1) Quote thread
"Thanks to 'Corona', many people now understand how the PCR test works & will be even better able to understand that the evidence in the following studies is based on a positive PCR test result, which is not conclusive and cannot prove the presence of a virus!"
2) "Corona-Initiative Deutscher Mittelstand (CIDM Online) [docs.google.com/presentation/d…] creates graphs and statistics based on the existing data of the institutions. They determined an average vaccination effectiveness of 10%."
3) "CIDM Online creates the graphics for the flu vaccination figures based on the RKI
Ergo 10% vaccine effectiveness for flu vaccination [docs.google.com/presentation/d…]
This statistic is a good example of the meaningless of the statement about the effectiveness of the flu vaccination.
4) "For all those who are already familiar with the subject and know that there is no scientific proof of the influenza virus, I don't have to explain that its effectiveness is not just 0%, but that it is below that and only causes harm."
5) "It is easy to see from these statistics that the last 3 years show a negative effectiveness. It is a matter of interpretation to the extent that it could also be seen that vaccinated persons are even at a higher risk of contracting influenza for the same exposure."
6) "The Cochrane, formerly the Cochrane Collaboration, has conducted a meta-analysis for the influenza vaccine. The analysis shows a vaccine effectiveness of 0-4 percent.
The Cochrane is one of the most respected independent scientific associations in the world. In their.."
7) .."meta-analysis they revealed several facts at once. Not only does the data show no benefit in favour of an influenza vaccination, the data was often of such poor quality that no serious conclusion could be drawn. So how can any pharmaceutical company, politicians..."
8) .."like Spahn, Lauterbach and others claim that this vaccination is safe, effective and well tolerated?

A systematic review of vaccines for the elderly [1] highlights the difference that vaccination makes in a single season (reduces the risk of influenza from 6% to 2.4%),.."
9) .."but caution is advised as there is little information available about what happens in the following season.

Moreover, for a global public health priority, it is puzzling why there are only 8 studies (of which only 4 were conducted for harm assessment) .."
10) .."with just over 5,000 participants to inform decision-making and reduce uncertainty - the first was conducted in 1965 and the last in 2000. And there is no data on hospitalisations, including cases of pneumonia, in any study, and also very little information on deaths."
11) ..'All the critical results that are important for decision making!
"Influenza vaccination of Health Care Workers living in long-term care homes may have little or no impact on the number of residents who develop laboratory-confirmed infection. The review..."
12) .."found no conclusive evidence of the benefit of vaccinating healthcare workers in relation to the key complications: pneumonia, hospitalisation or death.
Not only does it appear so, it is simply a fact that the vaccine fraud has long since been exposed."
13) "Health expert Prof. Gerd Glaeske (German pharmacist & health scientist) - effectiveness of the flu vaccination is 0 - 20
In the ARD program (Hart aber Fair) of March 19, 2018, in which Jens Spahn was also present (i.e. knows exactly what the facts are), .."
14) .."the health expert Prof. Gerd Glaeske gave a scathing verdict on the flu vaccination (see at minute 45:50 to 48:50) []
The reason for the flu vaccination is very thin
The benefit of a flu vaccination is poor
Less than 50% can be vaccinated
... ...
15) ...
For the younger ones the effectiveness would be 20
Practically 0 % for the elderly
There are no comparative studies.

Answering the question as to whether Prof. Gerd Glaeske himself would be vaccinated,he replied with a clear "no".

Prof. Gerd Glaeske,like many others,
16) .."is a victim of the assertion of mutations. The assertion that a virus would constantly mutate is groundless and owes its existence to confused virological, compulsive thinking. We will go into this in more detail in another article. It is important to know that.."
17) .."the excuse of mutation was created so that refuted facts can still be asserted.

