1. U.S. Marines prove in study:
„Watering can measures“ & lockdowns are useless!

3,143 Marines, 1,848 living with rigorous rules.
US Marines discipline, scientifically measured.

Measures group 2.8% Corona,
control group only 1.7%.

2. What is the difference between theory and practice?
In theory there is none.
But in practice, there is.

Who hasn’t experianced it.

This is exactly what this study deals with.
For this, 1,848 Marines lived in isolation:
What use are these „watering can measures“ in practice?
3. "Governments around the world, including the US, still feel that they can influence virus transmission through a series of" non-pharmaceutical interventions "(NPIs) ..."

"Lockdowns are not science.
They have never been.“
4. What is the point of all these measures, tightly bundled, recommended by certain virologists, based on computer models and statistical theory?

And what is the reality of the practice, tested with a U.S. Marines discipline, clearly measured.

Can 380 million US do that too?
5.a) Excerpt 1 from the rules of measure group:

„All recruits wore double-layered cloth masks at all times indoors and outdoors, except when sleeping or eating; practiced social distancing of at least 6 feet; were not allowed to leave campus; did not have access to
5.b) ...personal electronics and other items that might contribute to surface transmission; and routinely washed their hands."
6. Excerpt 2 from the rules of measure group:
„All recruits cleaned their rooms daily, sanitized bathrooms after each use with bleach wipes, and ate preplated meals in a dining hall that was cleaned with bleach after each platoon had eaten."
7. Excerpt 3 from the rules of measure group:
„All movement of recruits was supervised, and unidirectional flow was implemented, with designated building entry and exit points to minimize contact among persons."
8. Excerpt 4 from the rules of measure group:
„All recruits, regardless of participation in the study, underwent daily temperature and symptom screening."

Everyone! Every day!
And a lot more...
9. What did it bring?
More infected!!

(Read the rest of the rules yourself:

Measures group has 2.8% Corona, control group only 1.7%.
That is a 64.7% bigger risk for the risk group itself!!
10. A very uncomfortable study for the executive.

An executive that clearly goes to the limits of proportionality granted in the constitution.

Anyone who does this should be able to justify well.

Based on reality, not theory.
11. What does this study show:

What so many renowned virologists & epidemologists advise:

Targeted, strategically implemented measures to protect the risk group. Use the resources purposefully.
A long-term strategy, targeted focus on protection of risk groups.
12. What does this study show:

This is the wrong approach:
Actionism & scare tactics.

„Watering can measures“ & lockdowns = no strategy = no proportionality.
13. What does this study show:

It is pure wishful thinking of certain experts and politicians, that reality behaves as they would like it to be in theory.

Ordinary people in a lockdown are not US Marines.
14. Normally living people in a lockdown are not US Marines.

And especially not children!

Heavens! This is psychological child abuse:
Expecing the same discipline from children as from US Marines, otherwise they are to blame for Grandma’s death...
15. And the executive follows these certain experts "blindly", all based on theory...

If the measures-group has 64.7% more Corvid than the control group, because of the measures, they are a 64.7% higher risk for the risk group! Because of the measures...
Reality & Practice.
16. A 64.7% higher risk for the risk group itself!

What then do the measures in our daily practice do?

Who touches their mask and how often?
And despite the greatest effort, this certainly happens more often than to a concentrated US Marine.
17. For the executive, there exists currently only one cycle of argumentation and action:

A) PCR-test „infections“ are increasing.
B) Measures are not enough, so measures must be strengthened.
C) Start at A)
18. But these questions are not asked:
D) What if certain measures don't work? -> Reinforcement is useless.
E) What if certain measures accelerate? -> Reinforcement is counterproductive.
F) How do we determine the benefit and proportionality?
19. And what is the media doing with this study?

Ignore, hardly mention and / or misinterpret a litle bit...

Constitution. Proportionality. Science. Reality.

• • •

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22 Nov
Corvidioten & ZeroCorvid Menschen denken NUR in Oben-Links.
Eingesperrt in einem intrinsischen und gesellschaftlichen Angstkreislauft.

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Sharpen your understanding of science.

Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, respectively Mr. Ioannidis, the WHO recommend the total opposite the current approach.
They say that the current approach is irresponsible!

Journal of Pedriatics and Child Health:

“A pre‐symptomatic or mildly infected person wearing a facemask for hours without changing it and without washing hands every time they touched the mask could paradoxically increase the risk of infecting others.”

For 50 years, the hospital staff has NOT worn any masks in the hospital except in isolated rooms.
Because this has been intensively researched with the result: It does not help.
Why should it be different at Corv? Why should 50 years of research no longer count?
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21 Nov
1. BS Zahlenrapport vom 20.11.2010

Status BS - Fast Lockdown:
- 70 Personen Hospitalisiert
- 7 Personen auf Intensivstation
- 3 Personen müssen beatmet werden
- 67 Personen gestorben in 9 Monaten.
- Momentan Übersterblichkeit mittel
- Übersterbl. März vergleichbar zu 2003 & 2009
2. Quellen



Der Kanton veröffentlich keine Zahlen zur Hospitalisierung. Warum?
3. Übersterblichkeit Jetzt

Rot = Jetzt
Braun = Übersterblichkeit +65
Orange = Übersterblichkeit <65

Blau = Schlechter Vergleich mit 2017
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21 Nov
1. US-Mariens beweisen in Studie:
Giesskannen-Massnahmen & Lockdowns bringen nichts!

3‘143 Marines, 1‘848 mit rigorosen Regeln.
Disziplin von US-Soldaten, wissenschaftlich gemessen.

Massnahmen-Gruppe 2.8% Corona, Kontrollgruppe nur 1.7%.

2. Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Theorie und der Praxis?
In der Theorie gibt es keinen.
In der Paxis eben doch.

Wer kennt das nicht?

Mit genau dem beschäftigt sich diese Studie.
Dafür haben 1‘848 Mariens isoliert gelebt:
Was nutzen diese Giesskannen-Massnahmen in der Praxis?
3. „Regierungen auf der ganzen Welt, auch in den USA, haben immer noch den Eindruck, dass sie die Übertragung von Viren durch eine Reihe von „nichtpharmazeutischen Interventionen“ (NPIs) ... beeinflussen zu können.“

„Lockdowns are not science.
They have never been.“
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