@thatalicewu @rachel_elisse .@prof_goldberg has been sharing these stories w/ the intro “Meanwhile, in non-failed societies...” The fatalism & acceptance of federal failures here in the US is hard to see. Taiwan & others did social distancing the way it was supposed to be done....
@thatalicewu @rachel_elisse @prof_goldberg Close down places where people spend significant time indoors. Do it for a few weeks to stop exponential spread while you massively ramp up resources & public health infrastructure for easy-access testing, impeccable contact tracing & strong supports for isolation (TTSI)
@thatalicewu @rachel_elisse @prof_goldberg Public health experts knew *knew* massive resources for #TestTraceIsolate were needed to suppress transmission. We knew it was the *only* way to return to some sense of normalcy without 100s of 1000s of deaths. We knew *how* to make it happen... but...
@thatalicewu @rachel_elisse @prof_goldberg The federal government was (still is) the sole actor in the US with authority to coordinate international & interstate supply chains & ability to deficit-spend needed to make #TestTraceIsolateSupport work....
@thatalicewu @rachel_elisse @prof_goldberg The US President failed to lead. Congress failed to prioritize #TestTraceIsolateSupport in the response bills it passed in March. The Senate majority refused to fix the problem later in the year when congressional Democrats had finally gotten the message about what was needed.
@thatalicewu @rachel_elisse @prof_goldberg Meanwhile, states hold the reins on social distancing (which means closing bars, restaurants & other gathering places where groups of strangers spend a long time together in poorly ventilated indoor spaces - not just staying 6 feet apart & going about your day), but...
@thatalicewu @rachel_elisse @prof_goldberg The most social distancing can achieve on its own, without easy-access testing, impeccable contact tracing & strongly supported isolation, is short-term suppression (but it comes roaring back when restrictions are lifted) or #FlattenTheCurve to blunt peak impacts on hospitals.
@thatalicewu @rachel_elisse @prof_goldberg And now, most governors in the US, aren’t even willing to close indoor gathering places to protect hospital capacity, right now when it’s needed most.

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More from @ProfLWiley

20 Nov
Here's today's Rhode Island order. All gatherings of people from >1 household are prohibited (even outdoors), except at a restaurant or with use of a professional caterer, you can host up to 25 people indoors/75 people outdoors. What in the actual hell. governor.ri.gov/documents/orde…
Seriously. It's late and I just taught a long class. Am I reading this wrong?
If I had to guess, they're thinking the restaurant staff (or the caterer?) will be there to keep people separated with 1 household per table. This is elitist nonsense. Outdoor gatherings > indoor gatherings even if you think the waitstaff will police people indoors.
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25 Sep
The Public Health Dir. for Boulder County, CO has issued an order prohibiting gatherings of any size for 18-22 year olds & ordering residents of 37 specified addresses to stay at home with narrow exceptions. assets.bouldercounty.org/wp-content/upl…
Fines of up to $5000. Exceptions for approved educational activities, religious rites & worship services. Addresses subject to SAH order appear to be on campus residence halls and off-campus congregate housing.
The order also includes several provisions that apply exclusively to CU students, incl. a requirement to report mode of travel & destination if moving to an alternate location (e.g., moving back home), references possibility health dept may deny approval/prohibit relocation
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14 Sep
In Butler v. Wolf, a federal judge has declared PA's gathering limits, stay at home order & prohibition on non-essential business operations (should they be reinstated) unconstitutional under the 1st and 14th Amendments. pacer-documents.s3.amazonaws.com/148/266888/157…
The court finds gathering limits trigger - & fail - intermediate scrutiny b/c they aren't narrowly tailored. Same argument made by Kavanaugh & others in religious liberty cases: "commercial gatherings" (aka retail shopping) are permitted while other gatherings aren't.
Following a few other judges, Stickman points to inconsistency of officials allowing & participating in protests against police violence, which exceeded permitted limits on gatherings.
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1 Sep
I've been speculating since Feb. abt whether CDC might push the envelope on what Section 361 of the Public Health Service Act authorizes. I didn't expect it to come in the form of a federal eviction moratorium. Wow. I definitely expect this to be challenged in court.
Note: some folks are focusing on 361's quarantine provisions, but 361(a) - aka 254(a) - is broader than quarantine authority. law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/42…
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9 Aug
Some of what we've learned about health behavior re: chronic disease prevention is highly applicable to pandemic mitigation....
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8 Aug
The mistake the US makes again and again is assuming public health infrastructure will magically appear when we need it. It requires investment. That investment still hasn’t been made.
Not only are the numbers of tracers inadequate to meet our needs (even if would could return to suppression mode), many are working for hospital systems & private contractors following protocols that aren’t designed for true epidemiological investigations/cluster busting.
And even if we had enough tracers, we don’t have enough tests. States are burning through the supplies they have & struggling to buy more. Even if Congress could pass a bill, the serious contenders fall far, far short of allocating enough funding to ramp up testing.
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