Things to takeaway from this

1. Let me repeat... WHEN YOU RECEIVE AN 'I'll let uno' from a girl you haven't fucked yet, FORGET ABOUT HER IMMEDIATELY

2. If it's from a girl you've fucked, feel free to try again. But your chances are low

3. After 2 attempts to schedule and she no gree, do a takeaway and tell her to contact you when she wants to see you. Then delete that number

The ball is now in her court

4. If/When next she contacts you and she isn't arranging to meet you in 3 to 5 messages, stop replying
5. If she still contacts you again and you're feeling particularly petty, tell her "stop contacting me if you have no plans to see me"... But that's not even necessary, air her or block. She's a time waster (yes, even if you've fucked or been fucking)
Dm to Purchase my Text Format book: The Format - N3000

You learn everything there is about arranging meetings fast with girls who will most likely fuck you

There's a discount for Sabi Boyz in my group:…

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21 Nov
In your youth strive to live alone for a year at least

It builds mental fortitude and frame

You will go through some shit and you'll come to realize you did it all alone without seeking validation from your gees or from women
Living alone need not be overdone

Maintain a normal social life outside your place but wake up alone and sleep alone

You can of course invite women over to fuck, but they can't spend more than a night or 2

A week if you've known her for over 5 months and she Sabi
Women pick moments you can't get away from them as the periods to showcase some of their madness

Na why you gatts only spend extended time with only women who've proven good behavior over a good period of time
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21 Nov
The only reason you get upset when you see thirst traps online is cus you're horny and haven't fucked in a while... And there's a woman showing her body to the world and taunting you with what you can't touch.

Stop complaining!

Go outside and get some pussy!
You don't care about
1. The decreasing morality of the country
2. That this is Nigeria or Africa and our girls don't do that

You're horny and sexually frustrated, that's the only reason it pains you so much when you see a half naked girl online
She's doing what women have always done

Courting male attention and validation, what are you doing?

Giving her that attention even if it's negative

If you see am, and it unsettles, shake your head, smile and scroll past

No need to turn to keyboard warrior
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21 Nov
Keep the first date cheap°

All that is needed are the basics

Drinks at a bar, both your transport or Uber fares, fuel, food and condoms if you are able to fuck on the first day

Anything extra is waste and will move you into provider zone and that will slow down sex
Keeping the first date cheap is subjective as spending money has no clear cut rules

A good rule of thumb however is, if you can't spend a certain amount on yourself yet...don't spend it on her

If y'all meet on the same street, a casual walk and drinks serves as a first date
If she's coming from a far distance and she can take transport, pay her transport fare for coming and going if you can

If she insists on Uber/bolt and you have the money for that, run it

If you don't, forget her
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6 Aug
Men should be allowed to have sex or maintain sexual options with other women asides their girlfriend or wife.
Why do I make such a bold claim?
Scroll down to find out.
Most women would agree that a situation whereby a man uses his money within a relationship to control the actions of his woman is ugly.
What is even uglier is when a woman uses her body as a weapon to control her man. These scenarios lead to abusive and unhealthy relationships.
As society progresses, it has given women the means to pursue financial success that equals and sometimes surpasses the pockets of most men, yet the husband in his house still has to sit on his penis or cheat like a thief in the night when his wife does not want sex.
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3 Jul
~ Sabi Boy

If she's younger than 23, do not take her serious. Most women in this age group are going to be chronically irresponsible, dishonest, flakey and irrational. They're going to have sex with lots of men (even if they say they won't), get drunk and do drugs.
They will leave you more quickly and sometimes for no reason and do all kinds of similar things.

And you know what? That is all fine.

Lite-relationship types with women within the ages 18 to 23 are what you should aim for anyways. No carrying that shit on top of your head!
1. If she's irresponsible, lead with kindness.
2. If she's dishonest, but it doesn't necessarily affect anything, don't care. If it IS serious, it's your fault for taking her serious 🤷‍♀️
3. If she's flakey (she makes and cancels dates...
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1 Jul
The Importance Of The Cardinal Rules ~ Sabi Boy

The term "betaization" defines an unconscious and biological process whereby a woman gradually weakens a man with time in order to facilitate a long term relationship.
Once you understand Betaization, how it works and WHY to avoid it while enjoying a relationship with your woman OR women🌚, your life will be changed forever.

I must state that most women are unaware of this behavior as it is uniquely inspired by a biological drive.
Betaization works like this.
1. Find an attractive male and have sex
2. Engage in a long term relationship
3. Begin to unleash a set of behaviors that gradually weaken male
4. Enforce positive reinforcement for beta/simp behavior
5. Lose attraction for betaized male
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