The defeat of southerners in the Confederacy is an apt comparison. Trumpism is the cult of losers - of the defeated, of blame. The danger is it seeks a mythical past & nationalist future (The South shall rise again). Our refusal to eviscerate it for the sake of Union sowed
The seeds of Jim Crow, segregation, and a form of systematic racism that has endured to this day. Abraham Lincoln offered a new nation “With malice towards none and charity for all...”. His goal was the preservation of Union- I’m not sure a Union built with
This racism and white supremacy should be tolerated. My Republicanism has always been more rooted in the ideology of Thaddeus Stevens (radical Republicanism) than Lincoln though I understand the pragmatism.
Regardless we should not make this mistake again. I do not want a Union where half the country openly advocates for racist politicians, defense of the Confederacy, a ban on Muslims and seeks to blame everyone but whites for what ails this country.

That house divided can’t stand.

• • •

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6 Oct
Donald Trumps campaign is hemorrhaging. His organization is in disarray. The battleground map is expanding. We can see the whites of their eyes. The once reliable GOP base has said enough is enough to Trump:
IN PA: Biden leads 65+ voters 54-42; he has 8% of GOP support; he leads college ed white voters 57-38; he leads Ind 59-34; he leads women 61-35; & he is 1 pt behind Trump among men. Biden has made inroads in suburban and exurban counties throughout the state that Trump swept.
IN AZ: Biden is leading Trump 49-41; Biden leads seniors 48-47 - Trump won them by 13 points in 2016; Biden has 6%+ of GOP support; Biden leads Ind 53-28 - Trump won them by 3 points in 2016. Biden leads college ed white voters 46-45 - Trump won them by 6 points in 2016.
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13 Sep
A quick note on Latino voters: Latinos are a notoriously late deciding vote. We are also challenging to poll because sample sizes often aren’t big enough to accurately reflect voter sentiment in baseline polls. The FL polling is instructive but needs to be considered cautiously
Any poll looking at Hispanic voters in Florida with a sample size <200 in a state as diverse as Florida can’t accurately gauge sentiment. Hispanics are 18% of the statewide vote, Cubans are about 1/3rd, Puerto Rican’s about 1/3rd and the remaining is other South & Central Am’s.
That means, if properly weighted, the sample sizes of Cubans & Puerto Rican’s in the poll had sample sizes of 60 people or so - not a good look at all. Having said that I & others who specialize here, have been very vocal about warning signs with the Latino vote all year
Read 9 tweets
2 Sep
Lots of polls today. Quick thread on new Quinnipiac poll:

At the moment Trump is losing. On job approval, on coronavirus response, on making people feel safe in their communities, and most of all, head to head with Joe Biden.
15% of Republicans say the country is *worse* off than 4 years ago and among Independents that’s 60-36. Trump is losing 65+ and college ed white voters in approval on the economy, Covid, overall job approval.
The trends over the last 5 months have been that voter views on the pandemic & overall job approval are more strongly connected to who the voter will likely break for in the GE than their economic views - which is the only area that Trump still barely has an edge over Biden on
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15 Aug
Trump & QANON: A new danger to America.Republicans have taken up the QAnon conspiracy that a “deep state” is plotting against them. 18 GOP HOUSE CANDIDATES who have received the party’s nomination have drunk the kool-aid as well.

Many have taken OATHS to the conspiracy.
The majority of those 18 candidates running are competing in heavily Democratic House districts. But this list of QAnon-esque candidates is only likely to grow.

There are 11 more candidates STILL running in primaries who are supporters of the conspiracy.
The candidate most likely to win a House seat is @mtgreenee in Georgia’s 14th. Marjorie Greene is outspoken of her support for QAnon. She has also made racist & Islamaphobic comments.
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1 Aug
THREAD: Trump & GOP Enablers' Delay to Act on Covid-Economy

Trump & his enablers for months have been so confident that there was no need to act -- that the economy was strong and their Covid response was sufficient.

Here’s the reality:
*155k Americans have lost their lives. Hospitalizations & infections have surged. STILL no coordinated federal action by Trump for five months.

AGAIN - NO federal coordination after 155,000 Americans dead.
The cascading economic effects of Trump’s incompetence and inaction:

*30m Americans just stopped receiving fed unemployment benefits -- they will see an income drop of 50-75%; 47% of those recipients are nonwhite
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28 Jul
THREAD: Covid Polling in Sunbelt States & the expanding battlefield

Thousands of Americans are dying daily from Covid w/no end in sight. Trumps solution is to craft a facade. He's returned to the briefing room in an attempt to reverse what he knows to be true - he has failed
A competent leader would create a national strategy, increase testing, establish contact tracing, consult the experts, and value human life more than points on the Stock Exchange.
*TX reached 5,000 deaths on Sunday -- an increase of 1,000 deaths in 6 days.
*But TX has started to see daily infections decline- 6,000 daily infections instead of 10k previous.
*TX sits at a 12.9% positive test rate. Earlier in July, it had reached 17.9%. Only 6% contact traced
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