So people know where I stand: I don’t read Q or follow anything Q. I don’t “believe” in Q. From what little I’ve seen indirectly, it appears to me to be a LARP and/or a troll. I definitely don’t & won’t take it seriously. If you do, that’s your prerogative; it’s a free country./1
In terms of the “Deep State,” I have a perspective on that. I’ve lived & worked in & around DC since at least 93 dealing extensively w/the federal govt - by representing people against it. /2
I do not believe in an intentional conspiracy of any kind by or amongst government employees or appointees & other DC centered peoole, much less one involving pedophiles. /3
However, there is a common mentality on the part of many people living here & working for and around the govt (lawyers, media, non-profits) that causes them to act in ways that reinforce one another. They don’t have to conspire; they already think the same things. /4
That mentality is bureaucratic & undemocratic & elitist, unfortunately. It operates seamlessly & without the need for overt instruction or agreement, so it’s not a conspiracy. It just is because they all think alike already. /5

• • •

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22 Nov
@bradheath Knowing that counting the mail in vote afterward would effect the vote totals & potentially the Election Day results is not the issue. Everyone knew that - left & right. How it actually happened tho was problematic & that was largely avoidable in my opinion. /1
@bradheath It was absolutely unclear & not transparent. Because election officials were making decisions & reacting as they went instead of publishing clear information -ahead of time - about when (what hours) counting would take place & issuing ballot totals on a set schedule. /2
@bradheath And it is inexcusable to post vote totals during early morning (pre-8/9 am) hours. That is just guaranteed to produce suspicion. Regular procedures encourage confidence; ad hoc ones don’t. /3
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15 Nov
@bradheath Correct. So we’ll see about that. This argument depends on the facts. Ballots cast by or on Election Day - no problem, even if received after Election Day, like military ballots. Courts will say that’s constitutional - the state isn’t changing the date of the election./1
@bradheath “Curing” ballots after Election Day is a step farther. Is that accepting ballots that weren’t cast by Election Day or not? And therefore changing the date of the Election? Conclusions on that could vary depending on exactly how it’s done, but that’s probably constitutional. /2
@bradheath What about counting ballots received after Election Day but for which it can’t be determined whether it was cast by or on Election Day? Is that changing the date? More likely the courts will say yes to that, but again it may well depend on exactly what the statute says. /3
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14 Nov
Are these👇🏻the kinds of unifying, healing scenes you envisioned @JoeBiden @PeteButtigieg @BarackObama?

Will you condemn it? You need to get your side of the political divide to start respecting freedom of conscience & practicing tolerance, & to stop using violence in politics./1
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14 Nov
So you know: Constitutional clauses about voting. There will be arguments coming up about whether certain ballots were legal or not in various states. So you can understand one of the arguments, you should know about the 2 clauses in the Constitution that are relevant. /1
The first is Art.II, Section 1, Clause 2. It says: “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress:” /2
The 2nd is Art.II, Section 1, Clause 4. It says: “The Congress may determine the Time of chusing the Electors, and the Day on which they shall give their Votes; which Day shall be the same throughout the United States.” /3
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14 Nov
I have zero problem with people protesting, but vilifying law firms because of their clients & threatening to “stop” members of Congress at train stations & airports as this 👇🏻group is doing is unacceptable. Civil society will cease to function if we don’t respect civil norms. /1
Notice these messages are painted on the boarding that was put up around King & Spaulding’s office in anticipation of rights due to Trump’s re-election. /2
Train & airport comments. 👇🏻/3
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12 Nov
@MLC5eleven @CoreysDigs You’re missing the point. Federal agents usually call it Garrity rights when what they are actually talking about is the person waiving all their rights & agreeing to a voluntary interview. That is exactly what they did here. In a compelled interview the warning would . . .
@MLC5eleven @CoreysDigs have been very different. In most federal agencies they are investigating employee misconduct in a unified way - the interview can be used for all purposes: criminal, HR, clearance revocation if their cleared. Only if you waive the 5th or they have already gotten . . .
@MLC5eleven @CoreysDigs a criminal declination or they have affirmatively decided not to pursue a criminal case will you see the compelled statement warning. Although occasionally I have had a case where the wording of the warning is the language for a compelled interview but that’s not what they . . .
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