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“Is COVID-19 Dysregulating Our Immune Systems? The Agenda, 14/11/22”

29:00 H/T @FurnessColin

“There is one logical thing to point out here. A virus has 2 strategies, broadly speaking, in terms of being successful…
… & I think we can agree that #C19 is a pretty successful virus. It can mutate to change its appearance to avoid the immune system and we know that #C19 does that so does flu, every successful virus seems to be able to do that, or most…
… but it can also attack the immune system as another legitimate strategy, so to say that #C19 is not causing immune harm is to say that somehow it’s become this amazingly effective virus by only really using one of the two strategies available”
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“Kids are suffering from COVID in ways we never expected” Nov 7, 2022

H/T @picardonhealth @FurnessColin
“There are those arguing that this spike is due to an “immunity deficit”–that children are getting sick now b/c they were deprived of infections during lockdowns & school closings…
…Let’s be clear: that theory is made-up nonsense, perpetuated by the same people who opposed #C19 mitigation measures…”
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Routine 💉ON kids before age 2

to prevent illness:

Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Haemophilus influenza type b, Pneumoccal, Rotavirus, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella
#C19 💉=safer acute phase
#LongCovidKids, some protection

Best protection #LongCovidKids ?
No infection

Says so right here… Image
If you are talking immunity debt, at this stage,

that tells me

you are either not reading on #LongCovid,

10,000+ studies (H/T @elisaperego78 )

or covering your own a***

#RG3HumanPathogen… Image
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Dear ON,

Stop waiting for those who are behaving the way they are with #IStandWithCUPE 😷 to tell you to put #Masks back on to prevent airborne spread of airborne viruses.

A non-exhaustive🧵 of their behaviour so far:…

“increasing evidence that SARS-CoV-2 can cause immune dysregulation… a potential increase in acquired impaired immunity in the ON pop could have significant impact on the incidence & assoc burden of infectious diseases“…

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Über 100 Wissenschaftler fordern „Vaccines-Plus“-#COVID19-Strategie
#VaccinePlusStrategy #CoronaPandemie #Coronavirus…
📌 Nennen Sie #COVID19 einen luftübertragenen Krankheitserreger.

🌬💨 #CovidIsAirborne
📌 Fördern Sie die Verwendung hochwertiger Gesichtsmasken.

😷 #WearAMask #MaskeAuf #FFP2Maske #Maskenpflicht
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In less than 10 hours today, I've had to counsel and guide 10 people who are either positive or close contacts to positive people. All in healthcare.
As someone who has been intimate with all things COVID since 2020, I'm no longer surprised when people come to me asking "should I test? Should I isolate? When do I go back to work?" The problem is none of our rules make sense anymore.
Both instinct and experience tell me that a close contact of a HIGHLY transmissible virus should stay at home. As @CMOH_Alberta said today, 1 in 3 people in #yeg and #yyc getting tested have COVID, and with testing access cut off we have no idea how many others have COVID.
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🧵 We need to #FreeTheRATs & distribute them to every household across 🇨🇦

Every PH tool has an essential role to play

Focusing on only one PH measure would be an unforced error

#COVIDisAirborne, capable of lingering in the air like smoke, therefore we need to use…
1) Rapid tests. Identify, in 15 min, COVID +ve patients who are capable of spreading the virus

By being able to identify +ve patients quickly they can isolate immediately preventing them from spreading the virus to the community

#testtraceisolate #testtoprotect #FreeTheRATs
2) Masks help prevent you from inhaling COVID viral aerosols IF the mask is properly fitted

KN95/N95 masks provide the ideal protection. They form a seal around your mouth and nose

If wearing a surgical mask please make sure you pinch it at your nose so it helps form a seal
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The continual references to “with the benefit of hindsight” are simply not going to wash.

There are far too many of us who know EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED & tragically STILL IS.


@BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @Conservatives @Jeremy_Hunt @SC_HealthSocial @Keir_Starmer
Mr Johnson may feel a degree of safety hidden away from scrutiny on holiday, but there are literally 1000s of us who’ve been begging for a pragmatic, intelligent & compassionate response to #COVID19UK - we will not go quietly!

@AppgCoronavirus @LaylaMoran @CarolineLucas
There’s only so much insensitive, offensive & ignorant bluster we will tolerate…HONESTY & ACCOUNTABILITY are needed now.

The buck stops at the doors of @10DowningStreet, or maybe a luxury villa in #Marbella🤔?

@sajidjavid @CovidJusticeUK @CMO_England @uksciencechief
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For anyone who hasn’t realised just how deep the #BackToNormal lunacy runs, take a look at some of the “nearly 50” @Conservatives who are actively supporting @UsforThemUK’s dangerous & irresponsible campaign to make 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿schools #COVID19 MITIGATION-FREE!

The ring-leader is @SteveBakerHW, of #CRG AND #ERG fame. Neither he or his #CRG mate @Mark_J_Harper appear to have any understanding of #airborne viral transmission.
Mr Harper’s clearly also a fan of the unscientific & reckless #LivingWithCovid mindset.

