1. I assume McConnell et al have given up on being challenged, let alone exposed by the Ds, for the stuff he's done in the Senate.

It's the only explanation for the brazenness of his actions, his aggressive douchebaggery. I know I handicap Ds for political stuff- he must too.
2. We watch the same movie. Liberals, the media, Ds, all love the narrative that Rs are unwitting victims, caught up in this shit show with no choice but to toe the line or become Trump's next victim. It's a comforting narrative- which is why its by far the prevailing one.
3. Its comforting bc if congressional Rs are just hapless victims, caught up in this terrible 4-year show, that means that when the show ends, and thank the good lord we now know it's going to have an end on Jan. 20th, at high noon, when a ceremony will deliver the oath of office
4. to Joe Biden & in so doing, remove Trump's powers. Despite lowering the danger quotient tremendously, a thing I await anxiously, removing Trump's pres powers will not change the harsh truth that liberals have worked hard to hide from even themselves for the course of the Trump
5. presidency: many elected Republicans, R grassroots groups, Rs active in the party's judicial orgs, and R consultants could stomach casting a majority vote winner aside and stealing an election. Sure, they'd need their fairy tales to point to in order to gaslight themselves,
6. each other, and their voters, but the point is, they could do it. They WOULD do it. That's where we're at folks. WE need to see it for all its ugly truth if we're going to successfully defuse it and ensure that we don't end up down that path. BC the GOP is very, very good.
7. what we're looking at, coming up, is an all hands on deck moment for democracy bc although Trump was a product of, and therefore NOT a cause of, polarization, he was/is a polarization/hyperpartisanship accelerant. And he's taught me a lot about mental health. Not only about
8. specific mental health diseases that plague people & turn them into ranting lunatics who think they are God's Gift to ____. No. He taught me about the widespread capabilities a party like the GOP has once they turn on a spigot like the spigot of their right-wing media machine
9. to psychologically manipulate their voters, to confuse them, to hurt them so they can be bent to your purpose. I often say that now I understand how Germany fell to nazism- an ideology that seized on the pain & economic malaise of the post-war population via intentionally
10. framed and worded news coverage and speeches that fit like a balm on the spiritual and economic "wounds" of Germans, slowly eating into their brains with fears about their Jewish neighbors so that by the time they started to disappear, one by one, their Aryan German neighbors
11. were more relieved than concerned. The dehumanization process of Jews in WWII had always seemed impossible even though it had clearly happened, but the Trump presidency & the "all-in" support of Republican electeds exposed how very, very easy it is for a country to fall to
12. such mechanisms. So people must resist the urge to think the problem will be solved w Trump's exit. I certainly hope the GOP will have a "come to Jesus" moment and assess where they are going with the support of racist and bigoted policies & goals like limited voting access.
13. There is a chunk of the party that believes abandoning democracy is their best approach and I expect that part of the party to be vibrant this session. There needs to be much more sunlight on what is happening within the GOP outside of Trump, and reckoning on the behavior
14. they've embraced. But the idea that this party is simply being taken somewhere they don't want to go is fundamentally wrong & that's why a lot of people are surprised that the Trump Team is not only trying to override a free & fair election but that almost the whole of the
15. Rep Party is behind Trump. Our troubles are significant and we'll need people to continue to stay engaged.

• • •

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23 Nov
1. I've always been stopped from looking at Truman bc of the bombs. Its always been highly disputed that the bombs were needed to force the Japanese to surrender & what is indisputable is that the U.S. worked very, very hard to shield the American public from the truth of what it
2. had just done, bc as it came to realize what it had done, it was horrifying. Far worse than they had even suspected/expected it to be. Press couldn't access the area, so they had to rely on gov't statements until months after. Then, when the reality of what happened began to
3. to take shape, the effort to paint the operations as necessary, not optional, began in earnest. This frame is prevelant in American textbooks. Keep in mind, people clutch those frames tightly as it allows them to sleep at night. Similar to how Rs and R members of Congress are
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22 Nov
1. NO!!!

This race was lost in the same way ALL the down-ballot races that lacked VERY high college educ &/or diversity rates (AZ + CO are neg partisanship realigners- I always told you those were locks, but ME was about Indies ballot splitting) & they did there but DIDN'T in NC
2. and BC the wrong damn campaign strategy was run in BOTH ME & NC, they both came up short. What should have happened? A nationalized messaging strategy that tied Collins/Tillis to Trump-like an albatross & made the decision to vote for Collins/Trump tied to supporting Trump.
3. As I tried in vain to impress upon these two campaigns- the @dccc (via @DNC @DNCWarRoom) is just plain WRONG about its electioneering approach. In 2018, the party underperformed their potential wave size by not understanding their coalitional realignments well enough
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21 Nov
1. Watching this rally footage from progressive Ds, who are rightly asking/pushing for Biden to stay committed to the issues/platform he ran on. The ideologically liberal part of the Dem base grew disaffected w @BarackObama when he failed to deliver on his promises. And the
2. crucial mistake that mainstream Democrats make is the assumption that rank-and-file Ds and liberals (bc often, the most active elements of the party's grassroots orgs are people who ID as Indies (left-leaning!) who are far more liberal than your average Dem. This is 1 of the
3. ways that Indies are most misunderstood (other than how few of them are actually "persuadable" or "swing" voters- about 12% of the overall electorate) the most misunderstood aspect of Indies is they are all moderates. That moderation makes one Indie. Often, people dealign from
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21 Nov
1. I totally get the rationale behind the trust-building exercises for @JoeBiden proposed by @FrankFigliuzzi1- but as he goes on to acknowledge, any such effort has to be accompanied w a defanging of the right-wing media ecosystem despite few tools that can survive constitutional
2. challenge- and we will likely see the heart of that 6-3 majority defend it as zealously as they've defended the 22nd Amendment- using logical fallacies & other disingenuous techniques to stave off the most modest of reforms. That said, I think progress can be made on the
3. Trump 40% of the electorate. Looking forward to having the capability to put some ideas I have to the test here soon.

These are times for innovative thinking- but the most imp thing is to start w a clear-eyed picture of the extent of the issue- which frankly, I don't think
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20 Nov
You listen to @ValerieJarrett & frankly, she sounds naive.

Jarret: The Prez is contributing to conspiracy theories that are undermining confidence in the election.

These are the people who make it into the room where it happens w Biden.
2. I'd love to find out that some time in Biden's inner circle there has been a briefing & real-time following of the 3+ month plan that Trump, Barr, and McDaniel have executed, piece by piece. I've documented it in real-time. Certainly, it's possible they pretend to be naive
3. to it in public. But no one in Biden's orbit, including @ValerieJarrett , but certainly not limited to her, seem to appreciate the extent to which the Republican Party is willing to go here. They aren't having a tantrum. They aren't placating Trump. They are willing to take
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20 Nov
1. We need a full court press against the @GOP @GOPChairwoman @senatemajldr @GOPLeader state party leaders in state legs & state party chairs- go blow up their phones & emails & tell them America is a democracy & the only fraud is the one Trump is pulling over Republican voters
2. hide the fact that he lost by more than 82,000 votes in PA, 20,000 in WI, & 155,000+ in MI. By the c way folks- that's it. That's the ball game. That's why my forecast said Ds were gonna win. After the party's performance in these states in the 2018 midterms affirmed my theory
3. I knew what would happen there, as soon as I heard it I started (during EW in TX) the Ds were screwing themselves by suspending doors permanently. I knew the effect size, roundabouts, on that. I expected it would shave off a point or two off their vote shares. But silly me,
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