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Reality Winner was NEVER Mirandized. Denied a Bond. Denied a Trial and Forced into a plea. Why? For Alerting #WeThePeople of interference into the 2016 presidential election when no one else would. She is servicing a 63-month sentence.…
Reality Winner was locked up in a small rural county jail for one year and 85 days before her forced plea. After her arrest, she was denied bail and never allowed to defend herself. Her political persecution is a travesty of justice. These are her last moments of freedom.
This is how this young Veteran has been treated. Caged, denied nutrition, medical and a defense in the United States of America. #FreeRealityWinner
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Reality Winner's plea agreement has a number of disturbing and bothersome clauses. The text of the Plea agreement is found on the website There are numerous rights, waivers, and prohibitions that really are "biting" in the totality of the document /1
One thing she was required to waive was the right to "Collaterally attack" her conviction and sentence. The legal definition of collateral attack is found at the following link:… /2
The actual text reads: "Defendant entirely waives her right to collaterally attack her conviction and
sentence on any ground and by any method, including but not limited to a 28 U.S.C. § 2255 motion. The only exception is..." /3
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This #SundayMorning, we're asking whatever happened to Reality Winner?

As one of the first whistleblowers in the Trump era, Reality was sentenced to more than 5 years for leaking classified materials about Russian interference in the 2016 election. #FreeRealityWinner
(2) My followers arranged an opportunity to ask Reality Winner's mom @bjwinnerdavis questions about her daughter's case, why the media hasn't given it more coverage & how to help

Answers shortened for this thread. Read the full interview @RanttMedia…
(3) 𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁’𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝘁𝘂𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗥𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗶𝘁𝘆 𝗪𝗶𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗿’𝘀 𝗹𝗲𝗴𝗮𝗹 𝗳𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁?

"@alisongrinter has volunteered to assist with the completion of a Petition for Clemency, which will ask for commutation of sentence for Reality Winner...…
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As an NSA contractor, there was no whistleblower statute or “proper” protocol that #RealityWinner could use to shield herself. But she blew the whistle anyway re: Russia’s attack on our election infrastructure, which the Trump regime had tried to cover up. #FreeRealityWinner 1/
3/ Meanwhile, the govt won’t tell the American public which counties (or how many) were breached. We need more whistleblowers like #RealityWinner, but none have come forward, perhaps due to what the Trump regime did to her. And no one in Congress has raised a finger to help her.
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Free Reality Winner! #FreeRealityWinner
Protect Whistleblowers #ProtectWhistleblowers
🔃Free Reality Winner! #FreeRealityWinner
Please submit this letter asking for release of Reality Leigh Winner. #RealityWinner Thanks to everyone who has ❤…
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Correction needed to the statement below. In reality, if the FBI discovers that foreign hackers have infiltrated the networks of your county election office, you may not find out EVER. 1/
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@bjwinnerdavis @glb101 This was just another tactic by the govt to persecute this young Veteran. Just as they lied in court and said there was more than one document but had to retract as it was not true. They would go to any lengths to deny Reality bond and keep her silenced.…
@bjwinnerdavis @glb101 1/ Winner was stationed at Fort Meade. On her last day, November 9, 2016, she inserted a thumb drive in a computer with access to classified information. She told FBI agents this was to see if it could be done without being detected.
@bjwinnerdavis @glb101 2/ She wondered how personnel were getting “unclassified pictures onto the high side.” An administrative notice popped up and so she threw her thumb drive away.
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“Review finds Wisconsin voting equipment at times connected to internet, potentially vulnerable”
By @ByPatPoblete h/t @SpudLovr

@WI_Elections has some ‘splaining to do. 1/
#HandMarkedPaperBallots #RobustManualAudits
“Vital election equipment in at least 7 WI counties has been connected to the internet, in some cases for nearly a year at a time, despite WI elections officials & voting machine vendors repeatedly claiming the devices cannot be hacked bc they are not connected to the web.” 2/
“A group of election security experts who went looking for vulnerabilities to check claims of vendors found the [internet] connections & warned @WI_Elections ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. But state officials failed to notify all but one of the counties.” 3/
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Please read this article and look how Reality Winner was skewered! #2SystemsOfJustice #NotRich #NotAWashingtonInsider…
“A key phrase that the government wanted withheld was the specific name of the Russian unit identified in the document. The government was particularly insistent on that point.” @trevortimm
“Since it wasn’t vital to the story that the unit’s name be revealed, nor was it clear — at least at the time — that revealing the unit’s name was in the public interest, The Intercept agreed to withhold it.” @trevortimm
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American Swamp | NBC News if you believe your own reporting ⁦@KatyTurNBC⁩ ⁦@jacobsoboroff#RealityWinner was eaten up by this swamp. Where has your reporting been?
This is who the swamp monsters annihilated. #Veteran #Daughter #Sister #Friend #FreeRealityWinner
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Still no answer. The American public deserves to know the identity of the 300 jurisdictions where voting machine vendor ES&S installed remote access. The American public also needs to know bc, as #RealityWinner showed, public disclosure is a pre-requisite of meaningful reform. 1/
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Dear @ProPublica: Pls explain why ur reporter omitted the glaring electronic poll book problems when specifically asked about Durham, NC on Election Day. Thanks to #RealityWinner—NOT @ProPublica’s Electionland—the DHS is finally forensically analyzing those machines. #NotOK 1/
3/ If @ProPublica and others in the national media had done their job, #RealityWinner might not have felt compelled to leak the information about VR Systems, Durham’s vendor.
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"Reality Winner is frustrated...when she hears that Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, gets sent to a cushy, minimum security prison camp in upstate NY while her pleas for similar treatment are met w silence." If @Will_Bunch wrote it, you should read it #FreeRealityWinner
2/ "Powers that be would love for you to forget Reality Winner ever existed. That’s why Trump’s DOJ took the hardest-line approach every step of the way in prosecuting her for leaking a key govt doc in 2017, ensuring that she would remain in federal custody well beyond election"
3/ " Clearer & clearer that what she blew the whistle on—govt covering up evidence that Russian hacking of US election boards had been more successful & posed greater threat than officials wanted public to know—is major scandal that threatens the very underpinnings of democracy"
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🚨The pending forensic analysis of the NC election equipment that malfunctioned in 2016 might never have occurred “were it not for...#RealityWinner, who leaked...intelligence about the VR Systems hack when most key state officials knew nothing about it...1/…
...and the diligence of special counsel Robert Mueller, who confirmed a successful malware plant by Russian agents.” 2/
I made this exact point yesterday on #TheFullMonteShow and am thrilled to see it in print today.… 3/
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@josh_lawson, “who was general counsel of @NCSBE..., says that...state election officials seized those 21 laptops as evidence [after the report leaked by #RealityWinner about VR Systems in June 2017].” #FreeRealityWinner 1/…
“But it was more than a year after the Election Day episode-plenty of time for hackers to erase their tracks.” 2/
3/ “On Thursday, Lawson said that his office had asked federal officials to do a forensic exam of those laptops, and that the state, working with the FBI, had taken images of the hard drives.”
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Who wants to follow me down a rabbit hole of unanswered questions?