But it’d be unfair to give @halfon4harlowMP ALL the credit for causing unnecessary harm & suffering.

Several other high profile @Conservatives are members of the @UsforThemUK support group.

Some of the “usual suspects”-
@MPIainDS @SirGrahamBrady @DesmondSwayne @EstherMcVey1

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The thin "evidence" cited by @CMOH_Alberta to abandon #testtraceisolate seems to confirm what many long suspected. She is not acting in the public's interest and is ineffective in protecting our health. She has lost the legitimacy to hold her office. /1
The "evidence" relied on to make decisions that could cost some people their lives was embarrassingly scant, much of it was not peer reviewed, several studies had methodologies that limited the usefulness of their conclusions, and much of it was dated. /2
Puzzlingly, several sources that were allegedly relied on in getting rid of #testtraceisolate were not published until after that recommendation was made. There is already a high level of distrust and the suggestion of manufactured after-the-fact justifications does not help. /3
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Mr Williamson, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to contain my horror at #DfE plans for the return to 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿schools this week.

Such insincere tweets are deeply offensive to anyone who’s been personally affected by serious acute #COVID, #LongCovid or been bereaved by it.
Suggesting schools “get back to a greater sense of normality…” during a pandemic of an #airborne 🦠reveals a marked lack of scientific understanding of the issues & is an utterly disingenuous way to present the situation to parents & children who deserve far better.
And to those of us caring for patients to w/ #COVID19 whilst simultaneously trying to tackle the ever growing mountain of non-#COVID care (STILL in sub-optimal #PPE) it is a huge slap in the face.
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Descriptive analysis #Covid19 dynamics April-August 2021.

Total population analyses might distinguish between indiviual- and group risk of infecion.

Data rivm sourced: Image
Summer 2021 allowed for easing #Nonpharmaceuticalinterventions.
Vaccination effort was geared up.
Alpha was mostly the dominant VOC.… Image
Given age-stratified #TestTraceIsolate population wide CaseFatalityRates (nCFR), estimates were compared to cbs reported excess mortality, adjusted for absence of Influenza etc, and compared to the rivm estimated prevalence of contagious people: Image
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They say "you can't fight City Hall" but of course you can & whether it's City Hall, the Alberta Legislature or Parliament Hill if the cause is right, your strategy is solid and your numbers are good, YOU'LL ACTUALLY WIN EVERY TIME.

(This is your #EnoughIsEnough victory THREAD)
That's right, I said it: you'll actually win every time. That's Science. /2…
Yesterday some of us were hearing rumblings. Maybe an emergency cabinet session amongst Kenney & his henchmen & henchwomen (henchpeople?). If they were meeting they were meeting over Covid. They *had* to be /3
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Do we need to remain in lockdown (forever) if #COVID19 herd immunity is not reached? **NO**

We have many measures to *control* the spread of infectious diseases.

Please read and consider sharing.

#epitwitter #onpoli #AcademicTwitter

Herd immunity is when a significant proportion of the population becomes immune (through vaccines and prev. infection) to an infectious agent (e.g., virus), making the spread of the disease unlikely. As a result, the whole community becomes protected.

While herd immunity may never be achieved, we still see significant *herd protection* through vaccine and natural immunity.

👇👇Excellent thread here👇👇
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1/I have to believe this decision wasn't made lightly.

What I need to hear (and will actively support):

Resources will be committed to develop an integrated strategy for in-person instruction as a healthy, resilient workplace in Sept 2021

Why this is so important:
2/Schools offer an essential service to students

Many have benefitted from in-person instruction and stable access to clinical services as needed.

And more have benefitted when there have been additional educational supports (e.g. EAs)
We have seen investments for schools to be healthier workplaces for students

and for the education staff who are critical to their essential work.

But these measures haven't been consistently applied across communities, despite PHUs, education admin, staff, parents leaning in.
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1/ @AndrewBowie_MP on #PoliticsLive, repeating ad nauseam, the predictable #Tory lines that EVERYTHING #DominicCummings said yesterday was only HIS OPINION, that we must focus our minds on the #VaccinationRollout & that “PEOPLE” just don’t care.
2/ Like the many thousands of HCW & SCW colleagues who have worked right through the pandemic caring for ppl with #COVID19 & putting our lives (& the lives of our families) at risk on a daily basis w/ inadequate #PPE, I CARE VERY MUCH!
3/ The success of the #NHS #VaccineRollout CANNOT wipe away the trauma of all the lives lost & irrevocably damaged in the last year, much of it PREDICTED, AVOIDABLE & UNNECESSARY.

And I will not stand by letting this merry band of sycophantic @Conservatives MPs try to do so.
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🧵1/ How one epidemiologist decided to keep sending her children to in-person group childcare during a pandemic, and what happened
🧵2/ The most consequential and difficult decision I made in March 2020, near the beginning of the US #COVID19 outbreak, was whether to keep sending my then 5-yo and 1-yo to in-person group childcare
🧵3/ I’m reflecting on this here because 1) Personal stories help me make better decisions & maybe it'll help others; 2) I think I can bring context, nuance, and compassion to a conversation that gravitates towards extremes, absolutes, and vilification
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9 March. The latest ONS weekly death figures improved, 2914 people dead from #Covid19UK

We must keep #lockdown3 and #TestTraceIsolate the virus to eliminate it in the UK.
W/e 26 February, 1066 people above the 5-year average deaths number.
The % figures show the increase/decrease over the 'normal' death rate
Deaths are 9.2% above the 'normal' number
This is a 9.6% decrease from the previous week
w/e 26 February. The above-average deaths figure does not mean that they were the only #Covid19UK deaths.

