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We've Been Told From The Experts And Media That:
1) It Won't Be Bad... Go About Business-as-usual... Go To Chinatown; To Do Otherwise Would Be #Racist
2) Masks Don't Work
3) Travel Bans Are Racist
4) We Need To #SocialDistance
5) We Need To "#FlattenTheCurve"
6) Flattening The Curve Isn't Enough
7) Some People Are Essential, While Others Are Not
8) We Don't Have Enough Resources To Accommodate All The People Who Will Fall Victim To This
9) We Need Hospital Ships And Field Hospitals (99% Of Which Went Unused)
10) Masks Work
11) We Need To Extend Stay At Home Orders, Regardless Of The Legality Of How Those Orders Were Issued
12) If You Don't Wear A Mask, And Aren't Afraid, You Want People To Die, You're Selfish, An Idiot, And The Worst Type Of Person
13) Government Will Help Bail You Out
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My neighbors contracted Covid. Not a huge deal—they were sick, but they recovered without much difficulty.

The rest of our development kept their distance and *knock on wood,* that’s been the extent of Covid’s impact in our little patch of Suburbia.

*But therein is the point*
My neighbor doesn’t live in the same house as 3 other generations of his family.

He doesn’t have to share a kitchen or drive to work in a van with 6 other neighbors, concealing symptoms with Tylenol+cough medicine, lest a day away from work mean a day without food on the table.
Our housing development doesn’t rely on each other for groceries, medications, childcare, or other household essentials. When my neighbor got sick, he and his family hadn’t been in close contact with the rest of the neighborhood.
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#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
Total cases continue to rise; growth rate of ACTIVE cases = 4.6% - so doubling in 15 days.
1) Total cases growing at 5.3% - doubling in 13 days.
2) Active cases growing at 4.6% - doubling in 15 days.
7 Day Moving averages:
1) Daily cases
2) daily deaths
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1/ #coronavirusbrasil 🇧🇷is killing far more young people around here.

The reason for that:
Lack of access to proper hospital life support. That is a major problem especially for the poor who rely on a burdened public healthcare system (burdened b4 covid)
2/ let´s remember that the age range that most get infected by #covid19 is between 20 - 59yo. Some do need hospital admission but in general do well. What if you don´t have access to proper healthcare when you need?…
3/ In order for people 2 have access 2 healthcare when needed (which reduces the n. of avoidable deaths), new cases need to be bellow a certain threshold - to protect the healthcare system from collapse. We need to #FlattenTheCurve #covid19

Brazil´s curve is anything but flat.
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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Total confirmed cases rise, as growth rate of ACTIVE cases = 4.4% - so doubling in 16 days.
How are Total cases and Active cases changing?
1) Total cases doubling in 13 days.
2) Active cases doubling in 16 days.
The CDGR = 10.94%
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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
(1) Total confirmed cases continue to rise. ACTIVE cases growing at 4.2% - so doubling in 17 days. Active cases have to stop rising for us to #FlattenTheCurve.
(2) How are TOTAL cases and ACTIVE cases growing?
(a) Total cases doubling in 13 days.
(b) Active cases doubling in 17 days. It was down to 23 days on 16th May.
(3) 7 Day moving averages:
(a) Daily cases
(b) Daily deaths
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#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
Total cases increase, as ACTIVE cases grow at 4.2% - so doubling in 17 days. We are witnessing a significant reversal in trend.
1) Total cases are doubling in 13 days.
2) Active cases are doubling in 17 days.
7Day moving average:
1) Daily new cases
2) Daily deaths
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Important article by @TheLancetInfDis to manage PREGNANT women infected with #Covid_19 as the immunocompromised status and physiological changes can make pregnant women more susceptible. #pregnancy #PregnantWoman…
Updating Thread: #Covid_19 literature from REPUTED journals.
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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
As total cases mount, the growth rate of ACTIVE cases = 3.6% - so doubling in 19 days. We are struggling to #FlattenTheCurve - need better isolation, tracing and testing strategies at local district levels across the country.
This is where the trouble lies: we are clocking ~5000 new cases over last several days. 5 Day moving average of new cases:
1)MH accounts for ~2000
2)TN (~700)
3)DL (~500)
4)RJ, GJ, UP (~300)
5) Several states reporting their highest number of new cases now: DL, RJ, UP, KA, AS
How are ACTIVE cases growing across states?
1) Rising speed: KA, MH, RJ, MP, JK, WB, GJ, UP, TS (these states need better isolation+tracing+testing)
2) Slowing down: KL, OD, TN, PB...
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#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
Total cases have now exceeded 1Lakh. The growth rate of ACTIVE cases = 3% - so doubling in 23 days. Important to appreciate that this rate has not changed in last 3 days...we are struggling to #FlattenTheCurve
And this is where the problem lies: 5Day moving average of new confirmed cases is still rising. MH is clocking 2000 new cases >> GJ & TN (500) > DL (400) > RJ & MP (200)...
The growth rate of ACTIVE cases across states remains positive (other than PB, HR, UP, AP) and is in fact speeding further in MH (!), GJ (!), KA, RJ, MP, TS and JK.
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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Total cases in India is 95,698. The growth rate of ACTIVE cases = 3% - so doubling in 23 days.
Total cases are doubling in 14 days. Total cases, total deaths and growth rates - according to different data sources. @WHO @ECDC_EU @JHUSystems
The CGDR = 11.2%
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DJT during the Solar Eclipse — August 2017… he looks directly at the sun not once, but at least 6 times without ‘protective solar glasses’ and it’s not because he is stupid folks, it’s to show America and the world the truth about their reality…
Satan Obama’s LIE vs God’s Firmament TRUTH‼️

