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Dr. Pavlevsky drops a #Truth summary on the whole #COVID19 #scam including the #vaccines
@white_arrow_uk @CenturySeedz @AngelaK34204696 @YardleyShooting @Mikenotsoyeadon @jacwiljam @ukcolumn @UkSaze @stokie23 @L0rava @itsjillgardner @BreesAnna @AnnadeBuisseret @unikgirl11
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We’re proud to announce the publication of our successful Phase 3 trial of NanoFlu™, our seasonal quadrivalent Nanoparticle #Influenza #Vaccine (#qNIV) candidate, in @TheLancetInfDis. Let’s dig into why it matters:…

According to @CDC, “on average, about 8% of the U.S. population gets sick from #flu each season.” There is an urgent need for improved flu #vaccines, particularly for older adults (>age 65), who bear higher disease burden.…
Coverage of existing flu vaccines is >60% in the US, but recent flu seasons have shown vaccine effectiveness may be just 10-13% for one virus strain (A/H3N2) in older adults.…
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Do I know anyone, or does anyone know someone that has special knowledge of vaccine reactions? This is really important!! Please retweet! As this could help more than one person!! Thank you! #COVID19AB #COVIDAB #CovidVaccine #VaccineSideEffects #VaccinePassports #Vaccines
It could help get a few more people 2nd doses!!
Or more!! There's quite a few that reacted, not allergic, but inflammatory lasting awhile and they are scared and their doctors don't know what to do and @AHS_media is giving ZERO advice or help, even with adverse reaction reports.
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What @JoeBiden promised at #COVID19 summit today
1. "donating 1.1 billion doses of COVID-19 #vaccines to the world, free of charge, no strings attached."
2. "for every one shot we have administered in this country to date, we are now donating three shots to other countries."
3. "solving the global oxygen crisis, making tests and therapeutics more available, and enhancing access to personal protective equipment."
4. "preparing for the next pandemic by establishing a sustainable health security financing mechanism"
5. "The summit is meant to be a deliberate beginning to the end of the pandemic, and it will launch a lot of work."
6. "we plan to take a leading role in tracking collective progress"
7. "support a COVID-19 TRIPS waiver"
8. "We will share through COVAX," not bilaterally.
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From Friday's @ukcolumn news, we take a look at some of the crazy Orwellian moves by Gov't in #Australia. It's absolutely astonishing...
#Australia (con't): So the Govt's TGA (FDA equivalent) are going after @CraigKellyMP for tweeting... a Gov't report on #vaccines. Honestly, you couldn't make it up...
#Australia (con't): So last week @CliveFPalmer dropped a few major bombshells at his press conference. Here is the first one - exposing the financial collusion between Gov't and Media which is dictating #Covid narrative:
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Please stop linking to this garbage report as "CDC confirms #COVID19 #vaccines have killed at least 150,000 Americans."…
Yes, it's posted on a .gov website. Anyone is allowed to submit comments on articles printed in the Federal Register, which are then posted to alongside the original document.…
This is like calling every article indexed on PubMed an "NIH study" but much, much worse.
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Another long thread, alas.

This is a great illustration of Surowiecki's contempt for those who disagree with him about the #vax. Hilariously, he is the author of THE WISDOM OF CROWDS, but has decided the #AntiVax crowd has no wisdom at all.
Let's examine his sneers, as he tells us what we ought to think.

We should be opposed to Monoclonal Antibody therapy, because it isn't FDA approved yet. Implicit in this is the idea that one can't evaluate the FDA or its decisions intelligently. We are just too stupid for that
(unlike other crowds, which are oh, so wise).

He claims MAB trials started just before those of the #vaccines. I turn to Wikipedia,…, and find that MABs were developed in 1975, and the developers won the 1984 Nobel Prize for Medicine that achievement.
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Hearings today @US_FDA on @pfizer application to give 3rd doses of #COID19 #vaccines . Much rests on the Israeli findings. Two reps of their MOH presented details, which are significant because Israel's mass vax is abt 3 months ahead of Europe & UK & USA.
2/ Israel 1st rolled out mass vax in December, and the impact against routine forms of #COVID19 was excellent. It seemed that a standard @pfizer #vaccine protocol worked beautifully.
3/ But then, Israelis told @US_FDA , the #DeltaVariant slammed Israel and #COVID19 incidence in all age groups, including among fully vaccinated, soared. The question was why.
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Scientific advisors @US_FDA are meeting today to decide whether @pfizer 3rd dose #COVID19 #vaccine booster should be approved. Sarah Oliver started, from @CDCgov , laying out grim current epidemic situation in USA.
the @CDCgov Oliver showed that there was a tremendous uptake of #COVID19 #Vaccination in the USA in April, which plummeted by June and is crawling back now. Overall, vaccine uptake is the paramount problem.
3/ Because #COVID19 #vaccination rates in America remain disappointing, COVID hospitalizations are soaring. And unvax'ed people under 65 are 22 to 23 TIMES more likely to be hospitalized versus those who have received vaccines. The difference is astonishingly huge.
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Même avec un taux de vaccination "exemplaire", même avec la troisième dose dite #booster, #Israel n'arrive pas à stopper la propagation du virus. Bien au contraire, les contaminations ne cessent d'augmenter et battent des records, ET SURTOUT, 👎
depuis l'injection du #booster, ce sont les #décès qui explosent 😔😔
Du 10 aout au 8 septembre Israel a comptabilisé 667 décès dus au COVID-19 au cours de cette période, avec seulement 41,5% (277) dans le groupe #nonvacciné, 12,5% dans le groupe boosté troisième dose et 👎
46,0% dans le groupe #vacciné mais non #boosté.😏😅
Ainsi 390 personnes vaccinées deux ou trois doses sont décédées soit 58,5% des décès pour une population vaccinée qui représente à cette date 62% DES HABITANTS... 😏🤣👎
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Over the past week, there's been a lot of buzz about the #CovidVaccine and myocarditis. Some people have said some worrying things 😟

