His base will do it for him on their own.
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13 Nov
A wonderful glimpse into mindset of an Indian judge. The fact that he uses European proverbs without giving source context - which are all disparaging/sarcastic in the originals - shows the education was a carefully edited colonial version of European reality meant for vernae.
Coming from a judge, this is unacceptable. The values he quotes is against modern law (not sharia): as embodied in explicit ideas of war-crimes, civil-criminal laws that limit approaches to courtship or sexual unions. No, judge - not everything is fair in love, war and politics.
As far as I know the earliest known current form of judge's sentiment was in a18th c English novel "Relapse, or Myrtle Bank" as "''tho this was a confounded lie, my friend, all is fair in love and war' - note even in the original, the sense is there that this is "wrong/unethical"
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12 Nov
The judiciary have not been given the right to "lay down law" - because they are unelected. They do not "represent" people as they dont answer to and r not subject to removal, by people. Usurpation of legislation by unelected individuals is a dangerous step towards super fascism.
Constitutional courts function as checks and balances but cannot supersede the legislature. In a people's representative system no unelected functionary can be or should be allowed to impose their personal views as "laws" as it fails the test of approval by the majority.
This has been a long tussle for unilateral power over people between the courts and legislature. Those who are fond of citing "spirit of Constituent Assembly" also must know of the testy caution with which its much quoted stalwarts viewed possibility of judicial overreach.
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7 Nov
If not toned down by Biden, Harris will push for the following in foreign policy: (1) greater aggression& covert support to European anti-Russians, and Turkey against Russia - and more active interventions into Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, and against Armenia in favour of Azeris'.
(2) renewed covert support through Turkey to the Idlib zone and north-Syrian ISIS jihadis against Assad, (3) if European hesitation to move against Iran can be managed, then move against Iran - but no war that harms Sunni lobby connected to US establishment.
(3) war or proxy war on Iran can however be combined with Euro lobby pressure to get back into the nuclear deal so Harris may not have a full free hand here. (4) Renewed indirect support for Palestinian jihad will also be on cards. Again here more powerful interests will moderate
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7 Nov
The followup comments show why this tweet should not have singled her out rather than do the customary one for president after officially declared elected. She has already created the impression that encourages all scum scoundrel jihadis of the subcontinent to look up to her.
An aggressive "prosecutor" if allegedly "successful" is one whose character is to ramp up accusations without much conscience to drive bargains and if needed force acceptance of guilt where there shd be none. Same tactic cd be applied to India too to support Kashmiri jihad.
If there is an "Indian" connection, that connection should not have shamelessly ignored the plight of Hindus at the receiving end of jihad on the subcontinent, both in India and in neighbouring countries.
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