Glenn Greenwald has the nicest fans
This is a thread about how dangerous idiots can be. I will be attaching screenshots of all the tweets I just received in response to the below tweet. There are hundreds of them, most calling me a spy. Please allow me to explain why this is a problem.
I am morally opposed to journalists working as intelligence agents. Why? Because after my father, a journalist, was kidnapped by terrorists, they tortured him again and again for years, calling him CIA. "I am not a spy!" he would scream. "I am a reporter!" It never stopped them.
When my friend, the aid worker Peter Kassig, was kidnapped by ISIS, he was also tortured and accused of being a spy. Pete was a Ranger before he started an NGO to give civilians in Syria medical care. Apparently his tattoos were a problem for his captors. Pete was killed in 2014.
Time and time again, American hostages--journalists and otherwise--have been falsely called spies, tortured and killed. I have been in many situations where I've had to convince the very dangerous men I am with that I am not a spy. My saving grace has always been that I am not.
It is true that the CIA and other intelligence agencies have used journalists as assets, mounted operations to influence the media and occasionally even use agents who pose as reporters. This is reprehensible, but also rare. The overwhelming majority of journalists are not spies.
Thus, Glenn Greenwald and his army of keyboard crusaders spewing unhinged accusations at journalists and news orgs without a shred of evidence--usually from the safety of a country far, far away from the kind of place where journalists are tortured and killed--endangers us all.
To end, I will just say that the situation on the ground for journalists, aid workers and civilians working/living in conflict zones becomes more dangerous each year. Terrorists, dictators and war criminals have Twitter accounts. Please, think before you say this shit online.

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7 Nov
My mom likes to tell the story of how, as a toddler born in the U.S. who left a week later, I grew up overseas and knew very few Americans; but even when I could barely speak, I would become very upset when people said I was Cypriot.

“NO,” I would yell at them. “I AM AMEWICAN.”
I was always quite a moral child, and I somehow knew we were supposed to be a place where people didn’t hurt each other for no reason, like they did in wars, which was most of what I had been exposed to at that point. Bad men didn’t take fathers there, like mine had been taken.
My dad was kidnapped for being American in a place where that made you valuable, for the wrong reasons. My mother still brought me in and out of Lebanon during the war. “Don’t tell anyone you’re American,” she would hiss at me there. “Don’t speak any English at all. Only Arabic.”
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19 Sep
Good morning to the journalists and pundits who spent three and a half years pooh-poohing any suggestion we might be heading down a road to authoritarianism and doing backflips to contort everything that led us here into some semblance of normality
The ultimate tragedy of what’s happening isn’t that it came out of nowhere. It’s that it was so blatantly obvious every step of the way, and could perhaps have been prevented, had every headline from mid-2015 onwards fulfilled the basic role of journalism to warn the public.
“What did you do as your democracy crumbled in front of the world, Daddy/Mommy?”

“I RePoRtEd BoTh SiDeZ EqUaLlY, JoHnNy.”
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18 Jun
A cop hit on me when I was 21 and drunk in front of a club. I told him to go f**k himself. He slammed me against a wall and when I resisted, wrestled me to the ground and arrested me. I was taken to the precinct and cuffed to a pipe in front of a drunk tank of men for 18 hours.
I spent the weekend in custody, miserably hungover and sobbing, still wearing a miniskirt and high heels. When I was booked that Monday, I found out the cops wrote in their report that they arrested me because I walked up to them and said I had crystal meth on me.
To be clear, I have never done meth, and if I had been, I certainly wouldn’t have volunteered that information to the police. I had no drugs on me when I was searched. They originally charged me with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer, both felonies with jail time.
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11 May
Kind of hard to take someone seriously about opening up the country during a pandemic that’s supposedly been defeated when nobody is allowed near him without a temperature check and a test for the virus
If the President of the United States can’t walk into the same room with someone who hasn’t been screened for COVID-19, how are Americans supposed to feel safe going about their daily lives with no readily available tests and no expert personal medical staff on immediate call?
I’m not an economist, but wouldn’t it have made more sense to just take the financial hit in the short run, keep lockdown going, contain the pandemic to an acceptable degree and then open up the country—maybe even in plenty of time for Election Day, if that’s the concern?
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23 Apr
I just got this. To clarify, I was born in NY. My mother is Lebanese and my father is a Marine veteran who did 2 tours in Vietnam and was kidnapped by terrorists for the first 7 years of my life for being American. The coward who didn’t sign his name needs to learn how to Google.
P.S. I found this guy by searching his email address and he's such an obvious goober that it wouldn't even be worth the effort to dox him. It did make me feel better to put a face to that racist email, though. Great reminder that most of these guys are more pathetic than scary.
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16 Apr
GOOD NEWS ALERT: I wrote this piece for @ForeignPolicy in 2016 about Syrian refugee kids attempting suicide. I interviewed a 12-year-old girl who swallowed rat poison so she wouldn't be a burden on her mother anymore. I know, but wait for the good…
After my story came out, the incredible @gilesduley, who introduced me to this girl, helped raise a sizable sum of money to help her family. It was distributed monthly over time instead of all at once, so she has been able to go to school and have a roof over her head ever since.
SHE TURNED 17 YEARS OLD TODAY AND FRIENDED ME ON FACEBOOK and she's beautiful and smart and speaks great English! It's rare for journalists to see anything we write make an actual, tangible difference in someone's life. I'm not crying, I swear. Okay I am but I don't care! Yayyyyy
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