The Trump campaign just had their Pennsylvania election lawsuit dismissed. This is the one Rudy personally argued before the court.

(h/t @gabrielmalor)

Here is the decision:…
Oh, man. This opinion is brutal.

"Plaintiffs asked the court to disenfranchise almost 7 million voters"

"This Court has been presented with strained
legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations, unpled in the operative
complaint and unsupported by evidence."
The case was dismissed with prejudice.

Combined with the Trump campaign dropping their case in Michigan, this now clears the way for both states to certify their votes next Monday.
A lot of people were pointing out how weak the case was after oral arguments. Jenna Ellis insisted it went great.

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22 Nov
Getting really tired of this.

I'll give you a chance to show me where I said there was no election fraud or that we shouldn't look into it.

After you can't, I will be blocking you for lying.
It's the same strawman over and over again. Trump lost by tens of thousands of votes in multiple states. Asserting that there is no evidence, after looking at claims, of widespread fraud that would have changed the results is not the same as saying no fraud or don't look into it.
As an example. In Michigan, there is a legitimate dispute over ~400 ballots in Wayne County. If it was a close race, we would need to fight it out over them. Trump lost the state by over 150,000 votes.

Pointing to 400 ballots to suggest a different result is annoying.
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21 Nov
Yesterday Sidney Powell told Glenn Beck that US forces had confiscated Scyntl servers in Germany:…

US Army (& Scyntl) have confirmed no such raid happened and Scyntl also noted they don't even have offices in Germany.
This is the President's lawyer taking random and easily disprovable conspiracies from Twitter and promoting them on major platforms.
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16 Nov
Do people really not understand issue w media cheering/silent as people in the streets last week celebrated the election $ politicians in NYC, DC, CA etc ignoring own restrictions vs now giving lectures about the need for further sacrifices & restrictions for other Americans?
If your messaging isn’t consistent, you’re going to lose credibility with the people who you need to reach. Won’t matter how much you lecture, people won’t just accept two different sets of rules. Once people recognize hypocrisy, that’s just not a bell you can unring.
Just a reminder that this thread was 9 days ago. And while Rupar & a few others were explicit about their hypocrisy, the relative silence re celebrations vs the widespread condemnations of ND rushing the field were impossible to ignore:
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15 Nov
This is getting exhausting. I retweeted a fact-check that addresses several specific claims after investigation.

You're responding with a general statement about irregularities that should be investigated.

Almost as if you don't actually want investigation...
A lot of people have spent a lot of time investigating claims of massive voter fraud. They should be investigated. But it's hard to take people seriously when they are pushing to ignore the findings of such investigations when it doesn't support their preferred narrative.
In this particular case, Hannity promoted a conspiracy that had 0 evidence re the possibility of Dominion software being hacked to change votes. Problem is that the machines and software he was citing as hackable weren't used in the states he was highlighting had discrepancies.
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14 Nov
It speaks volumes that this receives so little coverage and has been normalized. Also, note there were a lot more Trump protesters in DC, but they aren’t attacking random people eating dinner.
Sickening assault. Also, notice they steal his phone as he lays unconscious. The police should be tracking down the perpetrators and then loudly advertising their arrest. This stuff will keep happening until it becomes clear there are consequences.

WTF are @DCPoliceDept doing?

Unbelievable. There should be firings over this. They forced these people into a hostile crowd.

Also, the same woman is clearly on video committing assault multiple times here. Are police planning to track her down?
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13 Nov
This is so irresponsible and truly deplorable. Jim & others got exactly the reaction they wanted with these tweets, thereby putting real people in danger by trying to misportray what happened to anger Trump/Trump allies and make it seem like DoD was ignoring the POTUS.
If you read the actual article, the person they are quoting, Jim Jeffrey, is actually very complimentary of Trump's FP (despite being anti-Trump in 2016). Jeffrey explains how they convinced Trump admin to leave slightly more troops there. He does not claim they fooled Trump.
"Jeffrey now says that Trump’s “modest” and transactional approach to the Middle East has yielded a more stable region than either of his predecessors’ more transformational policies."
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