U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid
Here we's called the "Silence of #RealityWinner Continues"
For starters, I have a very concerning question here. Why did @nicoleperlroth mention #RealityWinner in the @NPR podcast but not the @nytimes article?
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The FBI has been incompetent at best. Remember when Senator Harry Reid sent a letter expressing concern that Comey was covering up Russian interference during the election? Imagine how different it would have been for America had he not fallen ill. Schumer is no Harry Reid. 1/
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The FBI seems to be broken. The public deserves to know this information too. These elections belong to us. You know who understood this when others engaged in a cover up? Reality Winner. #FreeRealityWinner 1/
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This FBI policy is unacceptable and bizarre. The state AND the public must know if elections have been compromised. These elections belong to the public. Why is it that #RealityWinner alone understood this? 1/
3/ Seriously. What if county or state officials sought or benefited from the compromise? Telling the public is necessary to hold them accountable for the breach. This isn’t rocket science! #TransparentElections #ProtectOurVotes
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Dear @SenFeinstein: Pls explain why the info. leaked by #RealityWinner was deemed “classified” & thus off limits to the public. Why do you feel the public is NOT entitled to know the scope of election interference? And who are the other 2 election vendors that Russia hacked?! 1/
2/ Pls read the timeline in this thread. It certainly appears that #RealityWinner was blowing the whistle on a cover up by the Trump administration as to the scope of election interference in 2016. Thread.
3/ What exactly have YOU done to alert the public about this attempted cover up? It would seem that @SenHarryReid (no longer in the Senate) and @RonWyden are the only ones who have tried to tell the public that the interference was broader than the Trump admin. lets on.
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Wow. On 6/5/17, the Intercept published the NSA report on Russian hacking, & Reality Winner (who leaked the report) was was arrested that day. The next day, @EACgov tweeted this post w/ guidelines & recommendations & using the #RealityWinner hashtag. 1/
Thank you to @Trace___65roses for telling me about the EAC post and timing! 2/
3/ Source showing the Intercept published the report on 6/5/17 and that #RealityWinner was arrested that day.…
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You know who seems to have done more to save our country from Trump than James Comey and Bob Mueller combined? Reality Winner. #ThankYouRealityWinner #FreeRealityWinner
#Shero… 1/
2/ In September 2016, NBC News reported that Russian hackers had targeted voter registration systems in nearly have of the states in the US & successfully penetrated four.…
3/ Comey, however, downplayed the concern: "’There's no doubt that some bad actors have been poking around,’ FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers Wednesday, without offering any more specifics.”…
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In the spring of 2017, federal officials still claimed that Russia had “no major success in penetrating electronic voting systems,” so “Winner blew the whistle,” & “took down a cover-up of information...” #FreeRealityWinner cc: @bjwinnerdavis… 1/
”Several key state officials said no one had warned them about the Russian scheme until the...memo [leaked by #RealityWinner] appeared in The Intercept in June 2017. To them, Winner's leak was a form of public service.” via @will_bunch cc: #FreeRealityWinner 2/
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Hypocrisy, thy name is GOP

👉So Kamala Harris smoked Pot
👉Yet GOP Matt Gaetz has a DUI & he & Steve King still have jobs

👉Clinton was impeached for lying under oath
👉Trump refuses to speak under oath about working w/ Putin to overthrow our Govt or his various ongoing crimes
👉Al Franken resigned over sexual misconduct allegations
👉Roy Moore was accused of sexual misconduct by 9 women yet Trump endorsed him

👉Clinton was impeached for lying about a BJ
👉At least 13 women accused Trump of sexual assault. There was no investigation & he became POTUS
👉Last summer Jim Jordan was accused of ignoring the sexual abuse of over 100+ wrestlers. To date it hasn't been investigated & he's still a Congressman

👉Based on 2 sexual misconduct allegations that have yet to be investigated, everyones demanding Justin Fairfax's resignation
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