A large European meta-analysis (2019) examined the effectiveness of the current flu vaccine in the current season and came to even worse results than before ...
It showed ..."
18) .."that the 2018/19 flu season was almost exclusively dominated by Influenza A with various subtypes and that the effectiveness of the flu vaccine was unprecedentedly poor that year.."
"Particularly in the main target group of the vaccination,people over 64yrs of age,
19) .."the effectiveness against influenza A/H1N1 (the most common subtype this season) was clearly 0 in some segments of the study, despite the fact that the usual excuse for poor vaccine effectiveness - the lack of correspondence between vaccine composition & virus - ..."
20) .."did not play a role this year:

"To date, all A(H1N1)pdm09 viruses characterised in Europe were antigenically similar to the vaccine virus.”
And against the second major subtype, influenza A/H3N2, the researchers had to admit that, "Three of four primary care studies..."
21) .."suggest that the vaccine was not effective among all ages combined”.

Source: eurosurveillance.org/content/10.280…

"A team from the University of Hong Kong conducted a study with a total of 115 children aged 6-15 years.
Some received the normal flu vaccination, others received a .."
22) .."neutral placebo vaccination.The children were then observed over a period of 272 days. If infections occurred, it was examined whether it was influenza or other infections.This was a study of the highest quality: double-blind, randomised &over a long observation period."
23) "The vaccinated children had a more than fourfold increased risk of non-influenza infections.
Thus the often heard statement: "I have never been sick as often as in the year when I was vaccinated against influenza" has been scientifically substantiated for the first time."
24) "The authors explain the amazing effect in this way:
"Recipients may lack temporary non-specific immunity that protected against other respiratory viruses.
Source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P…
25) "Only 22 - 29% of all German doctors and nurses are vaccinated against seasonal flu according to official figures.
According to the RKI bulletin, it appears that medical personnel in Germany are a much more vaccination-critical part of the population than is widely known."
26) "According to official figures, only 22-29% of German doctors and nurses are vaccinated against seasonal flu. People such as physicians, indeed would actually know whether a vaccination is good for something or not, in majority, reject the flu vaccination for themselves.
27) "Source tinyurl.com/y26zhqxj "

A few quotes from an unofficial translation of a German article. Please consider reading, downloading and sharing archive.org/details/@count…

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'....it's a very important question,' ... 'So, let me just answer this. First of all, John Ioannidis at Stanford wrote a paper.'
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..."and so the question therefore becomes: Why do we do this as scientists? I mean, no one in this room needs to be told that science is always getting it wrong. Everyone in this room knows that the person who invented the idea that continents shift destroyed his career by so..."
..."doing. Everyone knows that. Everyone knows that Semmelweis in Vienna destroyed his career by suggesting that obstetricians should wash their hands before rather than after delivering his babies. We all know that science is constantly correcting itself, and yet, at any one..."
"moment, it's always the same: 97% of scientists agree that the science is settled. And the government makes it worse."

There's a very good paper by a man called Daniel Sarewitz, which has got — again, it’s available online, and he points out — here we come back to the..."
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Highly recommend listening to 'Myth of Scientific Objectivity' by Dr. Terence Kealey, helps to understand the reason why we are fed pseudoscience
"So, let me just tell a few stories first. When I was an intern in my medical - in my hospital, and don't forget in Britain doctors go to medical school much younger than here,so I was only 23 or 24 at the time - I worked for the professor of medicine, and we had a patient who.."
.."was extremely ill, but the professor of medicine persuaded the professor of surgery to operate on this person almost as a favor. And so I wheeled the patient across through what we call the operating theatre, patient was operated upon,very predictably died.And the professor.."
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Raw auto translation by deepl.com, quotes...
2. Since March 2020, the form of rule that has been systematically unfolding since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989/1990 has been fully in evidence: A transnationally operating oligarchic caste has taken over rule in the Western “democracies.
3. The mass base of "traditional" fascism was the enthusiastic petty bourgeoisie, incited by propaganda (1). The leader (state) promised the masses salvation from all evils. The leader carried the masses, the masses carried the leader (state) and the latter led them into war ..
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