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The illusory truth effect is the tendency to believe false information to be correct after repeated exposure. People are comfortable with what is familiar. Familiarity can even overpower rationality. This is why social media is the perfect place for disinformation to spread.
If you're familiar w/ the rule of 7 in marketing which says you need a potential customer to interact with your brand 7 times before a purchase is made. Brand loyalty is big with a certain block of consumers, so they will need extra exposure and incentive to consider a purchase.
Brands market products in a variety of ways based on what is must important to their customers. (Price, results, ecofriendly etc.) And no matter what a brand does, some customers will remain loyal to their brand. You'll notice brands point out their strengths in positive ads.
It's cheaper, tastes/works better, all natural...

Many brands need to point out the weaknesses of competitors to win business. Brand A doesn't do this, costs more, ineffective etc...

Generally they back up each type of ad with images of what I call Joy and Agony.
Joy is clean, happy, & care-free. Agony is disheveled, dissatisfied, frustrated. Only Brand B can get the consumer to Joy.

Pricing plays a role for customers who aren't loyal to a brand. Low prices attract some consumers. Yet many people assume if it costs more, it's better,
Brands hit the jackpot when consumers are excited about their product/service and become free surrogates. People tend to like and automatically trust what's popular, especially when recommended by a person they already trust. I know this is true, but doubted how strong it is.
I thought certain people would be suceptible to this kind of marketing. But doubted savvy or highly educated people would fall for it.

I was proven wrong by quite a few law professors, CEO's, and a former Lt. Governor of Texas, all who when I spoke with regarding an important
change to their insurance policies. One was choice removal of coverage for a certain important risk. The second choice was adding one of three possible amounts of coverage for the risk for one of three increased premiums. The #1 question was "What are most people doing?"
The last thing I'm thinking of when making potentially big financial decisions is what other people are doing. I think about what is best for my situation. I'm also largely brand loyal.

But the appeal of being part of the majority is a big deal to a lot of consumers.
Around 2013-14, I started seeing memes of Vladimir Putin, drawn w/ exaggerated muscles portraying him as a strong.& powerful leader. Americans were posting them. I was confused. Putin is an adversary to this country, remember the KGB? These memes also portrayed Obama as weak.
I really didn't think about Putin being responsible for these, because I couldn't imagine how he could get Americans to be his surrogates. I began hearing prominent Republicans praising Putin's strength. They rallied over hatred of Obama.
It was like a snowball rolling downhill from there. These combined with the never-ending repetitive cries of Obama dividing the country, that he a Muslim and that he had provided a fake birth certificate & shouldn't even be president began creating a new Republican party.
Suddenly, opinions they'd heard became "fact." The truth had lost any hold it had on Republican citizens. They doubled down on falsehoods when Hillary Clinton ran for POTUS. Conservative news sources read like tabloids. Donald Trump took full advantage of his base's willingness
to disregard the truth. He wasn't afraid to say anything, no matter how awful, how untrue or how racist, and they loved it. We thought it was a relatively small percentage of the population, and it did start out that way, but social media, foreign actors,
and Cambridge Analytica had taken the illusory truth effect to heights never before seen in this country. When truth didn't matter, and having a fair and functioning government was no longer important, not just the Republican party was hijacked, but the entire country.
The worse Trump was, the more they loved him, he somehow rallied or scared key Republicans into 100% loyalty to him instead of their constituents or the Constitution. He has eroded trust in our intelligence agencies, our allies & even the Constitution. He has cultivated a divide
so deep, we may be united again. Every day as president he degraded Democrats, he's called us evil, crooked and frauds, he's lied continually about every Democrat policy, he's attacked Democrat governors & worked to punish states he said didn't like him. His base ate every bite.
*we may never be united again.
Democrats worked hard to defeat Trump and every one of us is shocked at the 73 million people who chose lies, negativity and hatred, a president for only themselves and no other American.

We knew he wouldn't concede, that he would pitch a fit, that he would jeopardize the lives
of hundreds of thousands of Americans by not cooperating with the transition of power to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. He will never do anything that is actually best for the country. Even as a lame duck president, he is doing his best to destroy democracy as much as possible.
People are calling Joe Biden weak for not "doing something." I find this counter productive. Everyone on Earth (except MAGAs) knows Trump is wrong. Joe is following protocol in not threatening to prosecute his political opponents. I trust his judgement. We do not want to become
a party like the Republican party has become. I believe when the time is right, Biden will handle Trump. Right now he's focused on a transition without incumbent cooperation. It's vital that it goes as smoothly as possible. Our efforts need to be on the Georgia US Senate seats.
Democrats, Republicans and Independents expressed their trust in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, now we exercise that trust. We don't know what's happening behind the scenes. Don't fall victim to the repetitive falsehood that Joe is weak for following Democracy's playbook for
a peaceful transition of power. The violation of that tradition comes only from Trump's side. Democrats play by the rules, we won the election playing by the rules, and January 20, President-elect Joe Biden will take office as the Constitution rules, and we will begin
reconstructing this country, and going beyond reconstruction to improve this country. We need to be surrogates for the new adminstration and of Democracy. Our individual beliefs and the ways we would handle things isn't always the best way. It might be more gratifying, but we
do not drink tears, we wipe them. We do not scream to lock people up without a fair trial, we honor the presumption of innocence because we honor democracy and the Constitution. It's damn hard being a Democrat because we must go high no matter how low they go.
Affording our political rivals the courtesies and honest game they do not afford us is tough sometimes, but in the end, our victories are solid. Our commitment to the traditions and institutions that are Democracy maintain the tools we need to succeed in making America better.
And that, my friends, is what is required of us, we must leave this country better than it was when it was entrusted to us by those who worked to do the same. We must stand united and face the challenges before us by letting President-elect Joe Biden lead.
We have tools to let our leaders know where we stand, use them as needed. We are the example for true progress when we are moving forward. We have our mission, but no idea the battles that lay before us. We have to root in reality. January is just around the bend.

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In light of current events, everyone take a deep breath- unless you're in the Houston area, y'all wait a while.

We've been waiting to exhale for more than 2 years, we can make it a little longer. As information unfolds, I hope everyone will pause and reflect before reacting. 1/
Read what others are saying, I suggest a spattering of sanity from a few Democrats not running for POTUS. @fawfulfan @docrocktex26 @Teri_Kanefield @tedlieu of course there are many others. Let others know who provides useful commentary that can be used in productive ways. 2/
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1/ I just read @RVAwonk 's tweet which said only 28% of young voters (18-29) say they'll vote in the 2018 November mid-term elections! In hopes of increasing this number, this thread will explain how to register for the first time & provide resources to make the process easier.
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