1/ While the political world seems focused on the problematic Dominion Voting System's role in GA's elections, some facts rather than conspiracy theories might help all sides to come to a reasonable solution going forward. That is the point of this thread. #Dominion
2/ I'll start with the recommended solution for the Jan. 5 Senate runoffs and support it with the facts and rationale in the thread.
How do I know anything about this? We @CoalitionGoodGv have been suing in fed. court since Aug.2019 to have the system declared unconstitutional.
3/ Simple solution for Senate runoffs. Have a defensible verifiable election with hand marked paper ballots (HMPB) for all voters (exception for voters with disabilities.) No hackable, insecure touchscreen machines. Optical scan for immediate tabulation, then thorough audits.
4/ The ballot is very simple in Jan. Same ballot for all counties. Poll workers don't need lots of technology to issue the right ballot to the voter. They are ALL ALIKE!
Here's a sample.
5/ A voter's inked-in bubble cannot be hacked. Touchscreens are easy to hack. [BTW, we currently have no evidence of any hacking having happened on BMDs in GA elections.] However, the Dominion BMD system is very vulnerable.
The touchscreen system invites election mischief.
6/ If the simple proposal above is used in January, it doesn't matter how good or bad Dominion's people are or how bad their system is, any meaningful inaccuracies will be detected and corrected.
The ballots can be audited in a fully transparent way. #gapol
7/ The Dominion system makes an image of every ballot it scans. Each county can easily post the images of every ballot and let the public count for themselves, (although the audits must use the original ballot, NOT an image.)
Example-- #gapol
8/ Counties already generate the images, and it costs virtually nothing to post them all. Let there be a crowdsourced informal count. Lots of eyes on the facts will prohibit crazy claims with purposeful miscounting by irresponsible people.
To be continued... #Dominion
9/ Both parties need to push for this simple solution for January. It creates a defensible election which cannot be reasonably challenged. Isn't that what we all want?

Now more about GA and Dominion.... #gapol
10/ The scariest and most undemocratic scheme I have seen in my 11 years of working in troubled elections is the fact that @GaSecofState has outsourced GA's elections 100% to #Dominion. I've been fuming and publicly fussing about it for 18 months. It's not new! #gapol
11/ Elections should not be outsourced to any third party--must less a corporate entity. Okay to outsource elections to say Amazon, or Koch Bros, or Starbucks, or Space X?
They have no accountability to the voters.
SOS chose a model not permitted in democratic societies.
12/ What do I mean "outsourced" to Dominion?
--Dominion programs the ballots, the tabulation and scanning instructions for every single GA machine in all precincts and offices for every single election. Minimal checks and balances.
--Dominion runs the county pre-election tests.
13/(Dominion) tests their own programming in lieu of the county independently testing in most cases.
--Dominion tech runs the election server in almost every county with zero security controls. Can change whatever he wishes.
--Counties in total dependence on Dominion.
14/ The system is so complicated and breaks down so much that there is a Dominion tech required for every polling place during early voting and Election Day voting. Any system that complex should be abandoned.
Unheard of in American elections that vendor is this embedded.
15/ Dominion techs have full access to tabulation servers in total control of Georgia's votes. I observed hours of Dominion serious trouble shooting in Gwinnett on Nov. 7. They can change ANYTHING and wipe the logs of what they did. SOS gave #Dominion this outlandish control.
16/ I watched the same in Fulton in August and September. Dominion in full control of the server, with no Fulton employee with the know how to oversee or operate it themselves.
Since when can corporations run American elections? And with no oversight. #Dominion
17/ Read more about #Dominion's alarming control of Fulton server in @HarriHursti's declaration. Scroll through to the Fulton Tabulation server section.
18 /We have observed this level of control in numerous counties across Georgia. Most counties welcome the "help" without thinking about how they are giving up total control with no accountability.
@GaSecofState created this high risk model--the only one of it's kind in the US.
19/ No one seems to know the massive $ flowing through Dominion from the SOS office. $104Million was the original price but tens of millions have been added to this golden ticket for more services upon services upon more equipment and fees, and on and on. No one seems to care. 🤔
20/ All of that said, I think that the Dominion conspiracy theories are untrue, reckless and over-blown.
There is plenty to worry about with Dominion just on the facts that have been filed under oath in federal court in our @CoalitionGoodGv case.
21/ Please help us keep ups the fight for a defensible election that cannot be reasonably attacked by either party.