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Der Dresdner Kinderarzt Reinhard Berner heute in der @faznet über #covid19. Es wird über schwere Krankheitsverläufe bei Kindern berichtet, die dem Kawasaki-Syndrom ähneln. Er warnt vor dem Herbst.
Titel des Artikels: "#Covid19 ist bei Kindern nicht immer harmlos"
Hier noch ein Link zum Thema…

Spannend wird es dann am Ende des Interviews, wo es um Kapazitäten der (Kinder-)Kliniken geht.

#flattenthecurve anyone? (2/5)
Der Mediziner: "Das sind die Konsequenzen der Gesundheitspolitik der vergangenen Jahre. (...)In den vergangenen Wintern sind die Kliniken mit den bisherigen Infektwellen schon oft über den Kapazitätsgrenzen gewesen." (3/5)
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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Total cases are 90,648 and the rate of growth of ACTIVE cases = 3.1% - so doubling in 23 days. This implies that the recoveries are growing fast. Press on India!
Total COVID cases, total COVID-related deaths and the growth rate of total cases - according to different data sources. All show growth rate of 4.9% - so doubling in 14 days. @WHO @ECDC_EU @JHUSystems
The CGDR of total cases = 11.26%
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One of the strongest predictors of #COVID19 is #Taste & #Smell disturbances. We recently wrote a review regarding #coronaviruses and the #Chemical #Senses in @OxfordJournals (@KingFunk5000 @Val_Parma @LSB_CP_group @SurabhiBhutani @Dr_Paulevj)…
This review was due to a wonderful collaboration sprung out work with the @GCChemosensoryR, which has been hard at work trying to understand these symptoms. This review also sets the stage for the GCCR's primary study on #taste and #smell (preprint):…
Through our work with the review, the findings from @GCChemosensoryR's first study, and other great work regarding (such as this paper investigating symptoms in the UK…), the result is clear: #COVID19 affects taste and smell.
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Glad to see @lymanstoneky and I shouting into the void about eradication has been slowly been picked up on, but...
People didn’t misunderstand #FlattenTheCurve / #BendTheCurve. The core argument was that eradication was impossible. Ferguson and others like him didn’t think Asia Pac success could or would be sustained. Everything else stemmed from that assumption.

@cwarzel talks about how any strategy going forward needs to start with regaining trust with the expert community. I think that starts with them admitting they advised paths that put many countries on a path towards mass death _and_ endless lockdown.

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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Total confirmed cases in India are 81,997. The growth rate of ACTIVE cases = 3.8% - so doubling in 18 days.
Total cases, total deaths and growth rates - according to different data sources. @JHUSystems @WHO @ECDC_Outbreaks
7Day Moving average:
1) Daily new cases
2) Daily COVID deaths
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Like many, I’ve had some extra fee time these days... After rebinging @theofficenbc and #theofficereunion I was inspired.

