Ron Johnson held hearings devoted to his belief in the
hydroxychloroquine conspiracy theory -- months after Trump himself has abandoned it:…
The idea the Trump was some kind of outlier in the Republican Party has always been delusional. The line between grifter and griftee has been erased; most Republican elites get their news from the same sources Trump does
The same year Shelby County came out, Revered Intellectual Antonin Scalia proudly proclaimed that he generally got his news from wingnut talk radio:…
And really this was just confirming what was obvious if you listened to him rant about "the Cornhusker kickback" and "racial entitlements" at oral arguments, or for that matter just read the United States Reports:…
And while it would be nice to blame Trump winning solely on Hillary Clinton's (real enough) failures as a candidate, Ron Johnson winning re-election should make clear it's more complicated and difficult than that.
Russ Feingold actually ran behind Clinton, against an opponent who is an anti-charismatic rich guy who presumably has a valet on staff with the sole responsibility of ensuring that he doesn’t inadvertently strangle himself to death with his own shoelaces

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20 Nov
I still don't understand why every piece about Murphy feels compelled to qualify the completely unambiguous evidence that she's a hack Trump boot polisher severely damaging the country with colleagues insisting based on nothing that she isn't
"She's not a bona fide Trump person and doesn't like people saying that, she just believes that she owes loyalty to Trump above loyalty to the country" uh OK
"But if I don't betray my public office by refusing to collaborate in Trump's election theft scheme I might lose my job 8 weeks before I lose it anyway" is not actually a real moral dilemma, unless you're the slavering lickspittle of an authoritarian president
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20 Nov
Anyone who normalizes what Trump is doing is an active collaborator, and that definitely includes "but ACTUALLY Clinton did it too" bullshit…
Clinton conceded before noon the day after Election Day and Obama fully cooperated with the transition. For a six-figure pundit to argue that there's any comparison is an object illustration of why we are where we are
Emily Murphy is still refusing to allow the transition to proceed. During a deadly pandemic. She is quite literally getting people killed to support Daddy Trump's election theft scheme. Do you know who Obama's GSA head even was?…
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19 Nov
Trump is the logical product of the anti-democratic attitudes of Republican elites…
It's worth noting here that critical to Trump election theft scheme is the fact that three critical swing states are gerrymandered into permanent GOP control. If WI, MI and PA held democratic legislative elections this would all be moot.
And AFICT no Republican of any influence has any problem with this. And in one of the worst decisions ever issues by the United States Supreme Court the five most elite Republican lawyers said states not holding democratic elections is fine.…
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18 Nov
Emily Murphy is damaging the country for no defensible reason…
This CNN story belongs in the The Museum of Both Sides Do It:…
The piece repeatedly juxtaposes Murphy engaging in objectively indefensible conduct that is doing considerable damage to the public interest while quoting people who testify to her Great Personal Integritude ImageImageImageImage
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18 Nov
The criticisms of a student jubilee that take the form of "here's a better plan that could be enacted in an alternate universe where Democratic majorities were allowed to govern" are just abjectly useless
If your proposal is better than student debt relief but it can't be enacted, it's irrelevant. If a student debt relief can be done without preventing any other good thing from happening, then it's still worth doing. Biden needs to use every stimulus lever he has
Comparing things that can be done to theoretically better things that can't be done to argue that you shouldn't do the former is a great way of proceeding, if you think the Carter administration was a smashing success
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17 Nov
Rudy Guiliani: "this will be the most spectacular public meltdown you've ever seen"
Glenn Greenwald: "Hold my caipirinha!"
To summarize, Glenn believes that editors saying that his articles shouldn't have unsubstantiated claims in them is "authoritarianism," unlike anything related to the administration of Donald the Economically Populist Dove
Outraged at the number of times @megancarpentier has ruthlessly trampled on my sacred First Amendment right to have no editorial oversight whatsoever from media outlets that pay me to write for them TBH
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