• • •

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More from @MarilynRMarks1

23 Nov
Join us @CoalitionGoodGv in asking St. Elec. Bd. to select hand marked paper ballots for the extremely important January election.
US Senate election should be conducted as an auditable defensible election. Can only be done with hand marked ballots. 1/
2/ The use of hand marked ballots should be desirable for both parties. Reduces avenues for fraud, hacking, and provides the ONLY way to have an auditable outcome.
75% of America votes on hand marked ballots. GA behind the times. New system uses old insecure technology.
3/ Please take a moment and write the State Board ---even a one liner---their meeting is at 8am tomorrow (Monday), but it will not be too late in the next couple of days for them to consider this.
Please write ASAP if you are interested in a secure US Senate election.
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19 Nov
1/ Seems that @GaSecofState is hinting strongly that indeed Trump campaign will seek a recount now that Raffensperger's ridiculous "all-in-one" counting exercise got everyone warmed up.

I hope press will ask some hard questions about the exercise that is winding down and...
2/ Also seek more accurate information in this next round of ballot counting.
Too many reporters are just buying the SOS contractor's (Sterling's) glib lines without scrutiny.
I'll use this thread to pose some of those questions again.
3/ Knowing that Trump has the right to a recount, which could be a hand recount with a court order, why did SOS put the counties through this additional counting exercise and try to pretend it was legally authorized, calling it "all-in-one?"
Read 5 tweets
17 Nov
1/ Lots of questions should be asked of @GaSecofState, and his GOP colleagues that just put the counties through an incredibly massive effort far from over....

-If you wanted a manual recount, why not seek a court order to get one (which is the law)?
2/ --If GOP wanted more representation in the counting process, why not have a legally compliant manual recount where one member was GOP at each counting table?

--If you wanted to have a manual count control official results, why didn't you conduct a hand recount?
3/ Since you know that you have to report official recount numbers by precinct, why did you use @voting_works non-transparent software Arlo which does not record precincts?
Why did you not have the counters record precinct counts?
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17 Nov
Oops! @GaSecofState was just kidding about certifying the results of this massive politically motivated "recount/audit/re-tally/hand count."

He was finally forced to admit that he cannot use the expensive illicit process to change the vote count.
bit.ly/CGGsosCount 1/
2/ We @CoalitionGoodGv have been warning since before the counting exercise began that it could not be used as a recount, and could not change the tallies if errors were found.
@GaSecofState hid this information from 159 counties until yesterday, and forced this mess on them.
3/ We sent this letter to Fulton and other counties just after the counting exercise was announced. We've urged the press to demand answers.
It was obvious from the beginning that this was a political game and the counties would pay the price.
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16 Nov
1/ GA press and voters--
If you want to do your own ballot count to compare to the hand count result--insist that the counties make the scan images from the original election public. Here's what they look like.

Crowdsource the counting effort.
2/ They are clearly public records under GA law.
There is nothing "secret" about them. The only "names" on the ballots are candidate names.
3/ Hey, @AJC, remember when the @StarTribune published online scans of all the ballots in the Franken-Coleman recount? Please do that before the final state certification puts them under seal.

Voters were encourage to review for themselves.
Read 5 tweets
16 Nov
1/ Observed the hand count as a Monitor today in Gwinnett and DeKalb.
I have so many super-crazy stories to tell, I don't know where to start with this small window of time I have. I'll start with a few absurd ones and add later.
2/ Top voting system cybersecurity expert @HarriHursti was in the public/press area at DeKalb taking photos of the counting process. DeKalb officials accompanied by these armed policemen approached him and told that that zoom lens were not permitted!
Show the rule, we said....
3/ When challenged to show us the rule, Erica Hamilton claimed that it was in the SOS rules. Yet when we asked to read them, it was of course not there. She made it up, and said she had to call attorneys to clarify that zoom lens were not allowed. How many reporters used zooms?
Read 4 tweets

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