A thread of Trump’s handling of the #coronavirus (#COVID19) pandemic, as told by Michael Scott. #TheOffice
Way back in 2018, Trump decided it was a good idea to disassemble the #Pandemic Response Team – created by the Obama administration in case there was “an airborne disease that is deadly.” This can’t go wrong! #thiswaspreventable
Trump does nothing to replace this. He plays golf and insults people on Twitter – just the normal things that presidents do right?
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A week ago I completed my third week of #COVID19 inpatient service over a five-week period. I have been reflecting on this experience and wanted to share a few clinical insights and a great deal of gratitude. I'll start with the gratitude! 1/9
1st- thank you to @JBPritzker & @LoriLightfoot for their polices to #FlattenTheCurve allowing hospitals to have beds/resources needed for patient care. Thanks also to early/ongoing efforts of local advocates for #stayathome policies! cc @futuredocs @LJoyZ_MD @ShikhaJainMD 2/9
2nd- thanks to all that helped acquire & distribute #PPE. One of my greatest fears was no/limited #PPE during my laters service wks. This fear has not been realized thx to incredible efforts by: government (@JBPritzker & @LoriLightfoot), @UChicagoMed, & local #PPENow leaders 3/9
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Brandolinis Gesetz: "Die Menge an Energie, die benötigt wird, um Bullshit zu widerlegen, ist um eine Größenordnung größer als um ihn zu produzieren"
Das ist das Arbeitsprinzip von "#Corona-Skeptiker" @SHomburg. Ich zeige das mit und an einem Thread:

Den Thread hatte ich geschrieben, bevor das Video aufgetaucht ist, in dem er die Corona-Politik mit Machtergreifung und Gleichschaltung der Nazis vergleicht. Damit sollte er sich disqualifiziert haben, seine Methoden sind aber m. E. dennoch relevant.

Nach Harry G. Frankfurt ist Bullshit Rede, die ohne Rücksicht auf die Wahrheit überzeugen soll.
Einem Lügner geht es darum, die Wahrheit zu verbergen. Dem Bullshitter hingegen ist egal, was wahr oder falsch ist. Es ist ihm nur wichtig, ob sein Zuhörer überzeugt wird.
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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Confirmed cases growing, Active cases growing at 5.5% - so doubling every 13 days.
The CGDR of confirmed cases = 11.75%
The total confirmed cases growing at:
1) 6.3% (doubling in 11 days) according to @JohnsHopkins
2) 6.9% (doubling in 10 days) according to @WHO @ECDC_Outbreaks
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Open Letter to Doug Ford Premier of Ontario @fordnation
You have done a stellar job of managing the current medical crisis we are all going through in #Ontario. You have been sober and serious when needed and shown optimism when appropriate. This has changed many voter's
opinion of you. You have gone from the "buck a beer" frat guy to a serious and respected leader. I fear you now risk all this if you do not follow the scientists and doctors who have been leading us under your stewardship. They have made it clear that we need 14 days of less than
200 new #COVID19 cases in #Ontario before we open things up. We have all sacrificed what we so recently took for granted to #FlattenTheCurve and give our brave women and men of healthcare a chance to prepare for this pandemic. Please do not undo all this work and open to quickly
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@benshapiro This thread is premised on the notion that the areas under the curve are the same.

They are not. Flattening the curve drops R0. Below is a quick plot showing the fraction of the population infected over the course of the epidemic as a function of R0 in a simple SIR model.
@benshapiro So by flattening the curve, we not only decrease the number of people simultaneously infected (and thus the strain on our health care system), we decrease the total number of people infected and thus the death toll.
@benshapiro Another reason it was vital to flatten the curve as we headed into the pandemic involved the challenges of controlling infection levels when hospitalization lags infection by 10 days or more. I addressed that in this March 19th thread:

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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
As total confirmed cases rise, Active cases are now growing at 6.6% - so doubling every 11 days.
The CGDR = 11.87%
Growth of total confirmed cases- according to different data sources - doubling every 10 days.
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