Ayurveda is not science. It is a belief system like religion. People including doctors should stop calling it science because any traditional medicine which has been shown to be effective as per modern EBM standards becomes modern medicine. Ayurveda has no scientific rationale.
Same goes for Homeopathy/Unani/Siddha/_____any traditional medicine.

Qinghaosu became the antimalarial drug Artemisinin through evidence collected by YouYou Tu. It doesn't mean Chinese medicine is scientific.
Ayurveda should aim to nurture researchers like YouYou Tu and not try to co-opt modern medicine and try to encroach into it pretending to be science.

Be YouYou Tu not Baba Ramdev.
This is a useful article to understand what scientific means. Better that the Ayurveda evangelists read this before giving gyan to me about their own definitions of science and scientific temper.

I don't need to study Ayurveda in detail to understand that this field is not based on scientific principles. The same way I don't need to know how the car exactly works to know that it is based on scientific principles.

That I even have to explain it saddens me a little bit.
Those protesting on this thread don't provide evidence but just deference to some supposed "authority" or ancient texts. Some of them are still stuck with Sushrutha Samitha in 800 BC. When they can't form a coherent meaningful sentence they descend quite fast to abuse.
I can understand where that anger comes from. It comes from the vast emptiness from 800BC to 2020AD.
Modern Medicine and Ayurveda aren't really at loggerheads excepts in the heads of the Ayurveda evangelists. It is funny how the AYUSH practitioners demonise mainstream medicine while trying their hardest to co-opt mainstream medicine incl surgical procedures of modern medicine.
Modern medicine is not dogma like AYUSH but an ever changing dynamic which keeps questioning whether there is a better way to do things. Modern medicine changes when new evidence comes to light. The medical successes that we see today is the culmination of this very dynamic.
The issue is just that there is scepticism and scientific rigor on the side of modern medicine while there is just faith and obscurantism pretending to be science in all the AYUSH streams. AYUSH will not get respect by overstating their usefulness and abusing people online.
Here's a short summary of how much modern medicine has evolved to get to where we are today. It is no mean feat.


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27 Sep
Yesterday my patient on the operating table bled buckets. He wasn't on blood thinners-no explanations.🤷‍♂️

After surgery he told me he was taking a herbal concoction of Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric & Asafoetida thrice daily to prevent covid.

Need to change my Pre-op instructions. 🤦‍♂️
Since many are asking.

Pre op bloods were done 3 weeks back. BT, CT, PT, aPTT, INR were all within normal limits. Considering no co-morbidities the blood work wasn't repeated just before surgery. Hadn't considered this history.
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25 Sep
Quietly, NMC has replaced MCI. While I'm happy that a corrupt body like MCI is out, I'm not sure NMC is make it any better.

Several people have had concerns regarding the mandate, centralisation tendencies and scope of NMC and I have written about those concerns earlier. 1/n
Now that we have no choice but to accept the new reform I hope they progress upon the opportunities available. The above article raises several such issues and it is important to keep the eye on the target over a long period of time. 2/n
My article on the NMC when they first came up with the draft in 2017.

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23 Sep
I've been fortunate to have found incredible mentors in residency & Fellowship. They treated me like colleagues not sub-ordinates/slaves. I was lucky but anyone entering residency shouldn't need to be lucky.

This culture of bullying in medicine doesn't stop just at residency. 1/
Though I have only good things to say about my own residency, I've heard enough of the experiences of my friends/ Srs/Jrs who've come through the various medical college residencies around India. Toxic culture in an average Indian medical college residency is almost a given. 2/
One of the weirdest things I've heard and know it for a fact is that there is/was one HOD who put a daily roster for his surgical residents to watch over his house being built. Residents were counting cement bags instead of treating patients. 3/n
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23 Aug
When we speak of lack of access to healthcare we don't speak of equitable spread of resources state-wise. Kerala has 70,000 doctors Vs Jharkhand having 6,000 (all specialities). Kerala and Jharkhand have around the same population to serve.
More than 60% of doctors are in 6/28 states-MH, TN, KA, KL, AP, UP. States with highest shortfall-UP, CH, OD, MP has 60% of population. 2/n
So a kerala has a 1:500 Doctor patient ratio while for Jharkhand the same is 1: 8000. 3/n
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12 Aug
There's a myth that our ancestors lived more healthier and longer lives because of Ayurveda and that modern medicine is killing people.India's life expectancy has improved from 22 yrs in 1920 to nearly 70 yrs in 2020- that's 100 years of modern medicine. Ayurveda is >2500 yrs old
In fact, India has more than doubled life expectancy since Independence. In 1950 life expectancy in India was 34 years. Thanks to immunisation programs,antibiotics, pulse polio/Smallpox vac, malaria/TB management, and hundreds of other programs introduced in Independent India
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21 Jul
Long Thread
Contrarian view on #vaccines for #Covid-19.

I argue that vaccines might not be the best answer for managing this pandemic. I'm putting my money on anti-virals and other treatment protocols. Hear me out as I make my case and decide if it makes sense. 1/n
2/n Vaccines are tough business. From all the decades of collective knowledge in vaccine development we have, it is very rare that we will get a successful vaccine for any disease. Vaccine development takes years and for good reason.
3/n It's not enough to have a working vaccine, it's efficacy and long term protection it offers is as important. Influenza vaccine has 50-60% efficacy and it is a moving target as the virus mutate every year. Single strand RNA coronaviruses are known to mutate a lot.
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