Corpse Bride.
Tim Burton film co-directed by Mike Johnson. A wonderful stop motion movie starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter during the making of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
In a far away country, groom Victor and bride Victoria are meant to be married under parental indications. Though they get along well on their first meet, Victor has trouble struggling with his vows.
While reciting his vows in the woods he accidentally gets married to a corpse bride. Who carries him down to the world of the dead. A situation that Victor tries to escape from, though he ends developing affections for the defunct bride as well. Causing a triangle situation.
In animation school, our teacher was a big fan of Tim Burton and of the movie Corpse Bride, so she showed us the woods summoning sequence. A stunning animation piece that builds its tension right up to the bridge climax where the camera spins around the bride and the groom.
In the role of Victoria, Emily Watson. A marvellous actress. Who became famous thanks to Lars Von Trier’s Breaking the Waves. For the role of Bess McNeil. a role which Helena Bonham Carter was cast for, but dropped out because she was afraid of the exigent work in it.
Richard E Grant as lord Barkis Bittern. Voiced before filming his 🎥 Wah-Wah; Where he would direct Emily Watson. In his 🎞 diaries, he 🗣 the tension with his producer Marie-Castile Mention Scharr & he ✍️ of how he envied the friendship between Burton & producer Allison Abbate
In land of the dead scenes, the colours sparkle and are lively, unlike the land of living which is pale and stale. In one of song sequences, there is a skeleton dance sequence that reminded me of the 🐘 dream in Dumbo and the skeleton dance short film from Disney.
Ironically, Corpse Bride was developed back in the 1990s, years before Tim met Helena Bonham Carter. And looking back, he found it ironic how she and Johnny Depp looked so much like their characters. Would fit so well in the story’s universe.
Corpse Bride is a stunning film from Tim Burton. A movie with much more fluid animation movements thanks to computer technology allowing quicker study of the movie rushes and easier rework on the animation. Stunning music from Danny Elfman and amazing script as well.
4 beautiful images in Tim Burton and Mike Johnson’s Corpse Bride

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22 Nov
Though it is despicable a certain WB cartoon attacked Johnny Depp, remember the world supports him, that people are signing petitions in masses, complaining to WB & its people on social medias, by mail, and letters, and that WB's folks are afraid of that. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp
Remember that today, Johnny has been rewarded by a big European Festival 4 his work. That the documentary Crock of Gold which he produced is getting superb reviews and great word of mouth from the public, that on Instagram 8.5 million fans are on his page. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp
Remember that the Dior Perfume Sauvage is getting sold out online and in stores, with the face of Johnny Depp being promoted everywhere. So remember that the world stands by him and hates Turd. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp
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21 Nov
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Excellent adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book from Tim Burton. Starring Johnny Depp and Freddie Highmore. Filmed and Produced in London alongside the stop motion film Corpse Bride. #JohnnyDepp
Through a very faithful plot line that respects the dark humour of Roald Dahl and uses his exact songs, all sang by Danny Elfman himself, the film gives another take to the magic and poetry of Roald Dahl’s classic. An adaptation that the Dahl Estate adored.
Note also how in the film, we have the first entry of the first Chocolate room as a minuscule doorway. That moment made me think of Alice in Wonderland and knowing that Tim would work on that film project in 2009, I find it a wonderful irony and premonition.
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20 Nov
Ed Wood.
Second collaboration between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.
Biopic on the filmmaker Edward Wood and his working relationship with Bella Lugosi; muse as important to Ed as Orson Welles. ImageImageImageImage
As everyone knows, Ed Wood is considered the worst filmmaker of all. But unlike others, Tim Burton treats him under a sympathetic light. As a good man with bright ideas, but caught in so many unexpected obstacles that his movies don’t reach his expectations. ImageImageImageImage
In his encounter with Bela Lugosi, Ed obtains a partnership a friendship with his idol and muse. Doing together many movies and living wonderful moments together. ImageImageImageImage
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That witch has no broken nose nor busted lips & eyes. If she had, her nose would all be messed up & her lips with bruises that no make up would have removed. Take a look at Johnny Depp's face. His injuries are there 4 everyone to see. Such as his bruised face & bloodied mouth.1/4
As I said weeks ago, anybody with the bruises and wounds, cuts, and beatings Ambert Heard pretended to have gotten would have needed massive hospital treatment and psychological therapy. & paperwork to confirm it. Which she has not while Johnny has.
Besides, knowing Turd's narcissistic pathology, if she had gotten any real wounds, she would have paraded them in public and before the paparazzi's cameras. But as she does not have them, she acts them out terribly with her over-the-top claims.
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18 Jul
@Variety Although some medias are trying to cancel Jo, several transmen & transwomen support J K Rowling & her tweets/blog about the importance of biological sex 2 not be omitted from the feminist & LGBT debates. Here are some of their testimonials where they defend her. #TransSupportJKR
@Variety Among the various trans figures who defended J K Rowling, there is Trans activist Buck Angel. To George Takei & others online,Buck stated the importance of biological sex and said that those who deny the importance of biological sex are the real transphobes.#transsupportJKR
@Variety In this video, trans activist Buck Angel stated his support & ♥ for J K Rowling and what she said about the importance of biological sex. What he speaks concords with what Jo said and he also reveals other important facts. #transsupportJKR.
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