@Perrid13 @DKThomp To be fair, many—including some of our leaders—have long and repeatedly assumed that “this will all be over soon”. (“Another three months, max.”) Buying tickets weeks or months in advance seemed like a safe bet.
Who’s at fault? We all WANTED things to get back to normal....
@Perrid13 @DKThomp And some irresponsibly promoted over-optimistic scenarios. Certain industries (like travel and hospitality), sponsored corporate media, and politicians were complicit.

One-time refunds should be available through vendors, insurance, and/or government disaster relief programs...
@Perrid13 @DKThomp ...on the grounds of “national (or international) mass disaster”, “force majeure”, “Acts of God”, or some such.
At least, for tickets already bought based on false assurances of near-future safety.

(BUT, for FUTURE purchases, “non-refundable” should again mean “non-refundable”.)
@Perrid13 @DKThomp Because by now we should know better...right?

• • •

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More from @Mutant187

25 Sep
@chrissyteigen As soon as he leaves office, he can be prosecuted. His intention may be to die while still “president”—which is why he really, really wants “four more years”.

I wouldn’t put it past him to stage an “assassination” (real or fake)—which would let him go out as a “martyr”.
@chrissyteigen WHOA! Right after I posted this, Tw*tt*r froze my account and asked me to confirm that I’m not a bot. For the record:
I wish no physical harm to the current WH occupant. I merely suspect that he might arrange harm to himself, and/or fake his own death, so as to avoid prosecution.
@chrissyteigen In fact, I would strongly advise those closest to him (including @IvankaTrump) to watch for signs of despair or violent intentions (toward self or others) and to arrange for psychiatric treatment, if necessary.
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1 Aug
@perpaul17 @RicksRant @WayneDupreeShow Some Trump supporters refuse to wear masks or follow social distancing rules because they think it’s all a left wing agenda, against which they must rebel. Without strict enforcement, polling places will be super spreaders. Will all poll workers “believe in” enforcing the rules?
@perpaul17 @RicksRant @WayneDupreeShow Or will some poll workers be agendized COVID denialist types? Will they be careless, or even deliberately undermine the rules we will entrust them to enforce? Will some places have flagrantly lax enforcement in attempts to deter the more cautious (Democratic-leaning) voters?
@perpaul17 @RicksRant @WayneDupreeShow If in-person voting takes place (an option all voters should have—but not as the only option), it must be conducted according to COVID hygiene guidelines, STRICTLY ENFORCED. Election officials should take election-day reports of malfeasance seriously and act on them promptly.
Read 10 tweets
7 Apr
@TheRobbyWarner @MariaLangholz This is why all primaries and caucuses should happen simultaneously. The country’s situation can change, and new info can surface, between first and last contests. Every state should get to choose among the full array of candidates. And none should have to quit before the end.
@TheRobbyWarner @MariaLangholz Under the current system, candidates who might even have won are forced out by poor showings in early contests; and some (like Warren, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, etc.) are pressured to quit at a certain time to avoid “hurting” some other candidate who at the time has more “momentum”.
@TheRobbyWarner @MariaLangholz And candidates are denounced especially for staying in the race “just to go to the convention” to have an input into the platform and nomination, or even possibly be selected as a compromise nominee. Even though these are all legitimate and permissible aspects of the process.
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25 Mar
@beyerstein Do you ACTUALLY think it’s only seniors who can catch coronavirus—OR who may need (for other medical issues) the hospital resources those w/the bug will occupy?
Limiting the spread of this thing benefits people of ALL AGES!
And THAT means social distancing, as the docs recommend.
@beyerstein Following the medically-advised guidelines (which, yes, includes shutting down most public activity for a few weeks or months) is NOT something millennials do “for” boomers. It’s something ALL of us do FOR ALL OF US.

And yes, $$ impacts must be compensated—but AGE is irrelevant.
@beyerstein I have NO IDEA why some people keep framing this as an “age” or “generational” issue.

But I suspect that some politicians and media promote “intergenerational warfare” to divert us from the CLASS warfare the richest have long waged against the rest of us.

Read 4 tweets
24 Mar
@AmandaMarcotte Stopping the spread of coronavirus benefits EVERYONE!
The very temporary measures which may be needed for a few weeks or months will cause setbacks, but these can be mostly alleviated with the right government interventions. (Measures that help people, not just corporations.)
@AmandaMarcotte And it’s definitely not just “young” people who are sacrificing jobs, savings, investments, etc. In fact, the older we are the more we’re losing—with less time to recover. And those who are past working age and relying on their now-depleted retirement portfolios may be worst off.
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9 Mar
@kpanyc I get what you’re saying. But shutting the world down for months (or more) would have very different impacts on those who are paid by the hour, the week, the month, the semester, or the year. Some jobs can be done from home; some can’t. Some people have savings and homes...
@kpanyc and others are living from paycheck to paycheck. We don’t have the social safety net to rescue those who would fall into dire need. (We should; but we don’t.) Will we have to do triage? Play “Lifeboat”?
@kpanyc The best solutions are to cancel unnecessary gatherings; reduce workdays (w/FEWER PEOPLE PRESENT AT ANY ONE TIME); increase the standard amount of “personal space” between people (“Don’t Stand So Close To Me”);
DO MORE THINGS ONLINE! (We HAVE the technology.)
Read 7 tweets

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