This has been a lot to process. To help, here's a thread on the essentials. (1)
Right now, there's pressure to decide how we should protect kids from #COVID. Pediatric cases are spiking as schools re-open, making up 26.8% of weekly cases in the US:… (2)
Kids are not at high risk for severe disease from #COVID. But as a demographic, severe outcomes do occur.

A small chance multiplied hundreds of thousands of times over means many will be hospitalized, and some will die (3).
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The #COVID19 #vaccines are designed to prevent disease—they are also incredibly effective at preventing #transmission! Here we discuss the immunological mechs that cause vaccines to tangibly and effectively reduce transmission! 🧵 1/n… @TheLancetInfDis
Humbled to have put together a review on the COVID19 vaccines’ ability to reduce transmission with my fellow med skool classmates from @SpikeSupport- @CarolineNValdez, @Larson_HaleighT, @ChaneyKalinich, and mentored by the amazing @VirusesImmunity 2/n
We note four stages by which vaccine-induced immunity can ⬇️ transmission: 1️⃣ infection, 2️⃣ viral replication, 3️⃣ threshold for host-to-host spread, and 4️⃣ degree of symptomaticity 3/n
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THREAD: "F**k Joe Biden, Biden is a Pedophile" Hundreds marched through NYC protesting vaccine mandates.
All Videos by @yyeeaahhhboiii2 (FreedomNewsTV)


#VaccinePassports #vaccines
"We all have to develop an immunity to this entire virus" said speaker Del Bigtree, "We're gonna have to catch this cold." he added


Del Bigtree speaking at Anti-mandate Protest in NYC "I told you over 7 months ago, this vaccine does not work". When interviewed and reporters who say that he doesn't have a medical license, he responds "That's why it's so terrifying that I'm the only one getting it right" #VAX
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Wow! The kids are going to be alright!! 🤩🤩🤩 I had an amazing time with @GranbyGators 5th graders this am.

We discussed #COVID, #vaccines, #Ebola, #Influenza, #WestNileVirus, #LungTransplantation, and becoming a physician-scientist.

I'll share some of their awesome ?s below
- When will vaccines for kids be available?
- Do kids get any say in participating in clinical trials?
- How long do you think this pandemic will last?
- If kids get vaccinated, will we still have to wear masks in school?
- Where did COVID come from?
Lung/Solid Organ Transplantation
- How do you replace the heart or lungs? Our bodies will die if you take out the heart or lungs.
- Can you transplant a brain?
- How do you know if the donor lungs are good (and not crusty)?
- The lungs have to be the right size, don't they?
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So there is a point to this seemingly flippant poll. As a country, we have spent at least R8.5 billion in (essentially unbudgeted health expenditure) in Covid testing.
How much more money do we have to pay the shareholders of these big first world diagnostic test companies. 2/n
Now if testing and tracing works in South Africa as an intervention to contain #covid19 then sure we can see this as an investment. This was the case in March 2020.
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#Vaccines are Available

#MonoclonalAntibody Rx is Available

Vulnerable Profiles are Known

But #Democrats are Pushing VACCINE MANDATES


Democrats say we need the VACCINE MANDATEs so we can Re-Open

But many places have been OPEN

And it is only the Democrats that are talking about SHUTTING DOWN again this Winter

Maybe the Vaccine Mandates are NOT about the Virus

Maybe the Democrats are playing a Different Game

Maybe they are looking to Shift Blame for the Damage done by Shutdowns

Maybe they want to Blame the Un-Vaccinated for their Gross Mismanagement
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#Covid #vaccines

18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine | Citizens Journal | Citizens Journal…

The only industry in the world that bears no liability for injuries or deaths resulting from their products, are vaccine makers.
First established in 1986 with the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, and reinforced by the PREP Act,
vaccine makers cannot be sued, even if they are shown to be negligent.