2914 deaths were due to the #Covid19UK virus though some others may be still due to #COVID19 but excluded as they died more than 28 days after testing positive.
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Another excellent, practical resource for school heads to use to improve mitigation w/in UK schools.
As approx 10M ppl mix w/ virtually none of this in place it’s hard to believe that it won’t result in kicking off another #COVID19 surge w/ a BIG BANG! 1/8
Everyone able to effect change should read it & consider which side of the DEBATE they wish to be in over next few months.
False reassurances about the use of #lateralflowtests by the government & those prepared to support them on TV/media have attempted to hide to truth. 2/
Celebrity #antimaskers have continued to apply pressure & w/ the help of #Tory backed #UsForThem have successfully made #Masksinclass an OPTION, whilst children across the world, as young as 6 #WearAMask at school w/ out complaint or issue.
Dangerous #BritishExceptionalism! 3/
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2 March. The latest ONS weekly death figures improved, 4079 people dead from #Covid19UK

We must keep #lockdown3 and #TestTraceIsolate the virus to eliminate it in the UK. Image
W/e 19 February, 2182 people above the 5-year average deaths number.
The % figures show the increase/decrease over the 'normal' death rate
Deaths are 18.8% above the 'normal' number
This is a 10% decrease from the previous week Image
w/e 19 February. The above-average deaths figure does not mean that they were the only #Covid19UK deaths.

4079 deaths were due to the #Covid19UK virus though some others may be still due to #COVID19 but excluded as they died more than 28 days after testing positive.
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About the now famous secret FB group that is critical of Sweden's Covid strategy: I am a member of MEWAS. In Sweden I am what many call "a threat to democracy" & "a traitor".

I have been a member of MEWAS since as long as I can remember. Just like me & many others, MEWAS has been critical of Sweden's Covid strategy since the very beginning of the pandemic, when we saw people flooding in from countries with widespread Covid, completely unchecked.
One of the very first interviews I did on international media was in my own country, Portugal. I was interviewed on TV by @SICNoticias, about what I was seeing here. I explained how at my work at the preschool, even if parents had Covid, they could still leave their kids to me.
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Was gibt es Neues zur „englischen #Variante#B117❓Ein kleines Update!

In aller Kürze: die erhöhte Ansteckungsfähigkeit bestätigte sich! Anzeichen mehren sich nun, dass auch das Risiko für schwere Verläufe etwas erhöht ist. Etwas ausführlicher im Thread.

Zuerst einmal: wer verstehen möchte, wie und warum Viren im Allgemeinen und SARS-CoV2 im Speziellen dazu neigen #Mutation|en auszubilden, so dass #Variante|n (oder neue „Linien“) entstehen, dem sei nochmals mein Thread vom Dezember empfohlen ⬇️

Was gibt es nun also Neues? Der englische Gesundheitsdienst @PHE_uk hat ein Update seiner Daten zu VOC202021/01 (= B.1.1.7) veröffentlicht (bereits Mitte Jan, sorry!). Der Trend wird bestätigt, dass sich #B117 stark ausbreitet:…

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1/It's the eve of provincial announcements on schools reopening for in-person instruction.

Households are under stress and experts are divided on whether schools are unicorns or infernos.

Everyone wants to do right by kids, who have borne so much throughout this pandemic.
2/As @AmyGreerKalisz, @AshTuite and I wrote in July, the most effective strategy in schools is to decrease community transmission.

In that context, superspreader events in schools rarely occurred in the Fall, and PH measures seemed to be effective.…
3/But local and global data are conflicted re: the role kids play in #SARSCoV2 transmission, with few studies involving comprehensive testing of asymptomatic high-risk contacts.

(recall: up to 50% of kids with COVID are asymptomatic, so symptom-based testing will miss cases).
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#PrimeMinister, please watch this @BBCNewsnight clip.
Even as someone who’s worked as a dr throughout the #pandemic & seen #COVID19 up close, I found it deeply shocking & disturbing. 1/
@BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet
This isn’t a real #Lockdown #PrimeMinister !The roads are busy, schools have far more “key worker” kids than in Mar & #earlyyears settings are open “as normal”.
In my local #Medicentre & @PostOffice ,9/12 in, #masks ARE OPTIONAL! A place countless people go, MASKS R OPTIONAL! 2/
These are today’s numbers #PrimeMinister, EVERY case, admission or death is a person with family & friends.
Our #NHS 💙is on its knees, staff are sick & exhausted, taking to social media for help. We are doing our very best but things are really bad.
REALLY BAD! @BorisJohnson Image
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