"Who dictates what is allowed? Hinduism is not Abrahamic. We don't have central Pope" is a statement one often gets to hear these days. Usually made by people who want to justify their own modernistic interpretations of shastras.

So what's wrong with the statement?
Well, Hinduism does contain within its Aegis numerous Sampradayas, each of which have their own unique set of rituals, methods of interpreting shastras. Each of those panthas have their Gurus and Siddhas whose acharas and vicharas inform those of its adherents.
There is a well understood context in which a certain ritual is performed. This is known to the insiders of those sampradaya. While the theoretical knowledge may not denied to the outsiders, the outsiders can't dictate terms in another sampradaya.
Most of these sampradaya-s have been tested by time.

Thus while the Hindu umbrella is not homogeneous, and thus there is no single pope, it has several well defined Sampradayas each of which have a well defined way of doing things.
This heterogeneity is not an excuse for "anything goes. My uninformed view is as valid as that of an adherent of a thousand year old sampradaya". Such an interpretation reeks simultaneously of arrogance (I know better) as well as disrespect (What's so great about Shastras?)
This is the line of thought that is typically taken by the missionaries and "reformers" of traditions, because they believe that they know better.

If you want to walk this path, know that this is the company you are in. /END

• • •

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20 Nov
Then why bring in Radha-Krishna, Bhang etc? You cannot selectively choose and interpret. Those references were given in the book to indicate that "Fringe Hindus" are hypocrites. So please spare the BS.
There is a serious problem when intellectuals, no matter which wing, try to justify their hedonisms by citing lIlA-s of Devatas. If you want to use Shastras as pramANa, know the auchitya of its application as well. Bhagavan Shankara consumed the terrible hAlahala.
Can you even imagine mortals capable of such feats?

2ndly use of certain substances is warranteed in a ritual context. Doesn't mean that it can be taken as pramANa that the same can be used outside that context for personal pleasure.
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20 Nov
This is no longer restricted to Convent schools anymore.

When a colleague brought this point in a rooted Hindu school, he was informed that they have a CBSE directive against bursting of crackers & they're obliged to pass it on to students.
So is there any point complaining about what the convents do, while such diktats are being enforced from the top?

Let us not beat around the bush here. We know well that our enemies don't want us to celebrate our festivals. So no surprise if they push negative propaganda.
No point ranting against IPS ans IAS officers either. Who has empowered them?

We should be questioning the govt that we collectively voted for.
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6 Aug
When you think about it, there was no way 6th Dec 92 would have been possible without the blessings of the Deva-s.

Another pair of Karasevaks narrated their story.

Their group of 140 people start from Mangalore on 23rd November and are the first batch to reach Ayodhya. 1/
The group consists of not only men, but about 40 women. They carry with them half kg of Poha and Jaggery for their journey - only to be used for emergency. Otherwise the VHP had made arrangements for their food. 2/
Until 30th of November, there were only about 500 people in Ayodhya. But in the next 6 days the numbers had grown to lakhs.
There were Blackcat commandoes, and reserve police everywhere. 3/
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6 Aug
Was listening to an interview of a Kar Sevaka from my community. Man got married in Aug '92. He had previously been to Rama Janmabhumi a couple of years ago and witnessed Mulayam Singh's police shooting at the Kar Sevaks. 1/
Since he was newly married, he agreed to sponsor a person to go to Ayodhya in his stead.

But as December approached, he wasn't content sitting at home, so he too left.

Reached the Janmabhoomi sthan in the wee hours of 6th December. 2/
There was excitement all around, but no inkling as to what would transpire. In the morning, he was standing about 40 ft away from the section where leaders like Advani and others were addressing the crowds. The crowd was slowly becoming impatient with mere words 3/
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3 Jul
On the topic of Historic fiction: I guess an author should be allowed the liberty to add minor modifications while retelling an actual history iff
1. It enhances the experience of Rasa within the reader/viewer.
2. It does not subvert the original narrative.
At best the modifications should be embellishments that heightens the aesthetic experience.
Modifications done in order to promote ideologies are the worst.
When a respected Pauranika character speaks in the language of a 21st century woke-bro, the aesthetic experience plummets. Because inherently people do have an understanding of what is noble and what is base. 21st century woke morality, that appeals to the LCD is far from noble.
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19 Feb
GS Sardesai, in his Vol.1 of the New History of Marathas mentions the role of the Mahanubhav cult and its founder Chakradhar in destabilizing the Orthodoxy in the Yadava Kingdom, which eventually resulted in the deaths of both Chakradhar and Hemadri.
The death of Hemadri resulted in the disorder in the empire due to breakdown of civil services which made it easier for Alauddin Khilji to capture Devagiri. He was also helped by the Mahanubhav agents
This cautionary tale of subversionists has been recounted by Arya @blog_supplement in his blogpost : manasataramgini.wordpress.com/2005/11/13/the…
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