The covid-vaccine makers are allowed to create a one-size-fits-all product, with no testing on sub-populations (i.e. people with specific health conditions), and yet they are unwilling to accept any…

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It’s been very confusing – all this pandemic talk?
What does it mean?
So, I thought I’d make a handy Glossary
#Covid_19 #coronavirus #antivaxxers #pandemic #vaccines #CovidVaccine #FreedomDay
Pandemic Glossary of Terms:
Vaccine = an injection that used to provide immunity
Pandemic = technocrats getting to sell fear porn
Vaccine Expert = industry spokesperson
Vaccinated = you are an absolute hero
Unvaccinated = selfish types, who haven’t joined the group think
Epidemiologist = lab rat, unless working for Big Pharma
Antivaxxer = anyone who questions the narrative
PCR Test = WHO’s version of a guessing game
Lockdown = you need a jab!
Self-isolating / quarantine = naughty person sent to their room
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Pas une ligne de l'AFP sur ce décès survenu en décembre 2020.
#BrandyVaughan,anciennement cadre de haut niveau chez #Merck, l'un des plus puissant groupe pharmaceutique de la planète, était lanceuse d'alerte.
« L’#obligationvaccinale, c’est pour le profit et pas pour la #santépublique »
A #Whistleblower who had worked for Merck was intimidated, threatened, when she tried to unveil the truth about "#vaccines".

"we need to expose what's really going on behind the #MandatoryVaccination bill"
was one of #BrandyVaughan's last messages on her f b account. Image
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Here's the #Ivermectin saga, people.
1.) In the 1960s Japan's Satoshi Omura did chemistry work, trying to find a medicine to kill helminth worms in livestock.
2.) In the '70s he joined forces with Max Tischler at Wesleyan in USA.
3.) They brought...
...@Merck & @Kitasato pharma companies on board.
4.) Omura discovered a bacterium that emitted a powerful anti-helminth chemical.
5.) William Campbell @Merck tested it. Using synthetic chemistry, they made "ivermectin" -- 25Xs stronger than the bacterial chemical.
MORE Image
5.) The @Merck & Kitasato companies were thrilled to discover it cured a long list of livestock worm & parasitic diseases & a huge veterinary market opened.
6.) In 1981 Bangladeshi Mohamad Aziz showed that #Ivermectin could cure River Blindness, a terrible disease...
MORE Image
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ICYMI 3 excellent graphics from @TheEconomist comparing immune responses with & w/out #vaccines to alpha vs #DeltaVariant #SARSCoV2.
First, efficacy dropped in UK for both @AstraZeneca & @pfizer vaxes against Delta, once it took over the #COVID19 landscape.
2/ When the UK switched from alpha #SARSCoV2 to the #DeltaVariant dominating the #COVID19 landscape, the key change was in the ability of @AstraZeneca or @pfizer vaccines to prevent infection.
3/ Curiously, in the UK when UNvaccinated folks got re-infected with alpha #SARSCoV2 they mustered weak antibody responses, despite prior exposure. But with #DeltaVariant a 2nd infection in unvax'ed people elicited a BIG antibody response. Why? Who knows? Merits study.
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Before nursing, I worked as a lifeguard for 5yrs. When people are drowning they frequently lash out/flail and can actually drown the rescuers trying to save them. This is an instinctual response especially right before they submerge. I’ve been thinking about that a lot. #COVID19
2/ So many people have been treading water. Trying to keep afloat physically & mentally while the waves and tide rise & fall and pummel us. We are surviving. But the ocean isn’t covid. The water is the mental gravity of pandemic sorrow. #COVID is the sharks hunting in the sea.
3/ Vaccines? #Vaccines are our flotation devices. In people with immune compromise even though they get one it loses air. So we give them another. And your privilege? That’s a whole life boat. The perspective of the #pandemic is different from a yaucht vs floating in the sea.
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#CovidIsNotOver so @CME_UofC and @AlbertaPLP #COVIDCorner is back for another season starting Wednesday Sept 8, 2021 7-9pm…REGISTER NOW…… [1/4]
Topics will include #publichealth, #masking, #VaccineMandates, #VaccinePassports, #Vaccines and #LongCOVID in kids and safe school openings [2/4]
What a great line up of speakers including Al-Noor Nenshi Nathoo (ethics) @Lorian_H (legal/privacy) of #VaccineMandates #VaccinePassports and @Dr_Jim_Kellner (vaccines in kids) and Dr Stephen Freedman (Long COVID in kids) [3/4]
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Let me get this straight....

The @CDCgov the @WHO Dr. FRAUD-ci , the medical community, the media, Social media and the liberals.....

ALL vilify #HCQ and #Ivermectin
But yet..
Then the truth is discovered...
Japan rejects millions of doses of vaccine because of parsites and foreign materials found in the vaccines
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